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Before We Go To Dinner...
by Eddie

I have been seeing a medium skinned ebony beauty for several months now. She is in her mid 20's, 5'-3" in height and weighs about 110 lbs. She is blessed with an attractive face and a great body, which includes nice smooth legs and a firm rear end. She is attractive and exudes a natural beauty. She has sensuously shaded medium chocolate colored skin. Her hair is thick, healthy, and falls several inches below her shoulders. One of her best features, however, is her magnificent breasts. Even though she is small in stature, she is naturally endowed with a nice pair 34D's. They are firm and heavy, just the way I like them. Her personality really shines. While of African-American descent, she displays characteristics more of someone of white heritage. She is a lot of fun, in and out of the sack, but is definitely no hoochie-mama. She has a lot of class and I really like this girl. Her name is Sharon.

I had just returned from a week long business trip, out of town. There is a knock at my door. It is Sharon. She has come by my apartment to pick me up for dinner and go to a nearby restaurant. I answer the door and I'm rewarded with the sight of a beautiful girl, with a wide smile, displaying great teeth.

"Hi, honey." I say, as I greet her.

"Hey, babe." She replies and gives me a nice big kiss.

She looks fantastic. I step back and take a good look at her. She is dressed casually, wearing a short form fitting black and white striped cotton top and tight black shorts. Her boobs look huge beneath her shirt. It looks as though they are straining to break free. Sharon's ass is firm and round through her shorts. Her skin is like velvet. Her perfume is sexy. As I look her over, I feel myself beginning to stir inside. Sharon sees my increasing affection for her in my shorts.

"I guess you're happy to see me." She says with a smile.

I blush and invite her inside. We exchange pleasantries before I go into my bedroom to finish dressing. After a few moments in the other room, thoughts start to go through my head... Dirty thoughts. I was out of town over the previous week and haven't had sex during that time. I know I won't be able to think of anything else during dinner. Especially, with that outfit Sharon's wearing. Damn, she looks fantastic!

I peak around the corner and glimpse Sharon thumbing through a magazine on the coffee table. I'm not even that hungry, I say to myself. I'm thinking about her, a lot! I peak around the corner again. She looks up from the magazine.

"Is everything OK?" She asks with a grin.

"Yeah, babe. I'm just enjoying the view."

She smiles back at me. God, look at those big tits, I say in my head. Mmm, I wonder what color underwear she has on? What kind? Sexy, I'll bet. I turn back into the bedroom. My balls are full and I'm feeling like a horny dog. I'm going to have to jerk off or something. I can't take it. I sit down on my chair by the computer desk and look at the clock. Wait a minute, I'm thinking. We're not in a hurry, we don't have reservations or anything like that. I have the biggest erection I've had in a long time. I've got to have Sharon. I stand up and pull off my shorts, leaving me in just a shirt, then sit down again.

"Sharon, come here for a sec."

"Do ya miss me, already?" She teases from the other room.

Sharon enters my bedroom and sees me sitting on the chair. A tent has formed under my shirt, which she notices. A quizzical grin appears on her face.

One thing I want to mention. Sharon and I enjoy dirty talk, almost any time before or during sex, especially if one of us is getting hot.

"What's going on, babe?" She asks.

"Sharon, I'm so horny. I haven't come in a week. I can't even think straight."

She smiles and replies, "Wow! You must have a huge load inside you."

Sharon slowly walks over to me and stands just before my knees. She reaches over and moves my shirt bottom out of the way, exposing my rock hard erection. I'm given a great view of her cleavage at this angle. I slide my hands up her sides and rub her hips, while I gaze at her chest. She takes a hold of my penis and slowly strokes it a few times.

"You're very excited, aren't you?" She taunts.

"I want to be inside you, baby. I've got a huge load and I want to give it to you."

"Well, what about dinner?" She asks, while slowly stroking me.

A filthy thought comes to me... "Oh, Sharon, I can't take it anymore. Your clothes are driving me crazy! I want to blow this huge load inside you. Then, I want you to get dressed and we'll go out to eat." I explain.

"Hey! Kinda kinky, aren't you?" She further teases.

"This fantasy is making me so hot." I reply.

Her eyes widen with a look of surprise. She takes a step back. My hands are still on her hips. Her sexy perfume is really turning me on. All I can think about is holding her tight and giving her all I've got.

"Let me get this straight... You wanna come inside me and then you want me to soak my underwear with a week's worth of your come?" She asks in a sultry voice.

"Oh, God, yes! I think that would be so cool. No one else in the restaurant would know... I can't stop fantasizing about it." I reach behind her and squeeze her tight ass. Then, I move my hands across her backside and trace the outline of her underwear through her shorts. Mmm, she's wearing bikini style panties.

"Well, I haven't been taking the pill." She warns.

"I don't care, honey... It'll be worth it."

"It does sound exciting.... And you really haven't come in a week?" She teases.

"No, babe. It's going to be a real gusher." I encourage her.

"Well, in that case, I don't want you to waste it, big boy." She winks at me with a smile.

I move my hands over to her shorts button. A simple snap takes care of that. Then I slowly slide her zipper down, revealing a sexy pair of French cut, dark purple satin panties. She's looking down at me with a grin. Damn, she's so hot! I gradually pull her shorts down. Then, I feel her bush through her sexy satin underwear. I reach around and caress her ass. I put my hands inside her panties and caress her soft skin. I work my hands back up to her waist. I slowly slide her underwear down, revealing a thick, neatly trimmed bush. I look up into her green eyes and we gaze at each other. She works her hands through my hair, while I undress her. Then, she takes a few small steps over my lap. Her huge tits are right at my eye level. I lean over and give them each a kiss through her cotton top. Her hot vagina is right above my cock.

"Are sure this is OK with you?" She asks me one last time.

"Oh, baby, I can't take it. Ride me, Sharon" She licks my lips and whispers to me in a sexy tone. "No turning back now. Once I sit on this monster, pill or no pill, I'm not getting off, (she nibbles on my earlobe) until it squirts... and spurts... and shoots... loads and loads of hot cream inside me." Ending her sentence with a breath of hot air in my ear. I was insane with lust.

Sharon moves her hips to place the head of my cock at the entrance to her warm vagina. While still dressed above the waist, she slowly sinks down on my penis. She gasps slightly as I enter her. She feels incredible, so warm and tight. I reach for her big boobs and give loving squeezes as she slides all the way down onto me. When she reaches bottom, she sits still and slowly grinds herself on my lap. This deepens my penis inside her. I take a quick gasp. I almost blow a load right then, she feels so good.

Sharon places her hands on my face. "Don't come yet, baby. We haven't had any fun... I want to enjoy this meat inside me before I make it squirt."

I lean forward and give her a deep French kiss. Sharon teases my aching cock with a few squeezes of her tight vagina. I grunt in her mouth. I can feel a smile form on her lips. Then she begins erotically circling my penis with her hips. We break the kiss, and I lean back to enjoy her pretty face. Sharon wraps her arms around my neck. My hands are feeling her tits up. They are firm and heavy. I could play with them all day. God, she's so sexy!

"I see you like my tits, sweetie." She smiles.

With that, she begins to slowly move up and down on me. Her movements are erotic and incredibly sexy. It's like she's doing a slow dance to music on my lap. The sensation is phenomenal. Soft moans escape her lips. God, she feels so good inside. At first, I hold on to her tits, until I get used to her pumping. Then I caress her face in a loving fashion. She smiles in response. Sharon has such beautiful soft skin. I hug her and kiss her neck while she slowly rides me. After a short while, I lean back in the chair. My hands return to her big breasts to squeeze and manipulate them. My breathing is picking up pace.

"Feel good, baby?" She lovingly asks while pumping and circling me..

"Oh, yeah, sweetie... I'm going to come so hard inside that sexy body of yours."

"I bet you will." She giggles, while slowly pumping me, "And I'll be right on your lap, catching all of it."

This kind of dirty talk makes me even hotter. "Oh, Sharon, you're amazing. You make me feel so good. I can't wait to give you my load." I moan.

"Oh, baby, me too. You're so hard and deep inside me. I can feel all of you."

I lean forward and kiss her deeply again. Our tongues dart back and forth in her mouth. I take a hold of her waist while she pumps up and down, up and down, at an even pace. She is so sexy as she is rises and falls on my hard cock. After a few minutes, I can't hold on much longer and she knows it.

Sharon breaks the kiss this time. She runs her finger across my lips and looks deeply into my eyes. "Are you gonna come, baby?" She asks, while her boobs jiggle slightly.

"Mmm, hmmm... loads of it." I say in a heavy voice. My hands reach behind her and squeeze her tight ass. My breathing is getting thicker.

Sharon begins to tease me verbally. "I can feel you twitching inside me... Is my hot cunt driving you crazy, sweetie? Hmm, are you ready to squirt inside me, baby?"

I nod enthusiastically.

Sharon begins milking me with her warm vagina. "Oh, baby, don't hold back. Let it go. Give me loads and loads of come, honey. Soak me really good, OK!"

She increases the pace of her pumping. She's now bouncing on my lap. Her tits are all over the place. "Like this, honey? Will this make you come hard inside me, baby?"

I reach up to grab her bouncing breasts.

"I'm -- gonna come -- so hard -- inside you, Sharon. I don't care -- even if -- I get you pregnant!" I barely manage to say, while her vagina ravages me.

"I don't care either, honey. Just do it! I want to feel you shooting, baby! Fill me up!" She moans.

My grip tightens on her tits and I hold on for dear life. Sharon throws her head back.

She moans to me, "Shoot your semen honey, I want to feel it rushing up inside me."

I take a few quick labored breaths. "Here it comes, baby!"

"Yeah! Give it to me, baby!" Sharon yells.

That was it. I squeezed her tits and heaved my hips up to her. She sat down on me with all her weight. My penis was as deep as it was going to get inside Sharon. Then I lost it. I grunted and shot as hard as I could. I grunted and spurted, grunted and spurted. Sharon moaned in approval. "I can feel it, honey!" She exclaimed. I held on to her tits and shot spurt after powerful spurt of hot semen inside my love. "Uhhh, I'm catching all of it, baby!" She moaned, moving her head side to side. This was the most powerful orgasm I've had in a long time and Sharon was right there on my lap taking all of it. She was leaning back slightly and milking me for all I had. She was so sexy catching my streams of semen. She moved her hips back and forth and in circles, deepening my spurting penis inside her. It was like we were in slow motion. She displayed expressions of pure ecstasy as she felt me gushing inside her. God, she was so beautiful at that moment! I poured myself completely into her. I pulsed streams of hot come inside her for what felt like forever... Sharon felt my shots hit places so deep that she didn't know they existed, she later said. Finally we were both out of breath. I released her breasts and we hugged each other. We rocked back and forth quietly for several minutes, while I twitched inside her. All of my strength and energy went into her velvet vagina. Sharon was so full of semen.

After a short time, we regained our composure. "Wow, what a load, honey! I think you may have given me a baby that time!" Sharon said.

"It was worth it, honey." I barely managed say.

After a few more moments of afterglow I added, "Well, honey, it's time to get dressed."

"Mmm, hmm" She said with a smile.

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