The Best Erotic Stories.

Britney Spears
by Extreme

Britney kept the door closed. It was a fan. It was quiet and Britney thought. What should she do, what should she do? Then the man started bouncing on the door. Britney got scared. "Leave, please, leave!", she screamed, but the man didn't seemed to hear it. He kept pounding on the door. Then it became quiet again. Britney was relieved. He had left. She turned her back to the door and walked to her chair again. These were the downsides of being famous. Just as she wanted to sit down, a large crack scared her once again. The man was back and was now kicking the door, full force. The door wouldn't hold out long, and just as Britney wanted to scream, the door cracked and collapsed under the brute force of the man. The man stormed inside and screamed: "You didn't have time for me, bitch? Now you are GOING to make time for me!" And he laughed.

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Another top quality story by Extreme.

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