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Caribbean Holiday Pt. I
by B.Beattie

I enjoy reading stories from men who enjoy watching their wives being an exhibitionist or having sex with someone else. I've had many fantasies about my wife being naked on a beach, in a topless dance contest or fucking other men. I've had many good masturbation sessions with my fantasies.

Men and women are always looking at my wife, which I regard as a compliment. I don't believe I would enjoy having a car, job or boat that other people did not admire. My wife's name is Irina. She is 23 years old, from Finland, 5'8, 120 lbs., 23-inch waist, natural blond and green eyes. One of her best assets are God given real 36C tits that have this wonderful little jiggle when she walks. Irina has beautiful long long legs that go all the way heaven, meeting at a neatly trimmed blond pussy. Irina's pussy has a small protruding mound covered with wispy light blond hair. Even in a bikini or shorts you can see her pussy sticking out. A real Scandinavian beauty.

We met in Spain when I was 24 and working with my company in Europe. I'll always remember the first day I saw Irina. She was with two of her girlfriends on the Marbella beach. I was sitting at one of the small beach bars enjoying a cold beer when they came to use the freshwater showers. Watching those three topless girls shower was better than most adult movies. I just had to meet them. I carried them some cold cokes and started talking with them. The first thing I noticed about Irina were these big beautiful green eyes that sparkled with life. Her tits at this age were 31 or 32 at the most and did not attract great deals of attention. We started dating and both of us fell in love. Irina was a virgin when I met her although she admitted to playing with a few cocks and of having a finger or two in her pussy.

The first time she sucked my cock I was amazed by what she could do with a cock. Irina loves to tease and have total control in any sexual encounter. She can drag out a blowjob for hours. After six months of dating, meeting Mom and Dad, an engagement ring and occasional blowjobs, she let me fuck her. I had fucked a few girls in my time but I had never had my cock in a pussy like Irina's. It is so hot, like liquid fire and moves with a life of its own. Irina is the only girl I've ever fucked that has multiple organisms. She can cum and cum and cum. I have always joked with her about bringing home the football team to satisfy her. After dating for a year we married and my company moved us back to the states. Five years later Irina has finished college and has her own business. We are still very much in love and we still fuck almost every day.

After we moved to the states, Irina would not go topless. When we lived in Spain she always went topless and dressed sexy. I don't believe she even owned a swimsuit with a top. Since moving to the states Irina has always dressed attractively but conservative and understated, saying she does not want the kind of attention sexy clothing would generate in our small town. I have never pressed the matter because she always looks beautiful. However, I have missed the excitement of seeing her in a sexy reveling dress, or topless with other men looking at her.

We recently went on a long awaited holiday to Jamaica. To one of these "couples only" places where you pay one fee and everything is paid for during your holiday. I chose this resort because the brochure has photos of topless women on the beach and they mention a nude island for couples only. I asked Irina if she was going topless on our holiday. She said yes and that she already had a new suit and was looking forward to getting away to someplace where nobody knew us, where we could be a little crazy. In Spain Irina was a teenager with 32B tits that attracted little attention on the beach. Now she was a beautiful woman with firm 36C tits and I was looking forward to seeing men's reactions.

Due to flight times we planed our trip with a stopover in Miami and an afternoon on a Florida beach. We went to South Beach and were amazed by the large number of beautiful women that were topless. Very different from the Midwest where we lived. Irina was the center of attention from the moment she took her top off. She was wearing a little white tong that showed all of her wonderful firm ass. She looked like she stepped out of Playboy. She was spectacular without a doubt. Every time Irina came out of the water her pussy was clearly visible due to her white tong being absolutely transparent when wet. I kept telling Irina "wow, nice suit." I received some hard punches on my arm.

I was sneaking looks at the guys around us looking at Irina. There were three Latino men near us that had tent in their shorts. They were talking loud and strutting around trying to get Irina's attention. In Spain I would get a hard cock and become very horny when men looked at Irina. It was great to have that feeling again.

Guys were constantly walking close all afternoon to see Irina better. We took a long walk along the beach and every time we passed men on the beach they would stare. Her natural beauties combined with some beautiful firm 36C tits are irresistible.

I'd had many fantasies of Irina on a topless beach again and now it was real. I couldn't believe it had happen. I wanted Irina to do much more in Jamaica. I also knew how much I loved her.

To Be Continued...

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