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Cassandra's First Lesson
by BluesmanII

Cassandra yielded - the twisting and resisting served only to make the knots tighter - the rope burn more raw.

She was atop a table. Nude from her waist down, her hands were bound to the forward legs of the table at the point where those legs met the table top. She was on her knees and her ankles were bound together - ropes crossing and then securing each ankle to the leg opposite the side of the table that they matched. Right ankle tied to left table leg - left ankle to right table leg.

She wore a silk blouse, but under strict instructions, only a push-up bra beneath it. At the moment, the blouse was buttoned to the top, the bra secure.

The moments of quiet since he had left the room seemed interminable! Only the ticking of a clock and the faint sound of a remote television broke the silence. How long would she be on her knees? How had she allowed herself to come to this arrangement? Her thoughts were disrupted by the thuds of his heels as he approached across the wooden floor.

Her eyes were blindfolded and sound was her only connection to events as they were now unfolding. That and smell. Strange, she thought...How acute those senses were now! She could smell the lemon oil of the furniture polish...the floral scent of the candle that was burning somewhere...the man-scent as he approached her from the front. He was nude now! Or at least he had removed his trousers and the musk of his body now closed upon her as he stood nearby. Left his shoes on, she mused! How odd! She pictured him...his still taut middle age body, gray mat of hair across his chest visible above the shirt buttons, darker hair descending to his pubis, cock probably half-erect, stiff bristle hair on his scalp, commando style (as he had always worn it, he once told her.) She imagined him wearing dark gloves...his tales of slaves before and his accounts of their training still fresh in her memory. She didn't yet know if that was true, but she would find out soon enough.

The footfalls had stopped entirely and she was becoming aroused in the dark silent world that now enveloped her. Even the remote TV sound was gone! Just his breathing, her own, and a clock ticking! He spoke.

"Do you know WHY you are here?" His voice was flat...emotionless. "To serve YOU my lord!"

"Yes...and HOW will you serve me?" "In any manner that pleases you my lord!"

"Good!" he chortled. "That's VERY good! Perhaps your punishment will go less severely than Alicia's!"

Cassandra had not met Alicia. None of his girls met one another except when blindfolded and serving his needs. None dared speak to each other, even when he had left the room. This she was told by the only other girl she had met. That information furtively conveyed in a whisper in an anteroom to this room only an hour ago. The girl had been one of his Mistresses (Slaves actually!) for six months. Cassandra was new! This was her first visit! She listened carefully as the girl whispered, not wishing to run afoul of the Master's instructions. There were beatings, that much she knew when she agreed to allow herself to be brought here. The beatings went from tolerable to painful if they crossed the line...if they crossed HIM.

She wondered where he was keeping her right now? In the other room? Perhaps gagged and on the very floor where he now walked again? No...she thought. She would have smelled her for certain. She was not present. Only the Master and herself at this time. He was about to lavish his attention on her. What would that entail? She thrilled and shuddered at the thought simultaneously.

This mad affair began a mere month ago on the internet and had now brought her to this submissive state in his house under his control and her utter acquiescence.

She began innocently enough posting a note on a bulletin board that she was interested in becoming a sub-novice for an experienced Master. How she had decided this was a mystery to her and a dark secret from her friends, her co-workers, and most especially, her husband! It was, she thought, simply a long dormant desire that welled up after ten years of marriage, two children, a frenetic career as a mother and arbitrage analyst in a brokerage firm...and the assumed role of head of household for a husband whose own life intersected hers on odd occasions, and lately, infrequently. His travel, his job, and his playthings like the race car, led her to believe that he was more of a memory than an actual artifact in her life. Her complete control of all aspects of her life....her lack of an outlet to just surrender control to...all served to bring her to this, she thought! Bound to a tabletop, half nude, in the house of a strange man, and submissive to his sexual whims!

The faint lift from the brandy was wearing off. She now felt helpless and, in fact, a bit anxious! What WOULD he do? COULD she trust him? "Uh, uh...old girl! Too late for THAT!" she thought! His hands moved the velvet pillow upon which her head was now resting. She sensed him very close. A smell, at once familiar, yet not so...had now entered her consciousness. His COCK! He must have placed his cock right close to her nostrils! Had she in fact use of her vision, she would have seen him standing at the edge of the table with a stiff erection extended along it's edge...the blunt end of it pointed directly beneath her nose and at her very mouth! "Mmmmmmm.... Hungry, my pretty one?"

"Ravenous! My lord" she said with some enthusiasm!

"You learn fast! You may become one of my most talented perhaps!"

"If it pleases you my lord...I shall do all that you ask!"

"Yes....I believe you SHALL" he said resolutely.

The scent of the man became more piquant as he deliberately moved the stiff rod closer to her lips. She sensed it's presence! Instinctively, her mouth opened and her tongue lolled as he pressed forward and the balance of the table swayed with his weight against it. A movement...and...a silken knob of warm skin with a single drop of semen at it's end pressed insistently upon her tongue. She opened obediently and the creature asserted it's rights and slid into her mouth seeking a warm host. Blindfolded, bound, she now gagged as he shed his gentlemanly demeanor and forcefully shoved the purple head into her lips, deep into her mouth, threatening her airway as he near choked her for his own selfish pleasure.

Lying there, helpless, much more into this than she imagined she could ever be...Cassandra thought about the circumstance as it occurred. This man, this near stranger, was using her mouth in a way that no man, even her own husband had presumed to use her! She had always fellated him... she knew that men enjoyed this. But somehow...with him...with her boyfriends previous to was an obligation. Something mildly interesting...not really enjoyable...and definitely not thrilling! This near rape of her mouth...this bound but determined fucking of her throat...was so coarsely completely unexpected...that her consciousness yielded to an out-of-body experience that mandated her full and complacent involvement. He had not even bothered to touch her! He simply placed his organ into her lips and fucked her mouth as though he owned her... and... she admitted to herself... at least for now that was true!

The man-meat felt its way deeply into her throat. Blind, half nude, bound...she swallowed and sucked his hard cock as well as she could manage. The shaft was now thoroughly saturated with her saliva. Would he fuck her now? Oh...she prayed so! It was not to be!

He withdrew the now fully tumescent cock and she sensed him ambling to the rear of the table. The quiet perturbed her! Moments elapsed and then the sudden whistle of a descending whip broke the silence. She flinched as nine leather tails caressed her ass cheeks violently! He visited blow upon blow! She arched her back and yet the blows still rained upon her ass and even her naked thighs! "WHY???" she demanded...between subtle whimpers.

"WHY??? You NEED to know WHY???" A sharp smack on her bare ass quite along the crack and tracing down to her exposed cunt was all the answer he provided. "THIS is WHY!" Burying her pretty head into the velvet pillow she spilled her sobs to no one. She would not credit him with hearing of her distress. Strangely, this entirely foreign experience seemed perfectly natural to her now. Like she had ALWAYS been suited to this role!

She lay there for a few moments or a few minutes...she could not reckon the time. Her bottom was now hot from the whip and quite red, she was sure. She'd have to be careful not to reveal THAT to her husband! Her tears stopped, but her heart still pounded! Now what?

A second later the answer came. His strong hands held the fabric of her blouse and he ripped it along a seam! "What???" She protested to him and found that the whip was still at hand and it creased her now nude back. A moment more and her brassiere was cut by a knife and the straps fell. "I'll fit you with some new clothes when you leave. They will be of an even better quality than the ones in which you've arrived. Don't bother with these distractions!" She nodded meekly.

His hands traced along her spine. Gloves! Yes! Kid leather...probably black! A fine quality... so soft, yet so threatening! From her neck which he encircled with one large hand - as though to intimate to her his control of her body, even her life - he slid the other hand along her narrow spine and clapped a firm grip upon her sore ass. "Mmmmmmm...Lovely color, my dear! You'll be pleased to know that I did NOT break the skin!" A coarse slap of the leather on her cheeks was all she needed as a reminder to stay quiet. She said nothing.

Her back was still arched so that her head was down and her derriere up while she balanced on her knees. The strange rope configuration drew her ankles, crossed, in different directions. This had the effect of opening her up from behind. The soft, downy pubis, a pale straw gold like her hair, was moist to his view and she sensed his gaze falling upon her. Now might be the time to implore! "Please sir? Do you like what you see?" He laughed! "Yes...I DO like what I see! Are you asking because you want to please me? Or are you asking because you wonder if I'll fuck you now?" "I only wish to please you Master!" she said in a low voice." "That you will my pretty! That you will!"

He pulled at her ankles and rolled her over onto her back. Her hands crossed over her head in the maneuver and he straightened her legs so that they relaxed lengthwise. She was lying flat, ankles still crossed, hands now crossed. Her nudity complete, she felt his hand sliding the length of her body...he paused at her breasts. Never large, her breasts were, after two children, still something of which she was quite proud. At the age of 35, her tits still attracted stares from much younger men. They were 34 C size and the nipples became quite erect at times, to the point of being visible through a brassiere. They were firm and did not yet show the effects of gravity. He seemed to pause at their base and she wondered at his intentions. She felt him run his palms over the sides of the breasts and, cupping them from beneath, he pushed them up the same way that the bra most recently cut from her had done. So...the gloves at least were off!

His thumbs teased at the erectile tissue of her nipples. Pale, but round, they took on a darker color when played with. She was just beginning to enjoy the feel of his hands despite her discomfort from resting on her backside, now sore and reddened. He stopped! Her heart what??!!

He threw a leg up on the table and crawled over her body straddling her! She felt his cock dragged across her midsection, it's now moist head trailing a slick across her belly. It seemed fully erect to her as it felt heavy and she hoped that he would now give her the fucking that she deserved! She felt him move forward and he touched her nipples gently with his cock. He traced a circle around each nipple and thumped them with his erection! She was now very aroused! How she wanted to fuck him!

But he still was in command of the events and their time-table. She felt him adjust his weight and then suddenly, he held her left breast firmly and she felt the whip gently beating the nipple and the flesh around it. It was not the same stinging whipping that he had administered to her behind. This was, to be sure, firmly applied, but not so that it hurt very much. She was certain that his plan was to make them redden in much the same way that her ass cheeks had been colored by his ministrations. She meekly accepted his attention in the same manner to her right breast. Now, hot and flush from his rituals, her own racing metabolism, and the heat of the room which was becoming warmer...she felt him squeeze the first breast and the sudden pinching of a nipple clamp surprised her! He pulled the right breast and completed the process. She felt a chain rest on her chest between them! He lifted the chain and pulled gently but firmly on it. This stretched the nipples lengthwise and hurt, but in an erotic and curiously arousing way! He slipped his rather large cock beneath the chain and shoved it in the direction of her lips. She leaned forward to lick the rigid tip and was rewarded with a large drop of semen at it's end. Her first real sense that the foreplay might soon stop and her reward...a rough but enjoyable fucking as she was told by the other girl...would soon commence.

He once again shoved his cock savagely into her mouth, but this time he also pulled on the chain and this drew her breasts around the meat and he fucked her tits and fucked her mouth at once. She was gasping in near pain with uncertain pleasure when he stopped!

Her eyes teared beneath the blindfold! "Are you hurt? Do you want to end it now?" He asked her. "You may answer!" She knew that if she answered in the affirmative, she would be unbound by another girl, shown the door and driven home never to return again. Her upbringing told her to take the offer and run! Run now! Don't ever come back! But her desire to experience those dark and furtive yearnings that came to her when she slept alone was impetus enough to nod her head negatively. She was in now, there was no turning back.

The man slipped from her and barely rattled the table doing so. He could move so elegantly when he wanted to and so ponderously when the element of fear served his purpose. She noted this. She was now determined to become his favorite subject. She shuddered a bit to think what that might entail!

"Some subjects come to view bondage and discipline as a balance to their roles of authority in real life..." said the female Author at a book signing she had attended recently. The author of this book on fetishes and aberrant sexual behavior continued..."Others come to believe that this is their due for real or imagined deficiencies in behavior or character...still others..." The speaker had stopped when the thirty something year old blonde professional cut her off..."Isn't it possible that some come to experiment with these so called fetish behaviors simply because they find them enjoyable?" The gathering laughed nervously when she had insinuated what many had privately conceded. Undaunted, the Author dismissed her interruption and continued with her rehearsed speech which was full of psycho-babble and Freudian references.

In the moments since the session had paused she thought once more of her interruption of that speaker. She smiled inwardly at her temerity! Was that question lobbed in order to gain some measure of approval for the course she was about to allow her life to take? Was it a preemptory blow against established principle which she was determined to circumvent? She wondered why she had done that? And what would the speaker have told her of the underlying needs of the Dominant partner? What was their motivation? Had her Master ever considered this? Her reverie was disrupted by the loosening of her bonds. Without noise, the ropes fell and she was now free to stretch. Her nudity felt strange for the first time. His voice came from across the room. "You may sit and rest, or you may lie down. There is whiskey and soda on the server and also some grapes and other fruit. You may have anything you like, but you are not to bathe, nor remove the blindfold! I will be back shortly! Do you understand?" She nodded.

Cassandra rose from the table and swung her legs gingerly onto the wooden floor. It felt so good to get off of her knees! She stood and stretched. She felt her way to the server and poured a small amount of whiskey into a glass and threw it back. It burned but made her feel a bit better. She drank some water and then, feeling her way around, settled down into a comfortable sofa opposite the server.

After moments alone, she heard the faint click of the door latch and the sound of soft feet padding toward her. Not a man's! This was confirmed by the trace of perfume that she detected. She did not speak because she did not know if the person was alone or not. She sat motionless and waited for whatever was to unfold. A gentle hand lifted one of her legs from the floor and then the other. She was now seated with both feet also on the sofa, her knees bent, her body tucked back into the cushions. She felt long silky hair spilling onto her bare feet and hands pulling her feet apart further. Now what? She dared not ask!

A soft voice, a breath, not even a whisper, said: "Say nothing! We are being watched! Master likes to watch us girls together! I am Helene. I have been with Master for six years. I live here. If you understand me...just nod...but not noticeably! We are being watched on closed circuit television. He enjoys filming us and showing his friends." Cassie nodded YES. She understood. The girl let her head down between Cassandra's legs and licked her slowly on the insides of her thighs. This was at once comforting since her tongue touched many of the places that the whip had previously kissed. It was also greatly arousing! Cassandra relaxed back into the sofa and allowed Helene to move more freely between her legs. Helene was now using her tongue to tease Cassie and using Cassie's legs to shield her talking from discovery by the Master. "You are new here, are you not?" Cassie nodded cautiously. "You must be doing well. Master had a big smile and he gave me no special instructions for you. Usually I whip the new girls after he has!" This alarmed Cassandra but it pleased her that she was not to undergo the whip again. And the mention of the man's smile also made her crease her lips in smug satisfaction. Cassandra could not bear the darkness, not knowing what her visitor looked like! She slyly moved her arm as though to scratch her nose and pulled the blindfold up for a nanosecond to peek at the girl now kneeling between her legs.

The girl was perhaps 22,no more, and with the features of someone from the middle east. Beautiful dark eyes, full lips, skin the color of tea. Her hair was a luxuriant tangle of long, jet black tresses and Cassandra thought she spied her conspiratorially winking at her as the blindfold snapped back into place. Cassie settled back in to the sofa and allowed the girl full freedom between her thighs. The girl had long curved nails that gripped the soft thigh-flesh but in a pleasant way. Her tongue was delicate but deliberate! She used it to slicken the skin along the length of Cassie's thighs and cool the flesh not long ago heated by the Master's whip. This dark creature was now exploring her, testing her, teasing her! The tongue darted in and out of small crevices behind her knees, it licked at the pale skin above her bikini line, it touched on her pubis and wet the soft blonde hair. Cassie's chest heaved and she threw her head back into her shoulder and bit it...seeking to stifle a cry that escaped anyway! This girl had obviously been well trained in the oral arts and Cassandra was now totally in her thrall! She grasped the girls tresses firmly and pulled her face forward into the vee between her legs! The girl's tongue pressed hard against Cassie's clit and she sucked it into her mouth which only caused the Cassandra to pull her hair harder!

The girl, Helene, pushed Cassandra's thighs wide apart and her face described long nods up and down as she licked the length of Cassanrda's cunt taking care to pause and pay special attention to her clit. Cassie bit herself harder as she drifted into some realm of pleasure that she had never known before! The tongue, the hands, the fingernails! Even the girl's chin was employed to bring her mind-numbing thrills that had her feet describing arcs of intense joy in the air over the girl's shoulders! She bucked hard against Helene's face as each new touch threatened to shove her over some dark edge of sensation that she had never before experienced! Her back arched! Her head swung wildly from side to side, her legs pumped in the air and suddenly...there! There it was! Pulling Helene's face hard against her cunt she held it stiffly there...the girl's mouth locked onto her Cassandra's clit! Once....twice...a third time she shook violently as every fiber of her being was focused on this otherworldly orgasm!!!

At last she relaxed and she let her grip on the girl's head slacken. The girl giggled as her face disengaged from Cassie's mound. She kissed the insides of Cassandra's thighs and stood up. But, Cassie pulled her back and planting a deep kiss on Helene's full lips, she tasted her tongue and lips as thoroughly as the girl would allow. Her own juices were still wet and warm on Helene's face and chin and Cassie was surprised by the explosiveness of her orgasm. She mouthed the words "Thank You!" to the girl. The girl said nothing more and merely stepped aside as the door at the end of the room opened and a pair of shoes clicked across the wooden floor.

" So..." said the man pensively. "Has our new subject been behaving?"

Helene said surprisingly, "No Sir! She did not ask me if it was all right to have an orgasm!" Beneath the blindfold, Cassandra's face twisted into one of complete and total astonishment! This girl who just moments before conspired to whisper to her and who provided her with an unbelievable climax was now betraying her! How COULD she???

The man spoke directly... "You do NOT presume to enjoy yourself here. You are here for others to enjoy YOU! Your pleasures will be metered out to you when we feel it appropriate to reward you, and punishments allotted to you as we find necessary. Now...I'm afraid it is necessary to punish you!" Cassandra stuttered and broke her silence..."B-B-But I THOUGHT Helene was here to reward me! I THOUGHT I should allow her to pleasure me since that's what she was doing! I thought you wanted to watch us together!"

"Quiet!" he said. "How do you know her name? Or that I may have been watching? Don't answer!" he commanded. Looking across at Helene he simply said, "I'll deal with you later! You KNOW you should have said NOTHING to her!" Cassandra strained to listen for an answer from Helene, but there was none. She subconsciously noted some satisfaction that the girl's betrayal was matched by her own inadvertant revelations, and that the consequences were likely at least as severe as whatever was coming to her now.

Arms, male arms, pulled her over a type of gym horse that apparently had been in the room all along. She was stretched so that her arms were extended to the floor and then clamped onto the legs of the gym horse in a wide arm stretched to the right leg, one arm stretched to the left leg and then pinioned by some sort of clamp or cuff. Her body was bent over the horse which was upholstered in a vinyl with a soft foam core. It was not uncomfortable to lean over. Her legs were attached to each leg on the opposite side of the horse in a similar fashion. The effect was of her completely bent over and spread apart at the arms and the legs. She anticipated what would come next! She heard the man's shoes moving toward her head and she sensed him stopping directly in front of her. A hand raised her face up and he said to her- "You will now fellate me again so that I may attain a full erection. You will suck my cock until I say stop or until I ejaculate, however I see fit. Helene will dispense your punishment. I WARN you not to grit your teeth and bite me or the consequences will be quite severe!"

Cassandra felt him insert his semi-erection into her mouth and she thought it quite amazing that he would trust her, a novice, with his private parts in such a way, when an involuntary muscle twitch might cause her to mangle him despite his warning. He held her face firmly and shoved his cock forward when she felt the first raw, stinging, blow of a whip upon her buttocks! Helene struck again, then again, each time with what seemed an even force, each time adjusting the target either up or down...landing high on her ass near the top of the crack, or low where her cheeks parted to become one with her thighs. A few blows even struck her across the thighs below her ass. As the blows landed, she lost count at six and thought only on the strange sensation of his oral fucking of her, how hard he had become, and what this must look like to an outside observer! Strangely...THAT thought was oddly thrilling to her! This complete submission was entirely out of character for her!

At length, the whip was still and the room entirely quiet. She was doubled over the horse, her buttocks on fire and his cock still the one object she fixed upon as he had it firmly down her throat and was practically gently throbbed of its own accord. She wondered how close to ejaculating he might be. Would she feel his warm, salty, juices in her mouth?

He stroked her hair gently, removed his cock, and strode directly behind her. His hands were gentle as he held her reddened derriere. He pried the cheeks apart - and she felt the wet, hard, end of his cock touch her as it moved between the downy folds of her cunt! At last! He was going to fuck her! A moment of exquisite pleasure followed as the engorged knob of his cock pressed forward and slid into her! He held her firmly and the shaft thrust deep into her and she thought she could feel every micrometer of its girth as it made its way within her body! Her eyes flashed red beneath the blindfold as some cerebral receptor of pleasure seemed to overload her optic nerve behind her eyelids. He slowly pulled the length of the shaft back but then violently asserted it forward. He slammed her against the gym horse harder and harder! Waves of emotion overcame her. She felt tears spilling from her eyes and she lay passively accepting the very feral fucking that she was now receiving.

She vaguely heard soft steps arrive in front of her and she smelled the redolent fragrance of female sexuality. Helene stood nude at her head and she lifted Cassandra's face inviting her to lick her cunt as she stood directly in front of her. Helene lifted a foot to position it on the top of the gym horse next to Cassandra, thereby allowing her easier access to her wet pussy. Cassandra, now enveloped in a hazy world of pleasure, greedily licked at Helene's cunt and gripped the legs of the horse where she was cuffed. She held tightly to them and took inventory of the situation. Here she was...a middle aged business professional...manacled to a gym horse, blindfolded, sore from a whipping administered by strangers, and being corruptly used by them for their own sexual pleasure, even as she extracted a measure of ecstasy from the brutal sex play! How had this happened? She dismissed the thought as Helene more urgently pressed her cunt against Cassandra's face! Her hand mashed Cassies face against her mound. Cassie tasted the girl's juices running freely now and felt the silken flesh cross her tongue and lips in a frantic rubbing that used her as some sort of sex toy. Helene pressed harder, and the hand tightened its' grip as Cassandra applied all of the techniques that SHE felt when Helene pleasured her.

The slamming of her body from behind kept tempo with Helene's manic rubbing, and Cassandra sensed that all three might reach climax at once...something she had seldom achieved with her husband. Her attention was drawn now to the hands that firmly pulled her against the Master's pubic bone as he shoved his cock deeply with each thrust. The fat prick was plowing within, the shaft sliding in and out, and his grunts became audible and she sensed that he would cum momentarily. Inspired... she somehow spread her legs an inch further in each direction by pressing against the bonds. That small amount of extra access must have been noted by the Master as he shoved once more to the hilt and held there! She felt his cock coursing within her and she knew he was pumping her full of his semen! He moaned loudly as she could clearly feel his cock pulse inside and she felt a trickle of warm liquid drip down her thighs. Helene had stopped nearly simultaneously and her hand trembled on Cassandra's head as her flesh pressed against Cassie's wet face.

For her own part, Cassandra - sensing the imminence of the Master's orgasm - allowed herself to thrill to the fucking. To absolutely wallow in the many sensations that had built. She was frantically matching his deep cock strokes by moving her ass as he shoved into her. When she felt his cock pulse and the semen pump into her, her brain's center of pleasure fed her a wave of endorphins that overwhelmed her. She came violently and then went limp over the horse. They freed her and left her to rest in the room. She fell asleep as she mused on the events of the day. She KNEW she would return...she knew it would be soon!


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