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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Jason had a great time with Britney. They laughed and had great fun. He looked at her, deep into her eyes, down her neck, at her breasts. The were nice, no, they were more than nice, they were super. He said that to Britney. She blushed. "Can I touch them?", Jason asked shy. Britney hesitated, but the booze had influenced her and she agreed. She took her top and her bra off and exposed her firm C-cup. Jason cupped a breast and touched her nipple. It became almost instantly hard. "Oooh!", Jason said, and lowered his face to Britney's breast, licking her hard nipple, biting it, sucking it. Britney moaned. Jason started curress Britney's other breast and soon both nipples were hard. Britney then unbuttoned her jeans and took them off, as well as her panties. A small line of light brown pubic hair became visible. Jason couldn't help himself and started licking and sucking Britney's pussy. With his thumbs he opened her lips and sucked on her clit. Britney moaned and felt the sexual arousal throughout her entire body. Jason speeded up and occasionally inserted his tongue inside Britney's pussy. This was answered with a moan of pleasure. Britney arched her back and felt the orgasm come closer. Jason too noticed that Britney's pussy became moist. He stopped and unbuttoned his trousers. He too got undressed and inserted his cock inside Britney's pussy. "Oh yeah, please fuck me, fuck me, please!". Britney almost screamed it out. She started wiggling her body while Jason fucked her. Her pussy was extremely wet, and Britney was into everything right now! Jason turned Britney on all fours and stared fucking her doggy-style. Britney's juices were dripping on the floor, forming a pool on the floor. Jason then started massaging her anus. "No, not in my ass.", Britney moaned, but it didn't sound convincing enough for Jason. He wet his finger and inserted it into Britney's asshole. Britney moaned, but didn't fight it.

What should Jason do?

A He should shoot his cum inside her pussy and leave it at that.

B He should continue to finger her asshole and at the proper time, insert his cock in there.

Another top quality story by Extreme.

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