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Baby Steps
by Hedoliz

I would like to call this "baby steps" because it's a story of how I learned to become an exhibitionist. Two years ago I would never thought that I would be willing to show myself to strangers, but at my husband's prodding, little by little I have gone from "accidentally" showing myself, to wantonly spreading my pussy open at the drop of a hat (if the situation and my mood is right, of course)

It all started two years ago when my husband Jim and I went to Venice Beach for the first time since our daughter Christine was born. I was slowly getting my figure back and was slightly embarrassed because I had a few stretch marks from the pregnancy, but Jim encouraged me and told me how beautiful I was, stretch marks and all. I have never considered myself a "beautiful" woman, but his telling me that gave me the confidence to grab my bikini and off we went.

The first thing I discovered when I went into the rest room to change in to my suit was that it no longer fit me! I had actually LOST weight in the six months six months since Christine was born. I found that I had to keep pulling it up when walked because if I didn't my ass would show. Jim laughed when I told him, and he replied that it didn't make any difference to him, since he liked my ass and there were very few people around anyway.

We laid on our towels for maybe 15 minutes talking and laughing and enjoying ourselves when Jim looked at me seriously and asked if I wanted to go in the water with him. Yeah, I thought, I'm supposed to go in the water with a bikini that I have to hold up all the time? Jim smiled and told me that that was WHY he had asked me to go in the water. He WANTED to see me in the water trying to keep my suit up! In truth, he wanted to see me NOT keep my suit up. While we were on the towels, he told me, that no only was it loose around the middle, it was also loose between the legs and that my cunt had been exposed the whole time to whoever had passed by. Cunt was the word that he used, and I hate the word. I much prefer pussy (or even twat), but the effect was the same. I looked and saw that he was right. There was a noticeable gap between the fabric and my body. I tried to remember whether or not anyone had walked by but I couldn't remember. Fuck it. I thought, if Jim doesn't care, why should I?

I reached up and took his hand and we walked down to the water. I could see that Jim had a hard on as his suit was sticking out in front. I told him that turn about was fair play. If I was to be embarrassed. then he could damn well be embarrassed as well. Who's embarrassed, he asked, and he pulled aside his shorts and stuck out his hard cock. I couldn't help but look around to see who else was around. Nobody. I'm sure that Jim wouldn't have done that if someone was, but then with Jim you never knew.

Now, let's see yours, he said, and he playfully reached his hand up my suit and started fingering my pussy. We had never done anything like this in public before, and I was kind of shocked, but I was also becoming very very excited. I was afraid that someone would see, but secretly I was hoping that someone would. I scanned the beach quickly before grabbing his cock and pulling it toward my belly.

We stood there for a while, his fingers playing over and in my pussy and his cock pressed firmly against my belly. I knew that if anyone was to come along right about now they would get an eyeful, not because of Jim's cock or my pussy, we could easily press closer together and hide that, but I could tell that the back of my suit was down at least an inch or more and my ass was exposed.

Jim finally broke away from me, put his cock back in his pants, and ran toward the water and dove in. I pulled up the back of my suit and waded in, following Jim. As the first wave hit, I felt the suit slide off my hips again, and I modestly pulled them back up. Jim smiled and asked why?

I thought to myself, does he really like me to show myself off? Does he want me to let it all hang out? He had never indicated that he enjoyed seeing me like this in public, but then I had never been exposed in a situation like this before. It was a strange feeling not knowing whether I should be modest or wanton. I wanted to do what Jim wanted, yet I didn't know whether he wanted me to show off or not. I also wanted to do what I wanted to do, yet I was afraid. Would he be angry if I took it another step, or would he be disappointed if I didn't? I opted to play the wanton side (within reason) and let the next wave take my bottoms even further down After the wave had passed, I let him have a good look at my pussy before "modestly, yet slowly" pulling them back up.

I learned later that it took a lot of nerve for him to say what he said next, but he asked if I would mind letting another wave hit me and let it pull my suit all the way down. I literally tingled with excitement as I looked back to the beach and saw that a middle aged man had placed a beach chair about 10 feet from our towel and was watching us in the water. He had probably seen my suit fall off and was hoping that I would give him a good show. I could also tell that Jim knew that he was there as I saw his eyes looking over my shoulder towards the man. I debated for a moment before giving in to what I now believe had been a secret fantasy. As the next wave hit, I let the suit fall all the way down and when I stood up I was exposed completely.

Jim smiled a mysterious smile, grabbed my hand and thanked me. He then wickedly suggested that we go back to the blanket and take it another step.

As we approached the blanket we avoided eye contact with the man, but we could tell that he was watching us. I was very hot, and I could tell that Jim was too. He couldn't keep his hands off me. We kissed and rubbed each others body with tanning oil and I made sure that my suit was showing off as much of my body as I could possibly let it without making it seem blatant. Every time I turned I could tell that the man was getting a good look at either my pussy or my ass. It was a tremendous turn on for me. I spread my legs even further apart while Jim pulled out the Backgammon set and we played a few games. Before we left I got up enough courage to strip down completely while I changed back into my suit. As we were leaving the man smiled at us and told us with a wink that he would think us at least half the home. I took that to mean he would jack off in the car and would come before he got home.

Needless to say we came before we got home as well. Jim was so horny that he fucked me in the car in the parking lot before we even left! From that day on we have played exhibitionistic games that have become more and more daring and more fun and exciting. Maybe later I will continue this story and tell you even more.


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