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Castle Fun
by AnonHome

Ariay grunted as he climaxed into his wife and several seconds later heard his sister Ariya moan as her husband climaxed also. When both men's orgasms had subsided Ariay turned his head to the right and smiled.

"I win again," he said.

His brother-in-law was loath to admit it but Ariay had climaxed first. As was part of their agreement, Ariya climbed off of her husband and scurried over the castle floor to her brother's bed. Ariay and Ariya were twins, as were his wife Tarya and her brother Taray.

Tarya slid off of the bed and grabbed her lionskin cloak and walked to where her son was sitting in the master's chair. Ariya started by sucking gently on her brother's cock, bringing it to full erection before climbing higher and finally plunging the large member deep inside her. In the midst of his ecstasy Ariay looked to his left and saw his son Carn sucking furiously at his mother's pussy while on his left Taray fucked his daughter Lora.

Airay rolled over so he was on top and swiftly thrusted in and out of his sister's beautiful cunt. He finally reached his climax and unloaded his seed deep in his sister's belly. As he lay on the bed the groans of his son and wife got closer until they forced him from the bed. He watched as his son, only eighteen, thrust hard against his mother. As he watched the two Ariay became hard and started stroking himself.

He was startled by his niece who suddenly put her cool hand on his tool and started stroking it.

"I want you, uncle," Lora moaned.

"Where?" Ariay asked in a whisper.

"Put it in my ass again, I like that," his niece informed him.

Ariay bent his niece over and positioned his cock at her asshole and slowly pushed in, the tight hole squeezing his cock as his slid in. Once all the way in Ariay began thrusting in and out until found the perfect rhythm, all the while watching his wife and son.

When he finally came it was like a volcano and from the looks of his wife and sister the other two men had came hard as well. After a moment of silence the six gathered on the larger of the two beds and the men choose their partners to sleep inside of. Ariay took his sister, Taray his daughter and Carn his aunt, whom he hadn't explored yet. Carn was the most active on the bed as he thrust hard against his aunt, climaxing twice before turning and lowering his head onto his aunt's pussy where he licked furiously. The six finally fell asleep but they all knew that life in the dull castle at River's Ford would never be the same.


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