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by Softly

John Mitchell tried to study, but his mind was on his plans to ask Martha Van Horn out for their fifth date, tonight. He pictured her in his mind; how she walked with a cat-like grace. With her long black hair, fine features, and body to kill for; five foot seven, and one hundred and twenty two pounds, she was one hell of a sexy creature. When she walked towards you, the years of dance lessons showed in the poised strut. Damn, he got hot just thinking about being with her and smelling that perfume she wore.

Four PM, time to call. "Hi, Martha, John. Calling you about setting a time for our date tonight."

Martha; "John, I don't want to ever see you again, good bye." The phone went dead. John stared at the instrument in his hand.

Some guys would have lost it, but not John. He knew that he was good goods. As a straight A student and forward on the basketball team, and good looking, he had proven to himself and a lot of others that he was a "hunk," as the girls would say. His disciplined mind told him instantly that this rude put off came because of some reason that was not part of his relationship with Martha.

Two weeks later he happened to see Martha crossing the Harvard commons with a guy. As they walked by, he told his friend Royce Pollard what had happened between he and Martha. Royce said, "Repeat that line to me again."

John, "John, I don't want to ever see you again, good bye."

"Well, good buddy," Royce said, "She used that exact same line to tell Al Maynard that he was history, too. In fact it was after their fourth date."

Royce then told John that his sister was a friend of Martha's roommate. As they parted, Royce said that he would check it out.

At a party at the "Dunster House," a residence hall in Harvard commons, Royce came up to John and said, "Hey Buddy, I've got the whole story. Your girl, Martha, is under the thumb of her Mamma. When she sees a guy more then once, she gives the folks the guy's name, home address, parents name, and what she knows of his major and marks. Martha's dad is the president of a local bank in White Plains, New York. The old guy runs a complete credit check and background check on the new boyfriend. If he is not "solid gold" financially, Martha's Mom calls and tell her to cut the guy off."

John shook his head and murmured, "A whole family of ass holes."

Royce, "You bet, no consideration at all for the guy's feelings."

"Somebody should fix their ass," John said, as he handed Royce another drink. They clicked their glasses to that.

John's high school chum, Bud Allen, a wild ass kid, now a senior at MIT, sat at his desk listening to John's story. A smile played at the corner of his lips, as he inquired of John, just how bad did he want to "get" the Van Horns.

John gazed at Bud, and thought a moment before answering, knowing full well the reputation of the MIT boys for successful elaborate pranks. "I will go along with anything that you can think of," John finally said.

Martha Van Horn begin to hear about an extremely handsome French boy that was picking up his dates in a limo. She finally saw him. "Gawd, he is hot," crossed her mind as she walked towards the door to get a better look. Approaching a girl that had chatted with the boy and his date, she inquired, "Who is that?"

The girl, who was part of the prank, and in the past had a boy stolen by Martha, said, "Oh, that is Philip Contray. I'm sure you have heard of his family. They are the largest shareholders in British Petroleum." As she walked away, she tossed back over her shoulder that he was in the phone book.

"Our" Philip received a phone call the following afternoon. After introducing herself, Martha said that she had seen him and wondered if they could meet. They met at five, and the meeting continued into a full date. Martha was dancing on a cloud when she returned to her dorm. Even though it was late, she called her mother with the information so that she could begin to check out of her new date. Martha was sure that she had found the man for her to marry, who would support her in the fashion she and her mother had discussed.

Yes, there is a Philip Contray at MIT. Yes, he is an excellent student. Yes, his father is "that" Contray. And, yes, they own 1, 763,000 shares of BP, plus 1,897, 975 shares of Exxon. Lord knows what else.

Martha's mother phoned her with the instructions to; "get that boy to the alter."

"Our" Philip had a very interesting next date with Martha. They had just left the curb for the ride to Boston Commons when he felt her hand begin to lower his pants zipper. As she gentle begin to rub his cock, her lips kissed him on the mouth. When his erection was up and bobbing with his pulse, she lowered her mouth to the end of it and begin to lick his cock. Philip slid down in the seat a few inches so she had better access to his cock. After a few minutes if licking, she begin to take more and more of it into her mouth. The pleasure was intense, and then he could feel his balls tighten for the explosion of cum that fired into her mouth. Just as it jetted out, he pushed her head further onto his member so that it went down her throat.

Philip spoke into the intercom to instruct the driver to take them to the "Holiday Inn," just off route 128 in Lawrence. He wasted no time in disrobing Martha when they got to their room. His mouth was on her unused breasts. He wondered if she was still a virgin. Well experience in foreplay, he begin the caressing and rubbing that experience had taught him would bring a woman to that state where she begged for him to put his throbbing cock into her pulsing, vagina.

There was no doubt that Martha was new to this "play." Saving herself for her man of wealth, left no time or room in her life for sexual pleasure with "just a guy." She was not ready for each new stimuli. Philip wondered if she was on the pill? Her legs were now open. As his mouth found her clitoris, a moan escaped her lips. "Oohhhoo, Ohooooohhooo." His tongue explored her love tunnel, as her hips begin to thrust up and she squirmed in anticipation of what was to come.

Philip's cock was bobbing between his legs as a "hung man's" cock will. He brought it to her cunt lips and eased it into her. As he thrust it by the opening, she gasped and held him tight, telling him, "be gentle, this is my first time!"

Philip smiled to himself, knowing the reaction of the conspirators when he told them that he deflowered her. He was ready. His cock was ready. He pushed it into Martha with passion. No reason to go slow. He would fuck her several times tonight. He was sure that she would fuck him as long as he wanted it. And want it he did.

His shaft buried itself again and again in her love tunnel. She begin to loose her tenseness, and then she moaned again," Oohhooo, Ohoooo, Yesssssss." Martha suddenly cum with a ," Yess, Yesssssss." She was planting wet kisses on Philip's neck and mouth. "Though this is all for money, she sure is enjoying herself," Philip thought, as his load of cum was spurting, deep into her cunt.

After some wine, and crackers, Philip's cock again sprang to life. Slowly rising, throb by throb. Martha took it in her hand and examined it. Looking into Philip's eyes, she took half of it into her mouth again. He let her suck for a few minutes, but them rolled her onto her hands and knees. With her chest flat on the bed, but her ass in the air, he stuck his lubricated finger in her ass. To her complaints, he countered that all French woman know that they are to be fucked in the ass by their man.

Martha's mother had not covered this subject, that was sure. Martha was to get this man to the alter, so she stayed still as his cock slowly inched its way into her ass. When the lubrication had allowed full penetration, Philip fucked her hard and deep. Just as he pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her ass, her felt her tighten up as she cum herself. "Quite a night for this ass holes," Philip thought. "I wonder how much she will tell Mom about this?"

Their first date was in February. By May, they were regulars at the "Holiday." Philip was fucking her three or four times a week.

Hints about getting married, begin to be cast about on every date. Finally, after a long Friday night of fucking this beautiful woman, Philip ask if she would marry him. He presented her with a gaudy "diamond" ring, which had cost $132.00 at Wall Mart. Of course, she accepted.

The date was set for the twenty eight day of July in White Plains. It was to be, of course, "The" social event of the summer in that snob infested suburbia. Philip insisted that he was to pick out all the men in the ceremony, while she could pick out all the bridesmaids.

On July fourth, Philip took Martha to a party in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. There were four couples there and another ten single guys. By now, Martha was very sure of her capture, and allowed herself to party hard. As she had done before, she got drunk. Finally, the other three couples left.

Martha was carried to the bed. Philip begin to kiss her and fondle her tits. She could feel her slacks and panties being removed. A mouth was on her cunt, but Philip was still kissing her. Philip moved his body at right angle to hers and as her legs were spread a cock was placed at her cunt and begin to enter her. Martha tried to shift herself, but the cock was now buried into her pussy and as Philip moved away from her this other man begin to fuck her with deep strokes.

She should have complained. Well, she would have, but well, Ohoo, it felt soo good. She could see a smiling Philip, and then she closed her eyes as her first orgasm of the evening washed over her. She just had to push her ass to meet the thrusts. She was fucking this stranger.

As he rolled off, Martha looked at Philip, who was sitting in a chair watching as the next man climbed between her legs. "Is this all right with you?" she said as a new thick cock plunged deep into her pussy. "French women expect this," Philip said as the cock made slurping sounds in her cum filled pussy. This cock was bigger then the last, bigger then Philip's. Martha grabbed the man's ass and pulled him to her so that all his rod was extending her cunt, as never before. Her head shook from side to side and she wailed out; Oh, yes, Oh, I love to fuck!" All ten men fucked her.

It could be said that fucking her was a return on an investment, of sorts.

The twenty eight of July was a perfect day. The Van Horns were a little miffed that their only contact with Mr. and Mrs. Contray was through Mr. Contray's secretary. It had been explained that the Contrays were traveling in Europe, and would arrive a few hours before the wedding.

"Maybe it is just as well. there will be more room for our three hundred guests," was Mrs. Van Horn's reaction when Martha told her that Philip had said that all his relatives were in France, and unable to attend the wedding.

Mrs. Van Horn had spared no expense. The church was bedecked with flowers. Three hundred formally dressed pompous wealthy snobs were seated in the church.

At exactly ten AM, the organ started the wedding march. The groom, best man, and ushers all lined up on the right side of the alter. The bridesmaids all paraded in and lined up on the left side.

Martha was beautiful, and not showing her three month pregnancy condition, as she walked arm and arm with Mr. Van Horn down the center aisle. When they were half way to the alter, the groom, best man, and the ushers all turned and walked out of the church to a waiting limo.

On the church lawn there was a sign which read:
Bride for sale
Well Fucked
Baby in oven
Very expensive

"Our" Philip returned to MIT to continue his education as Donald Adams.

The real Philip Contray, a pleasant young man, who is 5' 6" tall and who weighs all of 145 pounds stood with his mouth open in amazement when an irate Mrs. Van Horn tried to tell him that, "you can't be Philip Contray?"

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