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Boy Story
by Kelly

"How fucking dare you!!" she cried out as she raised the whip to flog him repeatedly. "You know you are not permitted to touch My cock at any time without permission!" The beautiful male slave cowered as the whip made contact with his tight naked ass, leaving yet another angry red welt. His ass was red, inflamed and criss-crossed with the marks of the stinging whip. He was being punished because she had came into the house quietly while he had been playing with his cock without her permission earlier in the day. He had been caught only seconds away from his first orgasm in almost a week.

"Kneel!" she commanded and he did. "Hands behind your back!" He did this, as well. He hung his head, as he was not permitted to make eye contact with her. His hard eight inches of cockmeat was rigid and very visible as it stood out proudly from his midsection.

"What's this?!" His sadistic Mistress reached forward to grasp his manhood in her gloved hand and roughly stroked him. He moaned and realized, too late, that he had done it. She smiled evilly and said, "Don't worry, slut! I won't stimulate you too much. You don't deserve it." He groaned, knowing it had been already five days since his last orgasm. His brilliant Mistress insisted on making him stroke himself to the brink of orgasm at least three times a day and then stop abruptly. This was her favorite activity - seeing him sexually frustrated and it was awfully hard on the slut who was only twenty-one and in his sexual prime. He wanted to cum at least three times a day.

He felt the whip crack down on his hard prick and he tried not to move. God, it hurt like hell! As soon as he recovered from this blow, he felt the second hit his balls and then another to his cock. He winced. Eventually, the whippings deflated his hard-on and he was in tears.

"There! Maybe now you will ask permission before making My cock hard the next time!" He couldn't help it. The sight of her creamy white 38DD breasts were enough to turn on any man. He just could not help it... He was just a slut.....and she always whipped him when he was the most horny! He could feel a stirring in his groin again as he watched her remove her clothes.

She sat down on the sofa and spread her legs......"You will watch me, slut! Eyes on my cunt! Watch and enjoy what you never will have!" She took a very large battery-operated vibrator and began rubbing it against her slit. Obviously, whipping him had stimulated her. Her golden pussy was soaked and slutboy wanted to taste her so badly! She worked the fake cock in and out of her pussy and finally pressed it against her clit. Her body began spasming and she cried out! Her body was wracked with the orgasm and she took a minute to relax. He drooled over the sight before him.

Suddenly, a noise startled him. He turned around as a hand hit him across his bruised and reddened ass. "Beautiful job, my dear!" came from the voice he heard.

"You remember Master Chris, my good friend, don't you, my pet?" His Mistress smiled. The slut hesitated and then turned to see the Master in the same room. He immediately became jealous when he noticed that Master Chris was unclothed and stroking his hard cock. It was one of the biggest cocks that he had ever seen. His Mistress' hands were still at her pussy.

"Let me help you with that, my love!" Master Chris moved towards Mistress and reached for her erect nipples. He took one into his mouth and chewed on it lightly. He treated the other one as well, pinching and twisting it hard. Mistress was moaning with desire now. Master Chris slid one hand in between her legs where it was soaked from her earlier orgasm. He played with her sloppy twat before plunging his ten inch cock deep into her in one fell swoop. She squealed and wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her senseless, bottoming out on every stroke.

They both made fun of slutboy as he knelt on the floor with his cock extremely hard. He was incredibly frustrated because he knew that he was not permitted to even touch himself without permission. He had a very sore ass to remind him of his earlier indiscretions. The pre-cum dribbled from the head of his cock and he was helpless to stop it. The frustration was enough to drive him mad.

Suddenly, his Mistress cried out loudly as Master Chris exploded. The first shot of cum from his massive balls exploded into her pussy. Then he suddenly pulled out and aimed towards the slut's face. The second rope of cum splattered on his cheekbone. "Open your eyes!" Master Chris ordered. Slutboy did so only to receive an eyeful of wet, warm cum. He stayed in the same place, as more and more cum sprayed him directly in the face and covered his view. He knew better than to wipe it away. He then felt Master Chris' cock being shoved in his mouth. "Lick it clean and do a good job!" Slutboy had no choice but to lick it clean. It was still soooo big and hard and almost cut off his air supply. How could he still be so hard after spraying all that cum????

He soon felt the cock being wrenched from his mouth. "Now let's try something different! May I?" Master Chris directed his question to the Mistress. She replied, "Of course! Be my guest!" Slutboy felt hands separating his red, swollen ass and then felt something large against his puckered asshole. "NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!" he protested as Master Chris worked his cock into the tight passage. He felt his face being shoved into his Mistress' cunt to lick the cum that was left there. His ass was plugged deep with cock as he ran his tongue along her pussy. Meanwhile, his own cock throbbed with the need for relief! The entire head was coated with his juices. Master Chris resumed beating slutboy's ass open palmed, as he fucked it. Slutboy licked his Mistress's pussy for all he was worth and was rewarded with her moans. Master Chris increased his pumping and seemed to be driving his cock deeper. Suddenly, he exploded into slutboy's bowels. He drove his cock in as deep as he could and rested there for a minute. This minute was enough to make slutboy cum all over the floor by his own feet. Mistress' pussy began to spasm and Master Chris held slutboy's face into her cunt to lick up the juices.

Master Chris pulled his cock from slutboy's ass and plugged it with a buttplug, so none of the juices could seep out. He fastened slutboy's hands behind his back with cuffs. He took him by the hair and forced his face from his Mistress' cunt, where he really wanted to be, to the floor to lick up his own pool of cold cum.

"Clean up your mess!"

Slutboy had no choice so he began to lick. He felt a ring being placed around his still-hard cock and then heard it being fastened to a ring in the floor. When he looked up with a face full of his own cum, his beloved Mistress and Master Chris had adjourned to the bedroom where they continued to fuck each other all night. Slutboy remained bolted to the floor by his hard cock, with his ass plugged full of Master Chris' semen and a face full of his own and Master Chris' cum, forced to listen to the woman he loved more than anything in the world having the time of her life being fucked by that monster cock.


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