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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Seeing Peter pound away at Britney Spears gave Jason an instant hard-on. He decided that this bitch hadn't had enough and walked over to her behind. He looked at her virgin ass, as Peter was pounding away at her swollen pussy. The light-pink color, the soft and undamaged tissue was astonishing, and Jason almost came right there. But he didn't. He spit in Britney's crack to lubricate things a bit and started massaging her anus. Britney begged Jason to leave her ass intact, but Jason didn't obey. "Relax, baby, this isn't gonna hurt.... much!" Jason laughed and inserted a finger in her asshole. "Damn, this bitch is tiny. Peter, do you think she could hold us both without collapsing?" "There is only one way to be sure, is there?", Peter replied. Jason inserted a second finger in Britney's asshole and pressed them in deep. Jason could feel Peter pump Britney's pussy through her asshole! Jason told Peter to retract a bit, while he entered Britney's ass. Peter retracted and Jason pressed his head hard against her anus, but he didn't enter.

"Damn, she is really tiny!" Jason grabbed Britney's butt and pulled it wide open. Britney screamed from pain, but Jason didn't care. He pressed his head again against Britney's ass, and this time his head entered. Immediately, he started fucking her, entering Britney deeper and deeper with every blow. When he was halfway, Peter joined him and they started fucking Britney together, rhythmically, spreading Britney's holes to the max and beyond. They could feel each-other fuck through the tiny wall that separated Britney's pussy from her ass. Peter rolled Britney's nipples between his fingers and made them hard and sore. Britney was in great pain now, and her pussy was drying up, giving Peter more resistance. This made him jamm even harder, causing Britney to collapse. But Peter pinched her nipples so hard, that Britney wasn't out long. Jason had now entered Britney's ass so deep, his balls slapped against Peter's balls. Jason could feel Peter's balls starting to throb, and he knew that Peter couldn't hold out long. Jason increased his speed, so Peter and Jason could come at the same time. And so they did. Jason and Peter jammed both dicks in at the same time, causing both of Britney's holes to tear. Blood mixed with the sperm that was shooting out of Jason and Peter's dicks. They kept cumming and cumming. It felt like there were two gardenhoses inserted in Britney's holes and turned on. Loads and loads of cum were squirted deep inside Britney's bowels. Then they finally shot their last shot of creamy stuff, they retracted. Because Britney's holes were so stretched, the cum Jason and Peter had shot in, dripped out almost immediately. A pool of cum and blood formed on the floor. Britney didn't bother to move, she was too painful. She just kept lying still, with her legs spread wide to ease the pain. She lost her consciousness and when she woke up, the cum had dried up to a sticky syrup and both men had left.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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