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Chance Encounter
by Selias

I'm not the world's best looking guy, but I'm not that bad either. I am rather solidly built, perhaps a couple pounds overweight, with short dark hair. I try to keep myself fit through walking, and there is one place in particular that I like. It's little more than a path through a small, though dense, wooded area, but I enjoy the seclusion of it.

I was walking down this path one day, and my mind was wandering... I had just had a huge fight with my girlfriend, we had just broke up in fact, and was angry with her... Apparently I wasn't paying attention and walked right into a petit little brown-haired woman. We both toppled over in a mess of arms and legs.. and a lot of hair.. I apologized profusely and helped her back to her feet, unable to NOT notice how stunningly beautiful she was.. long brown hair reaching nearly to her knees, deep blue eyes, a very slender figure, probably about five feet tall... She was wearing a loose sundress, but because of the tangle of arms, I know she DID have quite a figure...

She introduced herself as Maria.. come to mention it, her skin was slightly tinted, perhaps Spanish ancestry. She commented that her boyfriend had just dumped her and she was walking to blow off steam. I smiled and told my story, and suggested we walk together. She smiled and surprised me by accepting, and taking my hand in hers as we walked. We talked for a long while, I honestly have no idea how long we were walking, but the conversations became more and more intimate... She changed from holding my hand to looping her arms around my left arm, her head resting against it, half leaning on me as we walked.. I didn't mind, she was a light, delicate creature, but her soft scent and closeness was driving me wild. I she must have sensed my... distraction, but her only reaction to it is to push me to the side gently, leading me off the path. She and I walked for a few minutes, until we were sure that no one could see us, and she turned to kiss me full on the lips... The two of us lowered to the soft grass, kissing and necking for what seemed like an eternity, then she surprised me again.

I was lying on my back, she on top of me as we kissed... and she broke off the kiss and began opening my button-down shirt with her mouth... After finishing this, she began to softly trail kisses over my chest and stomach, then began lower again. Her delicate lips parted and she used her teeth to open my belt and then my jeans. Still never using her hands she pulled my pants open with her mouth, and my underwear down so that my length, VERY hard, was revealed totally... She slowly ran her tongue over my sac, sucking and caressing it gently with her lips, rewarded by my writhing and moans of pleasure... I smiled and gently pressed her back to a sitting position. I sat up and slowly lifted the bottom of her light dress off, revealing a lack of bra and panties, nipples already hardened with desire, and her sex glistening...

I gently pressed her onto her back, and after removing the rest of my clothes, I began to kiss her. I felt her hand close around my length, slowly stroking me and I knew that with a sensual woman like this, I would last long.. I moved lower, kissing over her breasts, teasing in circles around the nipples, then sucking them gently into my mouth.. I felt her hands tangling in my hair, pressing me closer... I slowly moved lower over her body, my lips caressing over her now-hot skin. Finally I reached my goal, kissing small circles around her sex, not quite touching it, just teasing her and loving watching her squirm. Then I let my tongue slide slowly over her slit, tasting her, listening to her moaning of pleasure. I smiled and slid my tongue into her, then gently slid back, moving to press a finger inside her... she was already so wet, but still VERY tight.. I felt her entire body arch when the finger entered her, and I smiled, licking and sucking at her clit... after about 5 minutes of this, I started nibbling lightly at her clit, two fingers sliding deep into her.. this was all it took to take her over the edge, and she arched her back, biting her lip to be quiet as she came hard, her juices flowing over my hand and chin.

She smiled and rolled me over onto my back, this time taking my length deep into her throat, without any hesitation, sucking me into her mouth, swallowing so that I could feel her throat clenching around my length, her tongue moving up and down it. She starts bobbing her head and I watch my hardness sliding into her mouth over and over. I had to stop her or I knew I would explode into her mouth any second.... She stopped, but lifted up and straddled me, sliding my length slowly into her. She moaned deeply, arching her back, and began to ride me. The feeling of her tight walls sliding up and down my length was so incredible.... I could feel her intentionally tightening around me, and I knew I would cum any second... "Oh Maria... I'm... you're gonna make me... cum..." I started to pull back, not sure what she wanted, but she leaned down and kissed me passionately, pressing her hips harder and faster against mine, her only response a whispered 'good'. That was about all I could take, and holding her tightly in my arms, I thrust deep into her and felt my seed flooding into her, thick spurt after spurt.. My orgasm took her over the edge and this time she wasn't ready for it, arching her back and screaming in pleasure.. I'm sure half the township heard her as she came over and over, shuddering wildly over me... then she collapsed atop me, gasping for breath as we held each other, just enjoying the warm afterglow....

About ten minutes later, with our clothed back on and straightened up, we walked, her again leaning on my arm, back to my car...

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