The Best Erotic Stories.

by Jane T. Rolly


The characters in the following story are real; I am one, the other is a mature gentleman that started corresponding with me, after he read my narrative "Sunrise My Darling". Enjoying his letters immensely led me to the inspiration to write the ensuing tale. What takes place is only a flight of fiction, using real people and places, although I have woven many of my own facts into the story. I would like to thank my e-mail partner "Bill" at this time for kind use of his character (Bill, being his true first name -- has granted me written permission allowing the use). Somewhere in the story I will give a small hint to who he is, so those of you who are amateur sleuths pay attention.

Once again I will be writing mostly about myself - and who else do I know better. Rather than constructing a fictional personal backdrop I will use my real background. Most facts about Bill are correct, with the exception that I will not describe him as he is, in order to preserve his privacy. With my first work, you read about the true account of my sexual relationship with my uncle. Now I will be revealing a rich array of my sexual fantasies. Please note because I did choose to use myself and Bill as the characters, this is only a fantasy and I am not in anyway licentious. I will be honest though and admit that I enjoyed sharing my desires and I do enjoy Bill (hi Bill). There will be no deep philosophical messages in my text, so sit back, leave your world for a while and enjoy.



To all the lonely older men that have learned of loving and caring from a life time of experience and now have no one.

San Diego

As the pitch of the aircraft turbines dropped, I awoke from my short nap and realized we were descending into Lindbergh Field.

Shannon turned to me looking excited, "Here we go, Jane."

It was the first work break in months for the two of us and we both readily signed up to attend the medical trade show -- three days of nursing displays and seminars. We had been given time off work to attend, and I had decided to take my three weeks vacation right after to go on to Hawaii and visit with my family. I need the break badly. After the show, Shannon was off to San Francisco to meet with her boyfriend and drive back together to Seattle.

We had booked a rather expensive hotel and split the cost. This had been my idea, preferring an expensive up scale large chain hotel for better security and safety. The plane turned in a wide banked and I could see the Pacific stretched out endlessly westward, the sunset shimmering golden off the water. Home is somewhere that way I idly thought.

I was excited for more than the break and attending the show. Several weeks ago when planning our trip I had e-mailed my best Internet friend, Bill, informing him that we would be down and I would collect on the lunch he promised me. E-mails screamed back and forth between us as we chatted about details and more. Bill had virtually swept me off my feet a year ago with several very detailed and compassionate letters. The two of us continued our communication until it had grown into a warm relationship. Pictures had been exchanged and we had settle into a weekly routine of close letters. We were always there for each other. The anonymity of e-mail and the distance had had the reverse effect and brought us closer and Bill started to know everything about me. He was thirty two years my senior and I told him details about myself that only my doctor or therapist (if I had one) may have known. Yes, we were close and yet had never met.

With a solid thump, the big aircraft tires hit the concrete. Shannon, grabbed my hand and looked relieved - she was a very nervous flier. Funny how she could be cool as ever in the ER around the worst cases, but bothered by this. Both of us were junior nurses in the ER and had trained together. You could say we had become very good friends, but I had not told her about my secret Internet life and Bill.

Disembarking, we worked our way through the terminal and picked up our luggage.

"OK, Shannon, lets catch a cab downtown to our hotel," I suggested. As I started to walk towards the line of waiting cabs to pick up the first one, Shannon pulled on my arm.

"Wait, Jane, I don't like the looks of that first driver, let's take the third one down," she cautioned.

I looked at the line and the drivers and I asked, "How can you tell, Shannon, they all look alike to me?" She was insistent and we took the third cab much to the annoyance of the first cabby.

During the ride I informed Shannon about wanting to meet my friend Bill. Truthfully I told her I had met him on the Internet.

"Jane is that safe?" she questioned.

"Yes Shannon, he's an older man and a kind and gentle person," I replied.

"But you have never met him in person Jane?" she continued.

"Shannon, trust me, it's OK, plus all we are going to do is meet for lunch. I tell you what, since your being a mother hen, you can come along," I consoled her.

"You don't mind me joining you, Jane... Really?" she asked.

"Shannon, it's not a problem, and it will be fun. Besides you'll like Bill, and really we are just great friends. Plus if it will make you feel better, mother hen, OK." We both laughed, starting to relax a bit.

The cab pulled up and dropped us at the brightly lit, huge hotel lobby. A young doorman greeted us and ran a dolly around to pick up our bags. Shannon was all smiles to him, and flirted lightly.

Checking in, we headed to our room and unpacked our clothing. Shannon had the Med. show programs out with the times of the seminars we wanted to attend and was studying them closely.

"Shannon how about tomorrow just after one for lunch with Bill?" I checked.

"Well we only have the morning seminar and I thought we could walk around looking at the booth displays in the afternoon, but sure lunch would be great. Where are you thinking of going Jane?" she wondered.

"Let's meet him here in the hotel restaurant. It has a nice look to it and, well, maybe I am a little nervous after all," I replied with hesitation.

"Sounds OK," Shannon replied, seeing I wasn't so confident any more.

Somehow I felt better with her endorsement. I knew Bill would never hurt me, but anticipation can make you worry about anything. Nervously I picked up the phone and called the number I had so carefully copied down. The number rang four or five times and I was about to hang up when I heard the pick up.

"Hello," the deep voice greeted.

"Bill, hi it's Jane, I'm in San Diego," I stammered.

"Jane! Hello, Jane! Thank you for calling," came the very friendly reply. "How are you? How was the flight? Jane, your voice sounds great, just like I imagined."

"Thanks, Bill, I don't know where to begin, but how about lunch tomorrow?" I replied apprehensively.

"Lunch would be great, Jane, I will meet where ever you like, or I can suggest a very public place."

"Actually Bill, would it be all right if I brought my friend Shannon along? She is another nurse I work with," I inquired trying to sound polite.

"Of course Jane, I insist she joins us. It's my privilege to have lunch with the two of you - on my card of course."

Yes, this was the Bill I knew. I could feel his personality and it was so strange. The personality that was on e-mail was alive and dynamic. Here he was kind, caring and alive. We set the time and place and said good night.

It had been along day and I needed a shower and bed. Shannon read for a while and I wondered about tomorrow as I drifted off to a fine sleep between the cool clean sheets. The air conditioning hummed peacefully and contentedly away under the window, cooling our room and lulling us into dream-land.

The first morning seminar was interesting and both of us took light notes on the handouts provided. My mind was not fully on the program and I drifted off several times thinking of lunch. I'm not sure why it was so important to me - after all it was only a lunch.

We broke from the talk and Shannon turned to me and said, "Well, let's go meet your friend."

I had butterflies and just nodded.

We where about fifteen minutes early and sat drinking tea together.

"Jane, you seem a little apprehensive about meeting Bill," Shannon noted with female intuition.

"A little Shannon," I admitted. "He is a bit of a special person to me."

"And you have never met him," she probed.

I didn't offer any more information -- I couldn't. I didn't know how. Shannon did not know that I had had a relationship with my uncle and or much of my personal history; Bill did. He was special to me and that idea I could not explain easily.

I heard a voice call, "Jane," and I look over towards the host's reception area and there he was.

"He's not bad for an older man, Jane," Shannon observed.

I smiled nervously at her and stood as Bill approached. His eyes were bright, and he was trim. His hair was still fairly thick but fading to a dark gray. It was short in a clean military cut. His dress was smart and appropriate.

"Jane, hello," he greeted and took my hand and held it.

"Hi, Bill, this is Shannon, the friend I mentioned... we work together," I stated, trying to deflect some of the attention off myself.

"Hi, Shannon, very nice to meet you," Bill offered.

He definitely was sincere and friendly. I was comfortable with him from the start. We lunched together and chatted about many different light topics. Bill did not pepper me with questions and avoided any private discussions. It was a bit strange; here was someone I had been intimate with in writing and yet we did not touch any more than the immediate situation. I was worried about some topics coming up in front of Shannon. Bill was great. He knew, and was not slow or deficient with his words... a true gentleman.

Lunch ended and Bill sat back and chatted with us for a while, then asked, "Would you like to see a little of San Diego, ladies?"

A natural pause came to the table.

I thought for a moment and replied, "Yes, Bill that would be nice." My eyes connected with Shannon and she understood.

She responded, "Jane, I think I would like to catch the afternoon seminar."

We both knew that there wasn't one.

"Sure Shannon," I replied.

At this moment, Shannon turned to Bill and asked, "Will you take care of her?"

I almost died, but clamped my mouth shut, uncertain what to say.

Bill smiled, "Shannon I promise. I'll tell you what... " Reaching for his pocket Bill pulled out his wallet. "Shannon, please copy down all my information from my driver's license. You can have my address and here is my phone number."

It was the same number I called him at.

"I will also have Jane call you and this afternoon and leave a message," he continued.

I sat still through this exchange and bit my tongue. I didn't know whether to be mad or grateful to Shannon. I decide she really was taking care of me. I left with Bill and headed out the door.

"Bill, I'm sorry, Shannon is just worried about me that's all," I explained.

Bill smiled at me. "Jane, I'm happy she asked, and that I could take you with me without any worries. She is right, we are in an odd position here."

I smiled back. I liked Bill. He was the man I thought he would be. He had the same personality as in his letters. Oddly and because of me, we never did talk on the telephone. I did not want to. I wanted to know Bill though letters and writing because this was a unique experience to me. Our first ten minutes together was a bit awkward, neither one of us knew where to start. Yes, it was awkward, but there was something I could feel -- something I understood and had felt before. Breaking the silence, Bill asked if I would like to visit Sea World. I agreed and off we went.

"Bill could you park several blocks away? I need to walk with you a little," I requested.

"Not a problem Jane," I understand.

We left the car and walked.

"Bill thank you for being discreet at lunch with Shannon. She doesn't know much about you or my past or how our friendship started," I noted to him.

"I wasn't sure Jane, so I did not say anything out of concern that it may embarrass you." he added somewhat fatherly.

"Thanks Bill," I smiled back. "I can't believe we are here together."

"You are well... great, Jane. I don't know you, yet I know you like a daughter. What do we do here? I would like to spend as much time together as you care to give me. I have pages of discussion to review with you and I can't think of any of it now. And, Jane, you are so pretty, you make me nervous."

I blushed and smiled at the compliment.

I thought about his words for a minute and then looped my arm though his and said, "How about we start at Sea World and the beginning."

Bill broke out in a huge smile and the tension melted between us. Words came like an easy rain, cool and refreshing. We connected and communicated. Sea World was splendid. Bill knew much about the undersea world and we chatted about fish, shrimps, sharks and sea anemones. The stress of the last few months was lifting off my shoulders. Bill was like a rejuvenation tonic to me. We spent dinner together and walked in a beautiful park. Our conversation deepened and became intimate. Bill stopped and pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. I felt a bit neglected, but was patient.

He carefully handed me the phone and said, "Our call to Shannon I promised her, Jane."

I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I told Shannon I was OK and would be back in an hour or so. My eyes locked to Bill's and I knew this man. There was no questioning that now.

Bill dropped me off and I promised to call him the next day. When I came in the door Shannon was in bed and watching TV.

"How was it Jane? I thought you would be back an hour or so ago?" she questioned.

"It was fabulous Shannon, sorry for the late call, but we really connected," I answered.

Shannon smiled and went back to her show. I loved her. She was considerate and didn't pry. The next day I called Bill and told him I was free after ten in the morning. He agreed to pick me up at the front lobby. Shannon asked if I was going to see any of the displays. I begged her forgiveness and she smiled and told me it was OK, one of her old class mates was at the show in Medical sales and had invited her to go for dinner.

The Comfort of Love

Bill was right on time for our meeting the next day. He asked if I would like to go to the zoo with his granddaughter and I jumped at the chance to met her. I knew she was only four years old and very cute from the pictures he sent me.

We visited the zoo and had a great time. Bill's granddaughter was adorable.

At one point she said, "pee-pee, Grandpa," and I watched as Bill started her heading towards the men's room. I stopped him and took her to the women's washroom. I gave him my, 'I'm a nurse,' look as he started to say he would do it. Smiling, I told him us girls always pee together anyway (or at least men always like to think so).

After dropping her off with her parents, he invited me to his home mentioning it was only a few blocks away. I hesitated, being a single girl one never looses that deep guard. Bill caught it immediately. He popped out the cell phone and called the hotel number. He passed me his phone once again as the lobby clerk answered. Bill requested I leave a message for Shannon, where I was going and for how long. I quickly complied.

Bill's home was immaculate and well kept. The front yard was lovely and I could see someone who likes gardening and had the time. Going inside I could see the military man at work. Everything was polished and in its place.

"Bill," I quizzed, "How long has your wife been gone?" I knew it was many years but not how many.

"It's been four years Jane"

Satisfying my womanly curiosity I peeked around as Bill fixed us some juice to drink. I looked into the bedrooms and the house was spotlessly clean. One room had a large desk in it and what appeared to be several pieces of complicated electronic equipment. I wandered in.

"Bill, what is an oscilloscope?" I quizzed loudly from the room.

Bill replied from the kitchen, "It's a piece of electronics measuring equipment, dear."

"What does it do?" I continued.

"Measures amplitude varying signals in the time domain, Jane."

I knew I shouldn't have asked. It looked like an old style heart monitor to me. Continuing the tour we walked out on the back porch and I could see several flower beds unfinished in different parts of the big yard.

"Bill, what are you going to plant in those beds?" I queried. Yes, I was curious about everything.

"Haven't planned anything yet Jane. Do you like gardening?" he asked.

"Yes, love it," I promptly responded.

"Let's go look," he suggested.

Being female I took the initiative and started helping him plan.

"I think I would like to see Daylilies here in the sunny area. Yes, that would look good with pink and white Daylilies. Then we could put geraniums over there," I said, motioning with my finger.

Bill laughed and said he had just bought the geraniums. One thing lead to another, and we spent the next hour turning up the beds together. Bill drove me back to the hotel that evening tired and very happy.

Shannon was not in yet, but was still out for dinner. I jumped into the shower and afterwards wrapped in fresh towels lying on the bed, phoned Bill.

We talked for the next hour and Shannon had come in and was just finishing her shower when I hung up.

"Shannon, I have decide to stay in San Diego for a few more days after tomorrow." She nodded and asked if it was Bill. I answered honestly, "Yes." I told her I was involved in a gardening project and he had offered to put me up for a few days. She did not lecture. She heard the tone in my voice and just asked me to call her in a week or so to let her know I was OK. I agreed and reminded her I was going straight on to Hawaii and my parents afterwards. I then called to rebook my flight and then climbed into bed happy and very sleepy.

I spent the next morning with Shannon, then we checked out that afternoon. I hugged Shannon goodbye and I waited for Bill to come. A few minutes later he pulled up and off I went home with him.

We worked in the garden more, that late afternoon, Bill having been busy picking up plants all day. Later, after cleaning up he took me out for a splendid dinner at a Mexican restaurant around San Diego's Old Town area. Bill was fun to be with. We continued to become more comfortable and accustomed to each other.

I slept in the spare bedroom that night and had a fabulously restful sleep.

In The Garden

Waking up early the next morning, we jogged several miles, and then had a light breakfast before starting our gardening work. We worked the soil together digging, lifting and turning. The yard was quiet, with only the chirping of the birds and I focused with a purposeful singularity on the job. A work out I needed -- to be lost in nature, to forget the past and future for a time. The smell of the fresh earth brought me back to my early adolescence and my love for gardening in Hawaii. Bill hauled the new soil in and I shoveled, my hair tied back in a bandanna. I caught his eyes watching me several times and I smiled back, once with the flutter of my eyebrows. A warm morning sun built too hot and we stopped after an hour of labor and sat on the back porch steps drinking water.

"Jane, are you going to be charging me for all this hard work?" Bill quizzed jokingly.

"Yeah, I'll be sending you my invoice Hon," I teased back.

I slid my hand over to the inside of his leg just below his shorts and gently touched him. I felt his slide arm around my waist and we sat quietly for a moment enjoying each other's touch.

"Why am I always at a loss for words with you Jane?" he said rather honestly.

"Bill, you don't need to say anything to me. I can feel it too," I observed.

My head drifted to his shoulder and I closed my eyes in safe relaxation as I touched his shoulder. I let my thoughts wander as I rested and thought about him. It was a warm kind feeling, the start of a gentle love.

Sitting up, I stretched. "Well, back to work we go. Lets get this bed finished today," I stated with determination.

We shoveled, moved and turned more soil. Bill hauled in the plants and I freed them from the pots and planted them.

Hearing a banging on the fence I looked over and there was the most adorable little face peeking at me through the missing board.

"Hi, there!" I greeted. "What's your name?"

"Jessica," the little girl answered in slow little girl fashion.

She was a sweet as could be and must have been all of five.

"My Daddy is a policeman," she informed me.

"Oh," I answered sounding most impressed.

"Do you want to see my little brother?" she continued.

"Sure do," I replied back.

Standing and looking over the tall fence I found the mother, just as Bill came around the corner of the porch supporting a new wheel barrow full of plants.

"Hi, I just met your daughter," I called out to the woman.

"Hello," the mother greeted me back.

"Are you a friend of Bill's?"

"Yes, I'm visiting for a while."

Bill now came over, "I see you have discovered little Jessica."

"More the other way around," I smiled.

Bill looking at his neighbor, introduced us. "Paula, meet Jane, she's in from the Seattle area for a week or so."

"Hi, Jane, good to meet you," she replied and we smiled at each other.

I could see Paula's curiosity was up and she asked me how I knew Bill. I was a bit coy and told her we had known each other for about a year and had been involved in some Internet communication. She seemed to be satisfied that with that. Mentioning that I was employed as a nurse seemed to make her very content -- I was now a normal trustworthy person in her eyes.

Bill chatted a bit with her about our garden project and she totally relaxed and accepted me.

Looking intent for a moment, Paula asked, "Bill, would you and Jane, like to come over for an early barbecue dinner this evening with us?"

Bill looked at me and I quickly responded "Sure, we would love to."

We worked until about three PM and finished one side of the yard and two full beds. Standing beside me Bill was covered in dirt and sweat.

"Jane, this is the hardest I have worked on my backyard in years," he noted. I reached out and held his big hand, moving a bit closer to him.

"Well it was over due, my dear," I teased him lightly.

Smiling he responded, "Let's go get washed up. Paula, will be calling for us for dinner soon."

I showered first while Bill cleaned up the tools and walkways. I dressed in light shorts and a comfortable tank top. The shower felt good and I let it pulsate off my back and then my breasts.

Bill came in, heading to the shower as I was sitting in the kitchen toweling off my hair.

"Feeling better?" he checked. I nodded and smirked back at him.

Walking in to the bathroom, he called back, "Jane, how can I shower with all this women's gear hanging up."

Rushing back into the bathroom I realized I had forgotten to take my underwear down.

"Bill, you're not used to having a woman around are you?" I pointed out. I guess I had left my clothing around and made myself comfortable. I hugged him around the waist, then scurried off to finish getting ready.

We walked around to Paula's front door and let ourselves in. She was in the kitchen and I helped out doing the salad as she worked on marinating several very nice cuts of steak. Little Jessica assisted by talking plastic cups to the backyard one at a time. Paula left the kitchen to carry out salad dressing and other items, when I heard the front door open and close.

This was followed by "Paula, I'm home," from an unseen husband.

I called out, "Hello."

I rather handsome policeman came though the door replying, "Well, hello, and who is this new wife in my house."

I giggled and reached over and shook hands, "I'm Jane, a friend of Bill's next door."

"Well, hello, Jane, I'm Tony the cop next door to Bill," he said with a big grin.

I immediately liked him and responded, "Well, Tony, after you are changed, the new wife would like you to light the barbecue."

He laughed and said, "Right away Ma'am," then headed up the stairs to change.

The dinner was delicious and the company refreshing.

After dinner the four of us sat together enjoying a glass of wine and watching Jessica play. Bill, who was drinking a beer, headed in to use the washroom.

Tony leaned over to me and mentioned, "Jane, good to see you here. You know, Bill has not had a woman to his house in years."

Tony was not dumb and he understood there was something between Bill and me.

I thought for a moment and just nodded back, "Thanks, Tony."

Paula and I started to clean up and I helped put the kids to bed as Bill and Tony chatted outside. Finishing the clean up we joined the guys for a second glass of wine.

Tony broke out the lawn darts and we played like a bunch of kids till after dark. Funny how the simplest things can be fun in a group and how adults can forget play in their lives.

Hours later and well into darkness we thanked them and said good night. It was such a lovely night I asked Bill to walk with me for a while around the neighborhood. I enjoyed the pleasure of having a man to walk with and not to worry. Being a single girl, I rarely walk at night for enjoyment and do miss walking whenever I wanted. Now I had Bill beside me and I reached for his hand as we strolled.

That evening I didn't fall asleep immediately and kept thinking of Bill and what was happening with us. I felt safe and loved here and Bill was comfortable to be around. There was something else keeping me awake. I could feel myself in desire. I very quietly rubbed my breasts and softly squeezed my legs together. Yes, I was needing attention and satisfaction. It was then I heard Bill getting up to go to the bathroom. Lying back my concentration was broken and I didn't want to get caught masturbating -so gently I drifted off to sleep.

The First Touches

Next day Bill took me on a naval base tour and we visited several ships. I had to sign on and off the base and Bill was familiar with many of the men there. It was all very interesting.

Later we went for a late lunch and had a large meal. I was having so much fun and enjoyed every minute with Bill. Leaving the restaurant after our lunch I couldn't help but to grab his hand and hold it tight. My feelings for him had blossomed and I was in love again.

A beautiful warm evening descended on the city and Bill and I sat in on the back porch breathing the fresh air and bathing in each other's interest and attentions. We sat side by side and my head went to his shoulder as he slipped an arm around me. I shivered slightly and he snuggled me tight. We did not talk and yet communications flowed between us. My eyes searched his face and I slowly rubbed my nose against his neck. It was time and Bill turned and brushed my lips with a soft kiss. Both of us were like school kids again. Ours eyes met and stayed together. With trembling emotions we again touched lips and kissed fully. I held him tight and let him know I was in love.

We sat quietly enjoying the new feelings and the new love.

Sensitively Bill turned to me and said, "Thank you Jane."

I innocently replied back, "Thank you Bill," with a little girl look.

Growing a bit tired I was thinking of a shower and a quiet night. I mentioned to Bill I was going to head in and wash up. It had been a long day with much walking and activities.

I went in and slipped into my Kimono and readied my next days' clothing as Bill stayed out and enjoyed the evening. I started the kettle going in the kitchen for a cup of tea. Being somewhat full from the late lunch, I thought a cup a tea would hit the spot. Bill came in and sat down and I moved over to him and placed my arms around his neck and hugged him. There was definitely a feeling of love in the air, but it was a peaceful warm love of two lonely people.

Bill looked up to me and said, "I have a request dear." He paused for a moment and looked a bit mischievous. "Well Jane, I was wondering if you would read 'Sunrise My Darling' to me so I could keep a voice original from the author," he asked earnestly.

I knew Bill was a big fan of my story and had mentioned it several times in our first e-mails. He had even proofread it for me.

I broke out in a big smile and replied, "Of course."

It was the least I could do for all his kindness and generosity. He pointed me to the back room with all the electronic gear and the big oak desk. Bill, powered up an expensive looking cassette tape recorder and handed me a cordless microphone.

Sitting up on the desk I took the mic in hand and started to read. Bill sat in the comfortable office chair in front of me. My kimono was closed and covered me to my ankles.

"Bill, do you want me to read the foreword also?" I questioned.

"Please, I would like the complete story," he replied.

"OK," I answered with a bit of trepidation. "But then I get the shower first," I added smiling.

I started to read slowly, and with character I read my own words. For comfort I put my feet up on to the edge of Bill's chair trapping him in it.

Occasionally I looked up and our eyes flashed at each other. It was a very warm evening and I could hear the muffled sounds of the residential street outside though the window on the other side of the room -- children shouting in play, a late evening lawn mower in the distance. But Bill's attention was focused on me completely. My reading slowed slightly and I started to watch him more. He looked so relaxed and serene as he listened to my words. Our eyes ran together and with my toe I tickled his side. He caught my foot and rubbed it. Gently I snaked my other foot around him and pulled him and the chair closer. My pulse increased as I read on, more and more our eye contact increased. I started the section where my uncle held my breasts and the emotional temperature in the room jumped.

Bill was intently focused on me now. I passed the section where my beasts were bared and sucked. I rubbed Bill with my foot slightly more. Gradually the story brought us together. As I read the description of how my bathing suit bottom was slowly removed and my vagina licked, sexual tension filled the room. Bill was breathing hard and staring at me with wide eyes. The intimate sexual description flowed from me and I now became aroused. Pulling on Bill's chair with my feet, my legs opened and my kimono parted slightly. Describing how I moaned with my uncles tongue snaking and pulling at my vulva, Bill hands went up and held my bare knees. Casually, he started to caress me. I covered the section where my anus was licked and I could hear his breathing increase. On I read, as Bill massaged my lower legs. He reached down and opened a drawer and pulled out what looked like a small square piece of fur. Monetarily distracted I smiled at him as my eyes curiously probed the pelt. The heat and tension in the room were extreme. I continued on with the story. Gently Bill started to rub the lower inside of my leg with the piece of fur... oh, it was so soft and felt so good.

As I described holding and feeling my uncle's penis, Bill worked his way up the inside of my knee. Perceptibly and almost unconsciously I opened for him. My erotic words filled the room as I described how my virginal sex organs were pierced. Bill massaged the fur up to my crotch teasing the sensitive inside of my thigh. I opened my legs wide and words trembled off my lips. Tenderly Bill teased me around my crotch as my horniness increased. He touched me on the outside of my panties and my words broke. Trembling I fought to keep control and continue. I read on with a nervous shudder and deliberately raised my legs up, placing my feet on the arms of the chair. Once again Bill brushed my vagina and this time my bum started to wiggle in and out. I was going into heat here and now and could not stop it. I read to the part where my uncle was thrusting into my young womanhood and stopped. My eyes were on Bill and my breathing deep and powerful. With a delicate touch Bill leaned forward and kissed the inside of thigh well towards my sex. This was my sensitive area and I quivered in response.

Bending my head down to him, I whisper in his ear, "Oh Bill honey, I'm not fresh."

"Just the way I want you, girl," he soothed me.

I knew I was fragrant from the walking we had done in the afternoon heat. I could smell my own feminine aroma coming out, so I could only image that it filled Bill's male nose. Kissing me again next to my panty edge I could tell he was smelling me. This started to excite me as I watched him from just above, wafting in my scent. He licked the inside of my leg almost to the panty line.

"Yessss, you smell so very wonderful," he murmured out.

Gently I felt his nose push against my crotch on the outside of my panties. I trembled and pushed against him. He reached up and pulled my kimono open exposing me with just my white panties and bra on. My hand encircled his head as he rubbed my loins with his nose. I watched in fascination as his tongue came out and began licking at my cotton covered crotch. I couldn't stand it any more and started to oscillate to his touches and I could feel my wetness start. His big hands ran up the outside of my legs to the top waist elastics of my bikini panties. He slowly rolled them down. My breathing was in rasps as we touched eyes. I knew what was going to happen and lifted my bum. Ever so slowly my panties came down. I was helpless and needed this as I continued to pulsate my groin in and out at him. My hair was now exposed and he watched the show from the front seat. I had lost control now as I sat on his desk while my womanhood was laid bare.

"Oh, Jane, honey you have beautiful lips, Oh, my God," his voice nervous, now had a shudder.

He pulled my underwear over my knees I bought my feet together as he removed them. Gripping my ankle he spread my legs wide. I watch as my vulva was opened to his gaze.

"Now it's my turn to smell you sweetheart. You don't know how I have dreamed about this," stated Bill.

Placing his nose against the inner part of my leg he ran it up to my vagina, ticking me a little as he proceeded. Sweat beaded on my forehead as I looked down and intensely watch him smell me. He started at he top of my lips, gently touching his nose on my black pubic hair. With a rush I heard him draw in the air as he inhaled me. Moving just below my clit he repeated the action.

"Oh, Jane, you smell luscious."

My hands circled the back of his head and I pulled him gently into my sex. Bill's tongue darted out as he tasted his first touch of my wetness. With infinite care he ran his tongue along the vertical edge of my outer lips. My legs trembled at the caresses and the inside center of my labia glistened as I moistened with sexual desire. Bill's artful tongue, washed the edge of my sex organs as he wove though the small black pubic hairs next to the inside hollow of my leg. He had discovered my sensitive spot and I sat mouth breathing with nervous shudders as I looked down. Opening his mouth wide he placed his lips at the inside root of my leg and nibbled and mouthed me as he brought his lips together. My ass rose and I exhaled loudly.

Suddenly he gobbled me, pushing his tongue deep into my vulva and licking upwards. I moaned in extreme delight as he tasted me in my most private spot. My loins pushed out to him and I grasped his head hard.

"More, Bill, please," I begged, like a female Oliver Twist.

He pulled at my pubic hair with his mouth and nuzzled my sex lips with his nose. I heard his rasping breath and the slurping as he sucked and pulled at my swollen wet labia. He slowed and found my pink hood and exposed my erect clitoris. I shook as he ran his tongue over it three or four times in a row. I swallowed in nervous excitement, and my hands trembled as I held his ears.

"Please Bill suck it," I moaned.

Gently he pulled on it with his lips and released. I gasped shaking and quivering all over.

"Again," I panted.

Bill looked up at me and grinned, "As you request my love."

This time he pulled my wet fleshy sex bud into his mouth and held it there. I squirmed and wiggled again in his hold and loved the feeling. Releasing my hard bud, Bill dropped low and licked into my vaginal hole. I reared up my ass in sexual pleasure, moaning several times. Leaning back to give him better access, I knock several books and something else to the floor in the process.

Looking up at me Bill panted out, "Jane you're beautiful between your legs. I love your smell and taste."

"Lick me Bill, lick me," I shot back not believing the words came from my mouth.

I was horny and this was my time.

Bill descended lapping at my opening, "Mhh, your juice is so good, darling."

I felt his tongue enter me and he spread my legs as far as possible and held them there with his big callused hands. "Nice young sweet pussy," I heard him mumble as he licked at the inside walls of my vagina. Wet, juicy sounds filled the room from his tongue and lips. I ground my sex into his face as he orally took me. I groaned on every exhale now and he looked up and noticed.

"That's a good girl, enjoy yourself here."

I watched him eat me with my desire on my face. By reflex my bum cheeks squeezed together at each lash of his tongue on my labia.

"Now hold yourself open for me girl," he softly appealed.

I reached down to comply and he mouthed into my tangle of pubic hair again. I pulled my labia apart and spread myself as he watched on.

"Beautiful, oh just beautiful," he observed.

I pulled my lips to the end of their limit and he ran his tongue up and down the inside them. Stopping just below my clit he located my pee hole and started to work it.

"Mhh, salty aaah, that tastes good," He reported back.

I groaned again in delight and urged him on.

He chuckled, "You like this don't you."

With my eyes half open I submitted, and replied, "Yes."

The desk blotter was soaked in lubrication and saliva.

"More Bill," I kept repeating, as I wiggled my vagina in his face.

Bill placed his hands under my bum and mentioned something about fine wine as he proceeded to eat me. I lay back and bucked and wiggled as he set the pace. I loved the tenderness and care he showed me and responded by displaying my full feminine passions to his view and senses.

Slowing he looked up and asked if I was comfortable. My bum was getting a bit sore so I asked to go to the bedroom. He picked me up and carried me there. I could smell my womanly juices on his face. There I was; a young girl naked from the waist down being carried to this older gentleman's bedroom. I was so vulnerable at this time, but I could also feel the love between us. Bill was a careful and slow lover. I knew he hadn't had a women in years -- possible well before his wife passed away. Now he had me and was as appreciative as could be.

The Release of Love's Desires

Lowering me to his bed he put me on all fours kneeling down. He slid my kimono off and there I was bare with just a bra on. His large callous hands roamed over me, feeling my waist and hips. He rubbed my back and reached around with both hands to cup my covered breasts.

"I can feel your hard nipples honey," he observed.

I just smiled at him and he ran his hands down my tummy in to my loins. His finger searched my labia then ran to my vaginal hole. Pushing my lips apart he searched for the entrance to my body. I tensed as he found it and every so slowly and cautiously pushed in. I held absolutely still and the only sound in the room was our mutual nervous breathing and the soft sound of body sex. He explored me in the most private manner and I gently swayed to his finger. Oh it felt nice as he wiggled his finger deep inside my vagina.

"You're wet and warm and soft my young girl."

I squeezed his finger with my internal muscles.

"Mmh nice," he responded.

Pulling his finger out he started to rub my bum.

Staying on all fours on the bed, I looked forward as Bill rubbed my bare cheeks. Gently he swirled across my bum as he massaged my buttocks. Occasionally he stopped to fondle me and squeeze a side at a time. I was thoroughly relaxed and enjoying the attention.

"Mhh, Jane, you are so soft and I love the flair in your hip," noted Bill.

Reaching over the top of my lower back Bill firmly held my loins. He was facing backward to me and looking over the top at my bum. He continued his rubbing slipping between my cheeks as he explored the top of my bum canyon.

Kissing my cheeks Bill, whispered, "I love your feminine smells Jane."

I sensed him shift slightly above as he fondled me. It was then I felt a splatter on the top of my bum cleft and something warm slowing oozing down. Then a second plop, followed by Bills finger as he carefully shepherded the wad of spit downwards.

"Bill, what's happening back there?" I quizzed rather innocently.

"Shh, relax dear, I'm going to make you feel very good."

With that I buried my head in the pillow and let the feelings come. I felt his finger, gently rubbing the inside of my cheeks at a leisurely pace back and forth, as he made his way down. I shivered from the caresses as Bill massaged me in a most intimate way.

"Oh, Bill, that makes my tummy tingle when you rub my bum like that," I quivered.

"Mmmhh, good, my Love," is all Bill responded with.

As he touched my anus I tensed, but carefully his big finger relaxed me as he delicately traced small rings around my opening.

"Oaahh," I mewed out in pleasure.

Moving his other hand back to my bum he spread my cheeks and opened me up. I felt one more plop of spit and then he pushed into my body. I instinctively started to squeeze my checks together to stop the intruder.

"Relax, honey," Bill repeated, smiling at me.

Wiggling his slippery finger in my back hole he pierced me. I shuddered and I felt myself being spread. Slowly Bill worked his large callused finger into my bum as I stayed still. I had stopped resisting and was now submitting to his unrelenting slow drilling. My breathing was wracked with excited shudders. Sensitively he worked his finger around my rectum as he massaged my insides. Once again Bill reached over me with his free arm and under my vulva with his hand. He pushed his fingers up against my clitoris and gave me gentle but firm pressure. I sighed back and pushed my head deeper into the pillow trying to hide my sexual desires from this man. My body betrayed me as I started to rub and wiggle my womanhood on his fingers. At the same time my bum moved in and out as I was being worked in my anus by his finger. I started to sigh and groan on each exhale. His finger in my rear hole was like a desire thermometer and I could not hide my sexual responses from it.

"It's OK, Jane," he coaxed me on.

I start to pant as I rubbed hard into his fingers. My clit was swollen and on his finger tips. He held me in the most personal way. He worked me, and worked me, as no man ever has. God how did he learn to do this to a woman. My legs failed under me as they slowly spread apart on the bed and my bum sank down as my desire yearned for his fingers.

"Oh, Bill, oh Bill," I moaned out in sexual delight.

Reaching down with both my hands I held his, as he held my vulva. My lubrication dripped all over his fingers and my sex scent filled the bedroom. I know he could smell it, and somehow this excited me more. Looking back I watched him, and he smiled back at me. On my face were my emotions and he knew he had me. I started to push and rock into his fingers in earnest now gasping at every breath. My breaths were long deep puffs and I gasped for more air. Sweat beaded on my back as my body sought sexual fulfillment on his fingers. On and on we went, with him massaging my insides on one side and my clit on the other.

"Come on, Jane, come on," he pushed me

Quivering and grinding on his finger with my clitoris, I worked it. My lower torso twisted as I tried to seek the pleasure from both sides at the same time. No matter which way my bum wiggled I was stimulated simultaneously.

Behind me Bill started to lick the deep lower hollow of my back and my upper cheeks. I moaned in response to the sensory overload of pleasures. His finger in my rectum kept a constant and steady slow pace as he drove me into feminine heat. I then realized he was working me at his pace and different from my natural resonance. He was controlling me slower than my normal rhythm and driving me insane with pleasure. How did he get control of my body like this? Keeping his palm against my clit he slipped a finger in to my vagina and pushed on the front inside wall. Something snapped in me and I couldn't hold back anymore.

I felt the burn of a huge orgasm starting. Tremors shook though my uterus as I built to a climax and I pushed hard on to his hand as he held me. A huge orgasm racked my loins and all dignity left me, as I squealed and cried out. My body shook vigorously and tremors rocked my spine. Wave after wave of spasms released from my loins traveled into his hands. Bill immediately pulled tight and clamped onto me as I came. My leg muscles were locked rigid, and I dripped with sweat and panted in desire. My sexual lubrication dribbled down his hand in wet private intimacy.

"That's it honey, let it come, let it come," he urged, as he held me and enjoyed my climax. Bill held steady pressure on my vulva and pushed his other finger deeper into my ass. He lay his head on my bum and felt and absorbed my bucking and shaking. I squeezed hard on his finger in my bum and he measured the intensity of my orgasmic power.

Finished I lay quivering as Bill continued to massage my vulva and anus. I rocked in the aftermath, just enjoying the feelings pulsating though me. I didn't care any more about dignity or anything I just wanted to be close to him and have his hands in me. Slowly he wound me down and I lay back in loving defeat. Pulling his hand out from under me, he let me settle. Sensitively he continued to rub my anus.

"You needed that, didn't you, Jane?" asked Bill.

I just nodded back a yes, my eye lids at half mast. Oh, was I ever enjoying the rubbing he was giving me. I had released my feminine animal passions and let him see me as I came. Hearing a little pop noise, I realized that Bill had removed his finger from my rear hole. I groaned again from the feeling. He got up and went into the bathroom. I heard the water running, but just lay on the bed wasted from my orgasm. Bill returned and sat beside me. I felt a warm wet cloth on my lower back as he started to wash me. Lightly he moved up and down my back and I relaxed completely. This was ecstasy and I loved it. I did notice had returned with a small container of warm soapy water. Dipping the cloth into the warm water he rinsed and continued to wash me. Carefully he opened my legs and washed down into my anus and between my legs. Closing my eyes I sighed in absolute happiness -- he new just how to treat a woman. Rolling me over Bill once again spread my legs as he washed my vagina. Pulling my labia out and apart he ever so delicately cleaned me. The warm cloth on my clit relaxed me and I felt my muscles go limp. I watched him with my eyes half closed, reaching out to touch him now and then. My bra was still on as he washed my tummy to the top of my waist. Bill leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

"Does that feel better, Jane?" He checked.

"Yes, dear," I responded, very contented.

He pulled his T-shirt and shorts off and climbed in beside me and we kissed and rubbed our faces together.

Rolling over on top of him I took the dominant position. Bill, reached for my bra clip and I caught his wrists with a quickness and strength that he did not expect.

Looking down at him and smiling I ordered, "Don't touch." My eyes were sharp and mischievous feminine orbs.

Bill looked startled, "Jane, have I done something wrong?"

Still smiling, I stated, "It has been a long time for you my dear."

Bill still looked puzzled. "Being with a woman, silly," I mockingly scolded. "Times and women have changed and you are still an old fashioned man."

Dropping my head low I kissed him hard and then rubbed noses. "Now hands behind your head and watch," I instructed.

"Yes, Jane my love," he surrendered.

Reaching back I undid my bra clip and while he watched, very slowly exposed my breasts. His eyes followed my every move.

"I'm not big, Bill, but I will make you happy," I promised.

Being in excellent shape my chest muscles are strong and supple, holding my breasts up and conical. I could go bra-less when-ever I wanted. Slowly I lowered my chest to Bill's face.

"Don't suck me until I tell you Hon," I requested, taking control of the situation. Gently I outlined his lips with my nipples, carefully teasing him with my sensitive points. Immediately they rose to hard long shafts. He desirously kissed them back.

Pushing my bust into the side of his face I started to massage him, like only a woman can.

"Mmh, I like this," Bill murmured.

Forcefully I held his head in my lower cleavage and let him smell me as I perspired in love. His breathing was warm and excited on my tits. I rubbed his face all over as he bathed in my softness. My nipples pressed his closed eyes and he felt their length. Carefully I shifted over and placed my armpit over his nose.

"Smell me Bill, smell my body," I urged him. With intense intimacy he placed his nose into my wet armpit and breathed in. I reached down with my other hand and slipped it into his underwear and held the head of his erection. He shuddered and continued to rub his nose under my arm.

"Oh lick me honey," I begged.

His tongue now unleashed, lashed my sensitive underarm area. I once again felt my vaginal wetness flow. My eyes closed and I groaned in pleasure. My armpit is so sensitive and Bill licked me just right. Pulling away I pushed my erect nipple into his mouth. I watched his eyes open wide and I breathed the air he just exhaled.

"Now Bill, drink my milk darling," I implored.

Bill didn't say a word as he pulled at my nipples and I breast fed him like I would a baby, stroking his face my with my hands as he alternated sides. I fed him my love and passions. We lay together holding each other, with long kisses, our tongues meeting and rubbing together. Bill was so tender and so relaxed. Hopping off him, I pulled his briefs down and exposed him nude. I held his testicles and massaged his shaft up and down. He lay still, breathing in deep gulps. The smell of his penis filled my nose and I approved.

"You like that?" I teasingly quizzed.

Bill grinned back and nodded. I slowed my stroking not wanting him to come yet. Gently I climbed back on him and took his penis in my hand. I guided him to my vagina and started to rub my labia on his tip. He started to push up to me but I slid him up to my clit and rubbed at the top of my vulva. I ran his glands over my clit and tremble myself at the feelings. My labia were swollen and ready for penetration. Locking onto Bill's eyes I rubbed his cock on my dripping wet hole preparing him for the plunge. Separating my lips I lowered myself on his shaft. Bill's neck muscles were tight and bulged as he strained to watch. Up and down I slowly took his manhood into me. Tremors rolled up and down my back as we mated. All was quiet except for the slurping of our sex and our mutually heavy breathing. I pushed down as I felt his glans deep in my insides. My pubic hair met his as I took all of him. Circularly I oscillated on him as I watch his face glow in rapture. With my internal muscles I squeezed hard on his erection then pulled up. Bill groaned in delight. I'm much stronger than most women and have a very strong set of abdominal muscles. Bill felt them all as I held his shaft and sucked it up. I started slowly at first and rode him hard as he pushed up to meet my drops. Sweat beaded down us as we satisfied our animal cravings. At all times I kept my eyes locked on his, watching to make sure he did not get too close to coming.

"Don't come," I urged him on, then repeated it again. Bill breathing was in deep long breaths. I was working him hard.

"Jane let me come," he begged, "Please."

I glared into his eyes. Slowing I stopped and pulled off of him. My hand was on his chest I could feel his heart pounding in his chest like a piston.

"Get on top of me" I requested.

Bill spread my legs and plunged back into my hot wet vagina. I wrapped my legs around him and held his waist.

"Hard and fast now Bill," I ordered in passionate heat.

He was heavy and I let him pin and hold me like a dominant male. His hands went under my bum and I lifted my hips. But instead of slamming me he started slowly with long grinding strokes. I again squeezed on his shaft as he dragged it out, then I let it easily plunge in again. My bum oscillated in motion with him. Deep inside me I could feel his bulbous head slide across my velvet soft mucus membranes. I was soaking both of us in lubricating wetness. Bill licked my neck and I savored it.

"Harder," I urged him on.

"Soon Love," he replied, gasping.

This slow motion pumping was driving me insane and I pushed and pulled at his manhood wanting more. The feminine sexual animal in me was escaping and I was helpless to stop it. He kept on at his slow pace. He was using time to build my horniness to a peak. I licked and mouthed his neck back, gasping my breaths out at him. Throwing away any honor I had, I again begged for hard thrusting. This time he responded, riding me hard and fast. I wrapped my legs tighter around him and moaned in tormented pleasure as I received my request. I wiggled my wet womanhood on his hard cock, forcing him to come. Bill all the time looking at and watching me.

Slowing he pleaded, "Jane let me come!"

"Come Honey, come, come," I chanted to him.

Bill gasped and grunted in my ear as he built to a peak. Closing his eyes he did push deep into me and throbbing he let his semen pour out into my womb. I watched in fascination as his face puckered in excruciating ecstasy and I enjoyed his orgasm. I felt him tense as he sprayed each burst out. Four maybe five times I felt the spurts before they faded to nothing. God, was he happy. God, was I happy.

We lay together hot and sticky just holding each other. I rubbed his ear with my nose saying nothing. I enjoyed the pounding of his heart on my chest. I bathed in the intimate wetness of our love bed. Bill went to pull out and I dragged him back down.

"No, stay in me longer," I whispered.

He settled back down. Squeezing him with my arms I was making up for too many lonely nights by myself. I rubbed the middle of his back and ran my legs up and down the outside of his. My eyes watered as my emotions display liked fireworks. The intense sex over, the intense emotions continued the coupling of us into one. Words nor touch alone could convey the feelings. I started to mew into his ear as my most sensitive private passions emerged. I was a exposed young female, with an older man buried deep inside me. I squeezed him and rubbed him everywhere I could with any part of my body. I tried to climb inside him and live with him. My tears came and I was unashamed. I was a virgin again for a man that wanted one. We slept together that night, comfortable and happy. The lonely mature man and the lonely young woman, no longer alone.

A Future Life

The next morning we sat together with a breakfast of toast, cereals and orange juice. Our eyes flirted with each other. Then Bill became very serious.

"Jane, I know we have not been together very long, but I... well... I," he stammered, not knowing how to put it into words.

I stopped eating and watched him. He looked back awkwardly, again lost for words.

"Bill, are you asking me to stay with you?" I asked.

"Hell yes! I love you, Jane, and I don't know any other way to say this," he replied sincerely.

"Bill, I love you." I replied easily. "But I don't know if staying would be right for both of us. It's too soon to know. I have so many things I'm working at in my life now. I have my career and my job." I was wrestling with this not having a chance to think about it much. "Bill, I will want a family. Can you say you are honestly ready to go through that again? Have you really thought this through?"

His eyes dropped and I could see he had not.

"Bill, I understand, I understand loneliness and I to do feel the pull. If it is right we will be together. I think though, that we need to be apart first and do some soul searching."

"Jane, I don't think I have to think about this much to see what I want. The idea of a new family is a bit daunting though at my age and I must be honest I was not thinking about your needs in that way. But at this moment I would do anything you want, including a family. Maybe you're right, time apart will bring out the reality of being together."

He was reflecting now with much thought.

"Bill, if it is right for us then it will happen," was all I could think of adding.

We both started to smile at each other and he reached for my hand. The rest of the morning we worked in the garden and then went out for lunch. It was a golden time for the two of us. That night we again made passionate love. This was our last night together and we hungered for each other.

A Touch -- Forever

Both of us were quiet during the drive to the airport. We had discussed all that was needed and now just enjoyed each others warm glow. Being six AM, we stopped for a light breakfast in the small lobby cafeteria. Our time left together was short and we watched each other closely.

"Take care of our garden," I requested more out of conversation and a need to be intimate.

"Sure Jane, I will tend it," Bill replied with sad eyes.

The PA blared the flight number.

"Bill please walk me to the gate," I wanted him near me longer.

Bending over Bill lifted my carry on bag then reached for my hand. Together we slowly walked to the gate.

"Well, next stop Honolulu X," I was trying to cheer myself up a little.

We stopped in front of the gate entrance and I hugged him tightly.

"Bill, I will write as soon as I get home, it will be just like before. Thank you for everything... I mean everything," my head was pushed up against his neck. "I will be with you again," I whispered.

"Jane, it's OK, we have had a special time together and it was beautiful. It has meant everything to me," he quietly replied. "Hey time to go, your mom is waiting for you and you have much to catch up on," he tried to smile.

My lips went to him and I kissed him deeply and passionately with my soul touching his. He held me almost lifting me off my feet and I felt his love flow.

"I love you, Bill. I will never forget this as long as I live," my watery eyes probed him and we communicated silently. From across the lobby a man shouted abruptly.

"Hey, Bill, how are you doing?" he called. A partially over weight man about Bills age came marching over.

"Hi, Paul," Bill greeted half heartily.

Bill, still held me close and I whispered up to him, "I have to go, Hon."

Bill's attention was split between us and he kissed me lightly and released me.

"Who's the good looking gal, Bill?" the slightly forward speaking acquaintance asked.

As I slowly walked away, I heard Bill tell him, she's my niece. His words hit me like a brick and I dropped my bag and ran back. I wrapped my arms around him like steel bands and my mouth reached for his lips. I once more kissed him like a fresh lover.

Fighting the tears back and struggling for control, I stammered out, "I will come back, Bill."

Through my wet eyes I looked at Bill's friend with his mouth hanging open and a stunned look on his face. Turning and grabbing my bag I ran to the gate entrance. I never looked back. I busied myself with wiping my tears on my sleeve and repeated to myself, I will be back, as I went though the airplane door and left San Diego... forever.


As the 767 pushed hard to the west over open ocean, I sat and reflected back on what had happened. I had gone to San Diego, without any preconceived ideas of what I would find, what it would be like, or what would happen. What I did discover was a new world and a different life. A world that could make me happy, I knew that. Was it a world I belonged in? I searched my feelings and could not answer that. I understood now that Hawaii felt a little less like my only home.

Closing my eyes I reviewed the week I had just lived though. Then a thought hit me like a bolt of lightning. I almost physically jumped and the passenger sitting next to me noticed.

The big tape recorder; we had not turned it off that first evening, it had gone on recording everything!

It had me reading the incomplete story of "Sunrise My Darling" on it with a different ending. A most erotic ending, an ending that would live with Bill and me for a life-time.



My warm felt thanks to Bill for the kind use of his character. I hope he has not been too worn out by all this. Bill, has also donated much of his time to proofreading and re-teaching me my grammar. His energies and patience in this matter seem boundless.

Also I would like to thank the readers of Literotica for their kind support after my first story. Without their many requests and urging I may not have attempted a second work. I was very concerned about how my second story would affect the way the readers viewed "Sunrise My Darling", which is a true account. After much reflecting I decided I was hooked and would try my hand at a fictional story. I never intended doing more than writing about my time with my uncle when I first joined the web page.

With "Contrasts" I felt unrestricted and not bound by only reporting what did happen. This time I was able to let loose and to do what previously I had only dreamed about.

Once again I invite comments, observations and suggestions for improvement from the readership.

May all of you find the special one to love.

Wishing you Love, Joy and Compassion,

Jane T. Rolly


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