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Beyond the Video Arcade:
The Next Encounter

by The Hare

Sara and I decided that our first encounter with another man went pretty well. So, we decided to try again. She left it totally up to me, with the provision, that if she didn't care for the person she could call it off. I thought that was a reasonable position and started keeping my eyes open for an opportunity.

Sara and I were to get together on Saturday night a week or so after the Video Arcade encounter. I asked her if she wanted to "play." Her answer, "of course." I had been chatting with a guy online that lived about an hour from her. He seemed like a pretty good guy. He was divorced, but had custody of his two teenage daughters. Between raising them and his work, he didn't have a lot of time to go out looking for women.

So, his sex life had been somewhat sparse for the past several years. I contacted him and asked if he was up for playing a little that night. He jumped at the chance. I made arrangements to meet him after I picked up Sara. We were to have a drink or two and see if the chemistry was there. For once, I was on time and we met him as planned.

After a couple of drinks, Sara looked at me and smiled that little wicked grin of hers. I took that to mean she was OK with Max. I suggested we head across the highway where I would get a room in the hotel. On the way over we drove in separate cars and I asked Sara, just to be sure I understood, if she was OK with going to the hotel and entertaining Max and me. She answered by reaching over and taking my hand and putting it between her legs. She was soaking wet already. No question about what was in her lustful little mind. Of course, that is one of the things I like about Sara, she can be a very loving person and we get along great, but she has a streak of decadence in her that appeals to my lascivious nature.

I went into the hotel and got a room with a hot tub. We drove around the back and went up to the room together. I sat in one chair, Sara in another, and Max sat on the bed while we talked and got to know each other a little better. I went over and started filling the hot tub. Then I turned, went to Sara and took her by the hand, brought her to her feet, lifted her arms, and slowly removed the pullover sweater she was wearing. She wasn't wearing a bra and her perky little breasts popped into view and her nipples were already swelling to their familiar "strawberry" proportions.

I suggested to Max that he should finish undressing her and join me in the hot tub. With that, I undressed and got into the tub. I turned so I could watch the two of them. He was mesmerized with the softness, smoothness, and whiteness of her skin. He kept commenting about how nice she was to touch and look at while he unzipped her skirt and let it drop. Then they kissed and I felt the stirrings of excitement deep in my belly. Sara is, in my opinion, an extraordinary kisser and I could just imagine what Max was feeling as Sara revealed her passion through her kisses. Sara then stood back and undid Max's belt and opened his pants. She reached in and pulled out his already stiffened cock. After a few more minutes of "play," they finished undressing and joined me in the hot tub.

Max had revealed in our "getting acquainted talk" that he loved women's feet. Sara sat on the same side of the tub with me and put her feet out for Max to do his best to show her he loved her feet as much as the rest of her body. I had been in the tub for quite sometime and was beginning to feel like a prune. I got out, toweled off, and got myself something cold to drink while I put on a new CD.

When I came back to the tub, Sara had switched around and was now laying on top of Max. She had one hand behind her back and I assumed she was fondling him. He had one arm over her shoulder and was playing with her left nipple. With the other arm he had reached around her and he was dipping his finger in and out of her with a little more than just a casual motion. Then they too, decided to get out of the tub. Max proceeded to towel Sara off paying special attention to her neediest parts. At one point she put her foot up on the side of the tub and Max began to taste the sweetness of her very wet pussy. She threw her head back and I could see she was enjoying the attention he was giving her. He drew back and mentioned how wet she was and how good she tasted. I said, "Yep, that's my Sara!"

I got the two of them something cold to drink and we all moved to the bed. It wasn't long before our drinks were finished and we were trying to quench another thirst. The thirst for raw, hot, sex. We were going for that feeling of ecstasy that one reaches when letting one's body experience all the physical sensations. You should understand, that the mind also plays a role in these heightened sexual feelings. Living the moment of forbidden sex, the moment of touching, and being touched by a stranger, all play a role in the ecstasy. We were to reach that point this night!

Max and I each took one of Sara's breasts and began kneading and rubbing the palms of our hands over them. Her nipples were at full attention and felt really good against my hand. I just assumed Max was getting the same feeling as I. I tugged and pulled at her nipples, twisting them just a little. Sara relished the different sensations I, or I should say we, were imparting to her body and mind. I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth and nibbled and sucked at it nearly taking her whole breast into my mouth. Max, on the other hand, slid down her belly and immediately started licking her sweet wet cunt. I noticed what he was doing and I looked at Sara's face. She was looking right at me and mouthed the words, "kiss me." I started to kiss her and was overwhelmed with her passionate return of my kiss. She pulled my head down tightly to her and she drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She was moaning way down in her throat. I could tell she was enjoying what Max was doing to her.

The next thing I knew, I could feel her legs against my back as I was lying diagonally across her torso. Max had lifted her legs and was driving his cock in her. No formalities, just good hot fucking. Sara was now grunting with each of Max's thrusts. "Oh baby, FUCK me," she cried out. "Fuck me hard, harder," she implored of Max. "My body was made to fuck," she continued. And, with that she had a tremendously intense orgasm and her voice trailed off from a very loud, "Fuck me," to a choked and hardly intelligible, "Fuuuuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeee."

I decided to sit up and just watch for awhile. Then I got the camera and took some really good pictures of Max driving his cock into Sara. She was having one orgasm right after another. Sara is very vocal and she let's a person know she is enjoying herself.

She likes talking "dirty" during sex and she kept up an ongoing litany that spurred Max on. "C'mon baby, fuck me, use my pussy, harder, harder." Soon, she had Max grunting and groaning. Then, with an exceptionally hard thrust he yelled, I'm cuuummmmmming," as he let loose a large load of white hot jism into Sara's belly. She met him with an arched back and cooed, "Oh yeah, baby, give me that cum, yeeeaaah."

With that both Max and Sara slumped down a bit and tried to catch their breaths. In a few moments Max pulled out. He must have shot a quart of hot juice into her because it immediately started flowing out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. She reached down with one hand and pressed her fingers into her totally soaked pussy and brought them to her mouth and licked them clean. Then she told Max to come up to her and she would clean his cock for him. He slid up her body and straddled her while she took his now semi-hard cock into her mouth and nosily licked and sucked the juices from it. In the meantime, I was taking some great pics of her beautiful pussy framing that white cum flowing out of her. It looked like a distant shot of one of those big waterfalls one sees in the African travel documentaries. A white torrent streaming down and forming a puddle there on the bed beneath her ass. What a sight!

The two of them were exhausted from the intensity of their exertion and orgasms. I was just worn out from watching. It took a tremendous toll on my psyche seeing her fucked so hard and, obviously, so well. The last few minutes had sapped my energy just as if it had been me pounding into Sara. We decided to take a break and again, I poured some cold drinks. Sara went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up some, came back out, spread a towel on the chair, and sat down. She told Max that she had really enjoyed herself, but for him not to think it was over because she was a selfish little bitch and she wanted more, lots more.

We sat and talked awhile, then, I have no idea what came over me, but I went over and laid down on the bed and asked Sara to come over to me. I motioned for her to straddle my chest, a position we have taken many times, so I could eat her pussy. She looked at me and said I didn't have to do this. But, it was like a strange compulsion, some force that was driving me to taste her and what was left of Max in her. She settled down over me and I began to lick and suck on her very tenderly. It wasn't lust, it was loving, more so than I think at any other time in our relationship.

Soon Max joined us standing on the bed. He stood there next to Sara stroking his cock. She reached over and took him in her hand and began stroking him slowly. Then she pulled him over and again, took his cock in her mouth. I could tells she was turned on because she was fucking my tongue eagerly and because she was making little noises that reminded me of a cat purring. She had an orgasm, not real intense, but real. I slid out from under her and let the two of them continue. Soon, Max had told her to get on all fours. He stepped down from the bed to the floor and entered her from behind. Oh, I left a little part out of the story.

I always travel and meet Sara with our "toy bag." We have a wide variety of toys that Sara enjoys and I enjoy using with her. We have a standard hard plastic vibrator, a couple of larger soft vibrators, a double penetration vibrator, nipple clamps (one of Sara's favorites, by the way), a huge pink latex dildo that is probably three to four inches in diameter. It weighs a ton, In fact, it was double headed, but it weighted so much we cut it in half to make it easier to use. There were other useful items too. I had purchased a leather tit halter for a previous lover.

There is something about the sight of a woman in a tit halter that really turns me on. Sara looks good in it, but she thinks her breasts are too small. That is one thing we disagree on, her tits are just right for my tastes (and yes, pun intended). There was nylon rope, a leather riding crop, and an 18" cat-o-nine flogger. When Sara had first straddled me on the bed, and before Max joined us, he rummaged through the bag and took out the flogger. He seemed particularly interested in it. Though, of course I didn't know that at the time as my face was between Sara's legs and buried in her pussy.

Well, when Max entered Sara from behind and started screwing her doggy style, he took the flogger and slapped Sara's ass with it. Then again, and again. He was pleased with her response as she started her familiar chant of, "Fuck me harder," with each stroke of his cock and each stroke of the flogger. Soon she reached down and started playing with her clit. Things got more intense and Max continued banging into her pussy and slapping her with the flogger. Each time he smacked her with the flogger it was a little harder. Soon he was smacking her with more force then I had ever dared use. Sara was getting into it more and more. Finally, she told Max to fuck her in the ass.

He pulled out, took his fingers and wetted them with the juices from her snatch, and lubricated her with them. Then, again, unceremoniously, he pushed his hard cock into her ass. Sara cried out with a sound that was both pain and pleasure. He continued to stroke her hard with the flogger. Once, twice, three times, then four. Sara cried out, "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum." She furiously worked on her clit with her own fingers. Max really laid into her with the flogger, pushed his cock deep into her bowels, and, by his moaning, I could tell he was shooting his second load of the night into Sara. Once she felt the white hot cum bathing her insides she let loose with one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen her have.

And, just a suddenly as it had begun, it ended. The two of them collapsed onto the bed, Max on top of Sara. Then he rolled off to one side. It took several minutes for them to regain their composure. Sara nuzzled up to Max and kissed him on his neck and face. She ran her hands down his chest and she said, Thank you!"

It was getting late. Max had an hour drive to get home, and as I said in the beginning, he was raising his two teenage daughters. He said he really needed to get going and excused himself and went to the bathroom. He was in there a few minutes cleaning up. In the meantime, Sara came over to where I was sitting in the chair and sat down on my lap and kissed me tenderly. Then she looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you!" I could tell she was very happy. She had been sexually fulfilled, decadent, selfish, and pleasantly exhausted in just a couple of hours. She also had been filled with cum, and I noticed when she got up that she left a generous portion of that cum on my leg.

Max emerged from the bathroom, clothed, and took his leave. Sara walked him to the door and they conversed softly for a few minutes, then she kissed him and he opened the door and left. Up to now, it had been some exciting night.

Sara and I laid down on the bed and cuddled. I asked her how she was and she responded by kissing me tenderly again. She pulled me close to her and her wonderfully warm body seemed to envelope mine. We kissed and whispered sweet nothings back and forth and drifted off to sleep. It was about 3:00 a.m.

I awoke about 6:00 a.m., to Sara playing with my cock. She was stroking it slowly and kissing and licking it. Soon she had me hard. She engulfed the entire length in her mouth and I could feel the tip of my cock slide into her throat. The she got over me and lowered herself onto my pulsating shaft and let it slide into her deliciously, slow y. Thereupon, she proceeded to do me with a slow rhythm while she ran her hands over my chest. She told me she had a wonderful time, and that she loved me very much. I started to say that I loved her too, but she shushed me with her finger and said, "Just enjoy." She took a very long time working on me with the muscles in her vagina until I had a super intense orgasm of my own. We then curled up and slept a couple more hours.

On the way home, we talked and I said I wonder aloud if we could top this experience? She just grinned at me and said, "Oh I think we can! I can't wait until I taste my first woman."

I just smiled and said nothing the rest of the way home thinking, instead, of how that just might top the last evening.


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