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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Jason continued to finger Britney's asshole and fucked more fiercely now. Britney's moaning was now loud and clear, she was having the time of her life. Then Jason retracted his cock from Britney's pussy and pressed it against her asshole. Jason pressed, but the head didn't enter. Britney's ass was just too tiny for a cock Jason's size. With both hands Jason grabbed Britney's butt and widened her crack. At this time, pain accompanied pleasure. Britney uttered a cry, but Jason pressed his dick harder against her tiny opening. Then, suddenly, the head entered Britney's ass. Britney arched her back and spread her legs to accommodate Jason's big organ, and Jason pressed even harder. He was now halfway and began to make fucking-movements, entering Britney's tiny ass deeper every time he jammed it in there, until he was all the way in. Britney was now masturbating her pussy with her hand, trying to heighten her sexual arousment even more. She entered a finger in her pussy, and to her surprise she could feel Jason's dick move through the tiny wall that separated her ass from her pussy. It made her go crazy! She inserted a second finger and started massaging Jason's dick through her pussy! Jason couldn't hold this long, his balls began to throb and he shot his load of cum deep inside Britney's ass. Britney came at the same moment, wetting her two fingers. When she retracted her fingers from her pussy, her juices dripped on the floor, proofing she had come an come again. Jason's dick went limp and he too retracted from Britney's now stretched asshole. Britney explored the damage Jason had done to her asshole with her fingers. It could hold three fingers easily now. Jason kissed Britney in her neck and they both fell asleep.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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