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Britney Spears
by Extreme

After a couple of fucking-motions with his two fingers, Britney felt the man stop for a moment. "Thank god, he is going to stop.", she thought. But then she felt him push his fingers inside again. They felt different this time. Thicker. "Oh no, he inserted a third finger!", shot through Britney's mind. Her pussy was now stretched to the max.

"Please, I am still a virgin!", Britney begged, but the man kept pushing his three fingers deeper inside Britney's pussy. Britney started moaning. She was in pain. She arched her back to give access to the fingers, to make it less painful. It was useless. The man noticed that Britney had provided extra room for the three fingers. "There is room for more..."

"No, please don't, please, please.." Britney begged the man not to insert more. She was stretched to the max by the three fingers that were deep inside her pussy. More would damage her permanently. The man took no notice of her prayers and pressed a fourth finger against Britney's pussy. He had to make way with his other hand to insert it, but with brute force he finally had his four fingers inside her pussy. Not too deep, but he started pushing them inwards. Britney's vagina was now torn wide apart and started to bleed. The man made a fucking-motion with his hand, forcing it deeper inside Britney's pussy. Then he reached her hymen. "My god, you ARE a virgin!" The man inserted his thumb too and pressed hard against her virginity. Then, accompanied with excruciating pain, he shattered her last proof of innocence. Britney screamed and screamed. The pain was unbearable. The man's hand was now inside her up to his wrist and still he was forcing it deeper inside.

Then he stopped. Inside her, Britney felt the man bald his hand into a fist. It felt like a big knob inside her. Then the man started wiggling it, making a fucking-motion, pulling it out and then shoving it in again. Britney's pain was unbelievable, her virgin pussy was stretched way beyond its capabilities and was badly damaged. Blood was scattered all over her inner thighs. The man was now pounding against her womb. Then the man stretched a finger and brushed up against her womb. Britney couldn't believe what she was feeling, he was entering her womb with his middle finger! While fingering her womb, the man unbuttoned his trousers. Slowly, he straightened his hand. He pulled it back, until it came loose with a disgusting 'plop'. The man's hand was covered with blood and pussyjuices.

"Great!", said the man, when he saw his hand. He licked it. "And it tastes great too! Wanna try?" Britney turned her head in disgust. "Ok. Your loss." Britney's pussy was torn wide open. It was bleeding and it wasn't a pretty sight.

"Well, I can't fuck that anymore... Turn around!" Britney didn't obey. She couldn't let the man mutilate her ass too. But the man punched her in the stomach and turned her around. "On all fours!" Britney obeyed this time, afraid to get hit again. The man didn't have to spread Britney's legs, because she couldn't get them closed. The pain was just too much for her. With his wet hand the man started massaging Britney's anus. Britney let it come over her. She knew now that begging and resisting had no effect. The man inserted a finger up her asshole and moved it around. He spit in her crack to lubricate it. Then he pulled his finger out and pressed his erect penis against Britney's asshole. His head inserted her anus, but his dick was huge, gigantic. Way to big for her tiny virgin ass. Britney screamed it out from pain. His penis must be as thick as a small man's wrist! Britney had to arch her back and spread her legs wide apart only to accommodate his head. But the man didn't stop there, he pushed his cock in deeper and deeper. Britney screamed as her ass made way for the enormous instrument that was shoved inside her. He pulled it out, and shoved in deeper. And deeper. And deeper. Until his balls hit Britney's pussy every time he jammed his dick in her ass. Britney began to feel dizzy from the pain she was experiencing. The man was ramming his huge cock deeper and deeper inside her tiny ass. Then the man stopped. Britney could feel the warm liquid shoot deep into her bowels. Her attacker was shaking all over. He was really enjoying this!

The man kept cumming and cumming, squirting loads and loads off cum in Britney's ass. Then he retracted his shrinking dick. "Thank you!", he said, and smacked her on her butt. He walked to her face and presented his cock to her. "Lick it clean, bitch.", he commanded. Britney obeyed and started licking the man's dick clean. It was covered with sperm, shit and her own blood. It tasted awful, but she kept licking, afraid what the man should do if she stopped. Britney felt her stomach turn and she almost threw up, but she continued to suck and lick the man's dick. When it was finally clean the man gave Britney a kiss on her cheek and left, leaving Britney totally exhausted behind.

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