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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Jason looked at Peter and decided that this bitch should be covered in cum. So he grabbed his dick and started janking it. Seeing Britney's face he knew that would be a good place to shoot his cum on. That innocent, but o so hot and horny face. Without saying a word to Peter, he understood what Jason had in mind and joined him. They both sat at a side of Britney's sweet face and jerked their immensely huge dicks like wildmen. Then Jason came. And Peter followed instantly. They both shot their cum right on Britney's face. It covered her eyes and hair with loads and loads of creamy cum. They slapped their dicks right in her face, spreading the cum all over her mouth, nose and cheeks. Britney needed to throw up, but the second she opened her mouth, Jason jammed his dick deep inside her throat, making her taste his sperm. They told Britney to lick their dicks clean. Britney obeyed, swallowing every drop they squirted. Satisfied with Britney's performance, the boys got dressed and left. Britney immediately washed her mouth, but it was useless. The taste of the cum shot onto her face today would haunt her forever.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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