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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Seeing Peter fuck Britney Spears gave Jason an instant hard-on. He decided she hadn't had enough. "Why don't you be a nice girl and lick my dick clean?" Britney didn't react. She was humping away on a big dick and hadn't had time to react. So Jason slapped his dick on her cheek. "Suck this, bitch!" Britney was shocked by the aggressive approach and started sucking Jason's dick. It tasted awful. The cock was covered with cum and her own virgin blood. The combination made her gross, but Jason had grabbed her head and shoved it over his dick. Britney couldn't escape and had to suck Jason's cock. Jason shoved it in deeper and deeper in her throat. Britney couldn't breathe, but Jason didn't care. He was approaching a climax. Peter's balls were throbbing too and Peter increased his speed. They would shoot their cum in this whore from both ends. And so they did. Jason shot his cum deep inside Britney's throat. She had to swallow it, or else she would suffocate. Peter shot his load deep inside her pussy. Britney's pussy was already loaded with Jason's cum, so Peter's cum dripped right out. Peter's dick was covered with cum and he wiped it clean with Britney's hair. Then they both left, leaving Britney covered with cum from two total strangers. She couldn't be more disgusted and threw up.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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