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by Misty Angel 77

The crackle of the leaves and twigs beneath his feet made him cringe. The more silent he tried to be the louder every sound seemed. Shaky hands fumbled through his pants pockets as he found his keys. Slipping inside he removed his shoes and took them in hand as he tip toed upstairs. Removing his clothes, he quickly climbed in bed, his breathing filled the room as he exhaled a breath of relief. He had made it back with no one the wiser.

One sleepy eye peeled itself open as he gazed at the clock, it was almost noon. Sudden panic struck him, he had forgotten to set his clock and was now several hours late in preparing his Masters breakfast. Jumping from bed he climbed into his clothes that were now a crumpled mess. Rushing downstairs he saw his Master sitting with coffee in hand and a book, sitting waiting impatiently.

"To me boy!" Dashing to Master Michael's side, Nathan knelt. His eyes down cast to hide his embarrassment. "I'm waiting boy. I do hope you have a good excuse for such behavior." said Master Michael with a tone of disappointment in his voice.

"I forgot to set my alarm Sir." replied Nathan.

"It would appear you have forgotten many things slave. One being your leaving without permission," snorted Master as he reached and took a handful of Nathan's sandy blonde hair in his hands and pulled back hard. Nathan swallowed hard as he lifted his head and stared into the dark brown eyes of his Master. "There is little you do that I am unaware slave. As always you will pay dearly for your transgression." Releasing Nathan's hair he shoved him aside. Tumbling to the floor, Nathan remained still as Master stood and walked away. Just as Nathan was about to sigh a breath of relief, Master stopped, turned to face him and with a deep and angry tone announced, "The dungeon one hour, you will have those balls and cock clean shaven! Is that clear boy?"

"Yes Master it is perfectly clear Sir." replied Nathan as he knew his reprieve was short lived.

The touch of the blade against his balls along with the soapy feel on them made him squirm with delight. Soon his balls glistened in the light of the room as so did his cock. Looking at the clock, he washed himself quickly and removed the remainder of his clothing. Each step that descended down into the dungeon popped beneath his slender 175 pounds of flesh. His blue eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting. Entering the room he saw Master waiting. In the center of the room lay a barrel on its side.

"Lay with your back over the barrel, hands above your head!" snapped Master. Doing as told proved to be a challenge as this position left him arched backwards. Master Michael secured his hands to a length of chain, leaving him enough room to go forward several inches. Master then did like wise to his ankles but they were separated leaving his cock and balls open to Masters desires. Master left for a moment, returning with a set of nipple clamps, a leather ball separator and some fine rope. Stepping across Nathan's chest he slowly unzipped his pants and removed his limp cock. Even limp it was still a good six inches. Lowering himself, he tickled Nathan's lips. Swiftly Nathan opened his mouth and sucked hard. Soon his Masters six inch cock grew to a bit over nine. Lifting himself up, Master Michael tucked his cock away and continued his work.

Securing the first clip to Nathan's right nipple, just tight enough so it wouldn't pull free, Master attached a length of rope to the center chain between the clips then attached the other clip to Nathan's left nipple. Stretching the rope he tied it off at an eye hook in the floor. A constant pull tugged at Nathan's tender red nipples as he moaned softly. Kneeling between Nathan's outstretched legs, Master attached the ball separator and tied a length of rope to it and secured it to a hook in the floor. Leaving his balls and nipples stretched in both directions.

"You will receive ten swats from the my flogger for the lie and ten for leaving the grounds without permission. Every five minutes your nipple clamps will be tightened one and a half turn so the burning never ends. If you shift in either direction you will bring more pain to your nipples and balls. Since you are so found of fucking others without my permission, I am going to fuck you till you beg to cum." snorted Master Michael. The first blow hit the head of his cock. The sudden pain causing Nathan to jump and in turn causing the clips to pull harder, the following blows covered him from his inner thighs to his chest, each one harder. By the time all twenty had been administered, his balls and nipples were aflame from the constant pull on one or the other as the barrel rolled a bit with each shifting of his weight. His body a cascade of welts accented by a sheen of sweat that glistened in the dim light. His breathing coming in gasp as he absorbed the pain.

Tossing his flogger aside, Master Michael removed his jeans to reveal a fully erect cock in need of attention. Planting his knee's on each side of Nathan's head he dangled his heavy balls directly above the boys mouth. "Suck slave and don't dare let me feel teeth scraping my balls!" Lifting his head forward, Nathan slowly sucked his Masters balls within his mouth. Sucking first one then the other and finally both at once as Master Michael toyed with his tender nipples. Without warning, the clip on Nathan's right nipple bit harder as Master tightened it one and a half turn and waited for the pain to engulf Nathan. A few moments past and then Master Michael took Nathan's left nipple in hand and did like wise as the slave bucked against the pain. Stepping aside, Master Michael stood and left the room, leaving Nathan with a raging hard on, his balls almost pulled to their limit and his nipples aching as the blood tried to enter them.

As promised, Master returned to complete Nathan's punishment. Tighten the clips on his nipples to their limit he watched as his disobedient slave squinted his eyes in pain. "Oh Master these clips are eating their way through my nipples, please remove them Sir!" Nathan whimpered as he tried to hold still. Releasing Nathan's hands and the rope that tugged on his nipples gave Nathan hope that soon the clamps would come off. Instead he found no relief was to come as of yet. Sliding him off the barrel, Master rolled it out of the way then released his ankles but kept his balls tied to the floor.

"Hands around your ankles boy, its time for your Master to use that tight asshole of yours to bring relief to his throbbing cock!" Nathan grabbed his ankles as he felt the leather thongs begin to bind his wrist to his ankles. leaving him bent double with his ass in the air and his nipple clips brushing the carpet. "Scoot forward till your balls are stretched to their limit slave." Sliding forward, Nathan felt the stretching of his balls once more and the tugging of his nipples as he moved forward against the carpet. Once he had gone far enough to please his Master, he felt the rope connected to his nipples being threaded past his face and once more attached to the floor bolt this time tied off so there was no movement allowed.

Stroking his cock, Master spit in his hand and lubricated his cock well, placing both hands on Nathan's ass cheeks he pried them apart. With no hesitation he slammed his thick meat into Nathan's asshole, pounding it as if he were trying to push it into Nathan's throat. Every shove sending Nathan forward and causing excruciating pain in his balls as well as causing the clips to scrape the carpet when his nipples were stretched even more as his hips were pulled back by Masters strong hands. Over and over, deeper and deeper, Master fucked his slave, each stroke a lesson, each moment of pain a reminder of who was the Master and the consequences of failure. The Moment arrived, with a shrill moan, Master filled Nathan's ass with hot sticky cum, smacking Nathan's ass as he pulled free, he sighed. "Who is Master boy?"

"You are Sir, thank you for taking so much time to use your slave and punish him for his transgressions." replied Nathan as he lay patiently waiting his release which came once Master had a smoke and coffee and the cum had stopped oozing from Nathan.


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