The Best Erotic Stories.

by Sam Harpoon

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She danced with beauty and grace. Her eighteen year old body was at it's bloom of womanhood, and was the envy of all the others in her class. She was dancing in what would be her final recital with this dance company, as the following Autumn would bring her to a distant state and university.

Her 20 year-old brother sat in the audience, enjoying the show. He had laughed at the 4 and 5 years-olds doing their cute dances in their cute outfits, some taking center stage, still others crying for their mommy, afraid of being in front of so many strangers. He sat patiently through all the "grades" of the evening...beginners tap, beginners ballet, beginners jazz, all the way up to just before the final‚. The last dance was with the graduating Seniors and the head dance instructor, the owner of the studio. Many of the girls going off to college had been with the instructor since they, themselves, were the cute 4 and 5 year olds, a few of them accepting assistant roles with the nearly three dozen different dance classes.

Collette was one of them. She had started dancing almost as soon as she could walk, and her parents had enrolled her into classes as soon as it was feasible. After that, there was no turning back for her. She had a passion for dance and felt the need to make it her life's work. That's why she had decided to go so far away to the Big City for college.

Luc, her brother, was already at the end of his Sophomore Year at college, nearer to home than the Big City, but far enough that he didn't have to answer to his parents. He had decided to take a break from studying for finals on this Saturday to see the last performance of Collette's high school career. He looked at her with loving adoration, for the two had been siblings for so long, and good friends for almost as long.

At the end of the performance, Luc met her outside the dressing rooms with a small bouquet of flowers.

"You were great, as always, Collette. It was good to see you on stage again."

She smiled and greeted him with a hug.

"So, what's next?" he asked. "Most of the girls are going to be going out for dinner, aren't they?"

"Well," she said, "a few of them are going out, but I'm not sure what I want to do."

"If you don't have any plans, Luc, we could go out and do something, if you wanted."

It was Shannon McRea, one of Collette's dance colleagues. She, also, would be going to school to continue her dance instruction. She and Collette were considered to be the best of the studio, and there was always a slight competition between the two dancers, not always a friendly one. Luc had known for quite some time that Shannon liked him, a fact that most guys were envious of. Shannon had a reputation of being an incredible lover, and her stunning good looks didn't hurt the reputation of whatever guy she was dating at the time. But Luc was always put off by her attitude - she was good at what she did AND she was beautiful, a fact that she never let anyone around her forget.

Collette, subconsciously, moved to be next to her older brother, wrapping her arm in his, giving her adversary a cool look.

"Actually, Shan, Luc is going to be taking me out to dinner tonight. Aren't you?" she glanced his way.

"I've offered to treat you after the dance, you know that," he responded.

"Huh, too bad." Shannon muttered. "I'm sure we could have had a great time tonight, Luc. I don't ask for dates too often you know."

"Sorry, Shannon, maybe next time." The two siblings walked off, arm in arm. It was well on the way to his car that Collette finally broke the silence.

"Bitch! I can't stand her! Thank GOD we're not going to the same college!"

"Now, now, Collette, take it easy. This was the last time you had to dance with her. You'll never have to do that again. So just put it behind you, ok?"

"Yeah," she sighed, "I know, but did you see her! She practically rolled over on the ground and spread her legs out for you!"

Luc giggled. "If I didn't know you better, I'd have said you were jealous."

Collette didn't reply.

The two went to one of their favorite places to eat and had a great time. When they arrived home, Luc said

"Well, I have to get back to campus. It's a two hour drive, and I have studying still to do. My Biology final is going to be a killer on Monday."

"I thought you were spending the night here," she replied.

"Yeah, well, I thought about it, but I really do have a lot of work to do. I'll see you in a couple of weeks when exams are over."

"Can't you stay, please? I miss you. I miss seeing you around the house." She looked up at him with soft, brown eyes - eyes that sent him into delirium every once in a while. If only, he had often thought, if only she weren't my sister...

"Well," he said again, "I guess I can stay for a little bit longer tonight. But I really should go back before, oh, say, nine o'clock."

"That's fine, that's plenty of time!" she gasped.

"Time for what?"

"Nothing, I didn't mean anything....I meant plenty of time for us to hang out. Mom and Dad are at the business dinner tonight, so I don't want to be alone."

"Well, why didn't you go out with your friends from the studio?"

"Because I wanted to spend time with you, Luc."

That comment sent an odd feeling through him. He sensed that something might be wrong, that she had something to tell him or a problem she wanted to talk about. "Is everything ok?" he asked.

"Fine, Luc, just fine," she smiled. Her full lips pulled apart to reveal shiny white teeth, her eyes glittered above them. "I'm going to take a shower. Would you mind, afterward, giving me a back massage? My muscles are still kinda tight from dancing."

"Sure, Collette. I'll just watch some tv or something until then.

As he heard the water running upstairs, he reflected on his sister's mood. There was something decidedly different about the way she was acting, and he didn't know what she was up to. He remembered seeing her in her dance costume this evening, tight against her body leaving only little to the imagination. Because of the spot lights, dancers were not allowed to wear underwear of any sort, and her firm breasts pressed against the sheer material, allowing her nipples to show. Luc couldn't help but gaze at them longingly, as he often did. He spent the majority of the time looking only at her, her small, 5'3", 110 pound body gliding back and forth across the stage, her muscular, taut legs sending her leaping high into the air, her small, cute touche defying gravity by virtue of youth and exercise.

He had always been incredibly protective of her, especially when it came to the young men who came calling on her. Luc was worse than his father, actually, in screening out the types of guys the family would rather Collette to date. Most of the boys would be so intimidated of him that they often didn't try ANYTHING during the date, lest they receive a pounding from him if Collette let on that she had been the slightest bit pushed into something she wasn't ready for. Which was just fine by him.

He loved her very tenderly. But since she had started looking like the woman she was growing to be, his mind would often wander to flights of fancy of being with her himself. In his thoughts they had made love countless times, especially when he was still in High School and his sister's body was starting to round out. Now that he was in college, and had had several lovers there, his incestuous thoughts drifted into his consciousness less and less often. But every once and again, he would allow himself this one, forbidden fantasy...

The water shut off, bringing him out of his reverie. He heard her climb out of the tub and towel herself dry. Soon after he could hear her blow-drying her soft, strait, shoulder length brown hair. He waited until he heard her leave the bathroom and stomp around her room before he went up to check on her.

"Everything ok in there?" he said to the closed door. "Are you decent?"

"Hold on....." He heard her shuffling around a bit, then heard her bedsprings bounce a couple of times. "Ok, you can come in."

He opened the door to see his sister in a nightshirt, laying face down on her bed. The shirt exposed her firm legs from beneath them, her rounded bum forming a delicious hill from underneath. He had seen her like this many times, but the difference was in her eyes as she gazed at him. It was something he had never seen in his sister before..

"My back is killing me," she stated. "Do you mind working on it for a while?"

He walked over and sat down next to her on the bed. She closed her eyes as he lifted his hands to the back of her shoulders and started kneading the knots in her muscles there.

"Mmmmmm....that feels nice," she whispered. He looked down at her profile, her tanned face looking to the right with eyes still closed. He looked up and down her body, and noticed that she was moving her hips ever so slightly.

"Can you work down on my back a bit?" she asked. Luc lowered his attention to the middle of her back and started rubbing slightly.

"Lower..." she said. Again, he lowered his attention to the small of her back and continued with the massage.

"Lower..." she whispered. He wasn't sure he heard her, but decided to give it a try. He moved his hands so that they were just at the top of her cheeks and started rubbing more. Her hips started to undulate a bit more now, and a small sigh came out of her

After five or so minutes of this, he asked "How's this doing?"

"Fine, just fine," she answered. But I want you to work on my shoulders again. Hold on while I sit up."

He leaned away and she changed her position so that she was sitting, facing away from him. He replaced his hands on her shoulders and pressed his thumbs into the muscles there.

"Oh, yeah, like that..." she breathed, and started rolling her head around in circles. "You've always made me feel so good when you touched me..."

Can this be happening? he thought. I could interpret her behavior in a couple of ways, but what if I'm wrong? His penis had started to swell a bit as he felt his sisters body, but he was unsure as to what to do. Do I risk everything, or do I do nothing?

His indecision was met with a startling hint.

"You know, Luc, this feels great, but the night-shirt is absorbing too much heat. Hold on."

As she said this, she reached down and slowly pulled the nightshirt off, leaving her with only her panties on.

"Could you work on my back a bit more, please?" she pleaded.

He moved closer and wrapped his hands around her shoulders and neck. He could feel the warmth that was emanating from her soft, tanned skin, made all the more hot with his massage. She continued to roll her head around in large, slow circles, stretching the muscles, and every once in a while her mouth let out a small "Yes........mmmm yes........"

He was fully extended by this point. He knew now that he could have his way with her. He was just unsure as to what do to, or rather, whether or not he should. His fantasy was coming true, but would he have the strength to pursue it, now that it was available?

He slipped his hands down a bit to work on her middle back. While doing so, without thinking about it, he leaned his head down until his lips just brushed the back of her neck. His eyes closed, he moved his head in circles, himself, lightly touching her skin with his lips.

Once she felt this, with his warm breath caressing her neck, a moaning sound escaped her own lips. "Oh, Luc...that feels so nice....please don't stop...."

Luc stopped his circular motion and gave her neck a soft, gentle kiss, sending shivers down both their spines. He could smell the scent from her skin, stronger than he had ever noticed, and guessed that she was as excited as he. His hands glided down her back to her small waist, and he continued to delicately kiss and lick her neck.

"Oh, Luc...." he heard her sigh.

He moved his kisses to the right, now sending electric fire through her body from the right side of her neck. She slowly leaned her head back, turned her face, and grasped his open lips with a soft but strong kiss. They both moaned in pleasure as their lips met, and soon their tongues were slowly exploring, searching each other out, dancing around each other in a slow waltz as they met.

He broke the kiss and reached around with his right hand to grasp her left shoulder from the front. Partially turning her, he kissed her chin, then her throat, and down to her collar-bone.

"Oh, Luc, I've wanted this to happen for so long..." she said.

"Why didn't you let me know?" he replied, his mouth never stopping its work on her upper chest.

"The timing was never right, plus I wasn't sure if you wanted me, too."

He stopped his kissing and sat up strait to look into her large, moist, soft brown eyes.

"How could I not want you, Collette?" he asked, exasperated. "I've seen you grow to be one of the most beautiful women I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. I've always felt so jealous of the guys that would take you out, knowing that their hands would touch you, that yours would touch them. How do you think I felt, knowing that they would enjoy your body as I never could have?"

"They never have enjoyed my body, Luc. Not fully. I've never let them enter me."

He stared, wide-eyed at his sister, not believing what she had just said.

She looked down a bit as she said "I....I've always wanted you to teach me how to make love for the first time. Kinda stupid, huh?"

"No, Collette, no...not stupid at all. I'm flattered, really. I just can't believe it, you know?"



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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