The Best Erotic Stories.

by Ellie May

She lay in bed reading the new novel she bought at the adult bookstore. It was getting really hot and so was she.

She reached for her vibrator on the headboard. There was no reason to lubricate it, she was so hot and wet already.

She was wearing only her panties under the warm covers. She turned on the vibrator and heard the whirring noise she'd cum to know as her friend. The moment she touched it to her hot hard clit she felt so good. She moved the head of the vibrator in a circular motion around her clit. It glided around easily from all of her hot juices. She continued reading the book, it was at a really hot spot. The girl in the novel was getting a really good lashing from her stepfather. The stepfather was getting really hot giving her this spanking and his hands were beginning to wonder a bit after each swat he laid on her bare ass. You could see red marks from his fingers.

The book was really good and so was the vibrator as she slipped it lower teasing at the tiny opening to her pussy.

She spread back her lips and pushed in it just a little. She lay the book aside and slowly inserted the vibrator, sliding her panties out of the way, into her pussy slowly moving it back and forth, letting it in a little more each time. She closed her eyes and her head rolled back concentrating only on the vibrations in her pussy, tingling all the way to her clit.

Suddenly her door opened and she jumped up in surprise. It was her mother's new boyfriend. She forgot she was only wearing her panties which were shoved to the side of her pussy anyway. So there she was...caught in the act, nipples hard, pussy exposed, whirring vibrator in hand. She hurriedly turned it off. He shook his head and walked towards her bed.

"And just what are you doing in here missy? Is this what you do when your mom is out working? Or do you usually have your boyfriend over here doing it for you?"

"No, I don't have a boyfriend!"

"Yeah, sure I bet you don't. Tell me, have you ever had sex yet?"

"I don't think that is any of your business, Glen!"

Glen laughed and moved even closer to her bed. He reached out and took the vibrator away from her. He brought it closer to his face to look at it and he seemed to be inhaling her aroma off of it. She thought she saw the beginning of a bulge in his jeans.

"Well, I'm sure your mom would want me to discipline you for this type of behavior. And since she is not here, I suppose I should go ahead and proceed before you think of some excuse to get out of your punishment.

"I think she would want you to leave my room and not say a thing about it!"

Glen unbuckled his belt from his jeans and she was worried that he was going to get undressed and rape her.

He tugged on the belt and took it off.

"I think you better stand up and bend over the edge of the bed."

"NO, I don't think so."

"Well, I know so," Glen said pulling her by her arm up off of the bed, "Now bend over that bed like I told you!"

She did as he said since he was forcing her to anyway. He tugged her panties down to her knees. He noticed that the crotch of them was quite damp.

"You were really enjoying yourself in here all alone, weren't you?"

And with that he raised the belt in the air and delivered the first stinging swat to her bare behind. It left red marks behind and she gasped from the impact. And just as soon as she drew in another breath, the belt was landing on her other cheek, stinging hard like the other. He swatted her six times before he finally stopped.

"I know your mother will be very disappointed in you. Trying to experience sex in here!"

He reached down with his free hand to her reddened ass and rubbed it with his large hand, warm and wandering over both of her cheeks. She shuddered in spite of herself, because it was actually beginning to feel good to her.

Her clit was hard and wet, but he didn't know that. It was even harder and wetter than before he interrupted her.

"Maybe we can spare your mother the heartache of knowing you are growing up too fast."

"What do you mean?" she asked as he grabbed her hand and turned her around. He looked down at her budding breasts, the nipples standing hard and erect. At her pussy, so tight and hot and her panties laying around her ankles now. He reached for her hand and put it on his bulging hard on. His cock was full blown, throbbing, wanting a piece of this hot aching pussy for himself. What a shame to waste it all by herself. He could feel her hand close around his large cock and he knew she could feel it throbbing to her touch.

"I want you to unzip my pants and take my cock out. You need to know what you will be dealing with, the first time you decide to be with a boy. Now, unzip my pants and take it in your hands and hold it"

She did as he said, his large cock popping out totally at attention, hard and ready for her.

"Now I want you to put your mouth on it and suck on it like a lollipop."

She put her mouth on him and he shuddered as her lips closed around the head of his cock. She sucked the head of his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Try to put as much of it in your mouth as you can. Let me help you by pushing it in a little at a time."

She opened her mouth larger and allowed his big cock to push past her lips further and her lips stayed wrapped firmly around it as she controlled the urge to gag by sliding her tongue up and down his cock as it slid further and further into her mouth. She looked up at him and he was staring down at her taking his cock into her mouth.

"Oh yes, baby, that's just right. Let me fuck your mouth with my big cock. Just relax and let it slide in and out.

Suck on it baby as it slides in and out of your mouth. Oh, yes, just like that , just like that, oh you are getting the hang of this quite nicely." And he gave in totally to the sensation of her lips sliding up and down on his cock as he slowly pumped it in and out of her mouth, her tongue sliding around it, down the side of it. He wanted so bad to fuck her, she needed it. She was fucking herself with the vibrator. She wanted it whether she knew it or not. But he had no protection with him and she not too young to get pregnant.

"I want to fuck you. But I still want you to be a virgin for your first boyfriend and I don't want you to get pregnant. So, I want to fuck you in your ass"

"You want to stick your big cock up my little bitty asshole?" she asked fearfully.

"Yes, and if you do, I will not ever tell your mother about what I caught you doing today and you do not need to mention this little adventure of ours either."

She was not sure she was going to like his cock in her ass. It sounded like it could hurt. But then again, she did not want to get in trouble with her mother or worse yet, have her vibrator taken away. She had been getting so much pleasure from it lately. And she had always thought her mom's new boyfriend was quite attractive and that he should be so interested in her, just a young girl...

"Okay, we can try. But please go slow and use something to make it easier," she whispered in a scared voice.

"Don't worry, I will go slow and we'll use a little Vaseline." He reached for the Vaseline and smeared it on his big cock from the head to his balls. Then he put a dab on his little finger and reached for her asshole. She jumped and tried to move away as his finger let it's presence be known at her tight asshole. He reached over and picked up her vibrator from where he had laid it earlier and turned it on. He bent her over the bed away from him and reached around the front of her with the vibrator. He touched it to her clit and she shuddered. He enjoyed the way she reacted to it.

"Oh yeah, baby, you like the way that feels. And you are going to like how this feels, too."

And she could feel his little finger entering her asshole slowly. It did hurt but the vibrator on her clit was getting her excited and she actually moved her ass onto his finger a little more and gave out the tiniest little moan.

"Oh yeah, you like my finger poking up your tight little asshole don't you? Because you are a naughty girl. In here playing with yourself all day. I'll give you what you crave!"

And with that he began to plunge his finger in and out of her asshole harder. Almost all the way out and then back in, the vibrator whirring on her clit and she was gasping and meeting his every thrust into her tight back door.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, oh my god, that feels sssssooooo good" she gasped and pumped his finger harder and more frenzied, sweat breaking out on her face and chest.

"I want to stick my cock up your ass now baby. Do you want my hard hot cock up your ass?

"Yes, I want to feel it. I want it now. Give me that hard cock up my ass now NOW!"

He pulled his finger out of her ass and bent to kiss those sweet reddened ass cheeks, one then the other. Then he plunged his hard hot tongue in her asshole making her scream and gyrate onto his tongue even harder. He could feel her tight asshole closing around his tongue and he thought how good his cock was going to feel inside her.

But he just kept plunging that wet hot tongue into her asshole over and over, making her gasp and moan. She was riding his tongue up her ass like some kind of a wild animal.

"Now, stick your cock up my ass now!" she cried.

And he got into position and was planning to go slowly into her so as not to hurt her but as soon as he got the tip of his cock inside her she plunged down onto his cock.

"Ouch, she screamed but then she was gasping and riding his cock, slamming her tight ass onto it harder and faster. "Oh god, you fuck my ass so good. I love your cock fucking me in my ass. Fuck me baby, hard, hard, hard!" she screamed at him.

It was all he could do to keep from cumming when she slammed her tight ass onto his cock. Her asshole felt like it was on fire and his cock along with it. But he was determined to give her the ride of her life and it was not too often he got to stick his cock up a willing asshole as tight and exciting as this one. He established a rhythm of his own, sliding his cock in her ass long and deep, long and deep. She was groaning and biting her lip and she screamed as he slapped her hard across her ass.

"Yes, this should teach you what sex is about. This is what you wanted, isn't it? To cum and cum and cum," he said.

"Yes, it feels so good. I am going to cum like I have never come before all over your hard cock up my ass. Because I love it when you fuck my ass."

He reached up and grabbed her tits, their nipples so hard and pinched both of them really hard as he started bucking his cock into her asshole almost raising her up off the floor, his thrusts were so hard and powerful. She was screaming so loud he thought she would faint the way she was gasping for breath . His cock was starting to throb and he knew he could not last much longer it just felt too good.

Then suddenly, she became quiet and her asshole clamped onto his cock like a vise he couldn't escape from and then suddenly she gasped "Oh, my god...I am cummmmmmmmmmiiiiinggggggg!" and her asshole squeezed his cock until it spurted and then exploded into her. He could feel both of their hot juices running together, he didn't miss a stroke as he exploded inside her and she rode him like a fucking animal in heat screaming and screaming, panting, gasping for breath. Then finally, she collapsed onto the bed and he collapsed on top of her. His cock was still in her asshole and still throbbing as she moaned on the bed and he bit her shoulder. It was undoubtedly the best sex either of them had ever had.


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