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Baby Steps Pt. V
by Hedoliz

By the time we got in the minivan and started the drive to Bob's house, I was humming a new tune. "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" had invaded my consciousness just as "Que Sera, Sera" had done earlier. I was convinced that tonight I could do anything.

Anything, that is, except actually fucking someone other than my husband. With all the slutty things I had done this weekend, and all the slutty things that I hoped I would soon be doing, I still considered myself married and I wasn't ready to jeopardize everything we had in search of that elusive craving for more and more thrills. I was, I believed, still moral, and the masturbation scenes with Bob in the lounge and the truckdriver on the Interstate were only temporary escapes from reality. Tonight would tell if I could take it just another baby step forward and still maintain my balance. I considered the possibility that I was rationalizing about my morality, but I dismissed any further consideration on that because I wanted so badly to continue. And continuing was what this evening was all about. I wished now that we had never agreed to give up grass after Christine had been born. What I needed right now were a couple of giant spliffs to settle my nerves.

We followed Bob's instructions and came to the street that led to his home. After turning left on one street, following it two blocks, and then turning right again onto a cul-de-sac we arrived at the address. It was a community of more than modest homes. Judging from housing costs in Riverside County where we lived I estimated it in the $400,000 -- $500,000 range. Strange, I thought, that they would live in a community like this while Bob worked in the hotel delivering food to the guests.

As we walked to the door and rang the bell we noticed the well manicured lawn and the beautiful plants and flowers that ringed the house. It was only a few moments until the door opened and a stunning blonde appeared in the door way. "Hi, you must be Jim and Liz. Bob has told me all about you. My name is Carla. Welcome to our home."

All? I thought. I wonder if he had told her that only four hours earlier he had placed his fingers inside my pussy and had masturbated me into having one of the most perfect orgasms that I had ever experienced.

We followed her into the house, past the front room and out into the backyard where we saw one of the most beautiful pools and Jacuzzis we had ever seen. The sun was just now beginning to set and I visualized what it would look like after the lights that I saw placed in strategic locations were turned on. There were ferns and flowers all about. The Jacuzzi was imbedded in cement a full six or seven feet above the pool and the overflow dropped down the side to the pool below creating the visual image of a waterfall descending to a lake. The backyard itself must have cost as much to construct as our entire house. It was magnificent.

She led us to an alcove carved in rock that had a table and chairs. On the far side of the alcove Bob was standing by a barbecue made out of rock and on the side was serving cart on wheels. There was a set of plates, silverware and some delicious looking steaks. "Hi," he said, "I told Carla that you would be coming, and when we didn't get a phone call I told her it was for sure. I'm glad you didn't let us down. She's been on pins and needles ever since I told her about you. Would you like something to drink?"

Bob asked for a beer and again I opted for a Margarita, a strong one I added, if it wasn't too much trouble. Bob assured me that it wasn't, and he went into the house to get the drinks.

"I guess you're wondering how Bob can afford a house like this on his salary and tips," Carla began as she at on one of the chairs and Jim and I settled down on the others "so let me put that question out of your mind. I bought the house and gave Bob the liberty of fixing it up as he saw fit. It was my money, but I put the deed in both our names. Bob and I are partners in everything. He wouldn't have to work if he didn't want to, but he says it gives him the opportunity to keep in touch with his working class roots, and it gives him the opportunity to meet people like yourselves. We have had many people over that Bob has met at work and we have had some wonderful experiences with them. Would you care for a short swim or a soak in the Jacuzzi before dinner? I hope you don't mind, but I always go nude."

Before either Jim or I could answer, Carla stood, pulled her blouse over her head and pulled off her shorts. Standing naked, she turned and walked to the spa. Her pussy was shaved, like mine, but had a well trimmed tuft right above the slit that gave it a less than naked look. It gave the impression that it, like her garden, was well manicured. She was stunning to be sure, but I now realized that she was older than I had first thought. She was probably in her early to mid forties and her breasts were beginning to show the signs of gravity. Her ass, however, was still firm and tight looking and didn't have any sag to it at all. Here, I thought, was a woman who loved her body and spent the time necessary to keep it trim and beautiful.

It was now approaching dark and there were many two story houses behind them on what I assumed was another cul-du-sac. I knew that if anyone were to look out the upper windows they would see everything that went on in the backyard, but if Carla didn't mind, then who were we to complain. Jim looked at me and I at him. We smiled and followed her to the Jacuzzi.

Jim sat on a small bench beside the Jacuzzi that Carla was now entering and he began taking off his shoes. His eyes were glued to Carla's lovely body and he got a clear view of her open lips as she stepped down into the water. He removed his shirt, laid it on the deck and the divested himself of his pants and shorts. As he stood there nude I could see the gradual rise of his penis into what I hoped would later be a gigantic hard on. I caught Carla looking at it too, and she had a small smile of triumph on her face.

As Jim entered the Jacuzzi to be with Carla I slowly raised the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head. "Oh, no panties" Carla said approvingly, "and a shaved pussy as well. Bob was right. You are our kind of people." She stood up and purposely showed us hers as well, gently rubbing her fingers over it and looking down approvingly.

"Do you ever mind that so many houses can see down into your backyard" I asked Carla, as I stood there completely naked. I suppose that sounded like a contradiction in terms, my standing there nude and asking her if she cared about the other houses, but she didn't seem to notice. "Not really," she answered back. "When we first built the pool and spa there were no houses behind us. That's part of a new tract they built later. We made a point of introducing ourselves to the new owners as they moved in and we invited them to come over and get naked in the Jacuzzi with us. Three of them accepted, and two of them are still good friends. The third couple got a little offended on their first time here and the fourth couple were older and very prudish. They have called the police on us a couple of times for being naked in the backyard, but the police have pointed out that we can do anything we want on our own property and its up to them to shut the shades if they don't want to see. Luckily, none of them have kids."

"And what about the third couple" I asked with mock naivety, "how did you manage to offend them?" How could anyone as sweet and innocent as Carla ever manage to offend anyone, I thought with a silent chuckle?

"Well, they were the third couple that we had invited over," Carla responded. "I guess they had heard stories about us from the other two because they seemed awfully skittish at first. When I suggested they go nude with us in the Jacuzzi they both declined. But Tom said -- that was his name, Tom, ---that he had a "game" he wanted us to play with them to sort of break the ice. It was one of those board games where you roll the dice and move the little plastic people across the board and you land on spots and draw cards, you know, the cards that say "take a drink" or "exchange an article of clothing with someone else" and things like that. Well, we played the game with them for a little bit and I was getting bored, so when I drew a card and it said "Take off one article of clothing" I pulled my dress up over my head and sat down with only my shoes and panties on. I could have taken off one of the shoes, but what the hell, I was bored with the game. We continued to play and he kept staring at my tits as if he had never seen a pair before. Really shy he was. Well, on my next turn I landed on another space where I had to draw a card and it said "Do something outrageous" Well, for me, trying to figure out something to do outrageous was kind of hard, if you know what I mean, and it took me a while to think of all the things I could do. Finally I decided. I got up and peeled off my panties, got down on all fours so they could see my ass real good and I plopped a big ol' turd right there on the linoleum."

Immediately, Jim and I burst out in uncontrollable laughter and while we were laughing hysterically Bob returned with our drinks. He asked what we were laughing at, and when we told him he said that at least it was a hard stool and not soft. That made us laugh all the harder. We laughed so hard that our sides began to hurt. If hysterical laughter is good medicine then I'm very sure we were very healthy after that one.

After the laughter finally subsided Carla added "Yeah, but I guess I made a big mistake. When they saw what I had done the little wife barfed all over everything and then they left in a snit leaving the game and everything behind. They never even offered to help me clean up the two messes. If they had just joined us naked in the pool to begin with everything would have been all right. And we still have the game here somewhere. They never came back to pick it up." Of course that only renewed our spasms of laughter, and it was a good ten minutes before we could control ourselves again. During that time I had forgotten entirely that I was completely naked and was still sitting on the side of the Jacuzzi and not in it, and that Bob had brought us another round of drinks and had turned on the lighting.

"Which one of the houses is theirs?" I asked impulsively, ignoring the impulse to immediately enter the Jacuzzi before she "plopped" a turd again Even though it was now dark, the lighting from pool and the yard lights, although subdued, were sufficient for my purpose. Carla pointed to the one to our left and, still feeling giddy from the laughter and the drinks, I pointed my ass at the house, got down on all fours and spread my cheeks apart for them to see. I hoped that I managed to get across to her not only my "acceptance" of her actions but my willingness to be on the her level.

Just as an aside (I don't mean to interrupt my story) but I find Carla to be uneducated, uncouth, and totally without morals. She is not "immoral," rather "amoral," She does what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants. I also find her to be bone honest, a great friend, very trustworthy, and one of the most original people I have ever met. I love her as a sister and I would do anything for her. We have kept in close contact over the last year and a half and I called her last night (May 4, 2000) and asked for permission to include the story of her "plopping the turd.'" Without her permission I wouldn't have included it. Even though I have changed their names, "Bob' and "Carla" may be known to some of you. And if you are one of the lucky ones to know them, then you know that I didn't need permission to tell everything else. Sometimes I wish she could be more like me. Sometimes I wish I could be more like her. Now, you horny readers, back to the excitement.

After my mooning of "Tom's " house, as we still refer to it, Bob went to get us all another drink. While he was away I joined Jim and Carla in the Jacuzzi and we were in deep discussion when he returned with the second round of drinks. By now Jim and I had lost not only our clothes but our inhibitions as well. I felt comfortable sitting around in the nude with our new friends. Bob set the drinks on the deck and proceeded to step out of his trunks. As I looked as his circumcised cock it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't seen anyone's dick other than Jim's since we had been married. Bob smiled and said "Touche. I've seen yours and now you can see mine. Fortunately for me, yours looks better" I smiled at him. Flattery can get you almost anywhere with me. In truth, I thought, I had only seen four cocks in my whole fucking existence on this planet. Four, that is, unless you give extra credit to the cock I saw almost daily for seven months while I was in college. Unfortunately, it was attached to a man who I grew to detest, so I finally had to break up with it. I surmised that by now, more people had seen my pussy just this weekend than I had seen cocks in my whole life. Poor sheltered Liz.

As he entered the warm water he turned to Carla and said "I did tell you how she let me finger her pussy this afternoon, didn't I love?"

"Yes, you did," Carla responded, "and I think you also promised that they would let us take videotape of them fucking, too. You are going to fuck for us, aren't you?" she asked.

I blushed.

It was Jim's turn to speak this time before I could say a word, like it seemed I had been doing all weekend long. He spoke quietly and softy. I knew the words were hard for him to get out. "Yes," he said, "we made our minds to do it when Bob invited us and we're going go through with it. It's what we both want to do. It's been a fantasy of mine for a long time to have someone watch us and I would be less of a man if I backed down now when the opportunity is here. In Liz's case, she has grown to like showing off, and I suppose she's as ready as I am, maybe more so. But just so you know, neither one of us has ever been unfaithful and we're not going to "swing." I can't see myself fucking anyone but Liz, and I hope that she feels the same."

"Oh, boo hoo" said Carla, "Does that mean you don't want your tool in this beautiful tool box?'" she said, and she stood up and pulled her lips apart to show Jim as much pussy as she could manage. "But you are going to masturbate me to orgasm like you let Bob do to Liz, aren't you? Bob said you wouldn''t fuck, so now that it's agreed upon, let me tell you a little story. I've had more dicks in me than Bank of America has pennies. I got kicked out of college for fucking the entire basketball team, including the coach, all in one wonderful night. I was spread out in the locker room and they all stood around whacking on their meat while one after the other took turns fucking me in the mouth, in the cunt and in the asshole. There was more cum in me and dripping out of me and onto me than I had ever seen or tasted in one place at one time. I loved to fuck and I didn't give a shit who knew it. I was a nymphomaniac and I reveled in it. My father was so embarrassed for me that he kicked me out of the house and threatened to disown me. I don't know if he would ever have done it or not but the end result was that he died before the will was ever changed and I inherited it all! I fucked Bob the night I met him on a blind date that one of his friends had set up for us as a "joke," well, Bob never knew of my reputation at the time, so when I unzipped his pants and started sucking his dick right there in the restaurant before we had even ordered dinner I think he lost all control and he fell in love with me. We've been together for eleven years and we have done everything, repeat EVERYTHING, that you could ever imagine and a lot more that you can't. One more dick inserted into my body doesn't mean a thing to me."

"Then, about four years ago, we decided that with the AIDS epidemic and all we would stop 'fucking' around and we got married. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy fucking. I love it a LOT, but now I only do it with Bob. That's why your presence here is so important to us. When we took the vow of 'chastity' and stopped all the screwing we lost a lot of our "swinging" buddies So now, the biggest kick in our lives is having "group" sex with monogamous couples. You fuck, we fuck, we all fuck, but we fuck separately. So, do you have any other rules?"

I could see that Jim felt a little foolish having made this statement. As far as I was concerned, my heart was breaking for her. I empathized.

"Not now," he said quietly, "but you have to understand that we're a new to this. I understand where you have been, but you have to understand that we are only beginning to go in that direction. We will accept your past if you will respect our future. If things start making us uncomfortable, we'll let you know, and I hope that you will honor our decisions."

"OK" she replied, "but while we don't 'fuck' our guests we try to make it extremely easy for them to do everything else, so while Bob is cooking the steaks, why don't you come over here and play with my pussy and give me what Bob gave Liz." She hoisted herself up onto the deck and spread her legs apart inviting Jim's fingers to go to work. Jim looked at me, as if asking permission, and I smiled my consent. I was looking forward to vicariously reliving the events of the afternoon while watching Jim "finger" fuck her.

I stared with fascination as Jim reached over and began rubbing his wet palm up and down over her open mound. She lay back on the cement as he continued to massage and stimulate her willing pussy. As he continued a low guttural moan came from her lips "oh yes, oh yes, oh God yes!" "

As I watched my hand journeyed down to my crotch and I began playing with myself. Bob was watching us both. He was stroking his shaft as he saw his wife being manipulated by Jim and me masturbating myself under the water. It didn't appear that we would be having steaks anytime soon.

As Jim's fingers opened her up I saw that she had the largest hole I could ever had imagined. All those cocks she had let enter her over the years had certainly done their damage. As Jim's fingers moved in and out it was like watching a small train entering a large tunnel.

Gently but insistently he rubbed her pussy up and down, alternating between sticking his fingers deep inside her and bringing them out to play with her clit and pussy lips again. I scooted over to where Bob was and sat beside him. I was furiously fucking myself with one hand, but with the other I reached down and encircled his cock. I moved my hand up and down; jacking off his throbbing hardness, giving him a little of the pleasure that he had given me earlier. He smiled with pleasure and reached out to play with my erect nipples.

Watching Jim's hand dig itself in and out of Carla made me so horny that I knew I would be cumming soon if I didn't stop fingering myself, but it was so pleasurable that I couldn't help but continue. Suddenly a thought was born in my head, a thought grounded in what I considered perverseness, If I was going to experience first hand everything that there was to experience, what better time than now, when it felt natural and right and comfortable. I dropped Bob's cock and moved over toward Jim and Carla. I reached up to where Jim''s hand was and I slipped two of my fingers into Carla as well. I had never put my fingers into a pussy before, other than my own, but it seemed like I was being driven by a strange force that was tempting me. Slowly and with a sense of awe I pushed them deeper into her, feeling the walls of her vagina close themselves onto my fingers, as if urging me to push even deeper.

Giving in completely to the heat in my body I pumped her hard, thrusting back and forth, treating her much as I knew I myself would want to be treated. Deeply, with violent yet loving strokes, I fingered her hole, not caring at this point what Jim would say or think. Throwing caution away completely, being driven only by my insane desire to experience the sexual darkness that was within me, I withdrew my fingers, lowered my head and began licking her lips and tasting her womanhood. Carla was moaning loudly now. She was thrusting her hips up and down against my face as I used my tongue to lick her up and down

Knowing it was me and not Jim made no difference to Carla. She reached out, grabbed my hair, and pushed my head down, smashing my face against cunt, forcing me to probe even deeper into the wide open orifice with my tongue.

Jim stood and moved me sideways, opening me up from behind so he could shove his hard cock inside me. He thrust himself into me as I continued to lap away at Carla's nectar. Don't come yet, Jim, I thought, because I still want the thrill of you fucking me for the camera, but his dick felt so good inside me right then that I didn't really care.

All of a sudden I heard a short shriek and felt a wet gushing flow from Carla. She was cumming, and she was cumming on my face. I licked and licked and licked with a fever in my brain, all the while Jim's dick and balls banging away at me from behind. I couldn't help myself any longer and I surrendered to my old friend orgasm. She had come to find me yet again today and I trusted her to take over complete control of my body. Almost in unison, Carla and I separated, each of us giving in to the total pleasure of a thorough cumming. It was wonderful.

Looking at Jim for acceptance for what I had done, I noticed that his cock was still rock hard. He hadn't come. He would be up for our performance, and I closed my eyes and thought of the wonderful and dirty things we would soon be doing.

My heart was singing, "I am Woman, hear me Roar"

To Be Continued...


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