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Chemistry Class
by Honey

I hate chemistry with such a passion. On the other hand, I'm deeply infatuated with my Chemistry teacher. Mmmm, Mr. Avery. God, those muscles and his deep, soothing voice turns me on beyond belief. Too bad for me he's married.

Well one day in class, Mr. Avery was busy talking to another teacher so my girlfriends and I started talking. We were playing a little round of truth. One of my friends asked me if I had 1 day left to live, who would I fuck and where. Without hesitating, I said Mr. Avery, on his desk. We all laughed, but the thought of fucking him on that desk turned me on so much, it was unbelievable.

After class, Mr. Avery asked me to stay after class. I figured he wanted to tell me to study a bit harder considering what I just got on my last test. I told my friends I'd meet up with them at the mall since it was the last period of the day. Mr. Avery closed the door as the last student left. He sat down on the edge of his desk, right in front of me. He started to say that if I put my mind and effort to doing well, I could. (Hmmm, so if I put my mind and effort into fucking him, I could???)

Anyways so after a few minutes, I noticed that Mr. Avery leaned down a just a bit further. I guess he couldn't help himself, much like all the other boys. I must admit, I have a great body. I work hard to keep it in shape so I feel I can brag about it. On this particular day, I had on a fitted button down shirt, a short skirt, and knee-high boots. As I crossed my legs, I noticed him lean in just a bit further. Soon I realized that the talking had stopped and we were both intently looking at one another.

Before I knew it, he leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. I returned the kiss and opened my mouth so he could explore my mouth with his tongue. He suddenly pulled back, realizing what was going on. He stood up to turn away, but I stood up and put my hand on his shoulder. I whispered in his ear, "This may not be right, but wouldn't denying ourselves be even more wrong?"

He suddenly turned and pulled me into him. He started kissing my neck as I wrapped my arms around his neck and sucked on his ear lobe. Soon, I felt his hands wander down to the hem of my skirt, find his way under it up to my ass. I moaned in pleasure. He gently lifted me to the edge of his desk and kissed me again. I began to undo his buttons on his shirt. I pulled it off and stood open-mouthed. I didn't realize his muscles were that big!!!! I ran my hands up and down his chest. Soon, he pried his hands from my ass, only to take my shirt off. My hands went for his pants and soon they were down around his ankles.

Meanwhile, he was fondling my grapefruit-sized breasts. I moaned yet again. He took a few steps back and looked at me. I was in my boots, skirt, and my black lace bra. My chest was heaving from the attention he was giving me. All he said was, "God, you are beautiful, I want you so badly."

I replied with, "Come and get it." He then took me by surprise by grabbing me, ripping my bra off, freeing my ample breasts. He sucked on them for a few minutes as I fondled his hardening cock. He then turned me around. He pulled up my skirt and pulled my black thong off. I could feel him leaning over me, his 10 inch hard as a rock cock tracing the crack of my ass. I pushed back, yearning for it to enter me. He positioned himself, grabbed my hips, and entered me.

Before I knew it, he was fucking me fiercely doggy style. We were both grunting and moaning. Soon he turned me around and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I whispered to him, "Fuck me hard and fuck me long." He thrust into me so hard, I almost screamed in pleasure. He humped me so hard that every time he pistoned himself into me, I was raised a few inches of the desk. Finally after multiple orgasms he gave me, he looked at me and I knew he was about to cum. We both licked our lips and I pulled him into me even more and started talking dirty to him, to help him.

I said things like, "Mmmm, hump me harder, I'm you're little student slut," and so on. Soon I felt him tense up and he came inside me. We collapsed onto the desk and after a while, we got dressed. On my way out, he pulled me to him and kissed me with so much passion I felt I was gonna faint.

After that, I began to like chemistry more. That was just first of our many "after class chats."

Another fine story by Honey.
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