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Chris Comes Undone Pt. I
by Adalefin

When I was in college I worked as head of security for a luxury apartment building. They had done a really lousy job of checking references when they first opened. As a result they ended up with a bunch of hookers. The pimps and johns were intimidating the tenants and security guards. I was sent to fix the problem.

Six months later the hookers were gone and the building management offered me a job as head of security. Along with a better salary I got a two bedroom apartment with the job. The building was filled with young college women and there was no better place to be than the security desk when they came home from a date that featured a fight with their boyfriend. I kept a journal for my first year and later realized that I had sexual encounters with over 114 women that year.

One of the more memorable women that I met was Chris. She was in her mid twenties and in the process of ending her marriage to a musician. Chris was about 5'3" tall, auburn hair with gorgeous blue eyes that were hidden by glasses. She had a really great body with "C" cup breasts that had those big puffy aureole. She was slim and trim everywhere else.

I had known Chris for several months. She would always stop by the security desk on the way in from work to exchange pleasantries and flirt. After several months she came home about 11:00 one night totally shit faced. It was her birthday and some of the folks from work had taken her to lunch and then never gone back to work that day.

She stopped to talk with me and drunkenly leaned against me, her arms around my neck. "Aren't you going to give me a birthday kiss?" she asked.

"I'd like to give you a lot more than a birthday kiss!" I replied with a smile.

She smiled back and told me that she was willing but her husband was home and so we couldn't go there. I suggested that we might want to try the "Community Room." The "Community Room" was used for recreation and had several sofas and stuffed chairs in additional to the TV, pool table and ping pong table. The door locked and I had the key. The only draw back was that we had installed a surveillance camera due to some recent damage. It wasn't that much of a drawback though because Chris didn't know that.

I told the regular guard (one of the guys I was protecting from pimps) that I would be doing a special patrol of the building, and gave him a wink and a smile. John and I had become pretty good buddies and he just smiled and winked back.

We took the elevator one floor down to the basement level, where the "Community Room" was located. Chris was all over me, kissing me and rubbing my crotch during the short ride. I held her off just long enough to get us safely locked in the room.

Chris took about two seconds to tear all of her clothes off. She didn't even give me a chance to get my uniform off before she had my hardening cock in her mouth. Once I had my uniform and equipment off I pulled her to one of the sofas. This one just happened to offer the security camera a great view. For the next hour I did everything that I could think to this woman. She was very hot, wet and willing. I spread her pussy lips wide and licked her luscious cunt until she screamed in orgasm. I fucked her doggy style, missionary style and fed her my cock. I was fucking her in her tight asshole when I finally let myself cum. The whole time I was making faces and gestures into the camera knowing that John was probably laughing his ass off.

When we were done we dressed and headed to the elevator. I got off on the first floor and Chris stayed on to go to the fourth floor where her apartment was. Walking down the hall toward the lobby I was getting ready to camp it up for the other guard. I pulled my uniform hat low over my eyes, hooked my thumbs in the gun belt. When I reached the lobby I didn't even look at John but just sighed and lifted the waist of my trousers jauntily.

I didn't expect the reaction that I got which was eight guys from the apartment complex jammed behind the security desk. They laughed and applauded. There was a lot of good natured kidding but I became a bit of a legend that night.

When I saw Chris the next night I was a little nervous. I found her very attractive and exciting and was afraid that she might be so embarrassed about the previous evening that I wouldn't get another chance. She walked by the security desk, smiled slightly and said "Hi, guys." And then continued on to her apartment. I was really bumming out because I figured that I would never get any of that hot pussy again.

Several hours later the phone rang at the security desk. It was Chris. She had heard some strange noises and wondered if I could come up and check everything out. This was not an unusual request in this job so I told her I would be up in a few minutes. John grinned from ear to ear and told me he would cover for me if need be. I just kind of shrugged and headed on up.

When I got to Chris's apartment I found that the front door was partially ajar. The professional part of me took over and I reached down and eased my .357 magnum out of the holster. I pushed the door open slowly, scanning the dark living room, ears perked for any unusual noise. I entered the room low and slow. The only light came from the windows and some from the bedroom's partially opened doorway.

Slowly and quietly I cleared the bathroom and the kitchen without finding anyone. I slowly moved to the bedroom door and pushed the door open very, very, slowly. My senses were on full alert and the first sign of what I was walking into was the strong smell of pussy! As I slid the door open further I peeked in to see Chris lying on her back, totally naked in her bed. She had a small light on. As I adjusted to the semi darkness I could see that Chris had her eyes closed. Her arms were splayed down toward her crotch and now I could see her fingers playing in her pussy.

Slowly and quietly I holstered my weapon as I moved closer to the bed. Soon I was standing right over her looking down at her beautiful body and juicy pussy. Suddenly I heard her whisper "Eat me. Please eat my pussy!"

Without a word I moved my face between her legs. I inhaled the strong sexy smell of her already soaked pussy. Gently I grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away from touching herself. She sucked in a big breathe as I paused tongue length away from her swollen clit, softly breathing on her. Slowly I flicked my tongue across her clit and she just grabbed my head and pulled me closer into her cunt.

For the next half hour I consumed her sweet, wet pussy. When I would sense that she was getting close to an orgasm I would pull away, kissing her thighs until she calmed down. After getting her oh so close three times I finally just dove in full force, fucking her with my tongue and fingers and sucking on her clit. When she started to cum I felt her fingernails scraping my back through my shirt. She pulled my shirt out of the waistband and started to scratch my bare back as she was overwhelmed with her orgasm.

After she came down I noticed that she was softly sobbing. I asked her if she was OK. "My husband has ignored me for so long that I forgot what it felt like." She cried, "It's so good to feel wanted again." Chris sat up and held me tight as she whispered in my ear, "I want to be your slut!" she whimpered, "I'll do anything you want me to!" I firmly pushed her on her back and stood up. I ripped my zipper down and pulled out my stone hard cock.

I placed myself at her head and positioned my cock just by her mouth. Her hot, wet mouth sucked me in and she began to suck me off like a mad woman. Every now and then I would pull my cock out of her mouth and rub it all over her pretty face. Then I would shove it back into her mouth. I enjoyed pinching and caressing her soft swollen tits as she sucked my hardness. Much too quickly I felt my orgasm approaching.

"I'm going to cum my brains out!" I warned and she just kept sucking away. My cock exploded in her mouth and I was delighted to hear her moan as she sucked down every drop. After I stopped cumming she just kept my softening prick locked in her lips. Finally I removed myself from her lips. "I have to get back downstairs." I told her, "But I will be back for more!" I looked into her eyes and told her that I thought that her husband must be damaged for passing up a hot piece like her. I turned to look at her as I reached the door. I could see her eyes sparkle and she smiled.

This was the beginning of a long and adventurous relationship with Chris. The longer we were together, the more liberated she became sexually. I was just the lucky guy who got to be there as Chris became undone.

To Be Continued...


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