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Bridal Party
by Shintani

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Her hips wiggled slightly as Jenee's fingers softly caressed her pussy through her bodysuit. As she pressed herself against Jenee's hand, she kissed her friend back harder. The feeling of another woman's soft kiss returning hers was quite arousing. Her fiancée was quite a kisser himself; they had spent many nights sharing hard, passionate kisses. Jenee's were softer, somewhat less aggressive than Stephen's, yet they had an alluring quality all their own. Jenee shifted her weight so that she could climb atop Tina, as she curled a leg around her friend, the tablecloth fell to the floor and out of the way. Tina's arm reached out for Jenee tentatively, caressing the soft skin of her back and the smooth curve of her ass as she supported Jenee while she straddled her. Jenee parted her trim thighs around Tina, allowing her wandering hand to pet her shaved pussy. Their exchange of kisses grew hotter and hotter as they each allowed themselves to become enthralled by the other. Their soft breasts rubbed against each other through the material, Jenee soon had a correction for that, undoing the straps of her bustier, freeing herself from that confinement. As soon as she did, Tina buried her face in Jenee's cleavage, sucking away at those wondrous mounds. She could feel Jenee's dexterous fingers pulling her own breasts free as she let her mouth explore her friend. Tina sucked as much of Jenee's tits into her mouth as she could; the soft feel of another woman's breast in her mouth was highly erotic.

She let her tongue caress Jenee's nipples, remembering how good it felt when someone special was doing the same to her. Jenee moaned softly as she ran her hands through Tina's luxurious black hair, she gasped as Tina let her teeth gently catch her nipples. She managed to elicit the same response from Tina as she let her fingers slip beneath the lacy material of her bodysuit and slid them inside her friend's moistening pussy. Slowly, softly, she slipped those delicate fingers inside Tina, feeling how hot and wet her friend was getting. She could feel the same reaction between her own legs as she let her hand rub herself slightly, then returned them to Tina's cunt, slick and wet as they were with the combined juices of both women. As Tina continued to fill her mouth on Jenee's chest, Jenee slowly brought her wet fingers up to Tina's mouth. Eagerly, Tina sucked them in, taking in her first taste of Jenee's sweet cunt mixed with her own. Jenee took advantage of Tina's brief interruption to gently lay her friend down on the couch, pressing her body down with her own. As Tina continued to lick Jenee's fingers clean, she allowed her hand to wander down to the source of that sweet nectar. Her reward was feeling Jenee press herself down hard against those fingers as her mouth found the treasures that Tina had kept hidden beneath her bodysuit. While Tina's breasts were smaller than Jenee's, the difference was extremely minor and they were every bit as sensitive. Tina moaned softly as Jenee assaulted them with her mouth, careful to pay equal attention to each side as she sucked on Tina's hardening nipples. While Tina was enjoying the oral attention Jenee was paying to her breasts, she herself had managed to slip Jenee's skimpy thong down and out of the way, so that her fingers could have complete access to that shaven, wet pussy.

Her own bodysuit was unsnapped, the bare skin of both women's bodies pressing against each other. Taking a cue from Jenee's earlier actions, Tina would slowly finger-fuck her friend, then slip those slippery digits into her own cunt as they writhed together on the couch. Every so often, she would interrupt Jenee's obsession with her breasts and allow her friend to lick her fingers clean of their hot juices, even going so far as to French kiss around her wet fingers, each one lapping off as much of that sweet taste as possible. Returning her saliva-coated fingers to her soaking wet pussy, Tina rubbed her own clit, her moans growing louder. Being of a generous nature, she rubbed her fingers on Jenee's clit as well, her friend's moans of passion ringing loud in her ears. Jenee sucked on Tina's breast harder as she felt those fingers beneath her, the feeling of her best friend massaging her pussy was too much for her to take. As Tina slipped her fingers deep insider her once again, and used her thumb to caress Jenee's hard clit, Jenee came. Her orgasm was loud and long, waves of pleasure shot through her body. She screamed, she moaned, she whimpered as Tina brought her around for the first time.

In response, she guided Tina's soaked fingers back to her own pussy and let her kisses fall lower and lower on Tina's body. Jenee bathed Tina with hot, wet kisses, letting her mouth trace down from her breasts, down over her flat stomach, until they found exactly what she wanted. Without hesitation, Jenee licked Tina's wet pussy lightly, letting her tongue tease her friend ever so slightly. Its tip caressed Tina's cunt lips at first, barely touching them. She flicked her tongue out lightly, letting the tip teas Tina's hard little clit. Tina responded by furiously fingering herself as Jenee went down on her. She wrapped her thighs around Jenee's neck, pulling her friend in closer, forcing her hot mouth down onto her cunt. Jenee ran her tongue over Tina, licking away like an expert.

For Tina, the sensations were absolutely incredible. Jenee's tongue and mouth sucked and licked her pussy wildly, her own fingers had been joined by Jenee's, sliding deep inside her dripping pussy. She arched her back as she bore down on them, the wailing cry of her orgasm echoing through the room. As her muscles contracted around the fingers inside her, as Jenee continued to lick her sweet juicy pussy, she could feel her friend slowing down. Wordlessly, as if she knew exactly what Tina wanted next, Jenee maneuvered herself on the couch, so that she could keep her mouth involved with Tina's pussy, and Tina could pick her head up and have access to Jenee's. Without hesitation, bride and maid of honor managed to enter a perfect sixty-nine position, and had just started to eat each other out when Stephen returned to the dressing room. All he could do was stare. There, on the couch before him, was Jenee, her face buried between Tina's legs. His lover lay with her legs spread, obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. Her hands grabbed Jenee's ass, pulling her cunt down towards her waiting mouth so that she could return the favor.

He closed the door quietly, and turned the lock shut. The two women's moans echoed softly through the room as he watched intently. Inside his pants, his cock twitched. At that moment, Tina took Jenee's hard clit between her teeth lightly; Jenee threw her head back in surprise. As she let out a gasp at the sensation, she saw that they had a visitor. Seductively, she tossed her dark hair back over her shoulder, and motioned for him to come over. Stephen lost no time in accepting the invitation. He approached her quickly, but not quickly enough for Jenee. When he was within reach, she grabbed him by the belt and pulled him towards her. Effortlessly, she undid his belt and unzipped his pants, allowing his fully erect cock loose. Her hand playfully stroked him as she bent down to lick Tina's pussy again.

Tina knew something was up, had the feeling that someone had joined them, but she couldn't tell who. Jenee made sure of that. When Tina tried to pick her head up to see what was going on, Jenee ground her pussy down on her, forcing her to lay back on the couch. This was too good of an opportunity to pass up. She finally had Tina and Stephen right where she wanted them. Almost. She paused in her oral lovemaking with Tina as the young bridesmaid's tongue flicked out at a sensitive spot, as a contented smile crossed her face, she guided Stephen's cock into her mouth. Her lips parted to allow him in, just the tip at first, and then she slowly slid his thick shaft down her throat. The sensation was incredible! Tina was fully involved now, her mouth and fingers working wonders on Jenee's hot pussy. Stephen's cock filled her mouth, her soft fingers encircled his shaft, sucking and stroking his raging hard on into her mouth. Sweet droplets of his precum lingered on her tongue as she expertly worked his cock down her throat. Every so often, Jenee would moan as Tina probed her cunt more and more vigorously. Stephen's body tensed up as Jenee continued to suck on him, she almost had him all the way as he braced himself against the couch, ready to shoot his hot cum wad down her throat. With one final stroke, Jenee pulled his erect cock out of her mouth, gently kissing the tip. "I don't want to you cum in me here," she said. "I want to feel it in my hot pussy!"

Stephen obliged her, quickly making his way behind Jenee, who wiggled her ass at him as an invitation. Tina saw just who was going to be fucking her best friend, and was about to protest when Jenee interrupted her. "It's my wedding, I can do what, or who, I want. And I want to do both of you!" With that, she buried her face in Tina's pussy, busily slurping away at her. Her fingers found Tina's clit once again, and deftly began to manipulate it. Tina looked up at Stephen lovingly, as Jenee continued to wiggle her sexy ass at him.

While it had never seemed all that impressive before, now that she was on all fours, it was downright inviting. Briefly, Tina sucked on his cock, before guiding the rigid shaft into her friend's soaked pussy, Jenee gasped as she felt his initial penetration, smiling contentedly as Stephen's cock slipped between her wet pussy lips. He grabbed hold of her ass for leverage as he slowly began to work his cock in and out of her. Not to be ignored, Tina alternately licked his soft balls and her dripping cunt lips while he fucked her. For Jenee, the situation was perfect. She had a hot pussy beneath her to lick and finger fuck, all the while she was getting her cunt reamed from behind and licked from below. Her orgasm was building as Stephen and Tina continued to stimulate her cunt, her moans and cries were growing louder and louder.

After the wonderful sucking that she had done, Stephen knew that he wouldn't last much longer, not with his sexy girlfriend sucking his balls and her best friend's hot wet cunt squeezing against his cock. Taking a firm grip of her ass, he plunged into her deeper and deeper, fucking her harder and faster. He pounded into her pussy stronger with each stroke, building himself up until her felt his balls constricting together in Tina's mouth, more and more until he felt his wad explode out of him, deep inside Jenee's drenched cunt. As his cock pulsated into her, he continued to thrust himself deep inside her, the feeling of Tina's tongue along the bottom of his shaft electrifying as he emptied his load inside Jenee. Reluctantly, he slid his cock out of her cunt, into Tina's waiting mouth.

While Jenee had managed to bring her to orgasm several times, she wasn't about to be outdone, wedding or no wedding. Her full, soft lips parted to let his spent cock inside her mouth, she slowly began to suck on him, taking care to be gentle as she knew that he would be quite sensitive so soon after cumming inside Jenee. Tina looked up at him with loving eyes. His cock began to quiver in her mouth as it regained hardness. There was nothing that girl couldn't do for him. Jenee watched the proceedings with great glee, and evil grin crossing her face. Her well-fucked cunt moistened as she watched her best friend slurping down Stephen's cock. She knew that Tina could taste both her pussy and his cum as she sucked him down her throat. Tina's hand encircled her lover's shaft as she stroked him into her mouth.

The mixture of his taste and Jenee's encouraged her to suck him, harder and harder. Her own pussy ached for his cock; she had to feel him inside her. Jenee had gotten to fuck him, granted, it was her wedding day, and she could have what she wanted, but Tina needed him in her-right now. She eased his stiff cock out of her mouth, and begged him to fuck her. She wanted him to take her hard and deep; to fuck her from behind, just like he did Jenee. She carefully positioned herself on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass in his face. Her ass was such an inviting target as Stephen climbed up on the couch behind her, positioning the tip of his cock just inside her waiting pussy. Effortlessly, he slammed his cock inside her, smacking her ass with his hand as he did so. Tina squealed with delight.

"Fuck me! Oh, fuck me please, Stephen! Oh! Right there, that's the spot baby!" she screamed as he slammed his thick, sexy cock into her repeatedly. His hands held on to her firm ass as he pounded himself deep inside her. Meanwhile, Jenee was slithering underneath her again, positioning herself so that she could tease Tina's clit and lick Stephen's cock as he fucked her. The slutty young bride spread her legs before Tina's mouth, beckoning her to go down on her once again, to lick her cunt clean of her own juices and Stephen's hot cum. Tina buried her face in Jenee's cunt quickly, tasting the sweet mixture of her two lovers as she felt that wonderful combination of cock and tongue ravishing her pussy.

Stephen's cock felt so good as he fucked her, his stiff shaft driving deep, sliding all the way in and out with each powerful thrust. With the added sensation of Jenee's skilled tongue, Tina screamed as her orgasm swept over her. She begged them both to finish her off as she stuck her tongue deep inside Jenee, lapping up every last drop of Stephen's cum from her cunt, even as she felt his pace quicken, and knew what was going to happen next. With one final thrust, Stephen let his cock explode inside her, showering Tina's pussy and Jenee's waiting tongue with his sticky cumshot. His hips bucked and quivered as he squeezed every last drop of that hot white fluid into Tina's waiting pussy. As he rammed himself in her one final time, he felt Jenee's hot mouth on him as he withdrew, let the euphoric feeling envelop him as she licked his cock clean of his cum and Tina's pussy juices. The threesome collapsed heavily on the couch, but just for a moment.

From the commotion they heard outside the doorway, they knew that the photographer was back with Zac and his family, and soon they would all have to make a public appearance. Little could be said or done between them for the remainder of the reception, but there was always time for some more fun later, when everything was over. After all, Stephen and Tina were right across the hall from the bridal suite that Jenee and Zac would be retreating to when the party was over, but the fun was just about to begin.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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