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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Looking at Britney, standing naked in front of him made him feel extremely horny, and he had to be relieved. He took of his pants. His underwear showed a large bulge. Britney looked at it. "Yes, girl, you are going to suck this baby dry!" Britney leaped back. The man lowered his underwear and a HUGE cock appeared. And really, it was huge. It wasn't that long, but is was as thick as a small wrist. "I can't take that in my mouth.", Britney stuttered. "Wanna bet, whore?" The man approached Britney and ordered her to get on her knees. Being face to cock, Britney started to sob. The man pulled her head backwards by her light brown hair and screamed: "SUCK!" Britney slowly opened her mouth and licked the top. It tasted salty, strange. She never sucked a dick before. But she hadn't had the time to think about it, because the man pushed his dick deep in her mouth. "Suck, bitch!" Britney slowly started to suck the enormous cock. "Oh, yeah, OH YEAH!" Britney felt the organ in her mouth harden and grow. How big is this thing going to be? She continued to keep sucking the man's dick. But the man stopped moaning. "Touch my balls.", the man ordered. Britney massaged the man's balls with her hands. Then the man kept her nose closed with his right hand and her head on his dick with left hand. Britney almost choked! Finally, she tried to breathe through her mouth and at that time, the man jammed his cock deep inside her throat. He could see the bulge in her throat get deeper and deeper. He pulled back a bit and jammed it again, now deeper. He let go of her nose, so Britney could breathe, but he kept pounding away at her throat. Britney started crying uncontrollably. Suddenly she felt the organ in her throat starting to throb, almost immediately followed by the feeling of a warm liquid being shot down her throat. The man had came in her throat! And he kept cumming! The man moaned and grunted, and finally removed his dick from her mouth. Britney immediately coughed threw up, and all the seamen the man shot landed on the floor. "No, no, no, no, NO! You are going to clean that up!" When Britney didn't react, the man hit her in the face and ordered her to lick the cum of the floor. Britney lowered her face onto the floor and started crying and licking. Tears mixed with seamen as she licked every drop of the floor. When the floor was clean she looked up. The man had disappeared.

Another top quality story by Extreme.
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