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Bound to Win
by Derek Shannon

'Men are naturally, irredeemably unfaithful creatures.' It was a frequent boast of Paddi's to her friends and colleagues, and one never challenged.

Until Emma. 'That's hardly fair.'

'It's not meant to be fair.' Steam from the prior users had beaded the pink-tiled walls and floors of the ladies' showers and changing alcove, but Paddi and Emma had the place to themselves. 'Or do you think your Will's different?'

Her tone suggested the answer; Emma's reply confirmed it. 'Of course. We have a special relationship.'

Paddi snorted. 'Will wants me, too.'

Emma tied up her chestnut hair after removing her T-shirt. 'You two may have been an item once, but we've been married for two years now.'

'That makes it harder for him, then.' Paddi grinned cheekily at her own innuendo as she removed her own T-shirt; like her friend, she'd stopped wearing bras on her holidays. 'We never shagged when we were dating, and no man can know any woman without wondering, at least once, what the sex would be like. And after two years with the same woman...'

Her voice trailed off, practically begging for a response from Emma. And she wasn't disappointed, either, watching the other woman as she hung up her remaining clothes and grabbed her gel and shower token. 'Are you implying I'm a boring lover?' She padded off into the shower room without waiting for an answer.

'Of course not,' Paddi called after her, casting aside the last of her own clothing. She paused to admire her reflection in the half-fogged mirror opposite: burr of honey-blonde hair over bright blue eyes, firm breasts, smooth thighs. She lifted her own token and took the place beside Emma; the water splashing off of her friend's body felt lovely and warm. 'But even sirloin tastes dull if a man eats it every night.'

'Really.' Emma sounded unconvinced.

'Believe it.' Paddi inserted her own token into the shower machine, immediately jumping back with a squeal at the icy blast which struck her body.

Emma looked suitably innocent. 'Sorry; I should have warned you it starts out cold.'

Paddi scowled and stuck out a defiant tongue, holding out her hand until the water reached an acceptable temperature, before returning to Emma's side, confiscating some of her gel. 'You're just bitchy because you know I'm right about Will.'

'Care to bet on it?'

'Aye, right.'

'I mean it.'

Paddi guffawed, until she saw the serious look in her friend's eyes, that unmistakable no-nonsense gaze; she did mean it. Still, Paddi tried to laugh it off. 'Well, it's not likely he'd get the opportunity anyway-'

'But he will - tonight. I'll give you two time alone this evening, say an hour or so. You'll have that long to prove your point, before I "catch you both at it".'

'You're joking,' Paddi insisted.

'You think so?'

Paddi was gobsmacked; the palmful of lavender gel she'd patted onto her shoulder, now ignored, slid down her smooth, wet skin in long, slim fingers to cup her left breast. She'd known Emma almost as long as Will, and until today considered her much too staid, too conventional to make such a suggestion. And as confident as she was in men's innate unfaithfulness, and in her own personal abilities to prove it, Paddi had never been so boldly challenged to demonstrate her claims, especially by another woman, a friend, with her friend's husband, no less! She wouldn't want to jeopardise their marriage-

She was rudely pulled from her thoughts by a hard slap on her ass. She twisted in place to face Emma, standing there as if challenging her to a fight. 'Well, girl, do you accept? Or maybe you're afraid he'd be too much for you? He likes a bit of rough.'

Then again, Paddi thought, maybe Emma should learn not to make bets she couldn't afford to lose. 'What'll I get for winning?'

'You know that new silk blouse of mine? The one you fancied?'

Paddi smacked her lips automatically; Emma knew her all too well. That was something worth working for... and it would hardly be work, now would it? Will was handsome, and the idea was enticing. 'Okay, girl, you've got a bet. But what if I lose?'

'Do you think you might?'

'No.' She was bound to win.

'Then don't worry about it.' Emma's gaze dropped. 'Looks like you're looking forward to it already.'

Paddi's eyes followed Emma's down to her own breasts, to her nipples, now hardened into dark, excited buds. 'Must be the cold water.'

When Paddi first met Will, she'd found him handsome - squarely-built and broad-faced, eagle-featured and gimlet-eyed, with short swept back raven hair, and a distinctive voice, husky yet lilting - but a little too quiet and reserved for her tastes. But marriage seemed to have changed him, and Paddi had to admit, if only to herself, that she should have given him another chance, beforehand.


The moment came. The sun had already set over the tall pines surrounding the campsite, and the sky was a fiery red. The midges had returned with a vengeance, but stayed away from Paddi, Will and Emma, thanks to the smoking repellent ring set up in the grass between their chairs.

Now Emma rose to her feet, stretching. 'I fancy a takeaway. How about you two?'

Will nodded, smiling. 'Why not? I'll get the car keys-'

'Don't bother; I'll drive myself.'

'But you know what the queues will be like this time of night; do you want Paddi to go with you?'

'I'll be fine; you two entertain each other.'

After Emma departed, Will rose and stretched. 'Are you enjoying yourself, sport? Glad you came with us instead of hanging around pubs and back alleys?'

'Oh, aye.' Paddi had been slumped in her chair, seemingly motionless since Emma had risen, though in fact her stomach was doing handstands. And yet, as she stared at Will, at the muscles moving beneath his black T-shirt and jeans, her anxiety was infused with a growing warmth, like hot vodka added to ice water. He was tasty. 'I've not been an intrusion on you and Emma, have I?'

Will turned and grinned. 'You? 'Course not. We wouldn't have invited you along, would we?'

'But what if you want a shag?'

'Then we can send Emma away.'

Despite, or perhaps because of her hidden agenda, she burst out laughing. Then she held her abdomen. 'Paddi has to go potty.'

'Me too.' He glanced outwards, as if in Emma's general direction. 'Well, I'm not dragging your fat arse up to the toilets.'

'Who says you have to?' She nodded to the bushes directly behind their tent.

Will glanced about, then nodded in agreement. They had an ideal location, nearly completely sheltered by high dark hedgerows, in the far end of the campsite; only the distance to the showers/toilets was a hindrance.

Except tonight; Paddi rose to her feet and followed him behind the tent. There they stood, Paddi watching with curiosity as Will unzipped his jeans and withdrew his penis, long and thin, sprouting forth from a base of black curls. He held the mouth of his jeans open with one hand and the base of his member with the other, and presently a light stream of pee appeared, arcing outwards into the bushes with a gentle patter against the leaves.

Will caught her stare. 'What's wrong? We've peed in front of each other before. Remember that night in the Waterworks?'

'It was midnight, pitch black, and we were both legless.' She breathed in. 'Will, do you ever think about us? About what might have been?'

He finished, giving himself a final shake before zipping up. 'No.'

'Oh.' Her mind short-circuited, her heart skipping a beat.

Until he continued, 'I do, however, think about what could be... now.' He turned, drew her close and pressed his lips against hers, his tongue finding hot, resistance-free access to her mouth.

Paddi's heart, mind and stomach tumbled over each other, and her pussy pulsed for attention inside her damp knickers. Her arms reached around to clutch his shoulders, her breasts pressing against him, aching.

She wanted him. But there were other desires. 'I need to pee-'


'I mean it. Let me go-'

'No.' He held onto her, his gaze fixed, intent. 'When I tell you.'

He was not threatening or coercive, not really. But he did dominate: "a bit of rough", as Emma had said. And Paddi, to her surprise, thrilled to it. She pressed her thighs together, pleading with him with her eyes, her voice. 'Will, please-'

'Not yet.'


'Not yet.'' He moved behind her, his left hand encircling her arms and waist, his right hand snaking down beneath the waistbands of her shorts and knickers. He cupped her pubic mound, hot and puffy, gently squeezing, feeling her curls press back like mattress springs.

Paddi gasped aloud - it had been far too long since any hands beyond her own had touched her there - and shivered in place.

'Don't move,' he hissed, sending further shivers as he licked and nibbled on her lobe.

She obeyed, as she never had before with any man who tried to command her like this. But it was excruciating! His middle finger extended, tracing the groove of her outer lips down, then back again, lubricating from the dew collecting there.

When his finger pierced her, she parted her thighs further to accommodate him, even as the pressure from her bladder increased, fighting for attention. Will's expert manipulations, his fore- and middle fingers diving and withdrawing, his thumb massaging her stiffened clitoris with a circular motion, only heightened the sweet torture. She drank in her own strong musk from between her legs, letting the pressure build further and further, as Will drew her to the inevitable-

Paddi moaned aloud as she came, her pussy clamping down on Will's fingers and refusing to release him. Waves of dizzying heat ran through her like a wire, and she lost control of her bladder, relishing the hot gush of pee which soaked her gussets, running down her thighs to puddle in the grass around her bare feet.

A shudder of relief overtook her now - how utterly delightful, to let go in such a primal way! - and Paddi suddenly felt the strength leave her legs. But Will supported her, the hand on his other arm still inside her soaked knickers.

Paddi's mouth was dry - about the only thing dry now! - and she licked her lips as Will withdrew his hand, before turning to kiss him again, as she rubbed her thighs together like gleefully greedy hands about to count a fortune.

The tent interior had room enough to stand upright. With its doors shut, its red vinyl walls, lit with the dying embers of sunset, seemed to take on a life of its own, as if Paddi was back in the womb, being reborn through the pleasure/pain of illicit sex.

Will was idly drying his wet hand on a towel. 'Strip.'

If it had been another man, Paddi would have told him to sling his hook for trying to be domineering. Instead she eagerly obliged, glad to be bereft of her wet shorts and knickers, while he watched, smiling in appreciation. Then she stood naked before him, trying not to cover herself. Through the tent walls, the sounds of the campsite seemed distant, otherworldly.

'Turn around,' he said more softly. As she did, he whistled. 'You are one attractive woman, Paddi. We should have done this years ago.' His eyes drifted up to meet hers. 'Why didn't we?'

Paddi had been enjoying the warm shivers she felt as Will had boldly scrutinised her nude body. Now she felt like a contrite schoolgirl once more. 'I- I thought you were... boring.'

He grinned, but without malice. 'Now you'll know differently.' He dropped the towel, then lifted several of the tent's extra vinyl wrappings and support strings. 'I'm going to blindfold you, Paddi, and bind your hands. If you let me, obey me, I promise you hitherto undreamed-of pleasures.' His grin dropped, and he held up the hand with the impromptu bondage gear. 'Well?'

Paddi's pussy was still throbbing from his earlier ministrations. Despite her initial apprehensions, she nodded. The way she felt now, the way she wanted to keep feeling, she'd agree to anything.

He bound her hands before her, the knots firm but not tight or inescapable - he had done this before, no doubt about it. The tent strap was Velcro-fastened, an inch wide and a meter long, wrapping several times around Paddi's head; it was snug but not as constricting as expected. This was Emma and Will's tent; how often had he used these same props on his wife? On each other?

'What now?' she asked in eager anticipation.

'You stay quiet, and do as you're told. Kneel.'

She did, with his help. The blindfold completely cut off her vision, leaving her other senses heightened; she listened to him undress with a few zips and clasps, felt him approach again, could smell him the way she smelled herself.

'Open wide,' he whispered.

Paddi understood, and greedily took his penis in her mouth, amazed by the amount she was able to encompass at once. He tasted salty on her tongue, and she could feel him stiffen further inside her, as his balls, heavy-seeming beneath his shaft, slapped gently against her chin as she advanced and retreated.

Will must have been near, for he withdrew, gently fighting Paddi's attempts to hold onto him with her lips and tongue. 'No, not like that,' he insisted. 'Not now, anyway.' She could almost hear his smile. 'We haven't much time, have we?'

Paddi wet her lips again, gasping. 'No.' The bet, her concern for her friends' marriage was forgotten, washed over by the waves of forbidden ecstasy and greed which made her body hot, pliant and impatient for more.

Will helped her lie on her back, pulling her bound hands up over her head. After a moment, Paddi realised he was further tying her wrists to the metal ice chest they kept in the rear of the tent. The air was heavy, still, and she felt her breasts flop against her chest, almost losing their pert shape as if in an attempt to escape from the heat. She drew her legs up so the soles of her feet rested flat on the tent floor, and her knees pointed to the ceiling overhead.

Paddi felt him move between her legs, could imagine him staring at her most intimate places, accentuating her feelings of helplessness. She expected to be mounted immediately, but first he used his tongue - exquisite! She was damp, and he was working on making her even wetter, if such a thing was possible. She clamped her thighs against the sides of his head, as his velvety tongue and strong lips pierced her, drawing forth her clitoris and massaging it delicately, expertly.

Then Will gently eased Paddi's thighs from his head, and began licking a trail on a zigzag path, from her damp pubic thatch, around and into her navel, up to her breasts, finding her nipples, feasting upon them, teasing them both to attention, before continuing onward to nuzzle the soft, wet hairs beneath her arms.

Paddi bit her lip, feeling Will's erection, now encased in a rubbery, lubricated condom, as it brushed against her inner thighs, as if seeking its own way into her. She shifted slightly to accommodate him, drawing in a sharp breath as he found her entrance and plunged in, easily occupying her to the hilt, literal fulfillment.

They kissed, long and deep, tongues exploring again, thrusting as if to mirror the action below; Paddi tasted herself, and liked it. She struggled with her bound hands, eager to touch him, play with him, stroke his skin, scratch his back. They had an ideal rhythm going, as if they'd been at it for years.

Paddi felt herself approaching orgasm again, a mind-blowing, back-breaking climax that would seize her whole body, not just her genitals. These were rare for her, when her mind could detach itself from the proceedings, simply embrace what was happening without the need for question or intervention.

Thus, she accepted that there was now more than one pair of lips kissing her skin, more than one pair of hands fondling her body, even as Will's pumping increased to an urgent gallop, threatening to drive her into the ground like one of his tent pegs. Paddi was so aroused, spiralling over the edge into the blinding/deafening light/sound burst-

She let out a cry as she came, a cry from deep within, heedless of who might hear outside. It was not especially loud in itself, but it left her mouth and lungs raw; she felt Will withdraw, but only as a distant afterthought.

Someone - now Paddi accepted that it didn't have to be Will - removed her blindfold, but left her hands bound above her. To her left, Will lay against her, their bodies clinging together by webstrands of sweat. To her right, there was Emma, her naked body also pressed against Paddi's, lazily tracing outlines down Paddi's stomach to rest in her pubic curls.

'You see, Paddi,' she finally explained in a whisper, 'I told you Will and I had a "special relationship". Will doesn't have to skulk about keeping his affairs secret from me; we share them. In fact, I help arrange them.'

So the bet had been a set up to get Paddi into her current position. She couldn't help but admire the effort.

But she wasn't about to let either of them totally off the hook. 'So I did win the bet, then? Will was unfaithful. That's one silk blouse you owe me.'

'Of course. And you'll be paid.' Emma's forefinger idly traced the outline of Paddi's parted pussy, making her prisoner shudder. 'Later.'

They pounced on Paddi once more, but she didn't mind.


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