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by Rassclaut

Five years after I married Nirmala, we were watching a video of a husband wanking as his wife was being fucked by a stranger. I told Nirmala this has always been a big turn on for me and I would love to see her been fucked by another man.

I regularly talked about this as we made love, and that I would like to try to fuck him at the same time. She wasn't keen at first but eventually said she would like to try it with someone she knew. She also wanted to feel what another cock felt like.

I am Indian slim 46 with average size cock. Nirmala 40 is very submissive, plump with big drooping tits, wide round arse, and solid thick thighs.

I love to fuck her especially from the back, watching my brown cock sliding into her cunt and her big buttocks wobbling. She enjoys posing for me naked outdoors. We take photos and videos together, my cock either in her mouth or cunt.

She rang up her ex boyfriend in Holland and talked with him. His name was Muni he was younger than us, living with his girlfriend. She arranged for him to visit her for a weekend in June he didn't know of my involvement. She picked him up from the airport on Friday afternoon dressed in a figure hugging pink saree. She told him I was home but not to worry.

I greeted and invited a nervous Muni in our lounge while Nirmala went upstairs. He was handsome with long hair and well-proportioned body. I had set up the video equipment to remember the occasion. I asked Muni if he liked Nirmala. He said he had known her for a long time, and had wanted to marry her. I was a lucky man to be fucking her. I showed Muni a photo album of Nirmala in various naked poses, and of us fucking. I could see he was excited from the bulge in his trousers. He told me about his girlfriend Ranjani, that she was like Nirmala, dark with a big arse and tits but couldn't have children. She enjoyed having her bottom smacked, and flashing her knickers in public.

Nirmala came in, in the shortest mini skirt that only just covered her big bum. She wore stockings, high heels, and a loose white blouse with no bra. Muni couldn't believe that timid modest Nirmala would dress like this. She turned round and bent over, showing us she wasn't wearing any panties. She sat down and kissed me I looked at Muni watching and invited him to join us. He gave Nirmala love bites on her neck and rubbed her tits. Nirmala turned towards Muni and kissed him.

His hand was on her thighs and slowly moved up to her wet cunt. He fingered her cunt with one finger then two and finally all four. Her head was back as we undid her blouse and sucked and kissed her nipples as she rubbed our cocks through our trousers. Muni made her stand, and removed her skirt. There was my lovely wife standing in front of a stranger in just stockings and suspenders. Muni knelt in front of her sucked and licked her cunt as she held onto his head and he held her bum. Muni undressed he had a firm slim smooth body, round bottom and a long thick cock. He was much bigger and heavier than me. Nirmala laid on the carpet as we sucked and kissed her tits, belly, legs and fanny. Whilst kissing her pussy together, Muni's lips touched mine he kissed me, I didn't know he was bi-sexual. He made us kneel in front of him. Nirmala rubbed his cock and sucked him, her cheeks bulging. I caressed his bottom and fondled his balls. She offered me Muni's cock to suck, I had never sucked a cock before, but Muni's penis looked inviting swollen thick with an angry brown knob. Nirmala held it as I nibbled the bulbous end before Muni forced it all the way down my throat. Nirmala held his balls and watched as her husband sucked her boyfriend's cock. Muni pumped my mouth pulling my hair while I held onto his arse. Nirmala stood up and kissed him.

He told Nirmala to kneel on the sofa, use her hands to spread her arse cheeks, and show off her anus and wet pussy. He knelt behind her and put his tongue inside her cunt and licked her anus. He asked me if he could fuck my wife, I told him I didn't mind. Nirmala told him to put on a condom but he said he didn't wear them. I helped him put on one of mine. Then I held his cock as he put the tip into my wife's cunt. I watched as it slowly disappeared into her vagina and belly. It was exciting watching another man take my wife in front of me. She looked into my eyes and said, "Thank you darling." He began banging her wobbling bottom hard, whilst holding onto her tits. He then put her on the floor lifting her legs over his shoulders, held her hands with one hand and taking off the condom with the other before plunging back inside her. Nirmala was begging him to put the condom back on as she had no protection. He told her he wanted her to have his baby. He said to me, "Look Vinod watch me fuck your wife." She looked at me helpless, but he was bigger than me and could do nothing as he ravaged her.

I put my cock in Nirmala's mouth as Muni kissed her and sucked my cock at the same time. I moved behind them kissed his bottom, squeezed his balls, and licked between their legs. He stopped pumping, clenching his arse cheeks together as he held my wife tight, and shot his load inside her. I watched as the white liquid seeped down her bottom onto the carpet.

She went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Muni told me he wouldn't mind fucking with me as he regularly fucked Ranjani anally, and would do it to Nirmala as well. He sat on my chest and stuffed his cock in my mouth. He fucked me like that, before turning round in a 69 position. Raising my legs he sucked my cock, whilst fingering my anus.

Nirmala was by the sink naked apart from her kitchen apron, her back and bottom completely exposed. Muni kneaded her breasts, as she stuck out her bum and held onto the sink. He rubbed his wet cock against her bottom and gently eased the head of his cock into her anus. She screamed but he held her tight, and slowly pushed the rest of his penis till his balls were touching her bottom. I got in front of her lifting one of her leg put my cock up her cunt. I could feel Muni's cock sliding in her arse. We fucked her long and slow.

After dinner Muni laid my wife on the table and smeared whipped cream on her nipples, face and cunt. I insert a banana all the way up her cunt and one in her mouth. Muni knelt on the floor and ate the banana from her pussy while I ate the one from mouth. She came into Muni's mouth.

We slept in our bed naked, Nirmala in the middle. They hugged and kissed each other Nirmala told Muni she loved him and had always wanted him to fuck her. I massaged her tits from the back and put my cock between her legs, along with Muni's.

I woke up and saw Nirmala on top of Muni. She was kissing him, and his hands were kneading her buttocks his cock deep in her belly. I felt Nirmala's hand on my cock, then Muni's finger up my anus, they then both kissed me. Nirmala told me to get ready as Muni wanted me. I returned from the bathroom kissed and licked Muni's nipples bum anus balls and penis. He kneaded and spanked my small bum hard, fingered my anus, bit my nipples, and licked my cock. I knelt on the bed as Nirmala opened my bottom put the KY ready for Muni to violate me. The tip hurt a little as he penetrated my bum, then he pushed it all the way up my arse. He fucked me slowly at first reaching round and pulling my cock. Nirmala asked me if I was enjoying it and was that what I wanted and that she was also excited watching us. She sucked my cock, then laid on her back as I put my cock inside her cunt. I kissed and fucked her as Muni fucked me. Muni said he wanted to feel my cock inside him. I got him to lie on the bedroom table, I raised his legs over my shoulder, then put my cock up his hole. I fucked him while Nirmala went and sat on his face.

I knelt in front of Muni sucking is cock he held my head against his crotch as he ejaculated in my mouth. I had to swallow his hot thick salty white sperm. He pulled out and some of the sperm dribbled down my face. He called me a fucking bastard as he pissed his golden shower over my face and hair, letting it run down my body. I enjoyed him fucking my wife and humiliating me in front of her. We had a shower and went back to sleep.

After breakfast on Saturday I washed and gave Nirmala a massaged. I gave my wife to Muni, I told him he could fuck her whenever he wanted, and for her to give him the baby that Ranjani could not. He picked her up by her bottom. She wrapped her legs around his waist and drove his cock up her cunt pumping his seed deep into her womb. Nirmala laid on the floor and Muni licked her cunt, I sucked his cock, whilst Nirmala sucked my cock.

Muni sat on the couch and Nirmala sat on his cock. I knelt in front of her and put my cock along with Muni's into my wife. Muni held her breasts as I kissed her we fucked her together. Then I laid on the bed Nirmala got on top of me biting my nipples. Muni again joined my cock fucking my wife from the back. We turned onto our sides to be more comfortable, we pumped her long and hard till we filled her cunt with two sets of spunk.

In the afternoon Muni picked me up and held me upside down, his cock against my face I gobbled his prick while holding his arse, as he sucked me. He made me and Nirmala kneel on the sofa in front of him. Our arses spread wide for him as he played and kissed our bottoms. I kissed my wife as he rammed his cock up her cunt, as he slapped my arse and fingered my bum. He withdrew his wet cock from my wife's pussy and fucked me.

Nirmala wasn't allowed to wear any clothes the whole week-end, and as the weather was warm we went in the garden. Muni kissed and touched her tits and bottom whenever he wanted. He told me to lie on my back on the grass and Nirmala to get in a 69 position and suck my cock. He then rammed his cock up her pussy I could see another mans cock in my wife's fanny only inches from my face. She lowered her hips on my face so her cunt and his cock were on my face, her juice and his sperm dripping into my mouth. They posed for me as I took photos of them in various fucking positions.

Early Sunday morning before we took him to the airport Muni was on top fucking Nirmala. I watched his arse as he fucked her. I got on top of them and put my penis up his anus. He shot his sperm up my wife, as I came inside him.

Nirmala wore just her coat with nothing underneath to the airport. They fondled each other in the back of the car. He gave Nirmala one last fucking in the carpark with her coat open up around her waist so anyone could see.

Back home Nirmala said she loved the weekend but was sore and wanted to do it again. She was a lucky wife to have two loving husbands. We would watch the video of our week-end before we ended up making love.

She regularly stays with Muni at his friends flat when she visits her family in Holland, she would call me when he was fucking her.

Nirmala became pregnant her belly big and round tits and arse full by her pregnancy. Muni continued poking her right up to her delivery from the back as she lay on her side.

This actually happened many years ago. Muni married another girl and has his own family now. We occasionally saw him on our visits to Holland, but the memory of that weekend could never be repeated.


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