The Best Erotic Stories.

by Cheryl Dixon

I fasten my fishnet stockings to the black suspenders, then pull on my big shiny boots - I call them my come-fuck-me boots because attracting a man is partly their purpose. When I'm with a man and I'm wearing them, they make me feel powerful. I start doing up the long laces, all the way up to just below my knees they go. Big boots make me feel so strong, they make me feel so superior. I stand looking at myself in the mirror for a few moments. Messed up hair, black lace and satin push up bra supporting a creamy white cleavage, down to black fishnet stockings held in place by the black suspender belt. A black g-string over the suspenders so that it's easier to take off, and finally the black boots. I suppose I look good, even if I do say so myself. I certainly do feel good, and that's what really matters to me.

I leave the mirror, returning to where I left him, tied to the chair. He's been waiting patiently, naked, just like good boy. I stand in front of him, watching for any reactions. His cock is already showing appreciation at my attire, but I want to tease him. I run my hands over the material that covers my breasts, smoothing them down over my stomach, down to my thighs and the tops of the stockings. My hands move back up to my breasts. He's staring at me silently. Mesmerised.

I pull my breasts slightly out of the bra, exposing my nipples which I start to play with. I'm starting to turn myself on, so I remove my bra and take a step closer to him. He opens his mouth as I press my left breast against him, he licks and sucks at my nipple. He begins moaning, I can see that he's getting really turned on, so I pull back and stand in front of him again...

I stand there running my hands over my own body and through my hair - I know he likes to watch. Then I place my right foot on the chair. He can't reach out and touch me even though he tries, straining against the ropes. He moves his head to kiss my knee: this I allow. I run my hands down his chest but nowhere near his dick, this I leave alone... for now. I stop touching him, moving in front of him again. I turn away and face the opposite wall. Then I spread my legs and pull my underwear down to my ankles, giving him the perfect view of my pussy from behind. He breathes heavier.

I remove my underwear fully and turn to face him again. Seeing the lust in his eyes, the pleading in his face and his hard penis makes me smile. I love to see him needing and wanting me this badly. I move my hand to between my own thighs where I'm wet. I start fingering myself and sucking my own fingers, then I trace my juice over his lips and he licks at my fingers. I move down and kiss his lips, first briefly, then with more passion.

It's now time... I place my legs either side of him and slowly lower myself onto his cock, it slides easily inside of me as it's done so many times before. He groans with pleasure, and so I move slowly up again, then come down hard and fast onto it. I keep him tied up so I get to do all of the work, rubbing my clit against him and pressing my pussy into him. Grinding and bucking against his body, onto his cock, up and down, hard and fast, slow and gentle. My breasts press against his chest and he kisses and licks my skin. Becoming more urgent, I start playing with my clit with one hand, this tips me over the edge and I hold tightly to his body. I feel my juices smearing our thighs, making us sticky. This new found wetness does it for him and just before he'd about to come I jump off of him and take his cock between my breasts. He comes all over my chest. I smile, looking up at him. Now that we're finished I untie him, he kisses me, telling me I'm the greatest fuck in the world.
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