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Carla's Got A New Boyfriend
by BroDoSis

I'm still not sure how I'd gotten into this, but there I was: At a college keg-party, pretending to be my sister Carla's date. Man, would she owe me big for this one...She had just broken off a relationship with some guy from the same school, and was hoping that he was at this party. She wanted a 'no-strings' date just to make this dude jealous. She didn't trust any guys at school to help her out, especially with the 'no strings' part. Well...the beer would be free, and there would be other chicks there. Nobody there had ever met me; her school was 4/5 hours away. And, yes, I thought it might be, interesting.

We got there, and Carla introduced me to her friends as Keith. I immediately looked for the keg, but soon enough, Carla caught up to me and pulled me into a corner. 'Ian! You're supposed to be my new boyfriend! You need to pay some attention to me! My girlfriends are all wondering what the problem is. You agreed, now come on!' We discussed briefly what this entailed: hand-holding, hugging, a little touching and maybe a kiss on the cheek...this I could do. No big deal.

We re-entered the fray. She didn't see her ex, but once begun, the show must go on. Carla held my hand, walked around a bit with her arm around my waist and encouraged me to do the same. I did; you know, whatever it took. And as we drank more, and the music got louder, and the party started really rocking, this play acting got easier...Soon Carla didn't have to remind me to stroke her back, or kiss her cheek; and as my buzz increased I increasingly saw my baby sister as the hottie that she was. At 18, she was a definite knock out. I saw the jealous looks from other guys at the party who may have been hoping for a shot at the recently single Carla; I felt a strange sense of pride that everyone there thought I was fucking her. I stopped looking at the other women at the party and began checking out my own sister. Tonight, she was dressed to kill; undoubtedly to bother her ex. She had on a short black mini-skirt, no stockings, black strappy shoes, and a black belly shirt and short jacket. Easily the hottest babe at the bash. Strange thoughts were entering my head as I started to feel more and more like her boyfriend...

Carla was getting into it, too. While we waited in line at a keg, she put her hand in my back pocket. Basically, she was patting my ass. I looked at her awkwardly; she just smiled and looked back. I didn't want to blow this for her so I stayed cool. But then, one of the pecks on the cheek somehow became a kiss on the lips; though shocked, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Carla showed no sign of discomfort from her end. As a matter of fact, she came back for more a few times...Just showing off to her girlfriends, I told myself...After that, I was checking out my 'girlfriend's' long tanned legs when I realized that I was getting a hard-on. Damn. This sure was one weird party. Well, I'd hoped it would be interesting...

It got really late. Couples were making out in the corner; one or two had disappeared into various rooms throughout the house for one form of hanky-panky or another. Carla was talking to a friend while I sipped a beer; I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but they kept on looking at me and smiling, knowingly...Carla turned to me and said 'Honey; you look so lonely...' and kissed me full on the lips, the longest kiss so far. To my amazement, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and started making out with me. I lagged behind a little; was her ex finally here? But as soon as she started running her hands passionately over my entire upper body, I quickly got into it. My buzz helped me enjoy this for exactly what it was: making out with a hot babe. I could feel her generous tits pressing and flattening against my chest. After about a minute or so of necking, my cock had become completely hard. Carla had to have felt it grow as we kissed; she could certainly feel it now as she forcefully pushed herself against me. My hard cock pushed against her stomach, but our alcohol consumption had dulled any embarrassment or shame.

She pulled her mouth away and started kissing my neck. I asked her in a whisper, 'Is he here? What's going on, Carla?'

She was breathing heavily. I could also tell that she was pretty drunk. 'Nothing...Just putting on a show. It can't look like we're the only ones here not doing it...Follow my lead...honey.' She smiled at me drunkenly; and with that she started aggressively making out with me again. Through my near-drunken haze, I 'played along' and started feeling Carla's tight young body in the same way she felt mine. As I felt her upper back, I lost my self for a minute and slipped my hand under her mini skirt and palmed her ass. She was wearing a thong. With my hand on her bare ass, she pushed her groin into my hard dick. She didn't stop me from squeezing her butt; after catching myself, I stopped and Carla pulled away, an intense look in her eye. 'C'mon, hon,' was all she said. She led me by the hand down the hall into a darkened room.

Once inside, there was really no reason to keep up the charade, but Carla seemed to think we should. She started kissing me again, with lots of tongue. I was really confused now, about what Carla was doing and about what I was feeling about my sister. I wanted another handful of her sweet 18-year old ass...I knew she wouldn't mind, so what the hell? I went for it. I guess I was simply swept away with lust; I was knew this was Carla I was fondling, the hottest girl at the party; but I guess remembering that Carla was my baby sister was the hard part. We made out for about five full minutes, my hand massaging her naked ass cheeks, until she stepped things up a bit further by reaching down and massaging my dick through my pants.

I was dimly aware of the music from the party down the hall, the coats on the bed next to us and the fact that anyone could walk in the room and turn on the light at any time; but Carla's hot mouth, her full, wet lips, her probing tongue, and now, her hand rubbing my hard dick had me locked in an inescapable trance. We fell back onto the bed together and I slid my hand under Carla's top. I fondled her braless tits roughly. She responded by gently biting my lips and fumbling for my zipper. Soon enough, she had my pants pulled down to my knees. This had gotten out of control quickly. Soon, in the near-complete darkeness of the room, I felt Carla's mouth on my cock. She frantically sucked, roughly moving her mouth over my dick, her teeth occasionally hurting just a bit. The blowjob she gave me was noisy as hell but the party handily drowned out any sounds we made. The intensity of her attack on my penis was overwhelming. Neither one of us was thinking straight...I lay back, holding her head in my hand and feeling her head moving up and down as she greedily swallowed my dick.

After a while, I began to wonder if I was too drunk to come; Carla kept sucking aggressively, and it felt wonderful, and I was still hard as a rock, but I wasn't feeling an orgasm approach. I decided in my increasing drunken, lust-crazed haze that I needed to fuck. I needed to fuck this hot slut who was giving me head. I pulled her by the shoulders up to my face and we started to make out again. Carla knew what I wanted; she wanted it too. She couldn't get her panties off fast enough. She tossed them onto the floor. Man, if somebody walked in now we were dead to rights. Carla climbed up my body, pulled up her skirt, and sat on my hard cock, pressing it into my stomach. Her cunt slipped and slid across it, as she ground her full bush into it. She was soaking wet. I reached down and pulled my erection up, aiming it at her hot, dripping hole. She sat down again and this time my 10 inch cock slid right up inside her with ease. She let out a loud 'Oh!' and immediately started to ride me, bucking like mad. The bed springs creaked as I reached up and pulled Carla's top up revealing her gorgeous firm boobies. She bent towards my face and fed them to me. I licked and sucked and nibbled her nipples with my hands on her ass, guiding her hips up and down. I thrusted upwards, meeting her every move. She started to make a high-pitched whining sound and I pulled her back to my face and thrust my tongue back into her mouth. The noise didn't stop. She straightened her back and fucked me by moving her hips back and forth; I watched her big round titties bounce in the dim light as she moved. Her boobs were amazing, topped with extra puffy pink nipples, their tips hardened. Watching Carla riding my cock was all I needed; now I felt the orgasm I needed so badly. From far back in the recesses of my brain, I wondered if I should come inside her...god, it felt so good...I'll worry about that later...Now there was only fucking. Fucking this hot slut's pussy and coming.

Carla's cunt gripped my cock tightly. She stopped her hips and let me do the fucking for a moment; she scratched her nails into my shoulders, breathing 'Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!' into my ear as she came. I felt the cum traveling through my genitals, and there was no stopping it...I came like a rocket into my little sister's hot pussy. She sat on my hips with all of her weight and exhaled deeply. My cock hit the very back of her 18 year old vagina. Then she passed out. I felt like I had just run a marathon myself; but I willed myself to stay awake and take care of buisiness. Imagine if we both passed out her together, half naked, crashed on everyone's coats. My orgasm had sobered me up a bit. What the fuck just happened? Later. I rolled Carla off of me and onto the coats, my fat dick slipping out of her sopping wet cunt with an audible, wet sound.

I stuffed her thong into my pocket, pulled her top down and left her on the bed. Returning to the party, I could tell that everyone knew I had just gotten laid; what they didn't know was that the girl I just fucked wasn't my girlfriend. She was my little sister. I let Carla sleep for about an hour. Then I helped her out to my car and we left at about sun-up. I snuck her into the dorm and into her room; her roommate was still at the bash. I caught a few hours of sleep before I woke up with the full realization of what Carla and I had done...My sister and I had fucked...and I came inside her! Shit! I needed to talk to her and fast. She'd be dead to the world all afternoon, and maybe hung over after that. It would have to wait. After I brewed some coffee, I left. I'd call her from home. I started out on the 5 hour trip back.

I slept for most of the morning into the afternoon. I called repeatedly throughout the evening and got no answer. I hoped she was OK; but I guessed she was just really hung over. Now, because I couldn't reach her, I began to worry about the fact that I had let go inside Carla's pussy. If she became pregnant, I'd never forgive myself. I needed for her to tell me that she was on the pill. It was amazing to me that this had barely even crossed my mind during our hot fuck session; we were so overcome by lust and alcohol that I got sloppy. I might pay for that lapse dearly...So I waited for Carla to return my calls.

The following day, Sunday, I was awakened by a familiar voice. It was Carla; and she was sitting on the edge of my bed. 'Ian. Ian, wake up. Come on...Ian!' She shook me not-so-lightly, rousing me from a fitful slumber. The springs in my mattress squealed loudly. Shit, I thought, panic-stricken. If she had driven the 5 hours plus trip out here to see me, it must be bad...

'Carla!' I blurted. 'Jesus, are you on the pill?' I asked desperately. She looked down at my pleading expression and laughed.

'For god's sake, yes! Man! I wouldn't have let....Have you been really worried about that? Oh, Ian...I would have called you yesterday if I thought...'

I sighed heavily and reached up to hug her. Relief flooded my body. 'God, Carla. I wasn't sure! I'm so fucking relieved...But that's not the only reason I wanted to talk with you...I called all day...Were you OK?'

She smiled at my concern. 'Yeah. I was fine...I slept it off all day. Thanks for taking care of me.' She reached down to fix my hair.

I was confused; why was she here? 'So...What's up? You drove all the way here. I figured it was to discuss what to do know...' I didn't want to say it. It was enough to know now that it was no longer a possibility.

'Well, that's not gonna happen. Sheesh...I came down to see case you weren't OK with...what happened...I just wanted to talk to you about it. See how you felt. I don't want to hurt you, you know. I guess I just needed to know how you feel. And I didn't want to talk about it over the phone, 'cause my roommate's always around.' She waited for my answer.

'How I feel about it? ...I guess...I don't know. I mean...I'm OK; but I just want to know that you're OK, too...Does that make sense?' I had just woken up and was probably not being very clear. 'Carla...Was it wrong? I mean...I know it was wrong, that a brother and sister aren't...but as long as you're OK...' Jeez, I thought, save me! Say something! 'What do you think?'

'Ian. No harm was done, right? We both wanted to do it, right?' She put her hand on my shoulder. 'We're both adults...with needs...Yeah, maybe we got a little carried away...maybe we went a bit too far...' Memories of her on the bed in the dark came flooding back to me...Her soft tits, her wet pussy...Stay focused!

I shook myself out of the daydream. 'But it's not something that we can't get over, right? I mean as long as the rest of the world doesn't find out...Mom and Dad...your friends at school...I guess we're alright. I mean everybody at the party knew we...did it...But they don't know who I really am...I guess we could just leave it at that, you know, tell them we 'broke up', or something, and forget about it and move on...Is that what you want?' I looked into her eyes, not sure if we were on the same wavelength. 'There's nothing to stress about, Ian. It was something that happened; we're OK and it's no big deal. We let ourselves go, had some fun; better with each other than with some total strangers, right?' I hoped she was right and our relationship wasn't damaged. She looked around my room for a moment. Then she floored me: 'I had no idea your dick was so big...It was really wonderful, Ian.'

'What?' I almost laughed out loud.

'I said your cock is really wonderful. I've never fucked one so big and thick before.'

My big and thick cock was getting bigger and thicker as Carla spoke. I struggled to remain conversational. 'I uh, wasn't sure exactly how much you'd remembered...'

'All of it! Every second! Or should I say, every inch! God, it's huge!' She laughed casually. As I lay in my bed in only my underwear; this was really turning me on. 'Don't be embarrassed, Ian. It's a compliment. In fact, out of the 6 guys I've ever slept with, you're the first guy to make me come. My own brother!'

I couldn't believe my ears. 'Where're Mom and Dad?' I whispered. She told me she didn't know, but they weren't at home. Out for breakfast or something. My cock was rock hard again. I knew Carla would grow up fast in college, but I never expected her to be so have this type of 'casual' talk with her. The thin sheet I was using as a blanket was not hiding my growing excitement. She'd notice it any second. I tried to continue the conversation, but talking about sex with Carla certainly wasn't going to diminish my hard-on...

'So these guys just didn't care, or weren't big enough..or what?'

'Both, I guess. The only one who ever got me off was Rick, and that was by going down on me.' I tried to hide the rod in my breifs by turning casually over on my side to face her. The hand she had placed on my shoulder slid down to my lower back. 'That was my favorite. But now I know I can come if the cock is big enough.'

'...Or maybe if it's someone who really cares..,' I added.

'Awww...that's so sweet. Always the big brother! I know you care, Ian. That's why I'm OK with this. If you didn't call me about it, to see how I was with it, I don't know how I'd feel...Mmmmm, right now, it feels pretty damn good.' She was stroking my naked back. 'Ian...Did...did it?' As she stroked my back, she pulled the sheet down a bit at a time. In moments it was pulled halfway down my thighs, revealing my engorged dick straining at my underwear, it's swollen head poking out of the waistband. I wasn't sure what to do; our parents might come home at any time, but I didn't move to stop her. She looked at my erection intensely. 'I bet you loved playing with my boobies. I always catch you looking at them...Do you remember it all? Did you enjoy it?'

Her hand on my skin was intoxicating. ' could I not?' Now Carla was stroking the area of my briefs that covered my ass and hips. My breathing was getting harsher as she got closer and closer to my crotch...I knew where we were going. And we were getting there fast...I tried to be as blunt as her. 'That was the best head I've ever gotten...'

She smiled. 'Hmmmm...So you liked the way I...sucked you, Ian?' She reached down and pulled down the waistband of my briefs, revealing the top 6 inches of my hard cock. 'I bet I could do it even better right now.' She arched down and kissed the underside of my dick wetly. 'Can I, Ian? Do you want me to do it again?'

Lust had overcome me once again. She slowly licked the skin directly under my cockhead. 'Please, Carla...put it in your mouth...Oh, yeah...Mmmmmm.....' I pulled the sheet and my briefs completely off. Then she went down on me. Much slower; much more gently. No teeth this time. Just the most wonderful blowjob I had ever received. Head like this you could only receive from a loving sister. I lay back on the bed flat on my back. Still a little groggy from sleep, I closed my eyes and drifted off to nirvana. Carla cupped my balls and stroked my inner thighs as she moved her hot mouth over my dick.

After a few minutes, she looked up, expertly jerking me off. 'I came down here for another reason, Ian. If we can do it sober, Ian...then it's really OK. It's not just something we did because we were drunk. Then it will really mean something.' She looked for a reaction on my face; all I could give her was a sort of stoned agreement...She quickly went back to sucking. She climbed up onto my bed and straddled my legs. I watched her lovingly blow me as I listened intently for a car entering the driveway in our front yard. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock for minutes; I held it straight up to make it easier to move her head over it. I kept moving her light-brown hair out of her face so I could watch her sucking. Then Carla pulled her head off my cock again, stood up and looked at me smiling, and pulled her blouse up over her head and tossed it behind her. 'Take another look, Ian. I know you love them. You always have, haven't you?' She cupped her big round breasts in both hands. 'You can have them right now if you want them, Ian...' Carla began to move closer to my face and her boobies came closer and closer...

I couldn't hold back any more, but we needed to be careful. I stroked my dick with my fist. 'Carla--fuck me. Let's do it now. Take off your clothes and let's do it, before...

Carla had eagerly slipped her shorts and undies down to her knees as I spoke; I caught a fleeting glimpse of her pussy and...Then I heard it. My parents were home. I heard the car entering the driveway. 'Holy...!' She quickly pulled them back up as I pulled up my breifs. We got our shit together in seconds and Carla slipped out of my room. 'Don't worry; follow my lead. You're still asleep.' She closed the door behind her.

Minutes later my Dad came into my room and yelled at me to wake up. 'Carla's here and she needs to ask you a favor. Get up!' My father's voice bellowed through my room and instantly guaranteed that my dick was completely limp. I grabbed some shorts and a T-shirt and staggered into the kitchen. Carla said 'Hey, sleepyhead!' and ran over to hug me. We both acted as if we hadn't seen each other for months. It wasn't difficult; we had both recently honed our acting skills at the party we attended the other night as 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. We had breakfast, caught up with each other, and laughed and joked. Then my Mom asked Carla if she had asked me for 'the favor' yet...

Carla looked hesitant. 'Well, Ian, I was wondering...I have a huge favor to ask.' I looked at her, pretending to be reluctant. Truth be told, I was wondering what the hell she was going to ask... 'I need some help with a paper due tomorrow...I wouldn't ask if it weren't REALLY important...'

Dad interrupted. 'Waiting for the last minute...Driving all the way out here to ask for help wasn't very wise, young lady. Suppose Ian had plans for the evening? Then what would you do?' Dad. So practical.

'That's why I didn't call...I thought if I came out here you'd have to help; or else I'd come all the way here for nothing...' She smiled at me impishly.

'Oh, that's so sneaky, Carla! I think your brother would be happy to help you! You needn't be so conniving!' Mom said with a smirk. I looked aggravated. It was my role, after all: cranky big brother.

'And you have a much better computer than we have at the dorm...Please, Ian?'

I hemmed and hawed for a few and then relented. 'OK, but this isn't going to take all day, is it?'

'Not if we get started straight away...'

We cleaned up the kitchen and headed into my room. When the door was shut, I was about to tell Carla that was some really quick thinking, but I turned around to face her and saw her top was off again. She threw her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately. 'Mmmmmwe'll have to be really quiet...But I want your cock, Ian. I need it. Give it to me now...' I grabbed her tits and pinched her puffed-out nipples as we made out. Carla's hands were at my zipper and she quickly had my cock in her hands again. I broke away from her and turned on the stereo. That would help a little...I moved back to Carla, who was removing her shorts and panties. The sun shone directly into my room and I got my first good look at my baby sister's perfect young body. Fantastic breasts, perfect round ass, full bush, lean young legs...a perfect ten at age 18. She walked swiftly over to my bed and sat down...the springs were really loud and the headboard thudded against the wall. Uh oh...

'No! Carla...that's no good.' I was nude now and Carla looked my body up and down. In the darkened room at the party, we could see next to nothing; here in the light of midday we were completely revealed to each other. My erect dick pressed up against my belly. 'Over here!' I motioned her over to my desk, near a window that looked out over my backyard. Carla giggled into her hand as she tiptoed over to me, her 36-C boobies bouncing as she moved. She kissed me full on the lips as she joined me at my desk. Her naked 18 year old bod felt so good in my hands...I turned her around and she put her hands on the edge of the desk, lifted her butt into the air and spread her legs. God, there was not a single line or blemish on her smooth teenage skin. I could see her full, natural bush pushing out from beneath her ass, but her pussy lips were obscured by the thick patch of hair surrounding her cunt. I poked my erect dick into the soft fur and slid it around looking for the opening. Carla moaned and quickly covered her mouth and giggled again. 'Oh, Ian, put it in quick...' Soon I had found the hole...'Ahhhh, yeah!' She was dripping wet and the inside of her vagina felt hot. I put my hands on her hips and pulled towards me, sinking my cock into Carla's cunt almost to the hilt. It was torture not to make a sound, it felt so fucking good. She was so wet I could hear my cock sliding in and out of her. She brushed some things out of her way and leaned over, resting her tits and arms on the top of my desk and raising her ass higher to meet my increasing thrusts. Her body was absolute bliss...And it was a totally different experience, completely sober...Not only could I fully enjoy this beautiful body, but I fully grasped exactly what we were doing: incest. The final taboo. This time we couldnt explain it away as a fluke; we were doing it for the second time. Brothers were not supposed to fuck their sisters; sisters were not supposed to suck their brother's cocks. Why? The part of my brain that still functioned struggled in vain to come up with a reason that what my sister and I were doing was wrong; I came up with none.

Carla was panting like a dog as I increased my thrusting further. All of my giant cock was sliding into her now, obviously giving her great pleasure; her eyes rolled back into her head with my every stroke. I heard a loud, continuous noise coming from outside... I reached around and felt through her bush for her clit and started fingering it. Carla pushed up from the desk and stood up, my cock still in her. I bent my knees and continued fucking her; she lifted one leg and propped it up on my chair, opening her pussy for greater access. We fucked this way for a while, one hand on Carla's hardened clit and the other pinching her hardened nipples. Then suddenly, Carla froze and gasped; she was looking out the window and into the back yard. I kept fucking; I couldn't stop, but I looked over her shoulder to see what had startled her. It was my dad.

He was mowing the lawn. He slowly pushed the mower back and forth across the yard, watching carefully where he was going. If he wanted to, he could look up into my large picture widow and seen Carla and I fucking. 'Jesus! He can see us!' Carla whispered loudly. 'Ian! Should we move?'

I was still slowly moving my hard rod up and into Carla's hot, slippery cunt as we looked out the window. Soon my dad had disappeared into the side yard. 'No, Carla...Uhhhh..don't worry. He won't look up here. This is sooooo nice...Please don't make me stop...please...' I thrusted faster and harder to punctuate my thoughts.

'But, he comes again...Fuck me harder, Ian...Do it harder...Yeah!' She watched our father enter the backyard again as I started to really pound her ass from behind. The possibility of Dad seeing us was really exciting her. 'Oooooooh, Ian! Dad could see us! Uhh! Uhh! He could look up and Uhh!catch us fucking...Ahhh!...Yeah...What if he sees you fucking me?' She had leaned back over away from the desk but rested her forearms on the large windowsill instead. I shifted my stance a little bit and soon we were fucking as we both looked out the window at my dad. Then he started for the side again.

Carla reached up and put her hands on the top of the window frame. Her beautiful tits were pressed up against the glass as we fucked. This was getting more dangerous; now if my Dad looked up he'd see his baby daughter' nude body from the navel up, and her naked tits pushed up against the window, and a look of sexual bliss on her face as she quickly jerked back and forth while I banged her from behind. And he would have to know it was his son doing the fucking. I considered wether she had gone too far when we heard the mower approaching again...Should I stop? Pull her away?

Her voice was becoming dangerously loud, though I hoped the lawnmower would drown it out. 'Ohhhhh, here he comes again Ian! Fuck me! Fuck me! Do me in front of Dad! Mmmm...Oh, yeah, there he is...Daddy might see my tits, Ian! Daddy can see my big titties! Aghhh! Fuck!' She was getting a little crazy; I could only hope she'd come soon. God knew I sure couldn't stop plunging my rod into her luscious cunt. In my barely functioning brain, I thought if Dad catches us, we'll deal with it. Just don't make me stop fucking this spectacular babe's warm, wet cunt until I cum. It was just like at the party the other night. Swept away...

'Ohhhhh, Daddy...See Ian fucking me with his big fat cock, Daddy? Ahhh...See my tits, Daddy? See my big titties?' Carla had gone temporarily insane. Her voice remained a loud, harsh whisper. 'Fuck, Ian, FUCK!' I felt my cum rising. Dad had stopped in the middle of the back yard, mower still running, and adjusted the choke. Carla looked down at our father as he stood below us. 'Oh, Daddy, your baby loves to fuck! I love to suck cock and eat cum! And I love Ian's big hard cock best! Yes Daddy...I love Ian's huge, hot dick in my wet pussy...Look up Daddy! Watch Ian fucking me! Ooooooh, your baby's gonna come! Ian's gonna make my pussy come! Yeah Yeah Yeah AGHHHHH!' I was pounding her soaking pussy harder than I had ever pounded anyone before. Carla curled up into a tight ball and clentched every muscle in her body as she came; including her cunt. This exquisite sensation was all I could take. I pulled out of Carla's pussy and came all over her ass and back; one thick stream of hot, thick cum splattered against the window.

It took us minutes to recover. We sat sprawled on the floor panting and gathering our wits. We kissed and hugged passionately, lovingly; there was no problem here. After about an hour of relaxing together, we got dressed again and I printed a bunch of junk from the internet so Mom and Dad would see that we had done something, and it happened again. This time it was Mom knocked at the door. She had lunch prepared; we nervously looked around the room while she chatted with us to see if there were any signs of our sex. Then she left.

Sometime later, Carla spotted the long stream of cum on the window; apparently Mom hadn't seen it...Or had she?


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