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Cum Again
by Che

This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

"Nope . . . " she giggled, "I want-a suck you off again! Maybe I'm a deviant, but I wanta sit in that chair and let you fuck my mouth while I finger-fuck myself. You're so long I don't think you could get more than half of it in my pussy, but I can take your cock all the way down my throat! I'll cum while you get your rocks off in my mouth! See what you've done to me? Ever since you made me swallow cum, I can't stop thinkin' about it! It's so frustrating, Kyle. I'm always hungry for cum! I love the taste an' the way it smells! Beside that, I feel like being used, just like you used my mouth that first afternoon. You taught me how to do it right! You wanted to shoot a big load of cum right down my throat, didn't you, Kyle? You probably wanta shoot cum down all the pretty young girl's throats that come in your store. You made me get this need, Kyle. You made me like being used . . . and after swallowing that nice big warm load, I feel like being used more! Cum on . . . let me suck ya off again! Get out of the chair so I can sit there. Straddle me and fuck my mouth!"

Trading places, she pulled her short skirt up around her waist, pulled the skimpy skintight white nylon panties to one side and spread the smooth lips of her small plump-lipped pussy. The pink clit looked like hard nipple at the top of the equally pink cleft, sex glossed with girl-gush, swollen and sensitive. Coating three fingers with sauce from her juicy young cunt, she started finger-fucking herself while he watched. Without making eye contact she knew he liked watching. "Can you see it? Can you see my pussy?" Finding a wad of cum on her chin, she used it to lubricate her fingers. "Ooooooooo, this is what I needed Lots-a slippery cum lube!"

"That's hot," he whispered, watching her masturbate, stroking a still hard cock with his left hand. "Spread your legs further! Oooooooo, fuck . . . like that!" He knelt to get a closer look at Dawn's fingers in her pussy. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, watching you finger-fuck yourself in those sexy little panties . . . that sure makes me wanta cum! Finger fuck that pussy, you little semen-slut."

Dawn grinned and did as he said, and he watched her work her fingers in and out of her tight little cunt. Licking glossed pink lips, she opened her mouth, fluttering pink tongue against plump upper lip, before sucking all the goo off her fingers . "You like watching me do that too, don't you? Licking pussy cum! I'd lick cunt if there was a girl here right now! Get up here on your knees in the chair and fuck my throat. Your cock's gunna be right in line with my mouth. I'll scoot down a little so I can suck it." She licked cum covered lips until they glistened with saliva. "You’ll be able to look down and watch . . . you'll be able to see it shoot outa your cock when you cum. I'll open my mouth real far so you can see your cum squirting all onto my tongue. I want you to watch my face . . . to watch your cum go in my mouth. Will that make you hot? Come on, use me, Kyle! Make me be real naughty!"

Kyle got up into the chair and straddled her waist. His cock was right in her face when she opened her pouty full-lipped mouth for him, extending a cupped tongue in invitation to re-hardened tool. Leaning forward sent his dick into the back of her throat so far it made her gag on the first long stroke.

Just the sensation of a cock going down her throat made her want to swallow a quart of warm cum! Moaning, she sucked at the fullness of the shaft, not letting it slip from her greedy mouth in a desperate need to swallow the next big load of tasty semen.

Holding the back of the chair, he held her to her offer, fucking her mouth with deep powerful strokes, each sending the swollen erection all the way down her throat. Faster and faster, strokes growing in urgency as he watched her fingers probing the sticky heat of her pussy, slipping in and out of a juicy pink slit in rhythm with each stroke of his cock.

Clit throbbing with the same pulse as his shaft, climax lighting her whole body with white energy . . . she felt herself falling . . . falling, desperately waiting for his climax as he withdrew from her throat. Mouth open wide, she extended her tongue like a spoon in anticipation of the tasty treat! She was so greedy for the cup of warm scuz she was whimpering. "Give it to me, Kyle . . . pump cum in my mouth! Squirt-off! Oh, Kyle, you give me such hot panties!" Waiting for the taste of cum made her vagina spasm and climax intensify to the point she thought she was ready to leave her body. It was so perfect . . . so completely overpowering. She felt so deliciously used and perfectly face-fucked! The sensation of satiny smooth cock-crest stroking the roof of her mouth, then throat, his musky jism man-scent, the hot, heady taste of the first load of thick semen still clinging to the back of her throat. It was incredible! The sight of his long uncircumcised cock and large swinging balls, the oral gratification of sucking such a sweet dick! She couldn't think of anything more satisfying! Her head was spinning as she nursed at the thick firm flesh filling her mouth, wanting nothing more than to have her mouth filled with the liquid reward from his manly sex! "Come on . . . " she whispered, smiling up at him, foreskin pulled back tightly so she could watch the cum explode from the crest, "give it to me! You're making me cum so good! Anytime you want me to suck you off, call me! I'd suck you off in public if I knew I could get this high! I've got no shame, Kyle! Let me be your sex slave. I'll suck anyone off if you tell me to . . . I'll do anything with your girlfriends . . . I'll be naughty as you want!"

Kyle grinned at her and she smiled back. "I don't want to cum yet. Let me go down on you, baby! I want to taste your sweet little pussy!"

Dawn took a deep breath. "Normally, I'd want you to lick my pussy, too, but not tonight, Kyle. I'm perfectly satisfied." She held her hand over warm wet pussy lips, feeling spasms against sticky fingertips. "I don't think I could have another climax without dying!" Spasms were slowing, and so was her breathing. "I wish you would have cum-off again, but it's okay. I love doing you! Thanks . . . " she smirked, "I love sucking cock . . . and you're too much!"

Kyle got another beer and they went back over the script until they'd polished the rough edges. It was good that they'd taken time out for sex or they'd never have gotten any editing done. Climaxes made it possible to think instead of just feel, and the final manuscript was looking good.

Closing the script and holding her close, he gave her a little kiss. She closed her eyes and let him hold her in his strong arms and rock her softly to the mellow music, his breath warm against her hair, so secure and cared for she never wanted him to stop. God, am I getting a crush on him or what? she thought. The feeling made her pussy ooze girl-gush like his pre-cum honey. What's happening to me? How can I be so horny after making myself climax so good? Those thoughts made her shudder in his arms.

"Dawn . . . let me eat your pussy?" he whispered against her ear. "I think I know how you felt when you said you just wanted to be the object of my lust . . . an' now, I need a taste of your pussy. I need to feel your pussy cum all over my tongue. How about it? Think you're good for at least one more climax?"

Dawn got up, took her tennis and short skirt off, then sat back down in the big chair and spread long sun tanned legs, skintight panties pulled tightly up into a perfect crotch reminding him of a young girl he'd recently seen at Black's Beach.

"Be gentle with me, Kyle. I'm real tender now."

He smiled like a kid in a candy store, remembering that young girl who wasn't brave enough to go nude on Black's, but not because of her figure. Less than five feet in height but with the firm figure of a Penthouse Pet, her high muscle-hard breasts with perky pink nipples made his mouth water! She'd stripped down to skimpy pink satin panties while a girlfriend went for a swim with a handsome muscular black man in the surf. Approaching the delicious young girl, he'd told her how sexy she looked wearing nothing but cute little panties. It made her blush furiously and cover her face with both hands as he admired her stunning body, actually salivating as he looked at the cleft in her panties, a cleft just like Dawn's. Not one to mince words, he asked the question: You're adorable. Let me lick your pussy. I'm good with my tongue . . . let me do it. I'll make you cum really good."

He’d been naked and the sight of his long uncircumcised sex had the cute little teenager's rapt attention. Still blushing furiously but letting him take her hand, she'd followed him back of some large rocks. Standing, tanned legs spread, she'd let him lick her to a dozen orgasms while he knelt at her feet, face between her satiny warm thighs. When she asked for it from behind and got down on her hands and knees, he'd licked her entire crotch and sweet little baby-smooth cunt. Making her trembling wet, he'd worked his tongue up her fist-tight anus, tonguing her to orgasm after orgasm as she played with a very erect clit. Fully erect, his rampant cock was too much for the aroused girl to resist. Noting her hungry expression as she stared at his sex, he'd pushed her head down and she eagerly sucked him off, amazingly taking nearly the entire shaft down her throat! The sensation was so intense and the vision so erotic, he'd cum-off when her lips pressed against his groin. It had been a large load, and while she swallowed it, he made her continue to bend over and spread her cheeks with her hands. She held that position as he got behind her, the sensation so overpowering he nearly died from pleasure as he worked his erection into the hilt. After a few dozen delicious strokes he gave her another load, this one up her tight little anus!

Her pretty girlfriend and the handsome black applauded the awesome buggering, and when he pulled out of the darling young girl' s semen oozing anus, the black stepped forward with an impressive erection and gave the tiny girl a powerful ass-fucking while she fellated the sticky cock that had just shot that first load up her ass! The two team-fucked the teen while her girlfriend watched, and she sucked both off twice after they'd fucked her up her ass! Her girlfriend wouldn't let them do her, but had masturbated like a porn-star as they used the tiny girl for their pleasures, then ate her cum loaded crotch when the men were done. At best count, the little girl had taken four loads up her ass and swallowed three large loads of warm cum! Before leaving the beach he'd given her his card and invited her to call and come by the store some night after work, looking forward to that pleasure-promising event with each passing day.

Mind back to the present, and kneeling between nubile thighs, he lifted Dawn by the cheeks of her ass and put her legs over his shoulders. "I love eating young girls! There's nothing like the taste of juicy young cunt and warm ass!" To begin, he used just lips and tongue to pull tight panties to one side, then worked strong tongue up into her smoothly shaved cunt so far it made her hold her breath.

Kisses and licks on tender sensitive little pussy lips felt divine as she surrendered to the overpowering sensation of being sucked to beautiful climaxes. The slightly rough sensation of five o'clock shadow between her smooth thighs made her shake with lust! Waves of bliss increased in intensity, colors and sounds blended together until she was seeing music, not just hearing it. Each flick of his tongue over sensitive clit painted a rainbow of colors on closed eyelids. Quivering under his expert oral talents, climaxes washed over her like tidal-waves of sound and light, a laser-light show with music that made her feel like she'd been plugged into a huge amplifier. Explosions of energy blew her away and she drifted on a cloud so distant , the sound of his voice was an underwater echo in a midnight sea of velvet. Hands caressed smooth legs and thighs, kneaded the cheeks of her firm nubile ass and lightly fondled the curve of her equally firm tummy. The stubble of beard on smooth pussy lips kept her weak with passion, and constant kisses on a pulsing wet crotch made her burn with desire. Dawn wanted him like she'd never wanted anything before. His tongue explored every inch of skin in her panties, probed the hot pucker of her little tail, made her shudder deliciously as it reamed and explored her spasming anus, lapped up the sex juices flowing from a very wet cunt. Hot breath against wet crotch made her shake with lust, and the animal scent of semen on her own breath made her nearly crazy with desire.

"Oh Kyle . . . my pussy's so wet! Go ahead and fuck me . . . can you? Are you hard? Let me suck you again 'til you get hard and then fuck me!" Taking cock between plump lips, she worked foreskin back and fellated the crest so expertly it grew even larger than before. She felt him pull the crotch of her panties to one side and the sudden sensation of huge cock entering her cunt made her bite her tongue to keep from screaming! "Go slow! You're so long, I don't know if I can take all of it in my pussy, but I'll try . . . ooooooooooo, you're too long! Just don't hurt me. Ohhhhhhhh, shit! You're too big, Kyle! Stroke me, but don't push it in too far!"

Sex drove them to the floor, struggling, clutching each other maniacally, and neither letting the other quit prematurely. Like lust crazed warriors fighting a battle of sexual wills, orgasms rewarded both winners! Bathed in sweat, slipping and slapping against each other, they fucked like beached sea-creatures, first Kyle, then Dawn on top . . . then Dawn down on her knees with him behind, little cunt accepting no more than half of his cock while he spanked her firm bikini-covered ass until it was burning with a fire only climaxes could smother!

She was quivering with lust as fingers found their way between her legs, playing with the cunt-slippery nylon covering elongated clit. Each caress was an ecstatic shock deep within her tummy as the head of his cock stroked the mouth of her womb, her sex the center of consciousness; a great white ball of heat spreading from cunt through her entire body.

Working a fingers under the edge of skintight panties, he played with her swollen clit, a sensitive nub sending unending orgasmic signals to the girl's cock-filled warm gushing cunt. Holding her down like a cat on the floor, he chewed at her ear-lobes and nap of her neck, panting and growling like some wild animal. Pelvic movements became reflexes as he drove hard sex into tight vaginal sheath from behind, cock-head butting the mouth of her uterus. She came again, pearly juices pumped from snug cunt gushing down already wet thighs.

"Don't go too deep . . . don't hurt me, Kyle! Oh, my, God! Your cock is so long! If you don't cum soon you'll have to stop . . . " When the next climax tore the breath from her lungs, she gasped as she felt him withdraw. "Are you gunna cum in me, Kyle? Let me swallow it . . . cum in my mouth! Let me suck you off! Oh, my God!"

Growling like a wolf, he yanked her tight panties down around tanned thighs in back and pressed the slippery head of his throbbing erection against her now juicy anus.

The sensation of rubbery crest pressing against pulsing cunt-gush lubed anus made her flushed cheeks burn with un-girlish passions, made her quiver with the need to surrender to his lust, made her dizzy with the thought of being penetrated like that . . . made her weak with the need to feel that huge throbbing erection stab deeper than her young cunt permitted, to feel that nearly foot long shaft invading her virgin anus! Face pressed against carpet, she spread the cheeks of her ass with both hands. "Do me, Kyle!" she cried, spreading ass cheeks so wide her anus actually opened to reveal its hot pink sheath. "Do me like you do other girls!"

The sensation of just the first two inches of cock invading her virgin ass made her piss in the crotch of her panties. "God! Oh, my God! It's going in me! You're fucking me up my ass, Kyle! Make me be naughty! Stick it all the way in me . . . go real deep! God! Oh, my God! Fuck me all the way up my ass!"

The deep anal penetration made her gasp as he worked the long shaft all the way in, his large balls slapping a sensitive orgasming clit as he fucked the smooth sheath, cunt-gush lubricated strokes nearly turning the girl's asshole inside out! Lips pulled back in a licentious grin, he slammed cock up her ass until she was slobbering, saliva swinging from her open pink lips.

"I'm cuming, you little cocksucker . . . I'm cuming right up your hot little asshole!" Exulting in the anal contractions that felt like the girl was sucking him off, he began pumping colossal loads of warm semen up her spasming ass! "You can't get pregnant taking it up your ass . . . " he hissed, long uncircumcised erection throbbing in the hot vice-like grip of the nineteen year old girl’s anus, thick shaft lubricated and bathed in an enormous warm bath of cum. "What-a tight fucking asshole! You're even tighter than Becky! This feels so fucking good! Son of a bitch, I love fucking young girls up the ass!"

Dawn had lost any sense of his pending ejaculation and the sudden gush of semen filling her anus was like someone turning a hose on inside of her! Body rigid as hard cock, she shook with passion as shot after shot of cum flooded her tummy. "Oh, my God! I can feel you cuming . . . it's going way deep up my ass! Fuck me, Kyle! It feels so naughty! Shoot that hot cum in me . . . fuck . . . make it go real deep! God! Oh, my God! Shoot that cum up my fucking ass!"

It felt like the semen was being sucked from his cock by the young girl's amazing anal contractions, jism literally milked from the uncircumcised shaft. Locked together in ecstasy, welded at the crotch by four-letter passion, frozen in sexfire until they fell . . . they fell, and fell . . . into a pool of liquid golden light.



This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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