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Britney Spears
by Extreme

The man slowly unbuttoned his trousers and lowered them to his anckels. A huge bulge in his underwear became visible. He took off his underwear and a large, no, HUGE erect cock demonstrated the man's arousal. "No, please don't, I'm still a virgin...", Britney whispered. "A virgin?", the man asked, but he didn't need an answer. The fact that he was Britney's first made his already huge penis grow another inch. Britney tried to crawl away from the threatening organ, but the man rapidly grabbed Britney and told her to get on hands and knees. Britney got on all fours and waited. The man spread her legs a little, to make her pussy more accessible. Then he pointed the head of his cock onto Britney's cunt. With his hands he spread her outer lips and he pressed. Slowly, extremely slowly the head disappeared into Brintey's pussy. "Boy, this cunt is tight." He moaned agreedingly. Britney too moaned, but this was of pain. The man's cock was so big, she couldn't take it. But the man increased his force and inch by inch the cock entered Britney's virgin pussy. Then came the resistance. "Shit, you ARE a virgin! Damn, I got to pop a cherry!" In one forceful blow the man tore Britney wide open. The pain was excruciating. Britney screamed her lungs out, but the man kept pushing his large cock inwards. Then he withdraw, only to gain speed and ram it deeper in her now not so virgin pussy. The man increased his speed and started pounding his cock deep inside Britney's cunt. Deeper and deeper, until his balls jammed up her thighs. With his hands he grabbed Britney's tits and squeezed them hard. He pinched her nipples and rolled them between his fingers until the became hard. "You like what I do, don't you?" Jamming harder and a harder, a new obstacle came in the way, her womb. Now pounding like a fierce animal, Britney could feel the virgin blood stream down her inner thighs. She almost fainted, but brute force with which the man inserted his penis inside her kept her awake. Then the man's organ started to throb. The man speeded up and started to moan and grunt. Britney could feel the man cumming inside. She could feel the man shoot his load deep inside her bowls. It was unbelievable, the man kept cumming and cumming. Finally, the man stopped shooting his cum. But he kept pounding her pussy. She felt the sticky cum dribble down her legs. Her pussy was sore and hurt like hell. The man kept fucking Britney, but his dick became limp, and finally the man gave up. "Sorry I came so soon.", he said, with a smile on his face. He stood up, got his clothes on, and left. Leaving Britney on the floor, in a pool of cum, blood and sweat. Britney knew then, that she would never be able to love a man anymore.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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