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Baby Steps Pt. II
by Hedoliz

After our adventure at the beach Jim and I had sex two more time that evening. He had always been a good lover, but three times in one day was a new record! Usually after fucking me it takes a long time for him to get another hard-on. I knew that thinking about me exposing myself in the water and on the towel with that man watching us was the force that was driving him on, but for some reason neither one of us mentioned the incident. It was as if both of us were sorting things in our own minds and neither of us were willing to share our private feelings.

Two weeks went by and I was hoping that Jim would break the silence first and bring up the subject, but he never did. I was also reluctant to mention it. I guess it was because I knew that I had enjoyed it just a little too much, and bringing it up might make him think that I was it was on mind all the time. It scared me a little that I was becoming obsessed with what had happened and what was scaring me more was that I was thinking of what might have happened instead of what actually did.

Nevertheless, our lives went back to normal and we fell back into the routine of making love two or three times a week. There's a difference between making love and fucking. We made love. I longed to fuck. I wanted to feel the excitement again that I felt in the back of the van, there in the parking lot at the beach, on all fours with his cock slamming into my pussy doggy-style. Making love is tender caresses, moonlight, a glass or two of champagne, and satin sheets. Fucking is sucking cock, playing with dildoes, doing it on the ground in full daylight and abandoning yourself to your baser instincts. Making love is soft and natural. Fucking is hard core and dirty. What scared me the most with my obsession with the beach was that I now knew I was obsessed by, and longed for, the dirt.

Almost a month had passed when Jim came home late one Thursday evening with a package wrapped up with ribbons and a bow and asked if he thought my mother might be willing to watch Christine, our two year old daughter, for the weekend. If she could, he said, then maybe we could take the off and go to Las Vegas. One of his coworkers was getting married on Saturday afternoon and we were invited to the wedding, Jim had already cleared it with his boss and he was going to take off Friday. If my mother could watch her we could leave in the morning, drop her off on our way, and be back early Sunday afternoon so we could spend some time visiting with my her before heading for home.

To make it short, I called, she said yes, and by 8:00 Friday morning we were on our way to Grandma's house. I played patty-cake with Christine while Jim drove, but I detected a certain reserve on his part. Whereas he is usually talkative and cheerful, this morning he seemed quiet and reflective. Even the radio wasn't on. Jim likes to listen to talk radio, but today there was no conversation at all.

When we arrived at Mom's house I spent a few minutes giving her instructions on how to care for Christine (as if she needed them), told her we would call later with our hotel number in Vegas where we could be reached in case of emergency, kissed them both good-bye and got back on the Interstate.

Once again, on the road, Jim fell silent. The radio was off and the silence was overwhelming. I was tempted to ask if anything was wrong, but opted instead to sit in the silence and wait until Jim made the first move.

"I have a confession to make to you," he finally said. "There is no wedding."

"Then...what's the package for?" I responded.

"It's for you. Would you like to play a little game?" Whatever he had in mind, I could tell that he was having a hard time saying this, and I wondered what it was all about. The package, the lie about the wedding, the game, the way he had been silent for so long, it didn't add up.

"What kind of game?" I asked.

He looked at me sheepishly and answered "Open the package and maybe you'll know. I hope you enjoy it, but I'll understand if your answer is no." I reached back behind the seat and brought the package to my lap. Whatever it was it didn't weigh much and as I untied the ribbon and began removing the paper I could see Jim's anticipation. In the back of my mind I thought I knew what it might be, and I secretly hoped I was right, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Besides, if it was what I hoped for, would I later regret having received it?

As I took off the lid to the box Jim said "I guess it's kind of a present for me too. I hope you like them."

There in the box lay the items Jim had bought me. The contents consisted of a sheer white cotton dress which buttoned all the way from the neckline down to the hem. It was full length and would reach down to my ankles. Besides the dress there were three pairs of thong panties, each in a different color, a pair of cut off jeans that was sliced high on the side and just a sliver of fabric between the legs, a white tube top with the nipples cut out, as well as a few other assorted "erotic" garments.

A few moments went by as I contemplated my treasure. It was exactly what I had thought it might be. It was what I wanted, and also what I feared. It was Jim's way of commenting, without using words, about our afternoon on the beach. It was his way of telling me how much he had enjoyed it and that he wanted some more of the same.

I waited a few more moments before responding. I wanted to make sure that what I said was to the point and reflected exactly what it was I wanted to say. If I said it poorly or made a mistake I might fuck things up. Finally I said "Well, I think you can take the bra back. My tits look just fine without it. Now what was this game we were going to play?" I said it laughingly with a glint in my eye, a raised eyebrow, and a leer on my lips.

My answer must have settled his nerves because he smiled for the first time since we had left home.

"I'm going to set the speed control at 65 miles an hour. We won't go faster and we won't go slower. When the speedometer turns 26,000 miles I want you to strip off everything, put on one of the panties and the tube top and I want you to ride like that for at least 20 miles. If someone sees you, then he's a lucky man. If they don't see you, then it's their fault they've missed out on seeing one of the most beautiful women in the world. After the 20 miles are up you can get dressed again, OK?"

I looked at the speedometer and noticed that it was at 25,982. He was giving me 18 miles in which to take him up on the game or not. He was giving me 18 miles in which to anticipate what might occur. I lit a cigarette and thought of the possibilities. I knew I would not hesitate. I would do anything and everything that Jim wanted me to do. I had been dreaming of this for almost four weeks and now that the opportunity was upon me I was not going to cheated out of it by giving in to fear. I could already feel my pussy already getting wet and I felt like masturbating.

"Do I have to wait for it turn 26,000?"

I think the question floored Jim. He was probably under the impression that I would have to be coerced. "Yes, you do," he said sternly.

"You're setting the cruise control for 65 miles an hour and your not going to speed up or slow down for anything, right? So, if we're going faster than someone and they see me they have to increase their speed if they want to continue the show, right? And if they're going faster than us and they see me they'll have to slow down if they want to continue the show right? And if they're going the same speed as us and they're enjoying the show then we're stuck with them since no one else will be able to see anything and we may not like the people we're stuck with. And what if the car that sees me is a cop or a highway patrolman, what then? And how about a car filled to the brim with a barrel full of kids, what then? And how about priests or nuns or old people who shouldn't drive anyway but do. Should I show them my tits as well? Do we keep it on 65 miles an hour anyway? A how about....."


I giggled. He knew I had only been kidding, and I knew he was only pretending to be mad. But I had had 18 miles to contemplate the possibilities, and now I was forcing him think of the possibilities as well.

I lit a cigarette and waited patiently for the eighteen miles to pass. I considered all the possibilities and promised myself that I would obey all the rules that Jim imposed on the game, but, I thought mischievously, after the game was over I might make up a game of my own to pay him back. I spent the next 18 miles thinking of some game we could play that would excite him, but in the end I failed to come up with something as interesting and full of possibilities as Jim's. Leave it to unpredictable Jim to come up with just the right game at just the right time. Finally the speedometer clicked on the 26,000 and I was to immediately strip down to nothing and then put on the panties and the tube top. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there wasn't a car anywhere near us. There was a big rig maybe a quarter of a mile away but I couldn't tell whether we were gaining on him or not. I pulled my T short off and tossed it in Jim's lap. I don't usually wear bras so my tits were now open to anyone who cared to look. As it currently was there was no one that could see, except Jim who had seen them before, but I wasn't going let the giddiness of the moment pass. I cupped my hands under my breasts and pushed them up and wiggled them around. I wanted him to see me through the eyes of the stranger that hopefully would be watching me soon. At 65 miles an hour I had less than 20 minutes in which to perform. Of course rules were meant to be broken, but it was Jim's game and I'm sure that if I had to ask for an extension he would think I was enjoying it too much.

I slid out of my shorts and panties and tossed them over to Jim as well. I was now completely naked and the feel of the upholstery felt wonderful against my bare ass. I turned sideways and spread my legs open, I leaned back against the door with my knees up and with both hands between my legs and spread open my pink lips for Jim's benefit.

"Oooohh", I moaned, "would you like to feel my cunt?" Jim knew how I felt about that word, and I'm sure my saying it shocked him a little but words have meaning and at that time, in that situation, I felt it was my cunt. It wasn't my pussy or my twat or my box or my vagina, it was my cunt. It was wet and slimy and..well.. kind of cunty.

Just then, out of nowhere, a car passed by us in the fast lane. At most they were going about 5 miles an hour faster than we were. I had a good at the man in the passenger seat. He was blonde and maybe 30 years. It was a hot day and he had the window down. He wasn't wearing a shirt and I could see his rippling muscles. Had he looked over he would have seen me spread eagle like a slut and still holding my pussy lips apart. My heart almost stopped beating with the excitement and fear and wanting to be seen and so many other emotions that I couldn't even begin to catalogue them all. He never looked over, never saw my naked body, and the driver never slowed down after passing us by. I idly wondered if they were on cruise control as well.

I could tell that Jim was going through the same mixture of emotions as I was. How could it be that you reach out for the very thing you're afraid of? Was this the same kind of a rush that a skydiver feels when he jumps out of a plane for the first time? Is the feeling always the same or do you become conditioned to it? Do you build up a tolerance to it like you do with drugs? If I were to continue in this manner would I have to go further and further to get the same ecstatic, tingly, heart pumping reaction. I didn't know, but I felt wonderful and alive and I knew that if I wasn't careful I could easily become an addict.

All this soul searching, and I hadn't even been seen yet. True to the Jim's rules I pulled on the thong panties and pulled the tube down over my head and adjusted them so the nipples were sticking through the holes that had been created for them. I looked ahead and saw that we had come a lot closer to the semi. Judging by how much time had elapsed I calculated that we had maybe 11 minutes yet to go, I looked at the speedometer and found we had travel 7 miles, so I was pretty confident that we would reach the truck before the speedometer has passed the magic mark.

I reached in the glove compartment and took out my sunglasses. I wanted to be seen and I wanted to see the person who was seeing me, but I wasn't prepared for him to look me directly in the eyes I knew that if he could see my eyes he would know how inexperienced I was and how afraid I was, and I wanted him to think of me as a wanton. It was easier to do if I knew he couldn't see my eyes.

I was hoping against hope that Jim would be as anxious as I was and break his silly 65 mile an hour rule, but he didn't. I hoped that the truck would slow down so I would have as much time as possible to put on a good show, but it didn't seem to. The seconds passed by seemed like minutes As we got closer Jim pulled into the other lane and I prepared myself for what was to happen in the next minute or so. I looked over at Jim, took and hand and gave it a squeeze. "I hope this is going to excite you as much as it going to excite me because after it's over I want you to pull over at the next off ramp and find a place where we can fuck our brains out." I smiled at him and he gave me a halfhearted smile. I could tell that he was every bit as scared as I was.

We were beside the truck and we were slowly approaching the cab. I tried to act normal, but my hands were clammy and my heart was beating so loud I thought I could hear it. I looked up at the drivers mirror and saw him looking back at us. He was young looking, about 25 or so. I could see he had long hair and a beard. He looked nice. As we passed his open window I dared myself to look up and look at his face and I smiled and gave him a little wave with my hand. And our van passed him up. Damn Jim and his silly rules. If he would have only slowed down there were no limits to what I could have done. As it was, the driver probably didn't even notice that my nipples were exposed.

I was crestfallen. We only had another 5 minutes and knowing Jim he would probably insist that the game was over and he would want me to get dressed again. I still wanted him to pull over and fuck me, but in the mood I was in just wouldn't be the same.

Just then I happened to look in the mirror and saw that the truck was gaining on us. We had passed him by, but he must have noticed since he was increasing his speed. My heart started pounding again and I felt the adrenaline pump through my veins again even stronger than before. I checked the tube top to make sure that my nipples were still exposed and I leaned back all the way in my seat and took a deep breath.

As he pulled up beside us he slowed a little and kept pace with us. Through my glasses I kept watch on his eyes. They were definitely looking, and they weren't looking at my eyes. They were looking directly at my exposed tits. From the angle he was at he probably couldn't see my panties, and the pubic hair that was revealed, but for now the tits were enough for me. It was one thing to "accidentally" expose yourself, like when we were at the beach, but it's quite another to "purposely" expose yourself and in effect say "Here, take a good look"

We drove along side him for a full minute before gaining the courage to do what I did next. I took it another step further. I put my thumb and index finger in my mouth and got them wet, and then, with a smile at the truck driver, I began rubbing, squeezing and tweaking my right nipple.

I could tell the driver was getting off this as he rolled his eyes up to heaven as if to say "Thank you, God" then he licked his lips once, smiled and stared down at me while I played with my tits.

From where Jim was sitting he couldn't see the driver so he asked me I he was watching. "Oh yes," I replied, "and he's loving every second of it"

I turned back to the truck driver, pursed my lips and in an exaggerated lip motion that you sometimes use to speak the hearing impaired and mouthed the words "fuck me!" The trucker went crazy.

At that very moment (damn it) Jim looked in the rear view mirror and noticed three or four cars behind us that needed to pass, Since both us and the trucker were side by side, no one could get around. Even though there was technically over a minute to go under Jim's silly rules, he sped up and pulled into the lane in front of the trucker. I looked over my shoulder and saw the trucker banging away on his steering wheel. He probably thought he had lost his fantasy girl forever.

As the last of the cars passed I looked at Jim and said "I really hope that this will make you happy, but if it doesn't, too fuckin' bad since I'm too horny right now to care. We played your game and now I want you to play mine. I want you to slow down the van and pull up beside that semi again."

As he pulled into the left lane I tore off the tube top and slipped the panties off. I raised up the arm rests and laid out across the seats. I pulled Jim's stiff cock out of his shorts and put my mouth around it.

I couldn't tell from my position over Jim cock, but I could feel the van slow and the speed again slightly. As I sucked on Jim's dick, he took his hand and tried to reach under my body so he could finger fuck me. In the position I was in he couldn't reach it, so I raised my ass a little to allow access. If our new trucker friend was watching (and I'm sure he was) he was getting a good close look at my asshole and my pussy being pumped by two of Jim's fingers. I felt like the biggest slut the world has ever known and I was enjoying every minute of it. The intensity of the moment was incredible. Even though it was Jim's fingers in my pussy and not his cock I thought that this was what fucking was all about. It wasn't about making love, it was about fucking. Dirty, gratifying, down and dirty fucking.

I stopped sucking Jim and turned over so I was positioned to see the trucker. My sunglasses had fallen off when I had gone down on Jim, but I didn't care. I smiled at the trucker and he smiled back with a big BIG smile. I spread my legs and reached down with both hands and spread myself apart. Jim's hand joined mine and he began finger fucking me again. I brought knees up as high to my ears as I could get them so the trucker could see not only Jim playing with my pussy but my asshole as well. The trucker was going insane. Up to now the trucker has remained mute, but he said "Lady, you're fucking incredible. I have seen some great stuff in my life as a trucker, but you are by far the best I've ever seen. All I need now is to see you stick a finger up your ass and cum and I'll be happy for the rest of my life. Of course I'd be even happier if your husband pulled off to the side of the road and let me fuck you."

"Dream on, cowboy. I love my husband and I'll love him forever. You were fun to play with, and I'll always remember you, but what you see is all you get. But just to make you happy for the rest of your life...." I wet my finger in my mouth and moved it down to my ass. I rubbed it up and down over the hole a few times and finally inserted it. It didn't feel as bad as I thought it would. Jim continued pumping my pussy with his hand and within a few minutes I was nearing the explosion point. My eyes were closed and I was pushing Jim's hand in and out trying to make it go deeper and deeper. Finally I came and the gushing waves of pleasure took me to new heights. Jim's hands were soaked as well as the car seat. I sobbed uncontrollably and tears ran down my face.

"Thank you much Ma'am" the driver said, "and thank your husband too. All I seen was his hand, but you can tell him that he's got a real cute hand. I'll be thinkin' of you and that hand all the way to Montana" Jim could hear and he couldn't help but laugh.

"And thank you too, cowboy. And I'll be thinkin' of you long after you get to Montana. You may think you know what you saw today, but the truth is far deeper than either you or I or that cute hand can comprehend. Good luck and just remember that when you fuck the Mrs. or the girlfriend your not just fucking their body, your making love to their mind."


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