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Bisexual Orgy Pt. II
by Bram Speer

The next day at work, Lou was surprised to receive an engraved invitation from his boss for he and his wife to attend a get-together at his boss's house.

He showed the invitation to Jay, and he said, "Yeah, Vickie and I got one too. We're going to go for sure. Mr. Ellis's get-togethers are something else, to say the least. We went to the last one, and it turned out to be a blast - turned out to be an orgy."

"An orgy?" Lou said.

Jay laughed. "Yeah. Like nothing I'd ever seen. Vickie and I had a ball - literally. Mr. Ellis is a real satyr, and his wife, well, she's quite a satyr herself. You'll notice that Mr. Ellis emphasized on the invitation that our wives come too. I'll tell you, at that last get-together, there were literally dozens of people there - and all of them having sex together."

"Well, I don't know," Lou said. "It might be hard to get Willa to come along."

"Tell you what," Jay said, "I'll get Vickie to talk with Willa. She'll persuade her."

Lou didn't know what Vickie told Willa, but when he mentioned the get-together at his boss's, Willa agreed willingly enough to go. "It could very well mean a promotion for you," she said.

When they were all together, getting ready to go to his boss's, Lou pulled Vickie aside and asked her what she had told Willa. Vickie smiled mischievously and said, "I just told her that Mr. Ellis was celebrating his wedding anniversary and he had invited all his up-and-coming and favorite employees to a celebration."

Jay and Lou checked out their wives, and Jay said, "You know, Lou, we're lucky to have such young attractive wives. Vickie and Willa could be centerfolds."

"Yeah, they could," Lou said, "or movie stars."

They drove to Mr. Ellis's house, and as they approached it, Vickie and Willa let out sighs of admiration. The house resembled a villa. Dozens of cars were parked in front and on the sides of the house.

When they entered, they were struck by both the lavishness of it and the number of people there. Dozens of people were strolling, lounging, talking, laughing, drinking, smoking.

"Wow, some wedding anniversary!" Willa exclaimed.

"Yeah," Vickie winked at Lou. "Mr. Ellis has thrown out all the stops."

Jay took Lou aside and said, "You know, this is going to be an orgy - a real orgy. Mr. Ellis has provided for that. The alcohol is laced."

"Laced?" Lou said.

"Yeah, with certain stimulants. Aphrodisiacs, I guess you could call them. They have different effects on men and women. With men, they give an almost constant erection and staying power; with women, they get and keep then hot and horny. I don't know what kind of aphrodisiacs they are, but they sure do work. Just wait and see. Within fifteen minutes, people will start feeling them; within a half-hour, everyone - and I mean everyone, will be licking, sucking, or fucking."

Lou saw that Vickie and Willa were sipping drinks, and he figured he had better join them. He got a drink and sipped it. He couldn't taste anything different about it, but Jay winked at him and gave him a sly smile.

He saw his boss talking to Jay. A short fat woman stood with him. He went over and Mr. Ellis introduced his wife. Lou thought they fitted each other. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ellis were short and fat. Jay introduced their wives to the Ellis's, and Lou saw that both of them ate the wives up with their looks. Mr. Ellis was practically drooling over Willa, and Mrs. Ellis was giving Vickie looks that said "I'd like to eat you up."

Lou felt a perverse stirring within. The Ellis's were so fat and ugly, and they were obviously attracted to Vickie and Willa. It was like Beauty and the Beast. An image flashed through Lou's head: Mr. Ellis - that fat ugly slob - fucking Willa, pumping his fat prick in her, while Mrs. Ellis licked Vickie's cunt, her fat lips and jowls buried between Vickie's thighs. Lou suddenly realized just how much he wanted Willa to open up, to let go, to be turned on, and - yes - to be licked and sucked and fucked. He suddenly realized he wanted to watch Willa being fucked as he sucked a dick.

Lou finished his drink and got another. He noticed that the lights had dimmed. Everyone was looser and louder. He felt a warm prickling running up and down his testicles and penis. Almost with a sense of detachment, he felt his balls swelling and his cock stiffening. He looked around at the dozens of people and they all seemed to be flushed and restless and brushing their hands on their arms and legs.

A jolt seemed to shoot up his penis and it stood out hard and throbbing; his testicles almost burned in their swollen fatness. He suddenly realized he was breathing hard, almost panting.

It was impossible to tell exactly when the orgy started. Lou saw a man begin stripping, then another one, then women joined in. Within a matter of minutes, it seemed the dozens of people there were tearing off their clothes.

Lou lost sight of Willa, Vickie and Jay, but by then, he didn't care.

People were licking and sucking and fucking all around him. An attractive sandy-haired woman, totally naked, came up to him, fell on her knees and took his prick in. Lou gasped as her warm wet mouth sucked on his dick. He clasped her head and frigged her mouth and looked around the room. It was a real orgy; dozens of people were engaged in sundry sexual acts; men were licking cunts, women were sucking cocks. Lou had never seen the like. He slid his peter out of the woman's mouth and grabbed her and stuffed his rigid prick up her pussy and began screwing her good and hard. As he bopped her, he watched the activity going on around the room. It was one big lick-suck-fuck; people were engaging in every conceivable sexual act. He saw women licking cunts, men sucking dicks. He saw a young good-looking man on his knees before Mr. Ellis. Lou gasped and panted as he watched the young man suck the fat ugly man's prick. He saw Mrs. Ellis licking Vickie's pussy, her fat jowls buried between the woman's thighs. He watched as she strapped on a dildo and mounted Vickie and fucked her. Lou pumped his peter in the attractive sandy-haired woman's cunt, frigging her hard and fast as he watched fat ugly Mrs. Ellis screw Vickie...

The orgy was in full swing now. Lou stood and watched as his wife was licked by Jay. Willa had her legs drawn back, her hands clutching Jay's head, as he tongue-fucked her. She was gasping and panting and grinding her quiff on his face. Lou's prick jerked and throbbed and stood out rigid as he watched Jay eat his wife out.

Someone clasped Lou from behind and began hunching him. He felt a stiff dick rubbing upon his rump. He looked around and saw it was Mr. Ellis. His boss thumped his fat cock on Lou's butt. Another man began rubbing his prick on Lou's. He was sandwiched between two men. His boss pulled him down and heaved his peter forward into Lou's rump. "Gonna screw you," Mr. Ellis hissed in his ear. "Gonna fuck your ass."

Lou gasped at the sensation as his boss's thick dick slid up his ass. Another cock was suddenly at his face. He opened his lips and took it in and sucked it.

As the two men screwed him, Lou watched his wife being fucked by Jay. His friend pumped his big dick in Willa, frigging her good and hard. He saw that Vickie was being attended to as well. A woman was licking her quim as she sucked a man's cock.

Lou was enveloped by Mr. Ellis's fat slobby body. His boss's fat arms encircled him and his fat prick hunched up and down Lou's ass as his fat balls slapped and smacked against Lou's.

The man fucking Lou's mouth pumped his peter down to his throat. Lou was impaled by cock and he loved it. He loved the feel of two thick dicks screwing him. His prick was hard as a rock, and suddenly it was being sucked. He looked down and saw a young good-looking man gobbling on his peter. Lou had never felt so horny, so perverse, so free. He vowed then and there to lick and suck and fuck as much as possible - especially with Mr. Ellis. He loved the fat man fucking him. His cock was thick and meaty and he fucked Lou good and hard and fast.

Mr. Ellis gave a lunge up Lou's ass and spurted a hot steam of cum. The man frigging Lou's mouth hunched forward and buried his prick down his throat and spewed a glob of semen. Lou sucked and gulped and swallowed the man's sperm down his throat.

And the orgy went on.

Lou watched as Mrs. Ellis fucked his wife. She had Willa from behind, pumping the big strap-on dildo in her quiff. Willa was sucking Mr. Ellis's peter at the same time.

Lou could hardly believe his eyes. His wife was really turned on. She was letting a fat ugly woman fuck her as she sucked a fat ugly man's cock; and she was enjoying it. Hell, she was loving it.

It was all so perverse. Lou felt so good. He knew that this marked a turning point. His wife Willa would never be the same. From now on, their marriage would be open and free. They would lick and suck and fuck with women and men. This was only the beginning.


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