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Cleanliness is Next To...
by Kre8tors

God how I hated these annual meetings in Chicago. An entire week of seminars and workshops just to tell us that if we increased production we could increase profits. What a waste of resources, to drag me halfway across the country with Jen back in Connecticut, God I missed her.

I looked at my watch, 2 o'clock, I was never going to make my flight I thought, and my attitude worsened as I thought about how much I missed Jen. I hadn't seen her since Sunday night, and barely had time to talk to her or email her with the damn schedule they had us on out here. The speaker droned on about profits, losses, sales and some other bullshit, and the clock seemed to just hang in limbo, I thought to myself that I wished someone would just kill me.

He was winding down and the group offered a smattering of applause, more for just finishing than anything else. CEO Parks closed the meeting, and we all stood around lying to each other that we would call, fax, or have lunch or some other bullshit about some project that we all knew we would never even start. Christ I hate these things I thought to myself, as I shook everyone's hand about 10 times and grabbing my black leather briefcase I headed out of the meeting room and across the lobby to the hotel desk.

I had checked out earlier in the day, and asked the concierge to send up my bag, and get me a cab to the airport. In a few moments a bellboy appeared with my bag, and followed me to the curb, where the doorman had the back door of a cab opened for me. The cabby took the bag to the trunk and I handed the bellboy and doorman a couple of bucks each and climbed in to the back seat of the cab. The cabby got in and in some mideastern accent so thick I could hardly understand him said "O'Hare?" "What airline?"

"Continental" I replied curtly, "and try to make I quick, I have a 3 o'clock flight."

I sat back in the cab as he pulled away from the curb and into the late Friday afternoon traffic. I cursed under my breath, as I could tell by the way we were moving that I would never make my flight. My mind began to drift to Jennifer. I smiled and closed my eyes, and I could see her with that floral print sun dress, smiling and offering me a cold drink. The low cut of the dress gave a nice view of her firm round breasts and cleavage. I could feel my love starved cock stir in my boxers, and I smiled, God how I missed her.

I must have dozed off, cause the next thing I knew we were pulling up in front of the Continental terminal. I looked at my watch, 3:15, "fuck!" I muttered, I had missed my flight. I handed the cabby $30 and told him to "keep the change." He said something that I couldn't understand, and headed off to the pickup area, as I headed into the terminal to exchange my ticket.

The terminal was full of people coming and going to and from God only knows where. I really didn't need all of this aggravation I told myself as I muscled my way through the throngs of people to the ticket counter. Behind the counter there stood a young woman dressed in the official dark gray and light blue of Continental Airlines. She greeted me with a smile, and I handed her my ticket, explaining that I had missed my flight, and how soon could she get me out to Kennedy. She typed on the keyboard for a few seconds, and said "our next flight is at 4:35 and will get you there at 7:38 New York time. Christ I thought, I will never get to Jen's. I handed her my credit card and after some more typing, she handed me a boarding pass.

I checked my bag, and as she bent to place it on the carrier behind her I noticed how attractive she was in her uniform, and made a note not to be so wrapped up in myself that I stop noticing things around me. I headed down to the gate, and taking a seat to wait for my flight, I let my mind wander to thoughts of Jen in that sun dress, and how sexy she looked with her hair falling about her shoulders, and her sweet smile.

God I missed her. If I didn't get to hold her soon, I might explode. I could feel my cock growing in my shorts as I thought about how it would feel to make love to her tonight.

The plane landed on time, but by time I got my bag, and shuttled to my Z3 it was after 8 o'clock. First thing I did was turn on the car phone, and speed dial #1 for Jen's condo. The phone rang a couple of times and the machine picked up. Her voice even sounded sexy on the answering machine. As her message went on I wondered where she might be, she knew I was coming home tonight, then I figured that she probably stopped after work with her friends for a drink. The beep sounded for me and I stuttered (I always do on these machines.) "be there in about an hour, let's order some chinese, and spend a nice weekend in bed."

I hung up the phone, and headed up I95 toward Connecticut. I was cruising along, and my thoughts started to wonder to Jennifer, and how I was going to kiss every part of her body when I saw her. I must not have been paying attention to my driving, because the next thing I know the guy in the lane next to me is honking his horn and yelling "watch where the fuck you are going!" I raised my hand in the international sign of "sorry, I'm an asshole," and swung the car back into my own lane.

It was about 9:15 when I pulled up in front of Jen's condo, I noticed the lights were on, and that her car was there. I hoped she had gotten my message. I cursed as I fumbled with the key in the front door, I couldn't wait to see her. Finally the door opened and I stepped inside.

The condo was quiet as I walked down the hall to the kitchen, I noticed her bag on the counter, and the answering machine had no messages, so I knew she was home and had gotten my call. Hannah the calico cat hardly noticed me as I walked toward the stairs that led to Jen's bedroom. I climbed the stairs and stood outside her bedroom door waiting for a moment. I knocked gently. No answer. I knocked again, a little harder. No answer. I opened the bedroom door and saw that the bathroom door was closed and I could hear the shower was running on the other side.

I had an idea to surprise Jen. Quickly I stripped off my suit, my shirt and boxers soon followed. I tiptoed to the bathroom door and opening it slowly a crack, I saw Jen sitting naked in the oversized shower shaving her legs. I didn't move, I just stared at the blur of colors and shapes diffused by the special glass of the shower door. When she had finished and stood up and turned her back to me I approached the door. I opened the door with a big smile and a hardon.

Jen shrieked, covered her breasts, jumped and turned all at once so quickly she almost fell over. "You asshole" she yelled. "You scared the shit out of me."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't wait to see you," I said reaching for her.

"Don't touch me" she growled, not even hearing my excuse.

"Let me make it up to you" I stammered trying to do my best James Stewart.

Jen looked my naked body up and down stopping lingering on my now soft cock, with an evil little grin she said "what did you have in mind?"

"I'll show you" I said stepping into the shower with her. "Sit down"

Jen sat on one of the corner seats built into the large shower, probably designed for leg shaving or some other activity and I reached for the detachable head of the shower massage and adjusting it to fine spray, I started wetting her hair with it. Once her hair was soaked I replaced the shower head and taking the bottle of Nexxus from the shelf I squeezed an ample amount of the clear liquid into my hand and started to massage it into her scalp. She leaned her head back, facing me and gave me a beautiful view of her full breasts.

The glistening water on her soft flesh created a surreal image of a lacquer covered statue. I started at the temples and using my finger tips I worked it into a good lather as I shampooed her entire head. Rubbing and kneading it into her scalp, until her whole head was tingling from the stimulation. When her entire head was covered in a creamy white lather, I stepped back a little and leaning forward I kissed her on the mouth flicking my tongue quickly between her parted lips. She smiled and reaching up to my hips, pulled me forward until my semi-erect cock was dangling in front of her face. Leaning over she kissed it on the head making it twitch. "Not yet," I told her "we aren't through with you." Again I took the shower head down, and started to rinse the white lather from her hair, using my free hand to help work the shampoo our from the roots. I smiled to myself as I watched the white suds wash down over her breasts and disappear between her thighs as it headed for the drain.

I took her hand and helped her to her feet, facing me, and taking the bar of soap from the holder I started to lather her shoulders and breasts. Slowly I would take the soap from one shoulder to the other under her neck moving ever closer with each pass to her breasts. As I got closer to her round firm breasts, I started circling them with the soap moving from underneath them up over the nipples and back down the around the outer curve. Slowly I washed her soft belly and down to her perfect mound of pleasure,stopping there. Kneeling before her I started on her feet, first one, then the other. Gently cleaning between each toe, and softly over the instep and around the back of the heal. All the time with my face so close to her pussy, she could feel my breath on her clit as it peaked from beneath it's hood. I caressed her legs as I lathered them with the soap letting my hand climb their length and stopping just as they reached her charms. Her pussy was starting to glisten, with it's own lather, and I flicked my tongue across her button, and she quivered. Standing I turned her around so that her back was to me and I started to lather and massage her back working from her shoulders and down under her arms to her hips. I worked my fingers into the tight muscles of her lower back until I could feel them relaxing under my touch.

Taking the bar of soap at the top of the crack of her ass, I slid it down between her cheeks, pushing it down until my hand disappeared down between her legs, and I could feel her wet cunt on the other side. She squirmed and leaning forward slightly she spread her legs to afford me better access. I stroked the with the soap a couple of more time and then putting the bar down I used my hand, sliding it down over her puckered hole and to her waiting cunt I slid two fingers into her and started fucking her using my hand. Jen moaned and wiggle her ass against my hand. I withdrew my fingers from her pussy, and as I brought them back through her ass cheeks I stopped to finger and prod her other hole. Lubricated from the soap my finger went in easily, and I could feel her hole twitching and gripping my finger in pleasure. I slowly pumped her ass a couple of strokes, and Jen moaned in pleasure. Removing my finger I stood her up and held her close from behind. Jen could feel my rockhard cock against her ass cheeks and she wiggled and squirmed against it.

Reaching up I took down the shower head one more time and turning the nozzle to massage I started rinsing the soap off of her breasts using the force of the shower to further stimulate her to ecstasy. She moaned as I moved it across her nipples putting lovely pressure on the already aroused peaks. She took my hands and pushed the shower toward her throbbing cunt, and when it made contact with her clit she squealed with pleasure. Jen turned her eager mouth to me and I kissed her deeply sucking her tongue into my mouth, massaging her tits with my free hand, pinching the nipples with my thumb and forefinger. Jen kept the jet of the shower focused on her dripping wet cunt and ground her ass into my hard cock.

I bit her lower lip, and she moaned, "I want you to fuck me."

She leaned forward for me to enter and I pressed my hard cock against her waiting pussy. Jen grunted and slammed back into me engulfing my cock with her cunt. She rocked again wiggling her ass up against me, forcing my cock all the way into her cunt. I could feel the spray for the shower nozzle on my balls as she held my arm in place with the jet spraying against her clit. She was squealing like a wounded animal as my cock plunged into her again and again. Jen started to shake, and making noises that defy description, and her cunt gripped my cock like a fist as spasm after spasm of orgasm raged through her.

She was gasping as she ground her cunt into my cock. I could feel the walls of her pussy pulsing with the spasms of her orgasm, making my swollen balls overflow, as I grabbed for her hips to hold onto as my jets of hot cum shot deep inside her already dripping cunt. Squirt followed squirt as her the muscles of her gripping milked the creamy white cum from my cock. I groaned loudly as the ringing in my ears turned to the sound of a freight train, as I came for what seemed like an eternity.

We stayed like that until the waves had subsided, and then turning she held me in her arms so close, like we were one being, and somehow all the anxiety and frustration seemed to mix with the lather and cum, and disappear down the drain.

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