The Best Erotic Stories.

Church Tales
Part VI: Converts
by Jimi Linden


The reverend Ronnie Joe and I sat talking over coffee in my kitchen. Neither of us had any clothing on, as it had just been too much trouble to get dressed after our cooperative gratification of my fiancé's long unfulfilled fantasy. Susie was recuperating in the bedroom from the enjoyment of her two-lover fantasy and his wife had retired to their house after being thoroughly satiated the night before. In the background, we could hear the neighborhood awakening to another Saturday of weekend chores and fun. We knew it wouldn't be long before the pre-holiday reverie would be broken by the demands of our lives and families.

"Ronnie," I said, "Now that we've corrupted you totally, how do you feel?"

He sat quietly for several seconds, obviously deep in thought. Then he answered carefully, "I don't exactly understand my feelings at the moment. You kids did not, as you suggested, corrupt me. Every man is master of his own actions and should never blame anyone but himself if he fails in his own expectations. To say that I feel I've done something wicked would be untrue because I can't feel that anything which brought so much enjoyment to so many of us could really be evil. Sexual gratification between agreeable adults (you'll notice I didn't use the word consenting) I CAN NOT denounce.

"Because I'm a minister, certain factions of society expect me to be above personal enjoyment. Whether or not the members of my congregation would understand and accept my having extramarital sex, even with my wife's permission, is certainly open to debate. I suppose I'm still a bit in the old monogamous fidelity mode, as the thought of them finding out does give me pause."

"Sounds to me like you're trying to convince yourself that you've done no wrong," I speculated. "If it's any help, my opinion is that you've done nothing immoral. How can performing such a vital service, as well as providing so much happiness, for four people be considered sinful?"

"Interesting viewpoint. I like to think I've given something worthwhile to everyone", Ronnie sighed. "It is difficult to just forget my religious education and conservative upbringing though."

"Then don't forget your beliefs. Add to them. If your deity is as loving as I've always heard, then surely sharing that love can not be evil. My personal theology is one of open mindedness," I mused. "As an example, I am totally heterosexual. Yet I'm more than willing to allow someone else to enjoy homosexuality, as long as they don't try to force their beliefs on me. By the same token, I would be untrue to my own beliefs if I either tried to convert that person, or more importantly, if I condemned them for their actions and preferences".

"In other words, anything goes as long as the participants are willing, right?" Ronnie thought for a moment more then asked, "How do you feel about sadism, or bestiality, or sex with children?"

"O.K." I answered. "You've got me. I admit there must be limits. It's difficult to set those limits though, I think you'll have to agree. Let's you and I, for the purpose of this discussion and our own peace of mind, prescribe our boundaries as just plain, normal, heterosexual relationships. That sound O.K. to you?"

"You are a smooth talker, you are! I'm not sure but I think I've just made a pact with the Devil. I don't suppose you believe in him either, do you?"

"Not as a red colored, horned, forked tailed entity", I laughingly replied. "I believe that both the decency and the evil of the world are merely manifestations of human thought. I once heard it said that heaven and hell are merely conditions of the mortal mind. I think I can accept that statement."

Ronnie studied me for several long seconds before he continued, "Have you ever thought about being a minister? I'll bet you could out-talk Beelzebub himself if you put your mind to it".

Grinning at the thought, I ventured, "The closest I've ever come to considering preaching is my fantasy of forming my own church. Yeah! It'd be called The First Church Of Computer Science. Of course, I get to program the computer!"

Ronnie groaned, "Is that all you ever think of? There's more to life than sex, you know. Don't you have any plans for the future?"

"Sir!" I reprimanded. "Stand at attention when you mention sex to me. I'll have you know I have nothing BUT plans for the future! I intend to start on them right after I finish screwing every female on the planet!"

"You're hopeless," he laughed.

We talked about many things, as friends are wont to do when they're getting to know one another. A couple of hours of good-humored joshing and almost three pots of coffee later, Ronnie decided he'd better head home. Before he left though, he asked me if I'd be willing to attend his church sometime. Probably because we'd been enjoying each other's company and stories, I was in a particularly congenial mood and agreed before I thought about it.

Within the hour, Ronnie's wife Dianna came over and asked me what in the world I'd said to him. Oblivious to my nudity she told me he was happier than she'd seen him in years and he couldn't stop talking about me. Somehow or other, according to Ronnie, I'd promised to come to his church and talk to the congregation! I found it difficult to speak with my chin bouncing off my knees while Dianna threw her arms around me and tried to roto-route my tonsils.

"Oh that's so wonderful of you," she gushed. "We've been having trouble keeping our flock coming recently. I just know the people who are there tomorrow will love you and they'll tell others. Before long our little church will be overflowing again!"

The difficulty of biting back a scathing, "and so will the collection plate," was magnificently rewarded when she pinned me against the kitchen counter with her gyrating body, kissed me passionately and exited with an, "Oh thank you, thank you!"

I stood dumfounded, pointing at the door that had just closed behind her. No wonder I jumped three feet straight up without my feet leaving the floor when Susie asked, "What was that all about? Do you always point with that?"

Sheepishly I grinned, "I think I just became a minister".

Susie, still quite nude herself, stared at my naked body for a minute. Then she jeered, "Talk about letting the fox loose in the hen house! Letting you preach in church is about like making Hitler a Rabbi! Are you going to do it? 'Cause if you are, there's no way I'm gonna' miss this!"

I managed to stammer out, "I don't know. Ronnie and I were just shooting the bull, or at least that's what I thought we were doing. I gotta' call him".

As I moved to pick up the phone, Susie pulled my body against hers and said, "Hey, it might be interesting. You're always telling me how sexy churches are".

"Right! I can hear it now! I'm going to say, "Brothers and sisters, take off your clothes and we'll explore the religious temples of our bodies together," I sniggered. "You know that's not a bad idea. Maybe I could do something with that".

Then as Susie pulled me to the floor with her, I mumbled, "I'll think about it later!" Eventually we finished our interruption in the bedroom. When she was finally satisfied and dozing peacefully, I quietly slipped out to call Ronnie.

He confirmed that I was invited to speak from his pulpit the following day. I asked how we had gotten from a friendly suggestion that I attend his church to my being a guest speaker. Ronnie apologized and admitted he might have gotten a bit carried away. A BIT?

Like a dummy I agreed to accompany him to his church and said I would give a short talk. No restrictions were to be placed on my elocution and he promised he would back up anything I said. Talk about pressure! I liked the man and surely didn't want to see him burned at the stake, much less frighten away his source of income.

Throughout the evening and deep into the early hours of Sunday morning I wrote and discarded a multitude of notes, thoughts and foolishness. The ideas that came to me were all within the limits of conventional religious doctrine and platitudes.

Ten o'clock in the morning found me in Ronnie's office with no more idea what I should say than I had envisioned twenty-four hours earlier. He said to relax and I would do just fine. Easy enough to say for a guy who practiced his speaking skills every week. Perhaps, I thought, the audience wouldn't be able to hear me over the noise of my knees knocking together.

The service started with me sitting on the podium like someone who belonged and had at least a vague idea why they were there. After an opening prayer and several welcome (for the delay) songs, Ronnie introduced me simply as a guest speaker. At least this relieved me of having to live up to a title.

I stood, looked out at the small congregation and discovered a hidden gift. I enjoyed the attention of being the star attraction. Within the first few seconds I realized these people were a captive audience and would listen to whatever I said. They also would accept most of it as (no pun intended) gospel and were subject to the power of my voice.

I carefully scanned the dozen or so people before me and took a moment to make eye contact with each one before I spoke. I carefully avoided looking lower as at least a third of the people present were short skirted and attractive. If Susie hadn't had the foresight to bring a tape recorder, I would never have known what I said.

"Sisters and brothers, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys," I began slowly, allowing myself a few extra moments to think.

"In the interest of truth and honesty I must first tell you I am not a man of God. Actually, I am a man who has questioned the very existence of a supreme deity throughout my life.

Does this make me an atheist?

No! This only makes me a searcher for evidence. For I maintain, that atheism is as dedicated a theological conviction, as is any mainstream religion. A true atheist can declare (with the same conviction as a bible-thumping preacher proclaims his belief in God) that THERE IS NO GOD! I can not do that, but neither can I argue the opposite.

The original concept of a supreme being was mans attempt to explain the unexplainable. I am neither so conceited nor so articulate as to believe that I can improve upon that concept.

Admittedly, I refuse to accept the normal depiction of a white bearded, old man in flowing robes as a manifestation of deity.

My God is nature and the world within which we live.

My God is the goodness and love of humans interacting with each other.

My God is the people of this world who give of themselves unto others so we may all live in peace, harmony and share a bit of happiness one with another.

My God is the nurse who cares enough to give that extra little bit, beyond what's required, to bring comfort to the ailing.

My God is the caregiver who helps an elderly patient through their infirmities and ignores their cantankerous attitude.

My God is the teacher who continues to share their knowledge despite the small pittance our society shares with them.

I pointedly turned to look at Ronnie Joe and his then at his family as I said, My God is the minister who suffers poverty and witnesses his family do without necessities to comfort - and guide - and care for his congregation.

My devil!

My devil is not a red colored demon with a forked tail and an evil leer.

My devil is the hoodlum who wantonly destroys property and feelings of security 'just for the fun of it

My devil is any person who would willfully bring pain to another being!

My devil is the leader who conveys his followers to destruction in the name of power and personal glory.

My devil is any person who says you must believe and act a certain way because that's the way they believe and choose to act.

My devil is any being or concept which deprives me of the license to shape my own future.

My devil is anyone who forcibly separates me from my loved ones.

My devil is anything or anyone who deprives those loved ones of their security.

My devil is anyone who would take away our freedom.

Which brings me to freedom.

Freedom, as defined by the president of Amway and probably badly misquoted by me, is the right to stand in the middle of a room and swing your arms about yourself without restraint.

Freedom ceases when the tips of your fingers begin to hit other people.

After a calculated pause, I continued, Freedom is the right to walk a different road than most of society. As long as you don't trespass on someone's sacred property or personal space I believe it is and should be acceptable to explore alternate, uncharted paths.

This doesn't mean I'm totally immune from prejudices when I encounter someone with a different moral code, or a different political attitude or even a different fashion style than mine.

When I see a man with long hair and an earring, I admit I'm a bit put off by his countenance. Surprisingly, the few individuals of this description I've encountered have turned out to be both pleasant to know and usually are easy to like and become friends with.

Some while back I began to associate with a man who runs a motorcycle shop in town. Through this association, several ladies and gentlemen who are best (carefully) described as bikers have become acquaintances. I admit it was eye opening for me when not only were these people quite nice but both helpful and caring.

My prejudiced attitudes were emphasized for me one night when my car broke down in the rain. It was after two in the morning and I managed to pull into the parking lot at Capital Hill shopping center. Do you have any idea how deserted that lot is at that hour of the morning even though you're on Central?

Had I wanted to burglarize one of the stores I suspect there would have been a multitude of blue clad knights in black and white cruisers there to deter such thoughts.

This particular morning all I had for company was the sound of rain ticking on the roof of my car. Then I heard a low rumble, which quickly became an earsplitting thunder as the noise echoed from the buildings encircling the horseshoe shaped expanse of the parking lot.

Sure enough I had attracted the attention of a group of LEATHER CLAD knights astraddle two wheeled steeds. One fuzzy faced individual with an open vest and no shirt knocked on my window. Fear of reprisal compelled me to open my sanctuary to the wet morning and the equally wet knight.

He smiled and called me by name (much to my surprise as I wasn't aware any of the bikers really knew me that well) and asked if he could help. I told him I had evidently flooded my car on one of the many puddles on Central and the battery was low from trying to start it. Directing me to stay inside my vehicle where it was dry, he told me to pop the hood. Then he asked one of the other bikers for his shirt.

After drying out my wiring and distributor with the shirt, the group put their shoulders to my car and gave me a push start. When I offered to pay, they were almost insulted. Then they followed me most of the way home to make sure I didn't flood out again. All this mind you while they were getting wet and cold themselves.

I would have to say that is my idea of true religion. Helping others and giving of yourself without prejudice or reservation even if it causes you discomfort.

Should I be asked if I believe in God, I would probably immediately answer with an emphatic, "No!"

Yet, I do believe in the sanctimony within each and every person. I believe we form our own theocracies in our minds. What is any religion except mental beliefs and attitudes?

Should I condemn someone because they were brought up to think and believe differently than me?

Is it wrong to believe that there is a white robed individual directing everything on this planet?

Is Allah a lesser deity than God?

Am I so significant that I can judge another person's attitudes and concepts?

I may not agree with someone's moral concepts.

I may not agree with their views on religion.

I may violently disagree with your - or your - or your politics!

But I realize more and more as I grow in experience that this very diversity of ideas is what makes this earth of ours such a wonderful place to live. Personally, I love to experience new theories and learn about different cultures.

Maybe I just love people.

I know I love the bodies we inhabit and I find them quite beautiful. At the risk of raised eyebrows I add to that statement, male as well as female. No, I have no questions about my sexuality and I definitely have no interest in men except as partners for women.

I probably should have been a nudist because I truly enjoy looking at unclothed people. If I seem a bit prejudiced here toward the females in the group, I refuse to apologize.

I also enjoy watching humans procreate. The act of physical love is exciting to most people as evidenced by the fascination to its various aspects we witness everyday from the advertising industry. Were our population not so hung up on sex I sometimes wonder if anything would ever be sold.

Do YOU enjoy looking at the opposite sex unclothed?

Tell me "no!" Then deny your interest the next time a scantily clad model appears on your TV in a commercial. Tell me "no" and I suspect I might find the type of person who will lie about important things also.

Teasing you pastor the other night I told him I have often fantasized about starting my own church. It would be the First Church Of Computer Sex! And I would get to program the computer.

We shared a good laugh, but as I was thinking about my talk this morning, I remembered that conversation. Should such a church be founded, I can guarantee you the congregation would quickly become quite large. Would this be wrong? Would this be evil? My answer would have to be a profound and emphatic, NO!

Is sex ever evil? Now there's a topic for several months of fruitless discussion.

Personally, I would say no, sex is never evil!

Possibly, there is someone in this chapel today who disagrees with me.

We could argue, discuss and cuss each other until we both turned blue from lack of air and neither of us would probably change our opinion. Who would be right and who would be wrong?

Each of us, in this room today, has already answered that question in the last few seconds to ourselves. Based on our upbringing, our attitudes and yes (that nasty word again) our prejudices we have declared our positions to our own minds.


and I am right,

for everyone is always righteous in the privacy of their own mind. Every individual justifies their own attitudes to themselves.

AND BY GOLLY, no one had better say anything differently because we all know that our way is the only right way!

I leave you with the following challenge. Open your minds, you hearts and share your love with one another.

The man upon whom this whole concept of religion is based is purported to have said, "Love yee one another!"

Again, I paused long enough to make eye contact with every member of my captive audience, before I concluded with:

I challenge everyone within the sound of my voice today to think carefully upon those words. Ask yourself if you have truly taken them to your heart! Ask yourself if you have given totally of your body and of your mind to fulfill this simple command."

I sat down to the echo of a multitude of "Amen's". I noticed Ronnie Joe seemed momentarily at a loss for words. He sat for several lengthy seconds before slowly rising and standing silently at the podium. There he said, "Brother Leo told me he was unable to prepare his words in advance, even though he spent many hours trying to plan his talk for this morning. I'm sure he will deny this, even to himself, but if ever I heard an inspired sermon that was it."

Again, the "Amen" chorus echoed.

"Unlike Brother Leo, I did prepare a sermon for this morning."

He paused and then slowly continued, "I think I will forgo that missive today because I don't feel I can improve on the words we have just heard. Now this means we will dismiss early this morning. I apologize to all of you who are bothered by that prospect," he said with a broad grin.

"Brother Leo, I would like to take this opportunity to extend an open invitation to you to return to our pulpit anytime. You are without a doubt the most devout skeptic I have ever encountered."

He then went on to ask someone to lead them in song while the collection plate was passed. I later learned that the collection that morning was twice normal size. Selfishly I rather hoped it was due to my words and not just because Ronnie Joe dismissed early.

My final service of the morning was to stand at the front door of the church to shake hands and accept comments from the people filing out. Much to my surprise, everyone seemed to appreciate everything I had said and several congratulated me on my eloquence. Of course, at that time I really did not have a very good idea of exactly what I had said.

Three of the ladies indicated they would like to talk to me further. I was skeptically certain they probably would enjoy the opportunity to spout their philosophies to an admitted heathen. Ronnie Joe was "Johnny-On-The-Spot" helpful as he shared with each of my potential antagonists the location of my house. "Just come over to my place and Brother Leo lives right next door," he cheerfully directed. My desire to express my gratefulness was tempered by both our location and my fear of getting blood all over my best suit.

Susie cuddled up to me and told me what a wonderful job I had done as we drove home. The assurance, though welcome, was not as impressive as was her gently stroking fingers. By the time we parked in my driveway, I was in too embarrassing a condition to walk to the house without holding something in front of myself.

Quickly closing and locking the front door, I grabbed Susie before she could change from the ultra trim fitting dress she had worn to church. Barely beyond the entryway I buried my tongue in her tonsils and held her tightly as I slowly unzipped her. She rubbed up and down my chest with her erect nipples and kicked her shoes away. Without breaking our lip contact I worked her sheath upward until it was bundled about her neck. Once the clasp of her brassier was loose, I broke for air only long enough to lift both garments from her arms and shoulders. Holding her at arms length, I took a moment to appreciate her beautiful, upturned breasts before I again crushed her to my chest. An undeclared contest was going on between us to see whether her nipples could be harder than my straining erection.

Susie had unbuttoned my shirt and I slipped from it and my suit jacket in a quick, careless motion. Somewhere in the process, my tie had been pulled loose and it was tossed away with the rest of my upper clothing. As my pants and shorts descended around my ankles, I slid my lover's half slip down her gorgeous body. Clad now in only my favorite suit while she wore nothing but her panty hose we rubbed each other almost to mutual climaxes. When she put her hands to the waist of her nylons, I held them to prevent her removing this last item of clothing.

"You're going to ruin another pair of my panty hose, aren't you?" She purred into my ear. "How are you going to cut through the crotch? There's nothing here in the living room to cut with."

"Sure there is. It's pointing at you right now," I licked into her ear.

Grasping my weapon she snickered, "Its point is kind of blunt. Maybe you should help it with your teeth!"

Pushing her back into the lounge chair, I accepted her ingenious invitation and buried my face in the already soaked muskiness between her legs. Rubbing her pubic mound with my teeth, tongue and chin I soon had her panting heavily. Then I gathered a fold of material between my teeth and bit through the material. Once the initial fissure had been rent, it was a simple matter to enlarge the hole with my fingers. Then I spread her beautiful lips wide and probed my tongue as deep into her depths as I could reach.

I've always had a very agile tongue. Unfortunately, it's not quite long enough to touch my nose, much less be of use to smooth my eyebrows. It did seem sufficient to excite Susie, though.

When I stroked upward and circumscribed her clitoris, then kneaded it against the roof of my mouth, she climaxed with a happy sigh.

Taking advantage of her pinnacle of excitement, I quickly drove my throbbing erection into her momentarily slack muscles. My shaft had not reached its ultimate depth before she clenched me in an almost painful clasp. Her legs wrapped tightly around the back of my calves and she breathed into my ear, "Deeper! Share every bit of yourself with me!" The full power of her leg muscles was holding me so tightly against her I could hardly stroke in and out. I couldn't go any deeper! My hips were in the way.

We were locked together tightly for several minutes before the last of her orgasmic spasms subsided. When she finally relaxed her legs, I felt as if I had been running. It was fantastic! For the next hour, I stroked my lovely Susie in a slow, gentle rhythm until neither of us could resist the erogenous contact we were enjoying together. Simultaneously we consummated our passion in a frantic burst of lust, which left us both satiated and ecstatic.

Afterward, as we showered together, Susie asked me what I was going to say if some of the ladies from the church should decide to visit. Stupidly, without considering the confining limitations of the shower, I said it depended on what they looked like. She hurt me!

As I was drying her off, I admitted I really didn't know what I would say. I just hoped no one really wanted to enter into a complicated theological debate. My knowledge of the bible was definitely not sufficient for any elaborate argument. Susie's suggestion that perhaps my mouth was better suited to other endeavors than arguing led to another pleasant round of caressing and oral stimulation of her body.

We threw together a quite elaborate chef's salad for lunch and ate in the nude. After we had eaten, we were cleaning up our culinary mess when Susie said she had a feeling we should get dressed. Although I took a few moments to enjoy the freedom a lack of clothing afforded us, I too had been getting nervous.

Our prescience was rewarded when only moments after we were clothed, the doorbell rang. Two of the ladies who had seemed especially anxious to talk to me that morning were nervously standing on my front porch. With a tortured glance at Susie, I invited them into our aromatic living room. Until I opened the door to fresh air, I hadn't realized how pungent our lovemaking had left the house. Our guests diplomatically ignored the odor.

"Brother Leo," began the younger of the two, a woman I judged to be in her middle twenties. "I'm Sue ... that is, Sister Susan Monroe, and I ..."

Holding up my hand, I stopped her long enough to ask, "Must we continue with this Sister and Brother (I bit my tongue not to say 'crap') routine? I really would prefer not to be called 'Brother Leo'!"

"Oh! That's fine with us," her companion edited. "We thought you ... That is, Pastor Ronnie Joe ... Well, we thought that was what you preferred. Actually, we never use 'Brother' and 'Sister' unless someone else starts it."

"Good! Now that we've got that cleared up, may I get you ladies something to drink before we get too involved talking?"

"Oh, no thank you," they said almost in chorus.

Shucks! So much for getting them drunk.

Realizing I couldn't rush them, as they seemed extremely nervous, I leaned back and waited for them to enlighten me as to the purpose of their visit.

After much hemming, hawing and pointless discussion of the weather, the location of my house and I don't remember what else, Joni, the extremely attractive elder of the two said, "Could you explain a bit more about what you said this morning?"

I took a moment to minutely examine each of them. Thin, almost to the point of being too skinny, Sue was perched on the edge of the couch in such a way that her skirt had ridden up her thighs almost to her crotch. I've always been extremely fond of very thin women so I was immensely enjoying the show. Her nervous habit of twirling her fine light brown hair seemed to distract her enough that she was unaware of the enticing view I she was sharing. The nylon was stretched tightly along her fine legs and I could see she had light blue panties under her pantyhose. Momentary fantasies of reaching up her skirt and stroking the center of her being, flashed through my evil little mind.

The cuter of the two, Joni must have decided Sue was never going to get to the point so she interrupted with, "What we really want to know about, is what you meant by sex not being evil. Do you mean you and your wife have extramarital relations?"

Susie looked momentarily nonplussed, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. "I guess you could say Susie and I both have extramarital relations since we're not married. We're engaged, but haven't tied the knot yet."

"Oh. I'm sorry," Joni stammered. "I just naturally thought ... Well you seem to be a couple. You seem so married. I mean, you seem so happy together."

"Why, thank you," Susie answered delightedly. "We are extremely happy together. We are also very supportive of each other and feel that to remain dedicated to one another it would be a mistake to restrict each other's normal desires. If Leo feels attracted to someone else, I understand. It's not a threat to my security for him to have natural urges. If he didn't, I don't think I would not find him as attractive as I do," Susie explained.

"Oh," was all Joni could think to say as she shook her head side to side causing the dark tresses of her short hair to sway around her face like a stage curtain. Pursing her mouth in what appeared to be a disapproving pinch she said, "Are you saying you cheat on each other?"

"No," Susie declared emphatically as she hugged me by the shoulders. "I have never 'cheated' on Leo." Then with just enough break in her statement to insure total attention from our guests she continued, "I haaaaave had sex with other men than Leo. I've even had lovers while Leo was right there with me. Now if that makes me some sort of terrible person, I intend to thoroughly enjoy my depravity."

Sue quietly, and almost breathlessly asked, "Has Leo had other women that you know about."

"Oh sure. I love to watch him. He really make a woman feel special and it's fun to witness someone else luxuriate in his enthusiasm."

Sue's quiet manner caught my attention. When I looked at her, I realized she was extremely turned on. Her knees were about a foot apart and I could see her nipples bulging through the material of her summer dress. She was unwittingly contracting and relaxing her abdominal muscles and her body was gently rocking.

A quick glance at Joni confirmed that she was not much better off than her anxious companion. Though she was seated with her back resting against the couch, her skirt was pulled up and, similar to Sue, her short, supple legs were slightly spread. I couldn't tell if her nipples were hard, but her eyes seemed slightly glazed. Two buttons of her blouse had come undone and the material was gaping open exposing her well-filled bra.

I took Susie's hand and kissed it. She gave me a very small, almost imperceptible nod indicating she had sensed the same thing I had. As I brushed my lips across my lover's hand, Sue licked her lips and the tip of her tongue protruded between her teeth for several seconds. Winking at Susie I moved over to the couch in front of the two ladies goaded onward by Susie's whispered "Go for it," encouragement.

Without a word, I placed my hand on Sue's nyloned thigh. Her initial recoil was quickly replaced by a firm responsive pressure against my audacity. Gently stroking the inside of her leg, I trailed the tips of my fingers from her knee to the wetness between her legs. At the same time, I reached over and slipped my fingers through the opening of Joni's blouse. Both ladies had stiffened momentarily but when Susie smiled and mouthed to them, "Go for it," almost together they leaned back to accept my attentions.

I knew it would be difficult to concentrate on all three of these damsels at once, but I decided I would never get another chance like this. Unbuttoning more buttons, I helped Joni remove her blouse and bra. For such a short, soft little lady she was very amply endowed. Then without removing my fingers from a very willing Sue, I lifted myself high enough to kiss Joni. "I want to see you naked," I breathed into her ear. "Strip for me, please. I want to watch your beautiful little body emerge before me."

I stood up then and quickly stripped my clothes throwing them carelessly out of the way. Waving my already burgeoning interest I challenged, "See what you do to me even before you bare your gorgeous body for me! Remove your cloths slowly so I can enjoy each new speck of exposed skin."

While Joni began a slow, quiet striptease, I helped Sue stand. When she tried to remove her clothes, I stayed her hand and indicated I wanted to undress her. Joni stripped before us as I exposed Sue's gaunt body. Though she was thin, she had a superb figure. Because of the type of clothing she wore, I had expected her chest to be a bit on the flat side. I was quite wrong. When I later surreptitiously checked her bra, I discovered she wore a size 34B.

Probably because I was not as patient as Joni, I eagerly stripped Sue's garments till she wore nothing but earrings and a shy smile. Gently guiding her back onto the couch, I began to explore the depths of her womanhood with my fingers as I kissed her breasts, neck and lips. Never though, did I allow my eyes to stray far from Joni as she completed her unveiling. I held my free hand out to her when she was ready.

Joni sat on the couch next to Sue and guided my hand between her legs. "I'm more than ready. Feel how wet I am? I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me now! Please! I can't wait!"

Never one to deny a lady in distress, I positioned myself between Joni's legs and entered her with no further preliminaries. The fingers of my right hand were still buried deep inside Sue and she seemed to be quite content with this arrangement for the moment. After only a few strokes Joni suddenly arched her back and panted, "Now! Drive me hard now! YES! I'm there!" Then she kept repeating, "YES! I'm there," over and over, more quietly each time she said it, as she exploded in ecstasy.

Sue was so wet watching this performance her fluids were dripping from my hand, dripping off my wrist and streaming down her legs. As soon as Joni relaxed her scissors grip on my body, without asking or warning, I slowly slipped into Sue.

"Oh, Jesus! It's been so long," she moaned. "Oh, God I needed this. Oh, thank you! Oh, thank you!" She began to repeat this mantra in rhythm with our strokes. When I say our strokes, I do mean OUR strokes. Her back arched high off the couch and she pumped me in a cadence all her own. Just when I thought she was about to climax, her pistoning became more frantic and she screamed at me in a low voiced growl, "Don't hold back! Let yourself go and shoot your hot seed deep up inside me. I want to feel your excitement. I want to feel you let go! CREAM ME! CUM IN ME! THAT'S IT! SHOOT IT INTO ME! Ohhhhhh!" She continued growling these unnecessary motivations at me for the next several frantic strokes.

Her wanton arousal had caused me to lose my control and before I could resist, my life juices poured deep into the void she had asked me to fill. Even I could tell that the temperature of my ejaculation was higher than normal. The lady had really made me hot and now I was able to share some of my delight!

I sank onto the couch between my two lovers and had just leaned back to relax when a very naked Susie straddled me. "The only condition we impose on each other is that we never neglect each other," she explained to our two guests. "Now it's my turn. I'm so hot from watching you guys I can't wait."

When she realized my baton was totally limber, she began to stroke it and caress my testicles. Leaning over she was about to give a bit of oral stimulation when instead she raised up and said, "Whew! You smell terrible! There's no way I'm taking that thing into my mouth when it smells like that! I'll be right back."

She returned with the necessary equipage then proceeded to both clean me and excite me at the same time. When I was scrubbed to her satisfaction, she invited Sue and Joni to help her. All three of them ministered to my limber countenance until it was again flagpole straight. Of course, my touches to their bodies helped repairs a bit also. I would always rather caress than be caressed.

Susie straddled me again, slipped my ready tool into her anxious cavity and told me to lay still. Within moments, she had brought herself to a small peak and then Joni took over. Then Sue took over. Then Susie took over. Then Joni took over. Then Sue ... then Susie ... then Joni ... then ... Ecstatically I lost track of which of the lovely ladies was riding me.

I don't remember how many times the three of them reached their respective plateaus but they carefully kept me in suspense for most of the afternoon. Every time I was just about to ejaculate they would quit stroking on me and either pull completely away, or worse yet, wash me again. Just before suppertime they all three ganged up on me and allowed me to pour out a virtual flood of pent up enthusiasm. I was buried inside someone when I finally came, but I'm not even sure whom. All I remember is that as soon as the initial burst was over, they all milked me with their fingers and mouths, until my toes were drained. It was frustrating but it was the most glorious experience I had ever encountered.

We all went out to dinner together and I talked all three girls into wearing dresses with nothing underneath. The steak house we went to had young waiters and I suspect our youthful gentleman tells the story, of the group of sex maniacs he waited upon, to this day. Almost every time he came to our table, the seating arrangement had changed. Under the secrecy of the tablecloth, I would finger two of my companions sufficiently to insure that one of them would orgasm, and then they would change places and someone else would be in the hot seat (pun intended). Whomever was able would feed me whenever necessary.

On the trip home, the long way I might add, I made love to each of them twice in the back seat of the car. The person in the passenger seat got to watch our actions and was free to do whatever she felt necessary to assist us or to be ready for the next turn. First Susie drove while Sue watched. Joni and I started by kissing and petting like a couple of teenagers at a drive-in movie. I ran my hands up the skirt of her cutely pudgy little body and began to finger her even before we were out of the restaurant parking lot. She stretched across the seat and laid her head in my lap begging me with her seductive powder blue eyes to excite her. This position allowed me to easily slip my hand down the top of her dress and fondle her nicely rounded breasts. After a few minutes of this, she placed her feet on the seat with her knees pointing to the ceiling of the car. Hiking her skirt around her waist she spread those knees wide giving me access to her very wet pubic hair and the delights which lay hidden within.

I had been teasing the hard bud of her elongated clit when she demanded in her sensual baritone; "You know what I need now! I want more than just your finger in me. I want to feel your body crushing me as you pound into me. Susie! Go find a really bumpy road please."

Stripping the remainder of my clothing, I climbed into the inviting valley between those wide spread knees. Joni huffed and panted as the car bumped along. I don't know if Susie found a bumpy road, but there were more than sufficient indentations in the road to impel me deeply into my favorite pit. Although it was very exciting, we couldn't maintain a steady rhythm so neither of us was having much success achieving an orgasm. We probably had driven (again, pun intended) at least twenty minutes this way when I had an inspiration.

"Tell us about your first time," I suggested. "I'll bet it was exciting for you, wasn't it?"

Joni thought for several seconds and then in cadence with our stroking she began. "Oh yeah! It's always been exciting for me! I was only fifteen. My boyfriend, or so I called him then, was seventeen and I realize now all he wanted was to get into my pants. His parents both worked so I wasn't supposed to go to his house except when my folks were sure we would be chaperoned. One weekend his parents got to go to Elephant Butte Lake with some of their friends and Mark (my boyfriend) had to stay behind for a football game."

Of course, we didn't tell my parents that his parents were out of town. Therefore, when I went to his house, on Saturday afternoon before the game, they thought there would be adults there. We had been going together almost six months and he had been finger fucking me almost from the start. We ..."

I interrupted her at this point to inquire, "Take a minute and tell us how that started."

"Ummm! That was neat! He gave me a ride home from MYF a couple of times and we started kissing. He played with my boobs and I didn't stop him 'cause it felt so good." "About the fourth or fifth time he drove me home, we were parked down the street from my house and I let him open my blouse and undo my bra. He rubbed my nipples till they were almost raw and then, when I told him it hurt, he began to kiss and nurse them. It was fantastic! I almost came just from that. Well I was really hot that night and when he slipped his hand up my skirt, I didn't stop him. I can still remember the feel of his fingers as he stroked them up my leg and began to rub my panties. Hell, I not only didn't resist him; I spread my legs wider so he could reach me easier. Boy did he ever reach me! First he rubbed the fabric into my crack then he worked his finger past the band of my panties."

With a quick little laugh she continued, "When his finger slipped into me I bit his tongue. Of course he jerked away from me and I immediately felt empty where his finger had been. I told him how sorry I was and said he had just startled me. Then to prove it I slipped my panties off and guided his hand back where it had been. He quickly took up right where he had left off, only a little hesitant about kissing me. Within minutes, I was panting so hard all the windows were fogged over. In and out, up and down he worked his finger. Finally he discovered my clit (actually we discovered it because it was new to me too) and I came for the first time in my life. From that night on I was hooked."

"So when I had the chance to sneak over to his house that day with no one there to watch us, I jumped at it. He began taking my clothes off as soon as the front door closed behind me. By the time we reached his bedroom, I was naked and he only had his shorts and his socks on. The socks were kind of a turn off, but I soon forgot about them."

"Now even though he had seen my body, I had never even seen his bare chest. So I was curious and more fascinated than scared when he dropped his shorts and this awesome rock hard spear pointed at me. He asked me to wrap my fingers around it and I was more than happy to please him. While I held him, he began to kiss me all over. We had been very intimate with our hands but he had never before used his mouth on me (at least not between my legs). I just lay on his bed and let him do whatever he wanted to. First, as I said he kissed me all over, then he began to concentrate between my legs. I found out later that he was as new to that as I was, but he seemed to know what he was doing at the time. Actually, he was experimenting. Fortunately, he was a fast learner."

"All the things he was doing felt so good I just relaxed and let give me pleasure. After a while he crawled between my legs and began kissing me from my pussy hair, up across my stomach, sucking my nipples and then kissing me on the lips. He did that a couple of times and then while we were kissing I felt his dick slip into me. It didn't hurt! Not even a little bit! There was no blood later either. He was a little disappointed by this because he had been told that a real virgin always bled. I explained to him that I had probably lost my cherry years ago either in gym class or while I was riding horses. Of course I didn't tell him it also might have been all the things I had been shoving up myself ever since I discovered how good that felt."

"We screwed like a couple of wild animals all the rest of that day and almost the whole day Sunday. It's a wonder I didn't get pregnant. I don't know to this day why I didn't but I've never regretted either having sex with him or not getting pregnant. Definitely, I don't regret not getting pregnant by him."

"Um Hmmm," I panted. "I hope telling that excited you because it made me so horny I'm about to burst."

With a malicious little giggle, Joni pulled me close and told me, "It didn't affect me at all, except when I came twice."

"You subtle little fox," I murmured into her silky hair. "Why don't you go drive for a bit while I see if your history affected Sue?" I kissed her deeply one more time and then helped her into her dress.

Susie pulled over and we played musical seats. I was not at all surprised to discover Sue was dripping wet when she got into the back with me. She had me stretch out across the seat and without removing her dress she straddled me.

As she guided me into her she said, "That made so hot I thought I was going to explode. I wish I had lost it like you did, Joni. I was almost twenty before I let a boy invade my clothing. All those years I missed. Hell, I'm just barely twenty-five now. That means I've only been having sex for about six years. If you don't mind me asking Joni, how old are you now?"

No answer was immediately forthcoming from the driver's seat so we all waited nervously for fear Joni might resent the question. Finally, she said she would tell us all if we would tell her how old each of us was. I answered, through my panting, that I had just turned twenty-one and Susie would be twenty-one on May fourth.

"God, you kids make me feel like an old woman," Joni said. "Well, fair's fair. I promised I guess. I'll be thirty in October."

"Hey, old woman," I teased. "Can I invade your body a few hundred more times before you're over the hill and all wrinkled up? You are one fabulously sexy lady. I love having sex with each of you and I want to say this right here in front of all of you." Then in cadence with our strokes I puffed, "You ... are ... as ... tight ... as ... anyone ... I ... have ... ever ... had ... sex ... with. All ... three ... of ... you ... are ... fabulous! What ... did ... I ... do ... to ... be ... so ... lucky?"

Everyone giggled, but no one answered me. When my exertions slowed after a bit, I asked Joni, "I know it's a bit late to ask this, but are you married?"

"Not any more," Joni hollered back over the seat. "I married when I was nineteen and divorced when I was twenty one."

Susie teased, "Jeez, you mean you went nine years without sex?"

With a sexy little titter, Joni giggled out, "Well, not quite, and your math is bad, too."

We all laughed and then things became quiet while Sue and I practiced our aerobic exercises. Joni was just as good as Susie at finding pits in the road.

Some while later I challenged Sue, "Are you going to tell us the erotically dirty nitty gritty of how you lost your virginity?"

"I'm afraid my story is no where near as exciting as Joni's was. As I said, I was almost twenty before I discovered sex. My boyfriend and I had been going together since our sophomore year of high school. I hadn't let him do anything except kiss me and even then, I was so stupid I didn't know enough to relax my lips. I must have been like kissing a knothole. We had gone on several trips together and I always made him get me a separate room."

"Well we had gone to Aspen for Christmas and one of the rooms he reserved was accidentally (or so the motel said) rented to someone else. It was snowing like mad so we were stuck sharing the same single bedroom. I told him not to get any ideas or try anything funny or we were through. I wasn't going to let him do anything, even if I had to sleep in a chair in the lobby. He assured me that after almost five years of resisting temptation he thought he could probably be trusted. The first night things went fine. He slept on his side of the bed and I slept on mine.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the next day he slipped getting onto the chair lift and was drug several feet with his face in the snow. Nothing was broken but he was badly skinned up and his crotch was raw where he rode the pole of the chair lift before he could be rescued."

"That night I could see he was in obvious pain and his pajamas were irritating his wounds. Finally, I told him I wouldn't look if he wanted to sleep without anything on. Even after he came back to bed in the dark though, I could hear him moan every time the covers touched his body. I knew he was miserable and that he was trying not to keep me awake with his problems. The doctor had given him some salve to ease the pain and I offered to spread it on his body for him. Naturally, I had to turn on the light to see what I was doing. That was the first time I had ever seen a man without his clothes. Oh, I had seen pictures, had baby-sat when I was younger and I knew the facts of life. But never before had I really seen a naked man."

"I tried to look somewhere else as I rubbed the salve onto his body around his most private areas. It was impossible not to examine him as I worked. Otherwise, I would most likely have hurt him by rubbing too hard in the wrong places. His private parts were quite raw from being scraped and pinched. When I began to spread the salve onto his limp shaft, it quickly became stiff. He apologized, while I flushed a brilliant red. I also was becoming excited myself though I didn't recognize it until too late."

"John did though."

"Oh yes he surely did! He saw my nipples swell beneath my flimsy nightgown and slowly reached up and rubbed his hand across my breast. I started to protest but putting his finger to his lips, he silenced me. He whispered, "Please don't resist. You want me to caress you as much as I want to touch your body."

"Then he pulled me to him and kissed my breast through the fabric of my gown. I had never experienced such a thrill. I didn't resist as he nursed me to my first sexually induced hard nipple. When he pulled my nightgown from my shoulders I closed my eyes and told myself it was time to stop being such a silly goose. This was what should have happened years before."

"John sucked my breasts until I thought they would surely produce something for him to drink. Then he began to massage between my legs, again through the material of my nightgown. I tried to resist but my body had its own criterion and I couldn't deny my own pent up feelings. I was glad when he finally removed my clothing but I was shy lying naked before him because I was afraid he wouldn't like what he saw. I'm so damned skinny! Without another word, he began kissing me and fondling my nipples. I still remember how he rubbed the nipples of each breast between his thumb and finger until they were so hard I thought they might burst."

"When he began to slip inside me, I tried to stop him. Not because I didn't want him, but because I was afraid he would hurt himself. He told me it couldn't possibly be any more painful than his frustration was becoming. I was terribly embarrassed at how wet I had gotten. Soon though, I was thankful for all my moisture because he went on and on. We started having sex about eleven o'clock and when the sun came up the next morning he was still pumping in and out. I don't think he ever came that night and I know I surely didn't. I was still too hung up on being a 'nice girl' to allow myself to totally relax and enjoy."

"We moved in together and lived together for almost three years. I never had an orgasm all the time we were together. He finally moved out and moved in with another girl because she could climax. One time, after we split, he told me he never really enjoyed sex with me because he felt I wasn't enjoying it. How stupid! It felt good and we shared a closeness we wouldn't have otherwise enjoyed. I didn't need him to make me see skyrockets and cannons. I just needed the closeness back then."

Lest the mood become somber I pulled Sue hard down onto me and said, "What do you need now? You certainly do a fantastic job of launching those skyrockets and cannons these days. How did you learn to be so responsive? When you're about to climax, I can feel your muscles tighten and you absolutely gush inside. Ummm, and you do feel good to me, you're so tight inside."

"After John and I broke up I went a bit wild for awhile. I've never been much of a drinker but I began hanging out at the campus bars. Naturally, guys tried to hit on me even though I stuck to sipping soft drinks. Hell, guys in bars would try to hit on a gorilla if she smiled at them. Anyhow, I went home with several guys but no one really knew how to satisfy me. If I had been a drinker I probably would have been more relaxed and most likely would have enjoyed those times more. As it was, all I got was screwed in more ways than one. The guys got their kicks while I just got more frustrated and usually sore afterwards."

"One night I had been sending all the studs packing because I just wasn't in the mood for any of their immature bull. An older man, probably about mid thirties came in and we began talking. He seemed nice enough and I thought, what the hell, I've given it to some of these kids and they don't know what to do with it. Maybe this guy can give me whatever it is I'm missing."

"Well, we went to his motel room and proceeded to have the same old boring sex I had found with everyone else. He screwed me that night and again the next morning and it was all right, but nothing spectacular. We talked about it a bit and he asked me if I could stay with him for the rest of the morning. It was a Saturday so I was free until Monday though I didn't tell him all of that. He told me he had a friend he wanted me to meet and he thought this friend might be able to help me. I figured the 'friend' was some kind of sex therapist or psychiatrist or something."

"A few minutes later Bob, my friend of the previous twelve hours, returned with another man about his same age. He introduced his friend as Glen and sat down across the room from us. First Glen asked me to tell him a bit more about my sexual problems. I glanced at Bob wondering how much he had told this stranger but decided perhaps talking about my hang-ups might help."

"Glen quickly discovered that I had never achieved an orgasm. Then he began to ask me specific, somewhat embarrassing questions about what I found exciting, what had turned me on in the past and how I felt right at that moment. When I mumbled something about not really being able to talk about anything so personal, he sensitively began to ask me very specific questions."

"He wanted to know if I enjoyed having my nipples stroked. Did I like to have them sucked? I was so self-conscious I could only nod to his questions. When he asked me if I liked having a man stick his tongue inside me, I nearly crawled under the bed. He wouldn't allow me not to answer though. I finally admitted I didn't know because it had never happened."

"Then he stood up and effortlessly lifted me from my chair and into his arms. He kissed me gently on the lips, then began to nibble and kiss my neck and throat. When I tried to resist he grabbed me about the waist and before I could stop him lifted my blouse over my head. The next thing I knew Bob was unfastening my bra while Glen kept my mouth entertained with his."

"Then both of them began to nurse my tits. Being nursed has always been one of the few things I truly liked. To have two men sucking on me at the same time was so exciting I was wet before I knew it. Glen then turned my back to him, put his arms under mine and hugged me while Bob pulled my pants off. Before I knew what was happening Glen was again suckling me and Bob was running his tongue up and down the slit between my legs. Bob began nibbling my clit and I went a bit wild. I wiggled and twisted trying to enhance what he was doing to me and at the same time push my chest deeper into Glen's mouth."

"Bob ate me till I saw the proverbial stars and pinwheels then moved up to excite my lips and nipples while Glen shifted down to piston slowly in and out of me. Every time I reached another climax, they changed positions. By the time they finally allowed me to relax, seven hours had gone by. I was physically exhausted and really hung up on multi-partner sex. I love watching one man become aroused by another man's love making to me."

Sue's narrative had aroused me so much I couldn't hold back and filled her with at least a gallon of my coital liqueur.

We stopped at a service station to play musical mounts and relieve ourselves. The gas jockey probably spent the rest of the night choking his chicken from the show the ladies put on for him. Susie rubbed her ample endowments across his arm as she asked for the restroom key. Not to be outdone, Joni "accidentally" dropped the key and had to bend over in front of him to retrieve it. A teasing, "Doesn't that hurt?" was Sue's verbal contribution as she stared at the front of his pants. She choked on a mouthful of the Diet Pepsi she had bought when Susie teasingly reprimanded her, "Shame on you Sue! No one else had to have oral sex with him!" We left the poor guy frustrated with a starry look in his eyes.

Still clothed Susie sat beside me and began to lovingly stroke my happily overworked and flaccid member. I leaned back and told her it might be a while before I was again able to perform the duties she was so anxiously desiring. Even with her expertise it took almost two minutes to restore my blood circulation.

The soft red sheath she wore was so form fitting it left no doubt as to her climatic comfort. Every goose bump stood out like a small mountain which allowed the fullness of her nipples to become major volcanoes. She lifted the hem only high enough to allow her freedom of movement as she straddled my willing torso. Because of our many years together she knew the best way to revive my spirits was the touch of her wet and anxious womanhood. As I looked at the skintight red blur before me I said, "Please take that dress off. I want to watch your body respond as we make love."

"Uh Uhh," she purred. "Not until you're harder and longer than that!"

Her anticipation was drawing me to new dimensions which I thought impossible after my first two excursions down history lane. Eventually she became aroused enough to let me lift the veil from her charms. I brought her to the edge of the plateau several times but would press my magic wand deeply into her and then arrest all motion until her excitement waned. Finally, she pleaded with me to let her detonate the pent up charge she was holding.

"I want to hear about your first time. I don't mean our first time, because that wasn't your initiation, was it?"

Susie froze and tried to sluff my comment off with a giggle, but I persisted. "Don't be secretive with me. We've always been able to talk about anything. Please, it will really turn me on to hear about your first sexual experience!"

Pushing down against me to force more penetration into her, she whimpered into my ear, "You're a manipulative bastard, you know that?" Then louder so everyone could hear, "O.K. You asked for it. I really hadn't had that much experience when we first had sex. My boyfriend in Portales and I had only done it twice. The first time was about two weeks before I moved up here and the second time was the night before I left. Both time together weren't anywhere near as exciting as the first time you and I did it in the basement of the church."

"Uh huh! You're just trying to make me hotter," I teased. "Tell me where you were and how it felt the first time he drilled you, little lady," I said in my best fake cowboy western accent.

As was her habit when I irritated her, she bit me. It was a love bite, but it was still hard enough to make me hold my breath until she released her grip. "Rick didn't have a driver's license even though he was seventeen, so we had to walk anytime we were together. One night after a movie we discovered we were the only ones in the balcony, so we hid under the seats until they closed the theatre. The two kids running the place just wanted to get out of there so all they did was come to the top of the stairs and glanced to see if anyone was up there before they went back down. We crawled out and sat on the steps at the top of the aisle under the emergency exit light."

"We had met at church and shortly after we became a couple he began copping a feel every time we could hide somewhere. I think I liked the idea of getting away with something more than the actual sensations of being petted. Mostly he just squeezed my breasts and pressed his knee up between my legs."

"Anyway that night we were alone in the theatre and no one expected us home until after the drugstore closed. I let Rick feel my panties before I stopped him from going any further. That only encouraged him to keep trying to try again. He kept attacking until he eventually worked a finger inside me. That was mostly because I couldn't keep up with all eight of his hands. I swear, between his mouth and his hands I didn't have a chance. Well, you know how wet I always get. He began kissing me and fingering me all at the same time and I just couldn't resist when he pulled my panties off. Then before I knew it there was something bigger than his finger in me. It was definitely not that good or that spectacular. The floor was hard, he came after only a few strokes, he made a mess all over my dress and I was scared silly about getting caught. Afterwards I dripped slime down the inside of my dress and onto my shoes. I just knew I would have to explain the stains."

"We snuck downstairs and discovered that all the doors were locked except the emergency exits. One led out onto the main street and the other into a very dark, scary alley where a bunch of local pachucos hung out. We chose the alley and were going to peek out the door to see if the way was clear when all Hell broke loose. The door had an alarm on it so that when it opened a terribly loud bell went off. We ran so fast no one could have stopped us even if they had tried."

"And that is the whole story. I hope you're happy now. I'm afraid my first time was nowhere as exciting as Sue's or Joni's. I like to think that you and I shared our first time together. Really we did, in a way, because it was the first time I really enjoyed sex."

After that there was nothing I could but make affectionate love to my special Susie.

Each of the trio wanted to prolong the evening by taking another turn on my willing purveyor of pleasure. We were all quite giddy with too much wine, too much sex and ready to go again by the time we got to my house.

Our two new playmates agreed that they were definite converts to whatever I wanted to call my philosophy or religion or whatever. That was fine I told them, but I thought perhaps we should include Ronnie Joe in our little group. Their surprised and skeptical looks were another one of the high points of the evening. I could hardly wait to see how our converted minister was going to react!


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