The Best Erotic Stories.

Britney Spears
by Extreme

The man looked at Britney. Knocked out, on the ground. He felt sorry for her. He couldn't. He just couldn't. Or could he? He felt sexually aroused by the fact that Britney lay there, ready for him. He felt his cock grow. The man removed his pants and his underwear and started stroking his dick. It grew another inch and was now fully erect. The man now started jerking off. Britney was still unconscious and lay still on the ground. The man felt his orgasm approach and was now jerking at full speed. He could feel the pulsing start in his balls en he ejected his load all over Britney's sweet face. White, creamy cum was dripping down on the floor, while the man pulled up his pants and left.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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