The Best Erotic Stories.

by Frans Tooten

"You really have to want it yourself?"

"I do! Otherwise I wouldn't say it."

"And when you want to start with it?"

"Soon. Next weekend?"

"Okay. Yhen I have some time left to arrange some things."

"What kind of things?"

"All kinds of things I'll need. Photo, video and more of that."

"Where will they be processed? I don't like to know that they all see my..."

"No no, don't be worried. Video is ready at the spot and the photo negatives will be sent to a discrete lab. So many are processed there that those people even don't look at them."

"But you know what's the deal! If it doesn't work out once in a while you mustn't start nagging."

"Yes yes, but you too mustn't start stopping. Like me you have to keep strictly to the deal. Or it's nonsense to begin it at all."

"I did promise that, didn't I? Don't be afraid."

"Well, okay. So next Saturday."

The first ten minutes I can only breath heavily. It's obvious I am no fifteen anymore and sitting for years takes its toll now.

For a second I get an image in my head of a passerby looking upwards and seeing up there in that enormous fir the shape of a grown man, laden with cameras and bags. Quickly I force myself to think about something else. How ridiculous it may be, this is the only way to fulfill my 'task' well.

For a week I have spent all my free hours to make preparations. Shopping, scouting the surroundings of the house, this time with completely different eyes than before. Several times I feel like a boy of fifteen who is eager to have his first secret meeting with his beloved.

I quickly discovered that I could be only successful from two corners: the front and the back of the house. I was happy now that Karen always had insisted to get as much light as possible into the house. So no trees or high bushes at the front or back of the house. Her only concession to nature was a high hedge running at the side of the house, alongside the drive to the garage, planted ten years ago and grown into a monster of at least five yards. The side of the house only had one window. My study was there.

As few tress and bushes are in our front and back garden, the more there are across the street, in the front garden of the neighbours, among those a giant fir. Neighbors who don't mind shadows in their house. But they have a second house, situated at the seaside, where they spent most of their free hours. Every Friday the pack their car and every late Sunday they unpack. Good.

When I have again enough air in my lungs I take the wires from the bag, attach them to two branches, pull those apart as much as I can and fasten the wires. At once I have a wide opening giving way to the window at the front of our house.

The curtains are closed, as they always are when night has started. But like always they don't close completely. At the right side the stop still isn't repaired, so often a crack of about 10 inches can be seen. And at the top in the centre the two curtains don't shut well too. Just a too strong pull and the rollers bounce back a bit and a crack shows running more narrow to the bottom, but at the top sometimes can be more than 10 inches. Like tonight. Karen has again closed them nonchalantly. But after all that has been the deal. Act the same as always. With the curtains that is. For the rest I'm very tensed waiting for what will come.

That's something that disappoints me when I look through the telescope of the camera. Alternately I'm peeping through the centre and through the right side and I see karen walking through the room, sometimes sitting down, the rise again and actually not doing anything special. I become impatient, but then I think that she doesn't know if I'm already looking. That was a part of the deal too; everything has to be as normal as can be; she's a woman living alone and she even isn't allowed to know me; to make it even more real I yesterday took a hotel room and only tomorrow I'll come home again. So I have to be patient and wait till she decides to do whatever she wants to.

Something strange is happening in my head. Already an hour I'm peeping at her and more and more she stops to be my own wife. The familiar face, that known body, more and more they seem to belong to another one.

She has loosened her hair and I see her unbuttoning her blouse. Shot. Gotcha! The blouse slides down and is thrown away somewhere. Her breasts are bulging above the white bra. Shot. Something's moving in my old jeans, but at this moment I don't have neither time for it nor interested in it. At last action starts, there across the street in that room.

Ah, I see her sitting on the sofa, leaning backwards lazily. She puts her feet onto the coffee table. Is the TV on? Or a CD? Her hands slowly creep over her bare belly, upwards, over her bra, her breasts. One hand disappears into the bra, the fingers are moving like lazy snakes beneath the white clothe, the other hand slides to the back, the bra's unfastened and slides down. Both hands are lying on the breasts, the fingers spread, two pink brown buttons peep between them into the room. Shot, shot. Oh God, how exciting. Hope no one will pass, see me here and warn the police. Not now.

Her hands move and start a lazy journey downwards. Now, no, she doesn't unfasten the skirt. The hand move lower, over the skirt, the legs, until they are stretched completely. Bit by bit the skirt moves up, until it's half over the thighs. The gingers are caressing the upper side of the legs and then slide to the inner sides, first downwards, then slowly up. Shot.

Now change quickly. The video, not that the real action starts. Zoom in, yes, and run. Rrrt...

Ah, there they disappear. Dammit, why doesn't she lie down onto the sofa, so I see her frontally?! Well, okay, it's just beginning.

A good thing I put on these pants and not a tight one. It's quite some time ago such a thing happened to me. Maybe more than ten years ago. But after all this is very new to me. Such a woman, there on the sofa, who doesn't know someone can see her from a tree. And recording it too! In a minute all the stuff will be off. Swish, down with it. And then...

Dammit, why doesn't something happens. Two hands beneath a skirt, a slight lump beneath the cloth and almost no movement. Come on, girl! Action! Are her eyes opened? Is she looking through the crack of the curtains? Is she suspecting I'm in here? I'll move the camera upwards to see.

Jesus! Her mouth is half opened. Her eyes are shut. That vein in her neck!

Lower. Dammit. Look at those breasts heaving. Lower. Shit oh shit! That belly so tightly bowed. Those legs like staves! No, oh no! Shit, shit, shit!

Well, I'm damned! Resin all over me and that broad goes upstairs. Lights on, curtains closed, all closed. Lights out.

Must it be this? Cunt you are! This way it wasn't meant to be at all. You would...

But actually what would she do? Just as nonchalantly as always closing the curtains and feel herself as free and easy as she could think of. Well, if this is her only way! I didn't see anything! Nothing at all.

Okay, here I am again, in that damned tree. My pants I had to throw away. It had to be cut off my hands when I took it, containing all that resin.

She said I was much too impatient. I didn't have the feeling for the game. That I better buy a tape if I wanted my 'way'. She exactly had kept to the deal and if I didn't like it I just had to stop it all. Moreover it was good practicing for me. Practicing self-restraint.

Okay, okay, I said. It's your game.

So I'm here again, same time, one week later, ready for the action. At the back it could have been a possibility too, but here in the tree it'' more safe. At the back I would be exposed. One of the neighbors at the back possibly could look out of a window.

After some walking up and down she again is lying on the sofa, with her feet on the coffee-table, just like the last time. Only now she's wearing a long dress, with many buttons at the front, which she starts unbuttoning one by one.

For a second I ask myself if I will record it. Last week didn't produce much stuff. A bit of titty works and that it was. I still can become mad because of it.

But this time everything will be different. I feel it. With that long dress and all those buttons. Until at the bottom. Where she now almost has arrived. Come on, ma! Run! Rrrt...

Ah, tha last one. And now open it.

Oh no, please. Not again? Onde hand inside, slide, stop, rub, knead, slide, lower, and lower. Ah, good, it falls open a bit. Rrrt... Oh Jesus, good. No briefs. What's that? Girdle. Stockings. Dark tuft. White thighs. A hand. Shining?

Ah, she rises. I now see her back. The dress slides down. The dress falls down. The dress spreads. Oh Lord, what a broad! What a back! What an ass! Rrrt... Up. Down.

Don't watch that lump. Run, dammit! Now is the moment. She's moving. Sits down. Lifts her legs. Those tight stilts.

But...! No, not that way, hey! The other way round! Turn, dammit! Shit! What's the use of this? Hey! I'm here, do you hear... Leer!

Well, what do you think! She lying with her cleft to the backside. Yes, I can see her hands. And the rest too. But she has to lie differently. Or I'll miss the final act.

Maybe I can...? But before I have climbed down and are standing at the backside... And I even don't know if the curtains at that side give way. Here at the front it's okay, but now she has closed the others as nonchalantly as as well? Let me see. You see! Dark. At the right completely closed. The left I can't see. And from my high position here I can only see one yard at the bottom. But there it's completely dark. So they are closed totally. So I have to stay here. Let me see. Yes, she's still busy with those hands. What a pity. Look how that pevis is turning. Rrrrt... Ah, it's going upwards. One hand goes up, squeezing the one and then the other breast. The other hand I almost don't see, but the arm is moving. And probably the hand too. Wow, how's that shaking! Dammit, what a bad luck for me.

She rises. Takes the dress, pulls it on, but doesn't close the buttons. She moves out of focus. So that it was. The smell of resin make me dizzy. I'm fed up with it. Probably she goes to bed. So I myself too, even if it's in that damned hotel. Pack and be away.

Quite a climb down. Careful. And now watch it nobody's coming. Quickly onto the street. Just have another peep. The light is still on. Quickly use the field glassses. Who knows...

Shit! That curtain at the back isn't closed completely. A crack of about five inches! How's "How's that possible? Or did she pull it...? I don't get it at all. Well, nothing can be done about it. back to the hotel 'Onan'. Have a short look at the tape and then...

"You don't think I know where you are standing, sitting or hanging?!"

"But still you could make some variations? The only thing you are doing is lying down, finger a bit and then go to bed! If you just showed yourself from the other side. Once standing this way or lie and then reverse. What I have recorded until now doesn't mean a shit. A couple of tits and an ass. How's that?!"

"More than what you may offer."

"Oh oh, how funny we are. You know damned well what I mean by it."

"Yes, I do by now. The Mister proposes a game, but when it doesn't go fast enough for his taste or if things happen he hasn't exactly in his head the rules have to be changed. You look like a spoiled child. Patience, my boy. That's what you lack. Wasn't it exciting until now? Well?!"

"Yes, it was, but what I've recorded isn't by far enough. That way it's of no use to us at the rest of the week. Next time..."

"There won't be a next time if you go on like this. You just have to accept that it's going the way it goes. I'm a woman living alone and I like to have a bit of pleasure and I don't have to account for nothing to no one. The curtains are closed and I do in my own house what I like. I stand, lie and sit the place I want to. I also could take the bathroom, you know. Be happy I didn't. In that case you only would have a couple of hours of modern furniture on that tape of yours."

"Okay, I keep quiet. Sorry."

What did she do to me? At the centre the curtains are completely closed. Even the slightes beam of light isn't shining through them. And at the right side only the lower half shows a crack.

I focus my lense and only see half the sofa that is empty, by the way. Why didn't I look first, before climbing that tree? Moron! Will I after all have to go to the backside? Maybe they're closed there too. No, I stay. Who knows? Better something than nothing. I already have that little.

Ah, now I see something. A couple of legs in pants. That's all. Higher nothing can be seen because of that low crack. Oh look! The pants go off. Naked legs, that's all. Oh Jesus, that way it's okay after all. She sits down on her knees on the sofa, her ass greeting me. Very nice. Now those knees a bit apart. Fine, just as if she heard me. Beautiful. Ah, it's already glittering. This will be my night. I see her back and the back of her head. A hand moves between her legs. No, not that way, or it will block my sight. Yes, that's the way, with just one or two fingers. Fantastic.

Hey, why you now move sideways with your ass? Okay, that way I see it again. But where is your head going? Shit! That crack in the curtain better had been one yard higher and five inches wider. I only see your ass, cleft and one and a half of leg. Is the rest floating in the air or what? Ah, the hand leaves. Rrrt... Run for your life! There it is again. Gee gee. One finger inside. Two. Damn, that horrible lump down there.

The hand is gone again. But there it is again, but now from behind. A pity, that way I don't see much. Look, there's the other one. That one moves from the front. Huh, two hands?! How's that possible? It's insane. One finger inside again and the other one of the second hand I see moving up and down over the burron. As if she's working at the circus. Where are her head and upper body? How can she...?

What a glittering. Now the upper one retreats. What a pulsations. The other one keeps on moving. Now everything starts swinging. Yes, there she goes. Anyway better than the two times before.

Why does she keep on sitting that way? It's over, isn't it? Why is she still shaking? What's going on there? I have to fix those curtains. I don't like it anymore this way. Ah, now she stops. She leaves the sofa. Gone. Nowhere to be seen. Shit!

I'm glad to have put our video recorder here in my hotel room. Now I can see the recording on the tape. Have much more than the last two times. Let's see. On the screen it always looks different from the viewfinder. Just the fact that it's color makes it much better. And more horny, of course.

Here we go. Click. Ah yes, there she is. That's to say, those two bulging brothers, because more can't be seen.

Spread. Now it'll start. And as I feel down there at me too. In any case better that it happens here than up there in that damned tree. Hmm, nice that way. Relaxed on the bed, whisky at close hand, Dick in the other one and my own wife's cleft on the screen. What can an man desire more? Well, look with two, but that will come later.

There's her one hand. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus. And now fromt he other side. And there's the second one.

Her second one?! What kind of second one is that?! Rewind. Again. Push still. What's that? Two fingers, but that lower one is twice the size of the upper one. And no nail polish! How's that?! What's happening there? It won't be?! Oh God...

Take it, dammit, take it.

"Karen? That's you?"

"Yeah, who else? Where are you now?"

"In bed. All the time. Why are you calling? The deal was..."

"Yes, but something strange happened. I was looking at the tape and then I saw a strange hand going over your cleft."

"What's that?! A strange hand. What kind of strange hand?"

"It looked like a male's hand."

"Have you been drinking?"

"No, of course not. I saw it quite clearly. It's on the tape."

"It's the resin of that tree. It's doing something weird to your brain."

"No no, I'm sure as hell. The one finger was twice the size of yours and it didn't have nail polish."

"You're going mad. If you go on like this you'll see a strange prick too. Or do you think I'm here in bed with another guy?"

"Do you?"

"You see! It was you who invented a 'cure' for our sex life and now at the third time you go bonkers. Shall we quit and go on just like in the old days? I think that will be better. It won't work after all. From the start I had my doubts. Come home and then we quit."

"No no, I don't mean it that way. I probably just made a mistake. You are playing it better than I ever hoped for. I already look forward to the next time. I only hope the curtains will then open a bit more. I will go sleeping now. Good night."

"Well, sleep I don't feel coming yet. I just want to play once more with... er... with dildo. I become so horny when I know you are outside and filming me. After all it was a very good idea of yours. Very real. I'm here in my house, a woman living alone and you outside or in your hotel room. Oh how delicious. Oh, how nice. Quickly go sleeping. I'll see you tomorrow. Hmm..."


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