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Chance Encounters
by GentleMaster

They enjoyed their night out on the town thoroughly. He showed her all the sites, took her to dinner, dancing, and walked with her down the sleepy little street of Park Avenue, in downtown Winter Park, just outside Orlando. Jessie, had just arrived late, the day before, and he had been kind enough to let her sleep in late, at her hotel that first night, before inviting her out the next evening.

Everything was perfect, the food, the drinks, the weather itself even seemed to be made to order. The moon was full the sky clear, and the air had just a slight nip to it, down from the normal heat of the Florida summers. She had worn a skirt outfit for the night, remembering the talks on the phone, that had made her so aroused, and kept wondering when he would take the time to learn the little secret she had. However, he seemed to be taking his own sweet time this evening, not showing the least bit forward action towards her, more than to simply hold her hand, or put his arm around her waist, as they walked and chatted.

Finally, the evening growing late, he asked if she would like to see his home, and when she quickly excepted, he smiled, and led her back to the car, placed her in it, then drove the short 5 minute drive to his home. It was a modest home, in a modest neighborhood, though it spoke of pride, through its fine upkeeping. He opened her door, not allowing her to lift a finger the entire evening, and led her up to the front door. Inside, it was warm and cheerful, the living room off to their right, and a small hall way off to their left, which ran along the side of the house towards the back, with four rooms off of it, he led her down this hall showing her the three bedrooms, one of which had been recently, he said, made into the office it held now, and pointed out the bathroom, not needing to show her its workings.

Once he had shown her the one side of the house, he led her to the kitchen, which laid at the back of the house, at the end of the hall, and which on its other side, opened back into the living room. Once in the kitchen, he took to wine glasses from the counter, and a chilled bottle of white wine, from the fridge, and poured them each a glass, before leading her to sit with him on the large couch, in the living room. They sat, talked, and sipped their wine, revealing secrets that they had told to no one else, finding kinship in each other, and a closeness that only the closest of friends can feel.

Soon, there grew a comfortable silence, which they enjoyed for a short moment, before he offered to show her the rest of the house. Standing, and taking her by the hand, he led her through the small den, separating his newly redesigned master bedroom and master bath. He explained to her as he led her around it, and next to his queen sized bed, how he had drawn up the rough plans, that the renovators had used to make their prints for the job.

Standing in silence next to his bed, her hands in his, she felt a heat rising from her center, as she thought, 'can this be the moment?' Smiling into her eyes, he stepped back from her, and simply commanded her to strip. Without hesitation, Jessie wordlessly began to remove her clothes, starting with her blouse, which she slowly unbuttoned, trying to tease him. Then came her bra, which she turned her back to him, and looked over her shoulder with mischief in her eyes, for only she knew the one secret, she had yet to reveal. The one thing she had done in preparation for this meeting. Her bra off, Jessie, leaned over, at the waist, her firm ass facing Tim, as she slowly slid it down her thighs. The smile on his face apparent, as her panty less sex, was exposed to his sight, as her skirt slipped off and puddle onto the floor.

She stood once again, and he commanded her to his side, where he pulled her into his arms, and kissed her passionately, his hands exploring her body, as he lightly traced her lips with his tongue, nibble them softly, then penetrated them to tease her tongue, and explore the depths of her mouth. His hands were firm, but smooth on her skin, cupping her face as his fingers curled in her hair. Roaming across her body, along the curves of her hips, squeezing the twin globes of her ass, and dipping his thigh against the moisture forming between her thighs. Then, just as quickly as he had kissed her, he abruptly stopped, stepped back once again, and commanded her to lay on her back atop the bed. She readily complied, having wished for nothing more since they had arrived at his home.

Once atop the bed, she saw him reach down at the top left corner of the bed, and bring forth a lined restraint, for her wrist. He looked into her eyes, one more time, to confirm her willingness to surrender herself up to him completely, and seeing only passion and Desire burning in her eyes, he lovingly clasped it around her wrist, snugly. Then leaned down, to softly kiss and tease her wrist, where it met the restraint. Moving very slowly, and deliberately, he repeated this pattern, until she was completely bound, and unable to do anything more than roll her body, like the waves of the ocean. Moving over to his dresser, he produced the final item she would see, before being plunged into the darkness, of bound pleasure, it was a white silk blind fold, which he gently placed over her eyes, and secured behind her head. Before kissing her softly once more on the lips.

Hearing a rustling at the foot of the bed, Jessie assumed he was removing his clothing. He told her, "don't say a word, unless I tell you otherwise, even to answer my questions, simply nod or shake your head in response. For if you speak, I will stop. Do you understand?" She simply nodded. A moment later, she felt a weight on the bed, and new he had joined her. Softly, his lips began to kiss her, starting at her feet and slowly moving upwards, teasing her skin, with little licks and nibbles along his path. Moving closer and closer to her center, she could feel her arousal dripping forth, and coating the inside of her thighs. As his lips neared the tops of her thighs, and the place she wished them most, he stopped, and his weight left the bed.

"Now where are those nipple clamps I had," Jessie heard him mumble to himself. The light sound of metal clanked together, over where she thinks his dresser was. As his weight is once again felt on the bed, beside her up near her head. Expecting the sharp pinch of clamps, and ready to snap her fingers three times to call this off, she is pleasantly surprised to feel his lips on her nipple instead. Tim teases her nipple, with light licks and nibbles, his tongue slowly tracing around it, as his hands fondle them lovingly. He moves from one breast, to the other, taking his time, and exploring their entirety. Arching her back to put them more fully in his mouth, and stop the teasingly lightness of his tongues touch, Jessie bites her lip to hold back a sigh, as he stops licking them, and begins to kiss her neck and collar bone. He slowly kisses the entirety of her body, the wetness and longing between her thighs growing more and more, with each passing moment, as the minutes grow into an hour, and still he has not touched her where she wants him most. Just when she is about to give up, and tell him to take her, he asks her, "would you like me to lick your pussy, Jessie?" She nods very urgently, and he chuckles, as he starts to just trace his fingertips along her skin instead. Five minutes go by, as his fingers explore and memorize her body. Gliding across her face tracing every inch over, except for her breasts and her pussy, just teasing it, by going oh so close, but not close enough.

Then as if an a haze, she feels his weight grow heavy between her thighs, as the warmth of his breath blows across the coolness of her wet lips. His mouth settles fully on her lips, and he softly kisses it with his lips. Sucking on it slowly. Pulling its entirety into his mouth, before releasing it, and lightly tracing his tongue around the edge of her swollen lips. Moving it slowly, and deliberately lightly, he uses his tongue to explore the entire length of her pussy. Taking special care, she notices, not to touch her clit. He teases and explores its depths, softly sucking each lip into his mouth, and nibbling on them, as his tongue parts them to lick her deeply. Its tip coming to rest, just below her clit, and the V of her moist lips, his fingers penetrating her pussy for the first time.

Jessie's hips arch and roll against his relentless mouth, the feeling of his fingers thrusting deeply in and out of her churning depths. He uses her own wetness, now flowing more freely than ever before, to coat her virgin entrance. Suddenly, she feels the tip of his wet finger penetrating her and her uncharted passage, and after a moments hesitation, she begins to relax, and allow him easier entrance. His other hand pushing two fingers into her pussy, slowly, he begins a deep rhythm, with his fingers. Moving in one opening, while retreating in the other. Taking his mouth, and teasing her with its tongue, around where his fingers are slipping inside her. Blowing the warmth of his breath against her clit, before asking her to tell him what she wants him to do.

Jessie hears a voice, that she vaguely recognizes as her own saying, "GAWD, MAKE ME CUM, suck my clit, PLEASE suck me clit." Chuckling, she feels him start to lick her pussy more urgently, as he starts to concentrate completely on her clit. Licking it lightly, and rapidly, on its underside, as his fingers continue to fuck her pussy and backside. She can feel her body growing closer to the brink of climax, her body begins to pulse, as waves wash over, moving outward, from the center of her pussy, to envelope the entirety of her body. However, just before she climax, he stops, saying, "you must first earn that right, by pleasuring me."

Feeling his weight straddling her chest, she tastes the tip of his shaft as he rests it against her lips. Licking just the tip of it, she savors the drop on the tip, that she knows she has caused him to excrete. He leans himself forward, as she takes his length into her mouth, and begins to suck him hungrily, wanting to taste his cum, and to make him continue to pleasure her, too. She can hear moans softly escaping his lips, and this only encourages her to tease him more, using the suction of her mouth, and the tip of her tongue, as his hips begin to slightly move him in her mouth. Knowing he is about to climax, she wonders why he pulls out of her mouth, only to feel him releasing the restraints holding her legs spread apart. She can feel his weight atop her, as he slides his length deeply within her well lubricated channel, in one sure thrust. He tells her to wrap her legs around him, and fuck him back. Jessie uses her muscles to pull herself into him, matching him thrust for thrust, as he begins to grind himself in to her.

Her climax building quickly in her, she starts to use the muscles inside her pussy to try and bring their orgasms about at the same time. Their bodies glowing with their energies, his mouth kissing her passionately, tasting herself on his lips, as climax begins to wash over her, completely, and fully, her lips squeezing his cock as it thrusts animalistically inside her, his own climax nearing, until at last, she feels its head throb, and explode his cum deeply inside the depths of her pussy, his arms holding her, as he holds himself fully inside her... to be continued???


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