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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Jason looked at the result of his action. Britney lay on the ground, knocked out. The man was sexually aroused, his penis was growing every minute. He sat beside Britney, touching her chin, her cheeks. He decided he was too hot to walk away. And Britney needed to be taught a lesson for all the naughty musicvideo's she made. He ripped her blouse open, took her bra off an cupped her breasts. Britney had a nice, firm C-cup, and he loved those tits. While he was watching MTV the man had jerked off many times to her video's. Now looking at her tits in real life made him uncontrollable. The man squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples. He sucked one nipple, while jerking off with the other. Britney was still out cold. Then, when both nipples were hard en perky, he cupped both breasts, pushing them together. It created the ultimate fuck. The man pushed his dick between Britney's tits and started fucking her. He was now titfucking Britney Spears and he enjoyed every stroke. When the man pushed hard and deep, the head of his cock brushed up against Britney's chin, leaving a wet spot. Then his balls started throbbing, announcing an incredible orgasm. The man started increasing his speed and pushed Britney's tits closer together. Then the cum squirted out, all over Britney's face. It came in her hair, eyes, mouth and on her chest, leaving a sticky, white pool of cum. The man kissed the still unconscious Britney on the mouth and left.

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