The Best Erotic Stories.

by Mouse

"So tell me about that dream...!" he said as he roughly pushed me into position, on my knees, hands behind my back.

"Ummmm...well...well, it was at the woods." I smiled up at him sweetly and he cuffed my hands together, knowing that the invisible restraint of this position is far stronger than the cuffs. I will not move till he tells me to, whether I want to or not.

"Where in the woods?" Now he ties the blindfold around my eyes, fully aware that this will heighten all of my other senses.

"On the long path, up past the stage, in a clearing. You tied me to a tree, with my legs spread and my hands above my head. Then John materialized and the two of you had your way with me for hours and hours. I woke up in a cold sweat, panting."

"Now, where is that that what you'd like, silly little slave, to be tied to a tree and used like a whore, not just by me, but by another man as well?" He was moving around the room at this point. I could hear him, but I had no idea where he was. Suddenly I felt his hand slap my ass as he shoved a dildo into my cunt. "Now be a good little slave and keep that there till I tell you that you can let it go." With that he turned it on and I realized that it wasn't a dildo at all, but a soft, pliable vibrator. I felt myself get even wetter and I wondered how long he would make me wait for my first orgasm tonight.

I let out a little moan then heard the hiss before the CRACK of the riding crop hitting my rump. It was somewhere between pain and pleasure as I felt the sting on my ass and the vibrations rocking my pussy. I knew I deserved quite a whipping tonight, I'd been rather naughty.

"A good slave knows that she may only make noise when her master tells her to. Now be good and beg for your whipping." And with that I asked for and received another twenty lashes with the riding crop. The whipping ended as suddenly as it had begun and I was again in the middle of the bed, not knowing where he was or what was going to happen next. The vibrator was driving me wild but I knew not to voice my pleasure or there would be worse punishment in store for me. I then felt my master grip the back of my head and push his cock into my mouth. Like a greedy little slave I gobbled up this treat and began sucking. I licked and sucked the whole length back into by throat, then let it out and nibbled and licked it all over the head and shaft. This continued on for quite a while, till I felt him start to lose control. He pulled out of my mouth and walked away.

I began to cry for want of him at this point, the tears rolling silently down my face. The vibrations in my pussy, coupled with my raw hunger for him were making me crazy. He came close and brushed my tears away, saying tenderly "Don't cry my little slave, it won't be long now. I do not intend to punish you forever." Once again, I had no clue as to his location in the room or what was going to happen next. I could hear him, smell him, feel him all around me, but I had no idea of what he was doing.

After just a few moments I felt my master unlock my hands and push me down onto my chest, again locking my wrists, but this time to the bedposts. My ass was in the air and I felt so vulnerable. He could do anything to me right now, and he did. I felt his hand come down several times on my already sore ass, making the angry red welts hurt even more exquisitely. He then reached down and slipped the vibrator from my pussy, slipping down further to caress me for just a second before moving away. Then I felt his soft tongue touch my rosebud, making me slick and wet. Just as I was beginning to get almost too excited, his tongue moved away and was replace by the tip of a well lubed butt-plug as he began to ease it into my tight hole. My master had never penetrated me like this before. As he was slipping it all the way in my master reached down and shoved two fingers deep into my pussy. I longed to cum right then but didn't, knowing I would be severely punished for disobeying my master like that. My master moved away and I could hear him repositioning himself behind me, although I could not feel him, yet. I was beginning to adjust to the feeling of fullness in my ass. All at once I felt him pressing against me, slipping his cock over my pussy, rubbing up against my clit for just a moment, then I felt him enter me in one quick thrust, suddenly plunging all the way into me. I felt as though I would certainly explode, any moment, from this feeling.

"What a good slave girl you are, bucking up against me like that. You may cum, but only once for now. You need not be silent." "Yes Master" I uttered and with that I began to cum in great tidal waves, sweeping through me with the motion of his thrusts, till I was screaming and chewing on the pillow to control myself. My master slowed down, rocking just slightly inside of me, letting me regain my composure a bit. As by breathing started to slow he sped up again, building till I was about to cum again, then slowing again as he reached down to pinch my nipples and rub my clit for a moment. I moaned loudly and began to buck violently against him, knowing that he would not punish me now. My master was going to cum any second now and would expect me to cum with him. My pussy tightened around him as I began to cum, knowing that his movements meant that he was about to explode.

"AAARRRGGGHHH" he shouted as he grabbed my hips and pounded into me, then collapsed atop me, panting and heaving, in the grip of an amazing orgasm.

Still inside me, my master reached up and unclasped my hands, bringing my now limp figure into a soothing bear hug. We were still rocking slightly, still pulsing with aftershocks as he pulled out and turned me around to face him, removing the butt-plug from my ass. He gives me a warm smile as I say..."Cigarette?"


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