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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Britney's beggings were now increasing. "Please do not fuck me in the ass, please, please..." Jason decided that assfucking was something for queers and Frenchmen anyway, so he pulled his finger out of her asshole. "Thank you..", Britney moaned. Jason increased his speed and noticed that Britney was getting wetter and wetter. It should not be long before they both come. Jason jammed his dick deeper and deeper inside Britney's pussy, making her grunt with pleasure. Then the climax arrived. Jason shot his cum deep inside Britney's pussy, continuing to ram his dick deep inside her. When Britney felt Jason shoot his warm load inside her, she came too, all over Jason's dick. Both satisfied and exhausted from the performance the just accomplished, they fell asleep, Jason's dick still inserted in Britney's dripping pussy.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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