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My Brilliant Idea Part II
by Stiff

I nearly fell out of my chair when Lisa suggested we go to the adult theatre this coming Friday night. I did a double take and asked if she was sure? "After what had happened last time", I said.

"Well, maybe you're right," she said. I mentally kicked myself for saying anything so fucking stupid. I quickly added "I am sure that kind of stuff does not happen all the time, and I did enjoy the movie, and we can be more careful," I stopped myself cause I was starting to sound too excited. Inside I was wildly excited.

I could not wait to tell Frank. He had been all over me since the last time to try and get her to go again. We had talked about our last escapade until we were blue in the face. Frank told me that Lisa had actually sucked on his cock after he had cum in her mouth so he knew she liked it. "Besides," he added, "she swallowed my whole load." And he went on and on about how wet her pussy had been. He said he wanted to try and pop her in the ass. All of this talk had always gotten me horny as hell to try and arrange another visit to the X rated theatre, but I could never figure how to broach the subject. I mean I was supposed to have been scared at what was happening to my lovely wife. Here she was being ravished by some unknown big black guy and I was too scared to tell him to take his cock out of my wife. And then to top all that off, he had made her take his full load of cum in her mouth after he had fucked her right there in the theatre. Then after all that, I would be asking her to go to the theatre again? I don't think so. So when she suggested it. I nearly came in my pants.

That night I hardly slept at all. I decided to get Frank involved again. I thought if he wore a watchcap or something she would not recognize him. Besides, it was dark in the theatre. I could not wait to tell Frank so we could figure out how to do it this time.

The next day I thought Frank would go crazy when I told him what Lisa had said. He went on and on and on. We decided to try it about the same way and we adjusted our times so we could meet at the theatre again. This time, Frank would stay out of sight until we were seated. I had forgotten that Lisa had seen Frank in the lobby the last time. That had only been a little over a month ago, so she may recognize him if she saw him again. We did not want to take any chances. The big difference is that unlike last time I had to convince Frank that I would make sure she did not scream out or call the authorities. This time, he had more confidence and knew it would all work the way it was supposed to. The last time, he had been scared to death the cops would come knocking at his door.

Friday morning at work, Frank was beside himself. He said he had lined up his cousin Jerry to help. I was instantly pissed. "You told your cousin about this" I asked incredulously? "He's cool man, he's cool". "He won't say nothing, I swear" Frank added. My anger quickly faded as I began to think about Lisa having two black guys go at her. I only hoped we could pull it off. Neither of us wanted to ruin a good thing. "Jerry is taller than I am, and he has a bigger cock than I do and I told him how hot Lisa was a long time ago," Frank said. "He has been bugging me to get him in on this deal too, but I promise, he is cool" he said. So the deal was set. that night they would be at the theatre and Jerry would come in first. I had never met Jerry, so I was curious about him, and also about how big his cock was.

I got off work and went home to pick up Lisa. She had told me she was going to dress more conservatively so she did not attract so much attention. As I have said before, she is a babe. She works out all the time, and has a hot body. Her breasts are just right for me. Not too big, and not too small. Her finest features, I think, are her nipples. When they get hard, they are like an upside down ice cream cone, the pointy type. I have hung my car keys on them before. On the rare occasions I get her to go braless you can see them under anything. I mean they really stick out. She is about 5'5" tall, and only weighs about 130 or so. She is definitely a hard body.

I walked in, fixed her a stout drink, and yelled to her I was jumping in the shower and would be down shortly, and told her there was a drink for her on the bar downstairs. When I came downstairs I nearly freaked at the outfit she had on. If this was what she considered conservative, then I was curious to see what she thought radical was. Being careful not to blow it by saying the wrong thing about her attire, I told her she looked great, and dropped it at that. She had on a black pleated type mini skirt and no nylons. I did not want to push it too far by seeing if she had panties on, so I did not pursue that. She had a scoop necked cream colored blouse on that was semi transparant and best of all, "No bra"! When she passed in front of certain areas, I could see the outline of her breasts. I could definitely see her nipples sticking out. Her blouse draped off the nipples nicely and really made her look like a million dollars. I grabbed my booze flask to keep her buzzed and fought off the desire to fuck her right there on the living room floor.

We had a light dinner and headed to the theatre. When we walked in I saw no one. As we passed through the lobby I had expected to see a tall black guy somewhere and I figured that would be Jerry. I picked up a couple of sodas and we went in to find a secluded area to sit. There were probably about 20 or so heads visible in the seats and I wondered if they were the same people as last time. Lisa led the way and as we were heading toward the rear of the theatre I suddenly ran into her fine ass. She had stopped cold in her tracks and I looked past her to see a guy jacking off to the show. He obviously did not care who saw him because he was really pumping his cock. Lisa stood motionless and stared. If the scene showing turned light, it illuminated things really well. I nudged Lisa and it was like I was pushing a statue. She was obviously not going anywhere. The scene playing was of two guys fucking a hot looking blonde. This guy was into it in a big way. Pretty soon his body tensed and he arched out of his seat and shot a geyser of cum a foot in the air. Straight up and back on him. I stifled a laugh and pushed Lisa again. "Move it babe, the shows over," I said. She turned and elbowed me and moved toward our seats.

"Did you see that", she asked wildly as we sat down? "Yes, I saw it," I replied. "Damn, I don't think I have ever seen anything like that in real life," she said. "If you had a camera in your cunt you would see it everytime I jump your bones baby," I said. She elbowed me again and chuckled. Just then, a tall black guy stepped into our aisle and said "excuse me". I scootched up in my seat and he moved past me then past Lisa and sat right next to her. It was all I could do to keep from chuckling. "Good ole Frank," I thought. "Oh no, not again," Lisa whispered to me. "Just stay calm babe, this is a different guy, I am sure everything will be cool." "Lets move to a different seat" Lisa urged. "We can't do that," I replied, what would that look like. "Hell, we would give the guy a complex," I whispered. "He is not the same guy, so just sit there and behave yourself," I said. That got me another elbow in the ribs. "If he pulls it out, just jack him off and he will leave," I whispered to Lisa. That got me another elbow in the ribs.

We sat there for some time and I found myself wondering if this was in fact, Jerry. I would glance over and he was just watching the movie. He did have his coat on his lap, and Lisa had urged me to move one other time because she was certain he had his cock out and it was under his coat. I looked and could see no signs that he did have it out. I finally convinced her to calm down. I could see she was looking out of the corner of her eye at him regularly. I glanced around looking for and could not see him anywhere. "Fuck, I suppose this guy is not Jerry and I bet Frank went to the wrong theatre," I thought to myself.

I leaned over and whispered to Lisa that I had to use the can and found her clutching my arm whispering in an urgent voice that I was not going anywhere without her. "I will be right back and besides, that guy is not doing anything, you will be fine" I whispered back. "You get your ass right back," she said as she gave me another shot in the ribs with her elbow. As I stood and moved down our aisle to go to the lobby I spotted Frank. He had come in and had sit directly behind us. "Hmmm," I found myself wondering if Frank had any Indian in him as I headed up the aisle to the lobby. I waited in the lobby expecting Frank would join me. After a while when he did not come out, I crept back in myself. I decided two could play the stealthy scene and I snuck in and sat next to Frank. He was leaning forward and pointed to Lisa and the tall black guy I now assumed was in fact Jerry.

I leaned forward. Fortunately it was a light scene in the movie and I could see Jerry had his cock out and I was shocked to see Lisa was pumping it for all she was worth. "Fuck me," I thought. I was only in the lobby for 5 minutes at the most. That Jerry is a fast mover I thought to myself. I leaned farther forward as I saw Lisa moving like she was struggling somewhat, and I saw Jerry had his hand under her skirt. She was trying to push his hand away, but she was not having too much luck. All the while she was struggling with his hand, she was jacking him off in ernest. Suddenly she tensed and sat back in her seat. All the while she had her eyes glued to the movie. It struck me that it was as if she watched the movie and did not look at him everything would be ok. She lurched in her seat again and I peered forward a bit farther. I could tell Jerry had struck paydirt. I could hear Lisa's juicy cunt smacking as he pistoned his finger or fingers in and out of her. With his other hand, he reached over and pushed Lisa's blouse up exposing her lovely tits. Her nipples were rock hard. He was mauling her breasts and finger fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I looked and she was pumping his cock like a pro. Frank was right. Jerry was hung. He had a good 9 inches or so getting pumped by Lisa, and it was as big around as my wrist.

Suddenly, Jerry reached up with the hand he had buried in Lisa's cunt and clutched the back of her head. I noticed his fingers were dripping with her juices. Fuck that was hot I thought to myself. She kept jacking him off until she felt him clutching her hair and he began to push her head down toward his cock. She immediately stopped jacking him off and started pushing against his legs to keep him from pushing her face to his cock. Jerry had pushed his pants down past his knees and he reached his cock with the hand he had been squeezing Lisa's tits with and he began jacking himself off. With his other hand, he kept the pressure at the back of her head and he was winning. I could see she was fighting him for all she was worth, but she was not winning. Jerry started lifting his ass out of his seat and thrusting his cock toward Lisa's mouth. His hand was a blur on his cock and I saw his cock poke Lisa in the nose and bounce off and then it hit her in her eye and her forehead and finally it impacted her lips. Jerry was pushing his cock to Lisa's pursed lips and he was jacking himself for all he was worth. I glanced and noticed Frank had his cock out and was jacking off too. After getting Jerry's cock slammed against her lips repeatedly, it was as if she gave up and finally opened her mouth. When she did that, it was wild. Jerry held the tip inside her mouth and continued to jack himself. Then suddenly he started jerking forward. Each time he jerked forward, more of his cock went in Lisa's mouth. finally he stopped jacking his cock and clutched the back of Lisa's head with both hands. He pushed and I know his whole cock went into her mouth and his balls bounced off her chin. He held her head firmly as he bucked against her face. He would draw his cock back only a little then jam it back in. Lisa's nose was pressed flat against Jerry's abdomen. I could hear Lisa gulping and she never really stopped struggling then entire time. Jerry was pumping her mouth full of his hot cum. Every so often, Jerry would tense and jam his cock forward, and then Lisa would make gulping noises. "Damn, is this guy ever gonna stop cumming," I wondered. Finally his hands relaxed and he slumped back into his seat. Lisa was practically on the floor by this time. Her skirt had ridden up completely and I realized her naked ass was completely exposed as she laid half over the armrest and half on Jerry's lap.

I finally realized she had not worn panties that night. Or if she had, Jerry had them as souvenirs. I got up and slipped back out toward the lobby. As I left, I nearly tripped over my cock looking at my lovely wife bare ass naked slumped over a black guy whose cock was now limp and laying beside her face. I nervously paced a few minutes in the lobby. Jerry came out and I caught him as he was headed toward the door. "Wow," he said. "She was everything Frank said she was and more," he exclaimed! I told him I would be in touch later on and wanted to hear all the details, then made my way back in to where Lisa was seated.

When I moved in beside her, I quickly told her I had run into a guy I worked with in the lobby and apoligized for not getting right back. I was rewarded with an elbow to the ribs. I was surprised to see Frank seated where Jerry had been. I whispered, "Is it my imagination or did that guy gain about 100lbs". "That guy left," Lisa said. I waited for her to say more, but she said nothing. "Well, did anything happen that I missed," I questioned her. She began trying to tell me about the movie, and I interrupted her. "No, no, I mean with the tall skinny black guy"? "Oh" she whispered, "Yes, I told you he had his cock out." "The minute you left, he jacked off then left," she said. I was shocked. My dear wife was not going to tell me she had sucked him dry, or had been forced to suck him dry. "That guy sitting there now looks like the guy from last month," I whispered to her. "I'm not sure," she responded, but I think it may be she whispered. "What makes you think its him," I asked her. "Look," she nodded toward her lap. Finally a light scene came on and I looked down. He had his hand under her skirt and I could see he was obviously finger fucking her. "Holy shit" I whispered in my best nervous sounding voice. "What can we do?" Lisa whispered back that she was going to try and get him off so we could finally be alone and enjoy what was left of the movie. "I don't know what else to do," she added. I glanced over and saw her reach over to his coat that had been over his lap. She pushed his coat off and grabbed his cock. She began pumping it. "Now is my chance" I thought to myself. I reasoned that with all that had gone on, even if she was not going to tell me about it, I would be justified in having her jack me off at the same time. And besides, I thought to myself, although I detected some fear in her voice, she seemed more calm. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and grabbed her other hand. She was surprised and elbowed me in the ribs. "What the fuck are you doing" she whispered. "I need a release too" I implored her to jack me off too.

There sat Lisa with Frank by this time, squeezing her tits and fingering her nipples and her jacking one black cock and one white one off in an X rated theatre. Suddenly, Frank reached over and with his tremendous strength plucked Lisa out of her seat. The next thing I knew, she was sitting on his lap and getting bounced up and down. I could hear her juicy cunt smacking everytime he bounced his cock into her. I stood up (since we were in a back row and there was no one behind us) and pulled her head toward my cock. She barely got it in her mouth when I started cumming. It felt like I pumped a quart into her mouth and she swallowed it all. This really amazed me. She had always said she would never swallow that stuff, and she never had. At least until Frank's cum about a month ago. I drained my cock into her mouth and slumped back in my seat. Then Frank did the same thing he had done the last time. He plucked her off his cock and turned her around and pushing on her shoulders he grabbed his cock with one hand and shoved it toward Lisa's mouth. She did not seem too keen on this and he had to do some quick moving. He finally lined it up and shoved it in her mouth. He reached down with one hand, while he held her head in place with the other and pumped on his cock a couple of times. His body started to jerk and tense and I knew he was shooting his load in Lisa's mouth too. She kept trying to pull away and he clutched her head to his crotch and pumped it into her mouth. I could again hear her gulping. Finally he released his grip and slumped back in his seat. A short while later her got up and muttered "thanks baby" as he moved in front of her and left.

I found out later why Lisa had fought so hard not to take Franks cock in her mouth. He told me she was so wet and juicy that he was able to fuck her in her ass. "Another first", I thought. She had never let me do that to her. Anyway, I guess she did not like the idea of his cock going into her mouth right after he had been ass fucking her.

We left a short while later and in the car on the way home, I was half expecting her to tell me she had blown the first black guy too. She still has not told me that, and I guess it does not make much difference. I told her on the way home that all she had to do was say the word, and I would have beat the shit out of that black bastard. But I told her, I realize its hard to talk with your mouth full. That got me another elbow in the ribs.

Time will tell if we are able to try this again. I am keeping my fingers crossed. So are Frank and Jerry.
Another quality story by Stiff.
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