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Born to Tease
by J

Inspired by MR

This was the kind of day that holidays were made for. It was warm and sunny with the lightest of breezes to keep me cool. I had been sunbathing in the back yard since early this morning and now it was getting on for four thirty. Soon I would have to go indoors and wait for the phone call from my parents asking if everything was ok. They were over at my Mommy's sister's place for a couple of days. I didn't mind looking after myself for this short time, in fact I was finding being alone very exciting. I still had about an hour before they rang so I went back to my sunbathing.

But just then I started to feel uncomfortable. You know that feeling you get when you feel that someone is staring at you? Well, I had it then. I opened my eyes to slits and had a peek around. Sure enough, right opposite me, our next door neighbours were peering at me over the garden fence. They were a strange couple. Two fat, old men. Brothers I think. I don't know exactly how old, but they looked about Grandpa's age and he's nearly sixty. Mommy had always told me not to speak to them, but I was beginning to feel funny knowing that they were looking at me in my bikini. Funny in a nice way that is. The bikini was bought for me last year, by Daddy. It's white, which contrasts nicely with my tan, and very skimpy with bottoms that tie in bows at the sides. The top just about covers my little titties. Daddy told me not to wear it unless he was around to protect me from boys who might want to look at me. He also thought that Mommy might disapprove, so I could only wear it when just Daddy was in the house. But today I was on my own and could do what I liked.

I knew why the two old men were looking at me and the more I thought about it the more I wanted them to keep looking. I pretended that I hadn't noticed them and began to rub some more oil along my long, slim legs. I glanced up to make sure they were still looking as I massaged my thighs. They were. About this time I noticed that my pussy was very wet, and sort of itchy in a nice kind of way, and it seemed that the only way to get any relief was to rub my legs together. I did this slowly at first, but it only made the itchiness worse. I thought if I could touch myself, it might make things better, so I rolled over onto my front and let my hand slip down my bikini bottoms. I began to rub myself, down there, hoping that the two old men couldn't see what I was doing. The more I rubbed, the nicer it felt. Eventually, my hand was moving so fast, and the feeling was so good, that I didn't care if they could see me. Suddenly, something happened. I began to shudder and funny feelings seemed to go from my pussy all the way down to my toes and up to my head. I didn't stop rubbing until those feelings had gone and I lay on the sun bed exhausted. I wasn't too sure what had happened to me, but I knew that I would like to have that feeling again.

As I lay there, recovering my breath, I wondered if other people could do that to me in the same way. I reckoned that my two neighbours would like to touch me all over. As I thought about this, I realised that time was moving on and that I'd better get inside for the phone call. As I stood up, one of the old men said hello to me and asked me to come over to the fence. I was a little shy but I went across anyway. He introduced himself as Bill and then pointed to his brother, Bob. Up close they looked even older than I thought, all wrinkly and saggy. Bill remarked on what a hot day it was and would I like to come into their house for a cold drink. I told them why I couldn't, but then I got another strange feeling in my pussy and found myself asking them to come to my house. They asked me to be sure that my folks wouldn't mind and I replied that they'd never know if we didn't tell them. I saw them exchange a glance and now I was praying that they would come. Bob nodded agreement and I said that I would just go inside and change. Bill said it was still a hot day and that I shouldn't change just for their sake. So I said ok and that I'd leave the front door open for them.

As I entered my house, my heart was pounding with the excitement of flaunting myself in front of these two old men. I rushed upstairs to my room. Daddy had bought me a pair of white high heels the other week, just out of the blue. He's nice like that. He asks me to wear them when Mommy's not around because he's afraid she might not like them. I put them on now and looked in the mirror. My white bikini and matching stilettos combined with my oily tan made me look like one of the girls in a magazine I found in daddy's drawer once. I went downstairs and into the living room. After a couple of minutes or so, when I was beginning to worry that Bill and Bob might not come, I heard them open the front door. When they saw me standing in front of the fireplace, they looked at each other and smiled. Bill had a bottle in his hand and asked me if I'd like a drink. I asked what it was and he said whisky. I told him that I might do after the phone call from my folks but that they could start now. I'd only ever had a drink once before. Mommy was out and Daddy told me to try some. I had a couple of glasses and passed out. The next day I woke up with my head feeling real bad. I was lucky though, because Daddy said I'd fallen partly down the stairs before he caught me and that's why my bottom was so sore. It must have been a bad fall though, because my little ass hole hurt for days afterwards.

Bill and Bob sat on the couch and I sat opposite them in an armchair. It felt very exciting just being in the house with two strangers and me wearing almost nothing. Just then the phone rang on the table next to me. It was Daddy. I told Bill and Bob not to speak in case Daddy heard them. I told Daddy that everything was alright and that I'd be a good girl. I hoped I wouldn't. When I put the phone down Bill asked me about that drink. I said I'd have a small one with ginger ale and ice. Bill's idea of a small drink was different to mine. I started to sip it slowly. Bill said the best way to drink it was down in one. He came over to me and tipped the end of the glass up as I drank, forcing me to swallow the lot. When I'd finished coughing, Bill had already refilled my glass and put it in my hand. 'Go on drink up. You're still a couple behind us' he said, whilst showing a yellow toothed grin. Again, he tipped the glass up at my lips. I drank as quickly as I could until the second tumbler was empty. By the time he arrived with the third I was feeling giddy and the room was starting to spin. This time Bill gave me the glass and sat down next to Bob on the couch.

I tried to examine them a bit more closely. Bill was the talkative one. In fact, I hadn't heard Bob speak at all yet. They were big men, both in height and weight. I'd guess about six foot and weighing 250 pounds. But the weight wasn't muscle, just fat. They both had a shock of white hair and Bob also had a moustache. Their wrinkly skin had those funny coloured spots on them that old folks get sometimes. Suddenly, Bill said that it wasn't very neighbourly of me sitting alone leaving two guests on the couch and that I should come and join them. Although I was feeling a bit drunk, I knew what they wanted me for and it made me very wet again. I stood up, unsteady on my high heels. Bill came over to me and I felt the first touch of his old hands as he held me around my waist. They felt cold, compared to my young, warm tender skin. As Bill guided me over to where Bob was sitting on the couch, I felt his hands move down my body and onto my hips. It was the first time I had been touched by an old man and I was beginning to feel really powerful, knowing I had something they wanted. Bill pushed me down next to Bob before taking his seat on my left side. I felt like I was the meat in a sandwich.

The two old men moved in close to me so that I could hardly move. I tried to sit up as tall as possible but they were still a good head and a half above me. Bill encouraged me to drink up and tipped the glass up to my lips again. As I gulped what was now more whisky than dry ginger, Bill remarked that I was a pretty girl and must have a lot of young men chasing me. 'Some' I replied shyly. 'Do they ever catch you?' he said. I could detect a tremor in his voice as he asked me this. 'Not yet' I said sweetly. 'Well, young lady, we've caught you now, haven't we?' And as he said this, Bill began to rub the back of his hand along my arm. 'I guess so', was my faint reply. I was wondering if this would act as a kind of green light for them to touch me even more. I must have given the right signal, because Bill moved his leathery old hand onto my left leg. It started close to my knee but he slowly let it drift up my tanned thigh. Encouraged by my lack of resistance, Bill suddenly suggested that I should lean forward so that Bob could undo my bikini top. I turned to look at Bill and bit my lower lip as if worried about what might happen. Inside, I was burning with desire to be used and abused by these decrepit old men. After feigning doubt for a couple of seconds, I slowly leaned forward. Bob moved his hands up to the strap of my bikini top and prised the clasp apart. I held it over my boobs with my hands, but Bill ordered me to throw the top to the floor. I hesitated too long and Bill just pulled it away from my grasp leaving me sitting topless between them.

I looked at both of them in turn. They had crazy looks in their eyes and they licked their lips like they were dogs looking at a piece of meat. Then they began to maul me. They took a breast each and began to tweak my nipples till they were sore. I begged them to be more gentle but this just seemed to have the opposite effect. Then their mouths were on my titties. I felt their old tongues rasping over my skin. But now, as the initial pain subsided, I was feeling funny again. As they bit and sucked on my nipples I pressed the back of their heads closer to my body. I was aching for them to touch me down below. Almost as if they had read my thoughts, Bill looked up at Bob and said; 'Lets get her bottoms off'. I looked down past my saliva covered, swollen red nipples to watch, almost in slow motion, their fat sausage fingers trying to undo the bows at the sides of my bikini bottoms. Almost at the same time, Bill and Bob managed to undo the bows and the front flopped down revealing my bare pink pussy. Bill told me to raise my hips so that he could pull them from under me. As he whipped them away he brought them up to his face. He mentioned to Bob that the gusset in the bikini was soaking wet. He looked at me and said that I must be wanting it real bad. I put a couple of fingers in my mouth and coyly raised my eyes to meet his and nodded.

Bill gestured to Bob and they both moved at once to kneel on the carpet at my feet. Bill told me to spread my legs. They took hold of my ankles and pulled me down so that my pussy was at the edge of the couch. Bob stayed back while Bill moved himself closer. I had that nice itch again and I hoped one of them would soon make it go away, like my own fingers had done that afternoon. 'We ain't had young pussy juice like this for a long time, girlie'. Bill started. 'we gonna take our time over you. Hope you ain't made no plans 'till mornin'. We gonna pop your cherry every which way tonight' . At last, Bill put his tongue out and touched my cunny lips for the first time. That touch alone made me cry out in ecstasy He moved it slowly at first, up and down on the outside and I begged him to put it inside me. Bill said he'd tease me a bit longer just like I'd been teasing them all that day. Bill forced my legs apart even wider and told Bob to come join him. Bob put his head to my love box and I looked down to watch them lap up my juices like two cats slurping over a saucer of milk. Then, without warning, Bill put his tongue right in me. I writhed uncontrollably and moaned out loud as he found the spot where my itch was. In less than a minute my body started to shudder the way it had earlier today. 'You sure taste good little lady' said Bill when he finished licking me. Then he nodded to the still silent Bob, who moved towards me with a fat finger pointing at my pussy hole. Slowly at first, he moved it over my cunny lips. Then he put the tip of it further in. My muscles began to tighten at this first intrusion into my body. Bill told me to relax and the pain would only be short. I tried to calm down and breathe slowly, but I didn't know what to expect. As Bob's finger moved further into my hole, I felt a sudden intense pain and then looked down to see Bill wiping up some of my blood with his handkerchief. 'You'll be alright now', he said 'soon you'll be beggin for us to fill that little hole of yours '. The two of them stood up and looked down at me. 'Get up, girlie' Bill ordered, 'Take us to your folks' bedroom. We gonna fuck you senseless'. I got to my feet and wobbled on my high heels. They each took a tight hold of one of my arms and marched me upstairs and into my parents' bedroom. I opened the door and was thrown onto the bed.

I lay flat out and looked at the two oldies as they undressed. First, they took off their shirts to reveal fat hairy bellies and saggy tanned skin. Then they undid their belts and stepped out of their trousers. Even though they were big and fat, their legs were surprisingly bony and skinny. Then they removed their socks and shoes and walked either side of the bed wearing only their shorts. I could see they had bulges and I knew that meant they were excited. When they were level with my head, Bill's hands moved to the waistband of his underwear. He started to pull them down. I could see a small damp patch where his bulge poked out. Soon I saw what had made it. As his shorts fell to the floor, I saw a man's penis close up for only the second time in my life. The first was Daddy's when he asked me if I wanted to see it last week. He seemed pleased when I said that I would very much like to see it. Daddy was going to let me touch it but then Mommy came home so I made him promise to show me it again at another time. Now Bill's was pointing right at my face. I turned my head to the right and saw that Bob's stiffy was also directed at me. Bill told me to lie down flat in the middle of the big bed. They came and knelt either side of my face. Bill ordered me to open my mouth so that he could put his thing into it. It was very big and I wondered if it would go in, so I parted my lips as wide as I could and turned my head towards him. Bill took hold of it in his right hand and pulled back the skin from the top. Underneath was a big purple bulbous knob. He put the tip of it in my mouth. I let my tongue touch the wet sticky stuff that covered it and it tasted salty but not horrible. Gradually, Bill slid more of it into me until I could feel the tip of it touching my throat. My mouth was open wide and I thought I'd choke but I soon got used to having something that big between my lips. Then Bill started to move it in and out of my mouth. He began slowly but soon started to speed up. I felt his flabby belly on my face each time he moved his hips forward. He started grunting with every stroke and I put my hands up to stop him going too far into me. But as I did so Bob took hold of my hands with one of his and used the other to hold my head firmly against the bed. I lay there helpless as Bill's thrusting into my moth became faster. Then he put both of his hands on my head to join the one of his brother's and I felt like it was in a vice. Then, just as I thought that the corners of my mouth would tear, Bill let out a loud groan and I felt his thing jerk against my tongue. He let it slide out and took a firm grip of it in his right hand and pointed it at me. He wheezed at me to keep my mouth wide open. Suddenly, his thing exploded and a load of white stuff came out at high pressure all over my face. It went over my nose, some went into my left eye and some shot into my long, black curly hair. But most of it went down my throat and Bill told me to swallow it all. Then I felt Bob mop up the drops around my eyes and nose with his index finger before sticking it between my lips. Bill crouched on the bed, breathless and turned to Bob and said 'Your turn'.

I looked around just as old Bob took hold of my high heels and used them to turn me around so that I lay spread-eagled before him. Silently, he took three pillows and placed each one in turn under my ass. My pussy was now about eighteen inches above the level of the bed and gaped invitingly open. Bob took hold of his penis with his right hand and positioned it at my itching hole. He rubbed the head of his stiffy against my cunny lips. The hairs on his chest and fat belly were wet with sweat and I realised that I, too, was covered in a film of perspiration. I put my hands up to rub Bob's flabby tummy. Its wetness made me feel even more excited and I begged him to put his thing in me. Slowly, I saw the head of his thing disappear into my pussy. At first, I grimaced in pain. Then as he put it all in and started to move it slowly in and out of me, I began to feel that itch of mine being nicely rubbed. Bob started to speed up his movement and I lost control of my body and writhed like a mad thing. Suddenly, Bob fell on top of me. I felt crushed as his fat old body completely covered me. But I didn't care just so long as he kept on pumping me. I put my arms as much around his waist as far they would go, but there was no way they would go all around. His skin felt like flaps of worn leather but the thought of what this dirty old man was doing to me really made me wet. I felt his speed increase and I knew this meant he was about to shoot his stuff into me. I turned my head and saw Bill crawling up the bed towards me. Then, Bill got his head between his brother's belly and me and started to kiss me. His fat lips slobbered all over my face and then he forced his tongue into my mouth. It delved everywhere and I kissed him back. Not to miss out on a good thing, Bob also bent his head down to my face and I lay there, trapped, as both old men struggled to get their tongues in my mouth. Within seconds of him starting to kiss me, Bob uttered the first sounds I had heard him make. He roared as his thing throbbed inside me and I felt his goo hit the walls of my womb.

Bob had only just rolled off me and I was starting to get my breath back when Bill took hold of me and turned me over so that I lay face down. He took a jar of petroleum jelly that Mommy keeps on her bedside table, and began to rub some around my asshole. Funny, I remembered Daddy had said he put some on me that time I'd fallen down the stairs and hurt my bottom. He told me it would stop the bruising, but now I realised what his real reason had been. Next time I see Daddy, I thought to myself, I'll have to tell him he doesn't need to get me drunk if he wants to do things to me. Bill's voice ordering me to stick my ass up in the air brought me back round to the present. I felt his great purple knob press against my tight little ass hole, and then it was in me. I cried out as his full meat went in me and Bill shouted: 'You're gonna like this, you prick teasin little slut'. He took hold of my slim hips with his big spade hands, and started to pump me. I felt his heavy balls slap against my cheeks at each forward thrust. I looked at my long black hair and was surprised to see that it was as wet with sweat it gets when you wash it. Bill's long dirty nails dug into my hips my hips as his speed increased. Bob was using his right hand to make his thing big again. As it grew in size, he started to pull the skin along the shaft quickly backwards and forwards. His old face was distorted and the corners of his mouth turned down as he looked at me while playing with himself. Almost in unison, the two old men started to groan. As if time was running out, Bill pulled his thing out of my ass hole and turned me over onto my back. Both of them moved quickly towards me with their hard penises in hand, pulling at them feverishly. I lay back as their old, fat bodies moved up to my head and they pointed their things at my face. Like everything else they do, they exploded together all over my mouth. Bill spread it all over my face and then told me to lick his hands dry. We all lay down exhausted on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Before Bill and Bob left me at seven the next morning, they did it to me twice each again. I promised that I'd come round to see them some time, but I don't know what Daddy would say to that. After all, I am his little girl....


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