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Baby Steps Pt. VI
by Hedoliz

Bob finally got around to cooking the steaks. Carla, Jim and I relaxed in the Jacuzzi while dinner was being prepared and we discussed many things, but the main topic of conversation was of course our video taping. We told Carla not only about our willingness and excitement to let them take it, but also about how nervous and frightened we were at the prospect. With the exception of the trucker the day before, and of course Bob earlier in the day, Jim and I had never had anyone one watch us doing sexual things before, and we confessed our mixed feelings. The thought of Jim actually fucking me while someone watched was such a turn on, I thought, yet at the same time it also seemed perverted and depraved.

"Would it help any if Bob and I let you watch us fuck first?" Carla asked. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind. We love to have people watch us. Of course, were perverted and depraved, but what the hell. What's a little perversion and depravity among friends, right? Besides, we've already seen Jim bumping up against your backside while you ate my pussy, so you've already fucked for us once already. One more time isn't going to hurt."

Of course she was right, but somehow being fucked in the Jacuzzi was more or less unplanned, more spontaneous, more spur of the moment. We hadn't purposely planned it or even thought about before hand. It was more natural and normal than doing it with a camera lens focusing in on our genitalia, exposing not only our naked bodies but also exposing our reason for doing it in the first place. I remembered what Jim had said before about planned versus unplanned exhibitionism, and I thought that this is what he meant. It was the same difference as having someone "accidentally" see my bare pussy, like the valet at Caesar's Palace had, and wantonly pulling up my dress and announcing to him "Here, big boy, want to see my twat" It was the appearance that matter, not yjr substance.

"Whew, it's getting hot in here," I said, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to jump in the pool and cool off." The temperature in the Jacuzzi WAS getting a little too warm, but for at least a few minutes I wanted to cool off from the heat of the conversation as well. Thoughts were going through my head and I wanted to have a few solitary minutes to focus and to think.

I dove into the water from the side of the Jacuzzi and immediately felt its cool, refreshing embrace. I swam to the far end of the pool, away from the conversation, away from Jim and Carla, away from the smell of cooking steak, away from confusion. And hopefully away from my sudden lack of confidence and second thoughts. I stretched out on the pool steps, leaned my head back so my neck rested on the cement decking, closed my eyes and tried to imagine how it would feel having them watch us, having them tape us, having them have a close up view of Jim's rock hard cock fucking my spread open pussy, having them see him spurt his seed in me or on me, seeing me suck him.

My thoughts were exciting, but they were also scaring me. I knew that everything going through my mind was psychological. The fear, the excitement, the heat that was building in my body even in the cool water, was all caused by what was going on in my brain. I was torn between my wants. I wanted to be the normal, rational, typical wife and mother and I also wanted to be a slut, a whore, an animal. Was there a compromise that could be made? Was there a line somewhere that seperated the two? Where was the line if it existed? Was it a line that could be safely bridged? Was I surrending myself to the siren song and the seductive evil of Mr Hyde.?

I thought about what Carla had said. I had watched porno tapes that Jim had rented, but I had never really seen anyone fuck before. Not really. Tape is one thing and watching real people do it, in person, was something else. Perhaps I had gone too far in my promise. Now I was wavering. I felt like the girl in the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. I had worn it to the beach and now I was afraid to go in the water. If I went in the water would I ever come out?

But come out of the water I did, literally, not just figuratively. Bob announced that the steaks were ready, and I opened my eyes. I slowly stood, climbed out of the pool, and joined the three others. We were all naked and there was no shame or modesty. It felt good to be this free and innocent. We were only naked. No sexuality was involved. We ate our dinner, laughed, talked, enjoyed each others company just as if we were all fully dressed and this was a normal night with normal friends, only it felt better because we were not wearing disguises. It was so casual, so innocent and natural that it wasn't even sexually exciting. just pleasant.

I had even forgotten about our nudity and the purpose of our visit until Bob carried his empty plate to the cart near the alcove and said "OK, anybody want to fuck?'"

Jim looked at me and I looked back. I didn't know what he was thinking but I'm sure he was thinking about what I had told Carla in the Jacuzzi. The more I thought about it the more it made perfect sense. They had made it clear that they enjoyed being watched, I had never seen another couple "do it" in person, it would allow me the time to think the matter through, consult with Jim and make a final decision, it would turn me on, and most important of all, it would give me a better understanding of the mechanics for what we would do. If, of course, we followed through with it.

"Well, if you really don't mind I think I would like to see you go first" I said. I looked at Jim and Bob. "I've never seen another person actually having sex and, well, I want to do it but I think I'd feel a little foolish. I think that would make me a little more comfortable."

I could see Carla smile. I thought that maybe she wanted me to say that, and now I saw that I was right.

"All right," Carla said. "Do either you or Jim know how to operate a camcorder?"

We admitted that we didn't and Bob showed us how it was done. I didn't know there were so many techniques and tricks to making a tape. He explained about pans, and close ups and how to "stop the action" while the photographer cut to another angle, the various techniques for the obligatory "cum" shots, the various buttons and knobs and gadgets that came with the camera and before long he had bored us to tears and was making us everything less than horny. He stopped in mid sentence, looked at us in an annoyed way and said "OK, so fuck the camera. At least I know how to do it so YOU'LL get a good tape out of it. Just point the damn thing at us and you'll see just how hard it is to make a really GREAT tape. Carla, how do you want us to start? In the mouth, the cunt, or the ass?"

"Oh, the mouth, the mouth" quaked Carla, "Who wants to suck a dick after its been in an ass? Save the ass for last, please, And cum looks so great leaking out of the ass and dribbling down over the pussy" Carla was so crude, I thought, yet she was exciting and fun to be around. No matter what I might do, I was sure that Carla had been there and done that before so I was free to be as nasty and as wanton as I pretended I wanted to be. With Carla, everything was gung ho, permissable, acceptable and natural. Being with Carla was liberating.

Bob showed Jim how to turn the camera on and off, walked over to Carla, placed a hand on her breast, and said to Jim "OK, turn it on. Let's see who makes the best tape" I detected a little hostility in his voice, but I couldn't have cared less. I was more concerned in watching them "do it" I wanted to see his cock in her throat, her losing control and coming again, the pussy lips being spread open and fucked, her ass being stuffed and filled with seed. I felt it was perverted, but I wanted to see it all, experience it all. I rationalized that it would be educational, an example and standard that we should try to live up to when it was our turn, but in reality it was just one of my horny fantasies. The whole idea of the evening to me now seemed surreal, Was I being seduced into a nether world of lust and sin, or was this a "natural" outlet for sexual gratification.

After watching them fuck, and then fucking in front of them and the camera, would I feel dirty and degraded, or would I feel free of the puritanical sexual mores that had heretofore controlled my passions and my life? I didn't know and I couldn't tell but I knew that I had to find out. I had to experiment and find the right balance between my new found lusty nature and my core values and beliefs. I was confused, and perhaps tonight would define my future. Would I break the bounds and find new freedom? Would I return to sanity and lock myself back into the comfortable confines of normalcy? Would I continue to be as confused as I was now? I was only two fucks away, and I was dying to find out.

Bob was kneeling in front of Carla and licking and playing with her breasts. His mouth covered her nipples one by one, while his hand squeezed and flicked the other. Carla's eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her mouth open and her tongue sensuous licking her lips. Her legs were open waiting for him to drop his mouth down over her body. Her hands were gently stroking her clitoris and running themselves up and down the lips.

Jim was moving the camera closer to their bodies and panned down, away from Bob's nibbling lips to get a close up shot of her fingers as they worked away at her treaure box. She was rubbing herself deeply now, moaning, and mumbling obscenities. She was getting getting hot and Bob was receiving the message.

He lowered his head and began kissing her stomach. His hands were wrapped around her ass and his tongue was licking her belly button. He started to move his head lower, then stopped and stood. He took her by the hand and he walked her to the house. Jim followed with the camera and I followed Jim. The camera was pointed at Carlas ass, and Bob's hand playfully rubbed the crack as they walked.

Once inside, Bob led her to the sofa, fluffed up the pillow that was there, and laid her down. He spread her legs, forcing one leg onto the floor and the other on the back of the sofa with her knee pushed back as far towards her head as possible.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe that a hole could be that large. It was like looking into a cavern. I imagined myself spread open for the gynecologist and imagined that it would be what he saw, yet there were no instruments opening Carla up. Perverse as I was I wanted to get closer, examine her myself, see deep into her body, see what men usually see when they look up your spread open pussy. But there was really no comparison. Her hole would put any others to shame.

Looking at the camera and smiling, Bob inserted three fingers into her and began push them in and out. Carla was moving her hips and moaning. He spipped a fourth one in and continued his manual stimulayion of her sex organ. Whimpering was now coming out of Carlas mouth and he was pushing his hand, forcing it deeper and feeper and deeper.

Then Bob turned again toward the camera, smiled once more, and went back to his work. Oh My God! He was putting his whole HAND into her cunt! Not four fingers, not four fingers and the thumb. The whole HAND! All five digits were in her and she was writhing on the sofa, crying out in ecstasy. She was pumping her body is spasmotic jerks and was pushng his hand deeper and deeper.

I had heard vague rumors about "fisting" but I had dismissed them as lies, over active imaginations at work, male fantasies gone amuk, but here I was actually witnessing it happen. I would never have believe this moment in a million years. It was incredible!

Slowly, with Carlas help, he got it in all the way to wrist! His fist HAD to be bigger than a baseball. I tried to imagine stuffing a baseball in my cunt and I couldn't. And his fist HAD to be larger than that. Jim still held the camera but he was staring at the spectacle as much as I was. He wasn't looking through the eyepiece anymore and was probably "taping" the floor. The camera was still on but it was debatable as to where it was pointed.

With very slow motions, Bob slipped his his hand out of his wife's body, being careful, I assumed, not to tear her open or cause pain. His hand absolutely glistened with her wetness and he actaully looked proud that his wife's cunt was that huge. If mine were like that, I thought, Jim would probably die of shame. I thought that if mine were like that I would die of shame as well, provided I hadn't already died trying to get to that point.

What else were we to witness? I hoped that Carla wouldn't plop another turd, but I prepared myself for it anyway. From this point on, everything else would HAVE to be normal, wouldn't it?

It was exciting watching them perform for us. I wanted to see everything and they were more than willing to oblige. We watched them as they writhed around on the sofa and the floor for the next five or ten minutes. They did it in different position and Jim continued his taping, zooming in in on The only thing that was "strange" was that while they were in the 69 position they licked each others assholes, which I found a little unusual. True, Jim had licked mine a couple of times while we were in the midst of extreme passion, and I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but I had never licked his. Somehow I had imagined that we were the only ones that had ever done it. I was probably wrong.

After licking each other, Bob turned her over and stuck himself into her ass. She was standing, but bent over at the waist with her hand on the floor. Bob stood behind her and began pumping her while his hands on to her hips. It didn't take long. Five or six deep thrusts, Carla's mouthing of "Oh...fuck me...FUCK ME!... Ohhhh, FUCK!!!", then a grunt and a deep groan and I saw Bob's body quiver as he came inside her ass. Carla was in heaven!. She slid off his dripping cock and slumped down on the floor. Her body was shaking. It was obvious that she had experienced an orgasm. Jim kept the camera rolling, taping her loss of control, her ecstasy, her complete and total abandonment to sensual pleasurte

A few minutes elapsed before Carla quit quaking. She looked at the videocamera, smiled, turned on her side and spread her ass apart. Jim zoomed in on it. I don't know how she did it, but somehow she squeezed her sphinter muscles together, then relaxed them and began dribbling cum out of her ass. It coated her her hole and ran down into her cunt. She wiped it off with her fingers and lifted them to her mouth. She closed her eyes, as if in deep meditation, and suck the cum off.

I stood and stared. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Never in any of the videotapes Jim and I had watched together in the privacy of our bedroom had I seen anything even remotely this exciting. Because they were real people and not a pair of strangers being paid for a performance made a difference, obviously, but there was more to it than that. It was that Carla LOVED what she was doing. You could tell that she revelled in it, was proud of her ability to throw shame to the wind. She honsestly and truly didn't give a shit about anything except pleasure. She was a true hedonist.

And then the realization hit me. They were through. They had fucked and now it was our turn. There was no way I could ever achieve the sexual excesses of her performance since my body was not equipped for it but I wondered, could I match her in my willingness, my zeal, and my appetite? Please forgive me, I said silently to Whoever might be listening, but You made me what I am. You are the one who has given me these desires. You are the one who made Jim. You are the one who made Bob and Carla. Are they bad? Are they evil? Is nudity and sex and fucking and sucking and ass licking and showing off your body and enjoying yourself with the pleasures that You have given us sinful? If it is, then why did you make it so fun? Did You make the decisions as to what was right and wrong, or in a long ago time did someone else make those decisions for You. How are we, just puppets dancing on a string in this wonderful world of ours, to know what is truly right or truly wrong?

I looked at Jim. Jim looked back. Neither of us was smiling. I loved him and I knew he loved me. I knew that this had been his fantasy. I knew that it was now mine as well. Whether it was right or wrong was something we would have to figure out for ourselves. I knew Jim well enough to know that he probably was thinking the same thoughts that I was. He didn't ask, I didn't ask. we simply looked deep into each others eyes for a few moments before he reached out his hand, took mine and said

"Are you ready to fuck?"


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