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Caribbean Holiday Pt. V
by B.Beattie

Breakfast in Negril Beach, Jamaica. It has a very special feel about it, earthly and natural. Out table is set up on the beach beside the sea. This is a very special resort for couples only. Singles can not check in and the resort is enclosed to outsiders. No gangs of men on the make. Irina having breakfast topless on the beach would make anyplace exciting. My wife is so beautiful. Her tits are god's gift to every man, natural 36C with these beautiful dark hard nipples sitting on top. She looks like she stepped out of Playboy. I must have fucked her and Penny 6 or 7 times yesterday and here I was getting a hard cock at the breakfast table. Cock power amazes me.

During breakfast Penny joined us not looking very happy. Her boyfriend had left for home early this morning telling her good-by. She was sad their relationship ended this way but was happy it was over. Penny told Irina she wants a husband like hers. Someone to share experiences with and not a jealous asshole that gets mad every time someone looks at her. When her boyfriend saw her newly trimmed pussy hair he went into a rage wanting to know all about it. After hearing about her being naked with another couple on the beach and them cutting her pussy hair he started packing his bag. Penny said she had fun telling him about her day yesterday. Pay back time. As he was packing she kept telling him more and loved doing it. The guy was in shock hearing how she walked into a bar naked and how she let a guy she just met on he beach fuck her three times. Upon hearing about her eating Irina's pussy while she was getting fucked, he stormed out of the room, never to return. Penny told us that yesterday was the best day she had ever had. She thanked us for sharing our day with her.

We were concerned if Penny would be Ok. Did she have any money. Did she need any help. She assured us she was fine and had every credit card issued. A gift from her father. The hotel had arranged to change her flight to depart tomorrow morning. She had one more day in Jamaica and wanted to shop and have some fun. Penny took off her T-shirt and joined Irina in having a topless breakfast. Penny's tits looked nice today. Yesterday's sun had eliminated the ghostly white look and she had the beginnings of some color. I commented on this. I received a thank-you peck on the cheek and a nipple caress on my shoulder. Firm big tits on a slim woman look wonderful.

Irina's tan was getting good. Her tits were now a nice golden brown. Her Scandinavian completion looks sexy with a tan. Her blond hair gets lighter, almost white. Her blond pussy hair was now almost transparent from being naked for two days in the sun. I took a couple of photos of the girls having breakfast. Many of the men around us were having some long looks at Irina and Penny

I suggested that we go down to the far end of the beach, "our spot." The girls agreed and we started walking down the beach. Fifty yards from the restaurant Irina stopped and took off her shorts and continued walking. Her and Penny were laughing and being silly girls. Penny took hers off and now both of them were totally naked. One blond pussy and one jet black pussy. Mine were next and now we were all naked. I received some ribbing about my hard cock.

Penny reached over and took hold of my cock saying she had seen it somewhere before but could not remember where. We passed other couples on the beach and received a few looks.

Arriving at our spot we saw another couple had beat us there. It was Bill and Peg. We had sit next to them at the crazy toga party. Three naked people make a great entrance and get a lot of comments. Peg came to greet Irina and was laughing at us saying how crazy we were. It was fun watching Bill looking at two naked women.

We spread our towels out and opened some beers. Bill was all eyes looking at Irina and Penny's pussies. His wife was looking at my cock. At the toga party he was giving Irina a lot of attention and had danced with her a few times. Irina had commented that he caressed her tits a few times while dancing, but so did all of the men who danced with her. Me included. The girls were chatting away in that girl zone where men are not allowed. I went snorlking with Bill.

When we returned the girls were giggling nut cases. Penny had brought three bottles of white wine. They were working on the second bottle. Peg had some nice little 33/34B tits. She had these puffy nipples I wanted to kiss. She had her swim suit bottoms on. I wondered how her pussy looked. Bill and Peg had been in Jamaica for almost a week now and had some very nice tans.

Penny was telling Peg about yesterday. Her boyfriend leaving. Never even been topless before. Going into the bar naked with Irina and having the guys look at her. How Irina and had I looked after her. About Irina and I cutting her pussy hair. Soon as the girls were gone to sit in the water and Bill asked me if Irina being naked bothered me. I told him no, if we are together she can do what she likes. If I am not with her she will not go topless. If we do things together its OK and fun.

I went swimming with Irina. I love being with her in the sea. I play with her tits and pussy in the water. Her big tits have a different feel underwater. She enjoys teasing me and will stroke my cock and tell me her fantasies to make me cum. She was doing this when Penny joined us. Irina did not stop stroking my cock. Penny saw Irina and began to help her. Irina asked me if I enjoyed fucking Penny yesterday. Did her little pussy taste good. Did I want her to suck my cock again. Within two minutes I was cuming. Penny just moved right up my hard cock and slid down. Irina stood behind her holding her and played with her tits while I fucked her. It was not 10 O'clock in the morning and I had cum twice, I love Jamaica.

When we went back to our towels Bill and Peg were naked, shy about it, but naked. Peg was Ok and walking around. What a surprise, her pussy was shaved, bald as a newborn baby. I could see ever thing. I liked the way I could see her pink clit. Irina and Peggy were asking about her shaved pussy. Penny and Irina reached over and caressed it saying how smooth it felt. Peg was a little wet. Peg said this was the first time for her to be naked on a beach. Bill was hard as rock. He had a big uncircumcised cock.

The girls had finished the three bottles of wine. We were getting low on beer and needed some thing to eat. I asked Irina if she wanted to go with me to the bar. Penny said the girls would go. Off the three of them went walking down the beach naked. Three beautiful bare asses. There would be some pleasantly surprised people on the beach.

They were gone a long time. On their return they were giggling and in hysterics laughing. They had caused some minor riots. The bartender had taken their picture saying he would put it on the bar wall. Then some of the customers wanted their picture with them. Guys offered to carry the supplies. They had a lot of fun.

The girls had brought sandwiches, which disappeared quickly. We sat around drinking lots of beer, throwing a Frisbee and playing paddleball. Watching three naked girls playing paddleball is very tiring. Soon we were just lying in the sun being lazy. I was putting sun lotion on Irina. Spending lots of time on her tits and around her pussy. I like putting oil on her tits and can do it for hours. Her nipples were hard and sticking out. Bill was watching every move I made. His cock was hard.

When I finished with Irina, Penny said she was next. I started on her legs working my way up to her thighs. Bill was now in pain and holding his cock, which was doing a little dance. I asked him if he wanted to help me because there was more than I can do alone. He looked at Peg, who just smiled. I believe the girls had had a long talk. Bill started on her arms and worked his way to her tits. When his fingers first touched her tits I saw pre-cum on the end of his cock. He was giving Penny a great tit and nipple massage. Her nipples were a good inch long and rock hard. I was now oiling the inside of her tights and caressing her pussy. My hard cock was dancing. Peg was setting up watching us.

When we finished penny, Peg said it was her turn. I started on her arms while Bill started on her legs. When I got to her tits I used lots of oil and went very slow caressing them and pulling her nipples between mw fingers. Peg was moving her little ass around. Bill was watching me play with his wife's tits and rubbing her bald pussy with oil. I reached down and felt it commenting on how soft it felt. With peg done we all slept for awhile.

I woke up to warm oil being put all over my body. All three of the girls were treating me to a massage with sun tan oil. They met in the middle and started on my cock and balls. I saw Bill watching. Irina and Penny started stroking my cock while Peg was playing with my balls. I must have cum in record time with cum shooting all over the girls.

The girls then turned and attacked Bill. As soon as Irina and Penny started stroking his cock with their oily hands Bill started cuming. He exploded like a volcano shooting long streams on cum on Irina and Peggy. Peg started laughing saying that was the fastest she had ever seen Bill cum. The girls did not stop stroking his cock saying let's do it again. Bill was moaning and had his hands on Irina and Penny's tits. Irina leaned over and put one of her tits in Bills mouth. Penny started sucking his cock and he was cuming again. Penny did not stop sucking his cock and was squeezing his balls. Irina said she was going to make Bill come. She said Bill had wanted to fuck her since the toga party. She raised up and sit on his cock and started fucking him with slow long strokes. Peg asked him if he liked what they were doing. He said yes. Penny sat on his face and put her pussy over his mouth.

Peg turned around and started sucking my cock. I was watching Irina, she was really fucking Bill now. Her eyes were almost closed and her tits were moving up and down as she fucked him. I exploded into Peg's mouth. Cum was running from the corners of her mouth.

Penny was grinding her pussy on Bills face telling him his wife was sucking another mans cock. Bill started to cum again. Penny was cuming all over Bills face. When she got up Bill saw Peg with a mouth full of cock and cum. Peg sat up and straddled my cock and began to fuck me while watching Bill. She reached out and took hold of his hand and squeezed it. Her little bald pussy was giving me a tremendous fucking. Both of us started cuming. Peg then climbed on Bill and gave him a long fuck while we watched. Irina and penny played with his balls.

Irina told me Peg had asked her and Penny to help with Bill. He is a great guy but stuffy and too conservative with sex. I think it worked. Penny brought out her camera and asked for some photos of all of us. Irina took some pictures of Penny with Bill and I holding her tits and she had a cock in each hand. The girls had a photo of them all together. It is hot, hot , hot...

During dinner we asked Penny is she wanted stay with us that night. She accepted and asked if we would finish shaving her pussy. She wanted it to be like Pegs. It was going to be a good night.

Another fine story by B.Beattie.
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