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Cheerleading Camp
by HSWriter

Sara was awakened by the usual sound of her loud, annoying alarm. "Damn thing." she thought, "I wish I could figure out how to set it so that the radio goes off instead of the alarm." She rolled over in her bed and hit the snooze bar, quickly glancing at the clock. 4:35. Great. Four thirty five on a Saturday morning.

She gently slipped her smooth teenaged body out from underneath her cool silk sheets. Her legs were long and firm. She had a gorgeously firm, round rear end which all the other girls admired. Her hips were slim. She had a tight, firm stomach which lead up to her perky, taught breasts.

She walked over to her dresser and looked herself over in the tall mirror. She was wearing a black, silk bra and white cotton panties. She held her hands beneath her breasts and fluffed them up. She wore a 34B. She was embarrassed that her friend Amy was, as she said, "absolutely gorgeous".

Amy had a very nice body. She had round, firm, 36C breasts which Sara found herself staring at on occasions. Amy had a small, firm but and thin, tone legs. Amy had blonde hair and baby blue eyes, unlike Sara, who had light brown hair and deep green eyes. They were both beautiful, and they both admired each other. As much as Sara wanted breasts like Amy, Amy wanted her butt to be as firm and pliable as Sara's.

Sara soon found herself rummaging through her drawers, looking for her tight spandex exercise outfit. The black spandex fit tightly over her smooth, 18 year old curves. She wore panties and a bra, and the spandex was so tight that the outline of her underwear could be seen clearly. Quickly then, she grabbed her red backpack and walked out of her room and down the hall to the kitchen.

Out of her refrigerator, she removed a bottle of orange juice. As she moved toward the pantry, she dispensed with the idea of a glass and drank her juice right from the bottle. She opened the pantry door and removed the last Nutrigrain bar from the lavender box. Like the sloppy teenager that she was, she left the empty box in the pantry. As she put the bottle of orange juice back into the refrigerator, she heard the familiar sound of Amy's deep car horn.

"Leaving already." Said a groggy voice. Amy turned around, seeing her mother in mid-yawn.

"Yeah." Amy replied cheerfully. She walked over to her mother and gave her a peck on the cheek. "By mom. See you tomorrow night."

With that, Amy was out the door. She opened the back door on Amy's Ford Explorer and threw her bag on the back seat. She then moved back and opened the passenger door.

"Hey." Amy greeted her, still half asleep.

"Hey babe." Sara replied.

When Sara was in, Amy backed out of the driveway. She pulled out onto the main road and then to the onramp of I-35 South.

"So," Sara said. "Are you ready for our favorite camp?" She tried to act cheerful, but they both knew that they weren't to happy about where they were going.

"Yeah." Amy sighed. "Only one more year of this camp and then we will be in college and we will be able to be teachers. Then we can put all of the stupid little high school girls through one day of complete hell and one day of actual cheerleading."

"I know what you mean." Sara complied. "I can't wait."

The Explorer turned off of the highway onto a back road which lead out into what looked like the country. Amy turned the car into a long, nicely paved driveway. The sign over the large gate said "Willis Cheerleading School". Each year, Willis Cheerleading School held an invitational Cheerleading Camp for each school to send their cheerleading captains to. It was called "Captain's Camp". Amy and Sara had been blessed by being born in a small town. Therefore, they were pretty much the only two girls in their high school who were seriously into cheerleading. They were also the only ones who could fill out the uniform well.

When they finally arrived, Amy parked her car in the student parking lot and they went to check in. After checking in, they were shown to their room. Each room had four beds. The girls would only be staying one night. Inside of each room would be three high school girls and one college councilor. As Amy and Sara entered their room, the met the other high school girl who would be staying with them. Her name was Anna. She was from a school in upstate New York, a long way away from the camp in suburban Illinois. She had long, curly read hair and sky blue eyes. She was short and petite, with nice legs and a darling little butt. She had smaller, but firm breasts which were held up nicely underneath her white tank top by a Wonderbra. She wore black tights, similar to the ones which Sara and Amy wore. He legs and buttocks were smooth and tone. Sara caught herself taking a long, hard look at Anna from behind. As she looked again, she felt a familiar warmth between her young legs.

They were called out to the field at about 5:10 and divided into squads. Sara, Amy, and Anna were all put into the same squad that consisted of eight other girls. Each group had a group leader. Their group leader's name was Patti. She introduced herself as a college freshman at UCLA.

"Wow." Amy thought. "She's not that much older than us. How much more could she know?"

"Unfortunately..." Patti explained. "Today is the hard day. Today we have to do some running and some physical training to get everyone in shape." The group groaned in unison. "I know. I know. It's not easy, but, for some of you, this is your last year..." Patti continued to speak on just to pass the time. As she spoke, Sara checked her out. Patti had long black hair which was tied back in a ponytail. She had bright blue eyes which contrasted with her dark complexion. She had large, firm, mature breasts. While she was only a year older that Sara, she seemed so much more mature. She seemed so much more beautiful. Her hips were a little wider and she was much more curvaceous, but she still had that mature model quality to her. Sara felt the warmth between her legs once again. This surprised her. She had never become horny over females before. She shrugged it off, though, as Patti finished her speech. "And I guarantee that when today is over, you will all feel rewarded. With that she gave a slight smile.

The rest of the day was spent in hell for the girls. They did windsprints and long distance running. Their morning was filled with as much running as Sara thought was possible. Every year it seemed to get worse. They did push-ups and various leg exercises. As they ran, Sara caught a glimpse of Amy's large breasts, heaving up and down as she ran. It was quite a sight.

In the middle of the day, around one, they all took a break from their running to grab a light lunch. Sara had never been so hungry in her life, but she didn't eat a lot, for she knew that if she overstuffed herself, she would feel it later in the day. So, she retired to her table where Amy and Anna sat with only an apple and a bottle of water. They ate as slowly as possible. They were stopped though, by the head instructors, calling for all of the girls to go back to the field. The rest of their day consisted of more of the same running, only it was harder now.

Sara's heart pounded as she rounded the final corner on the track. It was around 8:00. The sweat ran down over her forehead. Her legs throbbed. She knew she was close. With every step, she felt a great soreness in each of her knees. She crossed the finish line and ran directly to the grass, falling onto her back. Amy and Anna followed a few seconds behind her. They all laid there for a few minutes as the sun went down.

On the way back to their room, they stopped at the snack machine and got a candy bar and a pop. They all knew that the hard part was over, and they all felt relieved.

When they reached there room, Patti was already there. She was just coming out of the shower. Sara entered first, catching a glimpse of Patti's naked, wet body before Patti realized that they were entering and shut the door to the bathroom.

They all plopped down hard on their beds as Patti came out of the bathroom. Amy went next. Sara found herself falling asleep. She was awakened by the sound of Amy's voice, telling her that it was her turn to get into the shower. Sara opened her eyes and looked around. She saw Anna coming out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. She saw that Patti and Amy had changed into T-shirts and panties. Patti's panties had little red roses on them and Amy's were blue silk. Sara picked up her bathrobe and went in to take her shower. In the shower she washed herself until she felt feminine again. When she finished, she reached out for a towel. She found a pink towel which she knew was Patti's. As she brought it to her head to dry her hair, she smelt that familiarly sweet, musky smell of cunt. It turned her on to think that Patti had been masturbating in the shower. Sara finished drying herself and she exited the bathroom in her bathrobe.

When she came out, all of the girls were sitting on their beds talking about boys and dating, and numerous other topics well known to girl-chat. Sara walked over to her bag and pulled out a sexy pair of pink, lace panties. She slid them on under her bathrobe. She turned away from the other girls and removed her robe. She was topless underneath. She quickly slipped on an old t-shirt which went down to her waist. This left her lacy panties fully visible. She then sat down on her bed and crossed her legs. From her right, Amy passed her the bottle of Jack Daniels which the girls had already dug into. She took a long swig of it.

"Hey." Patti uttered in her sweet voice. "Let's play truth or dare."

"Ok." Amy complied, as did Anna.

Sara was hesitant. But she was now beginning to feel the effects of the booze. "Ok." She replied as Amy passed her a doobie. She took a hit and passed it on.

"All right." Patti exclaimed. "I'll start." She paused and looked around. "Sara." Sara looked up. "Truth, or dare?"

Sara took what she thought would be the easy way. "Truth."

The booze and pot were beginning to take their toll on all of the girls. This was becoming very evident.

"Have you ever wanted to make out a girl?" Patti asked, giving Sara a seductive look.

Sara swallowed hard. She tried to think clearly, but she was beginning to feel wasted. The question, though, just the fact that Patti had said that to her, was beginning to make her moist. "Yeah. I have." She blurted. All of the girls began to giggle. Sara's face turned beet red. Patti didn't giggle, she just smiled lightly.

It was Amy's turn. "Ok." She began. "Anna, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Anna replied quickly.

Amy thought for a second. "Have you ever given a guy a blowjob?"

"Yeah." Anna said as she began to giggle again. The game was beginning to make them all horny, and Patti knew it.

It came to Sara. She knew that she was feeling extremely horny and she knew that she wanted to instigate some action. "Alright." She said. "Patti. Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Patti replied with a seductive grin.

This was Sara's chance to get something going. "Ok..." She paused, thinking. "I dare you to put a finger in Anna's pussy."

Anna shot Sara a harsh look. She smiled lightly as if she knew that Patti would decline the dare. She was surprised, though, when Patti stood and approached her. Anna didn't know what to do, so she just went with it. Patti finally reached her and sat down on the bed next to her. Patti's hand brushed across Anna's taught breasts as she moved her hand down Anna's stomach to her panties. Anna's nipples had become hard and her breathing turned to short gasps. Just the thought of another girl touching her pussy was getting her very hot and bothered. Patti's hand slipped smoothly into Anna's panties, brushing her pubic hair lightly. Anna gasped as Patti's fingers moved over her rock hard little clit. Patti slid down past Anna's clit to her soaking wet pussy. She slowly inserted a finger. Anna let out a large moan. She closed her eyes and her mouth dropped as Patti began to pump her finger into her young cunt.

Across the room, Sara's eyes danced around the room. She spotted Amy, who was starring intently at the action between Patti and Anna. Amy's hand slowly slid into her own panties. She began to discretely finger herself. Sara was now caught way up into the moment. At that point she stopped seeing Amy as a friend, but rather as an object of intense sexual desire. She stood from her bed and walked over to where Amy was sitting, looking down at her friend. Amy looked up at her, her baby blue eyes gleaming with lust. Sara leaned down and kissed her passionately. Their tongues intertwined. It was the most erotic kiss in either of their lives. Amy gave a little moan as Sara's hand began to move up her shirt. Sara moved her hand up and gently began to massage Amy's nicely shaped breast.

On the other side of the room, Patti pumped her finger in and out of Anna's hot cunt. Anna's pussy began to convulse.

"Ohhh God!" Anna moaned. "I'm gonna cummmm!!" This drove Patti to pump her finger in and out faster and harder. "Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!" Anna's pussy erupted, soaking her panties in her juices. Patti removed her finger with a pop. She brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted Anna's juices. They tasted like pure heaven. She then put her finger up to Anna's lips. Anna took Patti's finger into her mouth, tasting her own sweet nectar. As Patti pulled her finger from Anna's mouth, She replaced it with her tongue, kissing Anna deeply. Anna was now getting way into it. Her hands quickly worked up and down on Patti's body, gently rubbing her breasts and her round ass. They fell back on the bed, their hands probing and fondling. Patti broke their embrace and sat back on the bed. She lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her gorgeous breasts. Anna followed suit, removing her shirt. Patti hooked her hands around the elastic waistband over her panties, carefully and teasingly sliding them down and off. Anna, too, wiggled out of her own, drenched panties. Patti then laid on top of Anna, their breasts pressing together. Anna positioned her thigh between Patti's legs, rubbing her pussy in rhythm. They began again to kiss deeply, letting out load, consistent moans.

In the other bed, Sara slowly lifted Amy's shirt over her head, giving Sara a good shot at her perfect tits. Sara sat back and removed her own shirt. She then went back to Amy, kissing her full on the lips. Their breasts squashed together. Sara was becoming soaking wet from all of this skin on skin contact. She then began to kiss her way down Amy's neck to her chest. She took each of Amy's breasts into her mouth. Amy leaned her head back and moaned loudly. Sara moved her hand down and began to gently massage her mound through her silk panties. The material felt so good rubbing against Amy's clit. She began to breath hard and moan consistently. Sara turned her attention from Amy's breasts and she began to kiss her way down Amy's firm stomach. When she reached her goal, she took a long hard sniff at Amy's musky pussy scent. She smoothly hooked her fingers underneath the waistband of Amy's panties and slid them off. She then began to kiss Amy's inner thighs. Amy moaned each time Sara's sweet lips connected with her skin. Sara finally dove her tongue into Amy's hot cunt. She had never eaten pussy before, but she knew what she would want done to her. She gently flicked Amy's clit with her tongue, sending electric shockwaves through Amy's entire body. Amy moaned loudly. So loudly that Sara thought that maybe someone would hear them and catch them. She was wrong.

As Sara again inserted her tongue into Amy's hot hole, she felt a pair of hands tugging at the waistband of her panties. Startled, she turned her head, catching a glimpse of Patti as she pulled her panties off. Sara now felt so exposed. There she was, bent over a bed naked, with her ass sticking out and her face buried in her best friends pussy. Her pussy began to flow as Patti leaned her head down and ran her tongue down Sara's ass crack and across her slit. When Patti's tongue reached Sara's clit, Sara let out a loud gasp as a wave of hot ecstasy ran through her body. She turned her head back around, there she saw Anna's lovely little ass. Anna was sitting on Amy's face, and Amy was eating her cunt like an animal. Anna was panting hard and moaning loudly. Sara went right back to eating Amy's pussy. She dove her tongue in deep, thrusting deeper and deeper. Amy began to thrust her hips. Sara could feel Patti's warm tongue as it slipped between her hot lips. Sara kept working diligently on Amy's pussy.

Sara heard Anna scream again as her pussy erupted into Amy's face. "Ohhhh Goddd. Amyyyyyy.." Anna screamed.

This drove Amy over the edge. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!" She moaned as her cunt convulsed and erupted. Sara lapped up her juices. Amy tasted so good. Anna fell to the bed, holding Amy in her arms. They both lay there, spent.

Sara turned her attention now to Patti. Patti disengaged from Sara's pussy and laid back on the floor. Sara instinctively got on top of her in a 69 position. Patti once again went back to work on Sara's pussy, gently flicking her clit with her tongue, then diving down deep into Sara's womanhood. Sara moved her face down to Patti's sweet little pussy, inhaling the familiar aroma from the towel. She ran her tongue over Patti's clit, and Patti let out a loud moan. She kept running her tongue down Patti's slit until she gently licked Patti's asshole. She then moved back to Patti's pouty lips and inserted her tongue deep into Patti's cunt. They were both soaking wet, and very close to powerful orgasms.

"Mmmmmmmm!!!" Patti moaned.

Sara didn't have enough lung power to moan, she was breathing so hard that she was almost out of breath. She felt a hot wave of passion and ecstasy running down her body as she knew that she would explode any minute. She picked up the pace on Patti's pussy, wanting Patti to cum at the same time. Patti got the message and quickened her pace. Simultaneously, their young pussies convulsed and they both exploded in mind blowing orgasms.

"Ohhhhhhh Godddddddddd!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!" Sara screamed, coming up for air. Her pussy kept pumping out her hot juice, and Patti lapped it all up. Patti's pussy juices were flowing profusely as well. Sara had a hard time getting it all, but she did. Her body kept convulsing, a seamless electric current running through her body as her orgasm began to subside.

Sara finally sat up when she regained her strength. Both she and Patti stood and took a few steps before they fell into Sara's bed. They couldn't go any further because their legs were so weak from their powerful orgasms. They laid there on their bed, softly kissing and fondling each other.

"You know." Patti uttered, still somewhat short of breath. "I knew this would happen. When I first saw you and Amy, I knew that somehow it would end up like this." She gave Sara that intensely seductive smile.

Sara smiled back. "I'm glad it happened." She said as she began to doze off into the world of dreams.

When they all awoke, they got dressed. No one mentioned the events of the previous night. None of them felt guilty, only sexually liberated. They all went through the last day of camp casually. At the end of the day, they didn't say any good-byes. Patti disappeared before any of them could find her, and Anna left promptly after dinner was over.

Sara and Amy drove back to their small town, and when they reached Sara's house, Sara began to get out of the car.

"Hey." Amy interrupted her, grabbing her arm. "Aren't you forgetting something?" She leaned over and kissed Sara passionately.

As Sara walked from the car to her house, she realized what was to happen...

Sara and Amy developed a passionate sexual relationship in the next year. When they returned to the camp, neither Anna, nor Patti were there. When they found this out, Sara and Amy just looked at each other and said. "Oh well. I guess we'll have to find someone else." They both laughed out loud. They would find someone else, but that is another story...

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