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Blindfold Passion
by Tell Me A Story

Your knock at the door is tentative and light. Not sure if you really want to go through with this meeting. But that decision was really made in your mind weeks ago. The door swings open revealing a darkened room. With the dim light you can barely make out a silhouette as I offer you my hand. Reaching to take it, you feel the cold metal of the handcuffs close securely around your wrist. In a heartbeat I secure both of your wrists behind your back. Ordinarily this would be an unsettling situation to suddenly find yourself in, but you can't help but feel a little excited.

The blindfold comes next completely eliminating what little light the room had. As you feel your heartbeat rise I guide you further into the room. Soft music drifts about the room and as you feel warm on your sensitive skin. The soft gentle kisses trailing from your ear down your neck send shivers of anticipation through your body.

I begin to slowly undo the buttons of your blouse, my fingers shaking from both nervousness and excitement. Pulling it off your shoulders and letting it fall around your cuffed wrists adds to the sensation of being retrained as my hands caress your breasts.

Allowing my lips and tongue to roam over your breasts, I quickly undo your skirt letting it fall to the floor. You are indeed a lovely site standing in the middle of the room, blindfolded, your blouse and bra draped across the handcuffs wearing nothing but a pair of purple panties.

As I lay you back across the bed you feel the warm wet kisses begin to trail up from you feet moving to the inside of you thigh. You feel my warm breath as I slowly move upward. My hand trails across your stomach and down between your parted legs as my tongue lightly dances over the tightening muscles of your inner thigh. My fingers feel the dampness that is rapidly turning the material to a dark royal purple as I pull the material aside. You feel for the first time my tongue slides upward, parting you, causing a slight shudder to course through your body.

Over the soft music playing in the background a continuous buzz invades your pleasure. Almost undetectable through the music it grows loader as feel the cool touch and rippling vibration touch you, sending the same vibration through your body. My tongue continues to create waves of pleasure as the vibrator slips between your parted lips and you feel the vibration invade your body. As the vibrator reaches its full depth I quickly secure by pulling your panties back in place. I quickly secure your feet to the bottom of the bed and run a rope from the chain of the handcuffs to the headboard. Not tight enough to cause pain just tight enough to keep you from raising up.

Leaning forward I whisper in your ear. "There are some errands I need to run. I'll be back with a nice surprise."

As I close the door I hear a slight moan. I slip quietly back to the chair in the corner of the room. I think both of us will have enough to keep busy for a little while.

I quietly enjoy your motions and low moans for a while, before I move to stand over the bed watching as the muscles in your thighs flex and strain against the bonds that restrict your movements. The muffled hum of the vibrator drones on broken up only by your soft moans. As you pull against the ropes continuously tightening your stomach muscles I cannot determine if you are trying to retreat from the pleasure between our legs or drive yourself toward it. A shinny layer of wetness now coats your soft flesh from head to toe. A testament to the time and energy you have spent in darkness. Your breathing alternates from deep and slow to shallow and fast as the rapid energy waves that emanate from your core spread through out your body.

As I watch your body move I can't help but grow harder than I have ever been in anticipation. I quickly remove my clothes freeing myself from what had become an uncomfortable prison.

As I slide my fingers gently up the sides of your legs I feel a quiver of anticipation roll through you. I unfasten the bonds that have held your legs in place. You immediately breathe a sigh of relief as you bend your knees and pull your legs up toward your breast.

Sliding the wet purple material off your legs I reach and slip the vibrator gently out making sure to brush your most sensitive area sending a tremble through your stomach. It is slick and wet with your juices as a trail it up your stomach and tease each nipple with the buzzing probe. Following closely behind with my tongue I suck hard on each nipple enjoying the slight trace of wetness left behind. Your back arches.

Moving quickly I roll you over and bring you up on your knees positioning myself directly behind you. I run my stiffness the full length of you lips and ever so slowly enter you from behind. I stop after only about 2 inches. The incredible slickness and heat is mind blowing as it is now my turn to feel the shudder of anticipation run through my spine. I remove myself completely from you only to reenter to the same depth over and over again. Holding firmly to your hips as you try to force more and more in.

You utter a single word. "Please"

It is the only thing I needed to hear as I plunge my full length deep inside you and begin a slow rhythmic stroke as you rock back to meet it.

Reaching underneath you I apply the tip of the vibrator to you feeling your body tense immediately. You let out a series of half moans half cries and your muscles tense gripping and holding me in the very depth of your being. We both explode in unison. And for a moment we are the only two people who exist.

Collapsing down on the bed. I reach and unlock your cuffs, as I remain buried deep inside. Releasing a sigh of contentment I slowly start to move in and out again.


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