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Britney Spears
by Extreme

" I am trying to screw her three ways form Sunday, care to join me?", the man replied. The security-guard looked surprised, then curious. Britney look angry to the guard for not punching the man. "Well, why not. By the way, I am Peter.", the guard answered. "I am Jason. Let's have some fun!" The guard let go of Jason and walked towards Britney. "What are you doing?", asked Britney, with obvious fear in her voice. "We are going to enjoy ourselves!", said Jason. "No, no, no, no..." But it had no effect, Peter grabbed Britney, threw her on the floor and held her down. "Go ahead!" Jason got undressed as fast as he could and ripped the Britney's clothes off even faster. His dick was already erect and it was HUGE! It was as thick as a small men's wrist! When Britney saw the immense organ stick out, she cried and screamed and begged Jason to stop. But soon she felt the head of Jason's dick brushing up against her pussy. Peter had grabbed her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers, making them hard and stick out. Jason now pressed his head inside Britney's pussy. "Damn, this bitch is tight!", he screamed with pleasure. "Yes, I am still a virgin...", Britney whispered. Jason pressed his dick further inside Britney's pussy, until he hit her hymen. "Shit, she IS a virgin!" "Please don't hurt me...", Britney begged, but it was useless. Jason pulled back an inch to gain speed, and jammed it in again, shattering Britney's proof of innocence. "I popped her cherry, I popped her cherry!, Jason screamed. Britney cried. She never imagined it to lose her virginity this way. It hurt like hell. But Jason kept pounding away at her pussy, while Peter kept pinching her breasts. Britney could feel her virgin-blood drip down her inner thighs. The Jason's big cock ripped her pussy wide open. It was sore and red and swollen. His balls began to throb and his movements more wild. "I am going to squirt my cum deep inside this little bitch!" And he did. He shot loads and loads of cum deep inside Britney's virgin pussy. Britney didn't even react. She was broken, worn down. Jason pulled his now limp cock back and looked at the result. Britney's pussy was covered in blood, sweat and cum. It was bright-red and swollen. And the cum Jason shot inside her was now dripping out. "Good job!", Peter said. "Now it's my turn." Jason and Peter switched places and Jason started pinching Britney's sore and hard nipples some more. Peter commanded Britney to sit on his dick, while he was laying on the ground. Britney could do nothing but obey. Peter inserted his cock in Britney's pussy. This was much easier than the first time, because Jason had stretched Britney wide open and the sperm and blood lubricated the entrance. Peter started pounding enthusiastically. He had became quite horny, seeing Jason take Britney's virginity. In no time Peter's dick was covered with Jason's cum and Britney's blood. Britney was still crying and Jason looked at Peter jamming his cock deep inside Britney, slapping his balls against Britney's butt.

What should Jason do?

A He should jerk off and together with Peter cover her face and breast with loads and loads of cum.

B Let Britney suck his dick, lick it clean, see her swallow her own virgin-blood.

C Stick his dick in her ass. This bitch should have it all! Let's DP this cunt!

Another top quality story by Extreme.

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