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Caught in the Act
by Ray

My story starts with a letter I read in one of the old (late 70's) sexmagazines that my parents keeps hidden in the cupboard of their bedroom. I always thought the story's very hot and must admit I had sometimes fantasized about it. I felt quilty afterwards of course but that didn't stop me from thinking about it. The story I read was as follows.

A teenage boy gets hurt at sports. His dad takes him to the first-aid and then he arrives home still dirty and sweaty of the game. Het takes a shower. His mother who is 34, so it's obvious she was a horny bitch from an early age on, steps into the bathroom to help him dry of. The boy gets a hard on and his mother masturbates him right then and there. When they're finished, she's very upset and afraid her son will be mad at her. The son of course calms her down and admits to her that it felt great. A couple of days later the boy has to take a shower again and his mother again plays with his prick and he ejaculates again in her hands.

On a Friday he again steps into the bathroom but this time his mom goes on her knees and starts to suck her son's cock. He after a while of course cums in his mom's mouth and she swallows it all. The mother is so horny at fucking her husband that night, that he asks how come. She tells the truth, that she's horny because of having sex with their son and that she's got the hots for him. The husband isn't mad or something, but does warn her that their son will probably want more. That happened of course. One night when mom's in the kitchen her son comes in and caresses her buttocks and asks if she'll come up for a nightkiss. She enters his bedroom and sits at his bed and she and her son start to kiss each other tonquewise. The son pulls mom on the bed and starts to play with her tits and pussy.

Mom's hot and lets him play for awhile. Then the boy tries to lift up his mothers' skirt and pull down her slip. His mom resists at first warning him that his dad is still awake and watching the tube. Finally he manages to pull down her slip and wurms himself between her legs and then pushes his hard prick inside his mom's wet cunt. The son starts fucking his mom with all he's got and she's not able (or willing) to hold him off. By the time he spurts his semen inside mom's cramping cunt, she lets herself go and his a wild orgasm. The mother then runs off to her bedroom where her husbands lies awake and he asks if it was a good fuck. She, almost breathlessly, admits it was. The mother feels guilty about the incestlovemaking but loves it at the same time. Her son of course wants more. The father/husband doesn't seem to mind and once a month, she confesses that she loves it, the mother lets her son have it. There ends the letter.

I like my parents' sexmagazines (and they have a couple of videos as well) a lot. I even discovered some nudepics dad has taken from mom a coule of years ago. She looks great, she's a sexy lady. It's exciting to know that my interest in sex is hereditary and maybe the slight risc of being found out adds to it. One day, my dad at work and mom was shoping, I was feeling restless and I went upstairs to their room and went through their cuboard again and then dicovered a couple of magazines I hadn't seen before. They were well hidden. There was one about young teenage girls and boys and two about familysex. I picked the one that had a hot photostory about mother and son and soon got a hard on. It was warm and I wore a t-shirt and jeans.

I unbuttoned my jeans and got out my very hard prick. It's seven inches with a good enough diameter, so I'm not complaining about size. I was rubbing my prick looking at the incestuous pictures of a son doing it to his mother. I had never felt so hot before, not even when getting laid by Mrs. Janssen, my best friends mother. I was looking very intense at the pics. So much so, I hadn't noticed mom arriving home early from shopping. I was caught in the act. Or maybe you can say that I caught her staring at me masturbating. My mom was apparently so much embarrassed, that she turned and ran of that same moment. I too was shocked and was afraid she'd be mad as hell at me and worse tell my dad.

I nervously put the magazine exactly where I had found it and by the time I went downstairs I was upset but knew I had to face mom anyway. Mom however had left a short note saying 'My darling junior, At the moment I'm much to ashamed to face you. Please don't be angry with your mother and know that I'm not angry with you. I'll be back in time to make supper. Please throw away this note after you've read it. Your very embarrased mom'. Pfffffff, I was a bit more at ease after reading the note. I put it in my pocket, poored myself a cup of coffee and relaxed a little more. Mom wasn't angry with me! No, she had in away appologized to me and blamed herself. I read the note again and wondered whether she would tell dad.

Dad got home early that day but obviously mom hadn't talked to hin yet. He was just tired from work. When mom got back she nervously avoided my eyes and immediately made herself busy in the kitchen. Dad and I watched sports on television. That evening mom made sure we were never alone for long and not able to talk about the incident. My parents went to bed early that night. I watched tv for a while and thought about mom's reaction and realized she wasn't going to tell dad. I started to think about the pictures in the magazine again and got aroused.

Next I thought about mom. She's a voloptuous brunette, not fat but with flesh at the right places, curly hair, big tits and with a great behind. Mom looks younger than her age and I (and I know some of my friends) think she's a sexy lady. I wondered what it meant that she hadn't told dad. Was she afraid him getting mad at us or was it that she just didn't want him to know she had watched me playing looking at the one magazine!

Dad called from upstairs that tomorrow I had to go to school again. I went to bed and pictured in my head my mom naked, she looked great and I was starting to think about more than nakedness, but in the end I too was very tired and before my fantasy went any further I fell asleep. The next morning I had an erection when I woke up. I instantly thought about the day before, how long had my mother been watching me? I interpreted the fact that mom hadn't told dad as a good sign I heard my dad go of to work and I decided nervously but horny on some action. I slipped out of bed and tiptoed to my parents bedroom, the door was open and I could my mom see via the mirror that's opposed to their bed.

Mom was only dressed in a white t-shirt and because of the heat she had kicked off the sheets. I looked right into her shaved pussy! Wow, my hard on grew even bigger. Mom started to wake up and I turned and tiptoed back to my room and not to make a noise I left my door unlocked. I lay on my bed and began to masturbate now thinking of my prick sliding in and out mom's shaved cunt. I was busy fantasizing and playing and than my mom put her head around the door and asked 'you want breakfast...'Mom stared at my big prick and got red, I froze and stared back. Than mom seemed to realize who she was looking at and said with a faltering voice 'breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes dear' and backed out of the room.

At breakfast we didn't speak of the incidents and that said more than if we'd talked about it! I had to ran for school and kissed mom on her lips and she returned it. That was a change, normally we kiss on the cheek. That day was the last day of the semester. Summerholiday had started and I arrived early after lunch and I joined mom in the sun by the pool. Mom looked gorgious in her bikini and I had to go for a dive in the pool and later bathe on my belly not to show my hard on. We didn't talk much but looked regularly at each other. After an hour in the sun, mom decided for a swim in the pool and I sat down watching. When mom got out of the pool I could see through the wet fabric of her bikini both her nipples and the flesh of her shaved pussy. Mom watched me watching and saw my prick rising fast in my trunks. Mom picked up her towel and dried herself while staring back at me.

'That seems to happen a lot to you lately' mom said as she nodded at my hard on 'you'd better do something about it' and than she walked inside the house. I watched her going and looked at mom's swaying hips. I wasn't sure what she'd meant with 'do someting about it' but knew mom was right. I got up and followed mom into the house. She had gone up. As I reached her bedroom I could see mom stepping out of her bikinislip and stand naked in front of the mirror. She then was weighing her big firm tits in her hands. My mouth was dry and my hard on was about to burst out of my swimmingtrunks as mom saw me watching.

'Junior, no...' mom said as I stepped into the room and walked to her. I embraced my mom, pressing my hard prick against her buttocks and kissing her in the neck, telling her 'I love you mom, very much'. Mom immediately replied 'I love you to junior, but we shouldn't...'. I let one hand go up to one of her naked breasts and one hand go down to her naked pussy. Mom tried to stop me while looking via the mirror at me saying 'sweetheart please no, later you'll be sorry...and hate me for it.'. I answered 'no mom, you know the magazine.... made me realize what I've felt for years...'. Meanwhile I had managed to get hold of her breast and felt the nipple grow in my hot hand, I pinched it softly between my fingers.

I kissed mom in the neck again and rubbed my prick against her. Mom began to breath deeper but still tried to resist by saying 'not every fantasy should come true, it's not's incestuous.' I had reached mom's pussy and let one finger slip inside and just repeated 'I love you mom, I want you...'. Her cunt was moist and she moaned as I touched her clitoris. I stepped back holding on to mom and we got on the bed. I enclosed one nipple with my mouth and sucked it fervently, at the same time energetically fingering Mom's, know very wet, pussy. Mom's resistance was breaking. She tried with a '...what if dad gets home early...' but it was followed with an 'ooh...oh...' and '...aaahh..' as I dipped now two fingers inside mom's soaking cunt. Now mom got active as well, she freed herself and than pulled off my trunks and took my stiff prick in her mouth.

Mom's tongue going round my knob, her teeth lightly touching my lance, mouthfucking my penis. Mom turned and she was on top of me in a 69-er. I licked her shaved cunt, put my tongue as deep as possible inside and drank her juices. Like mom sucked me, I sucked her clitoris and soon I was coming and mom was on her way too. Mom and I were moaning and groaning 'mhhhhhh......aaahh, please yes......oh, mom... oh, ooh...yes junior go on, there.....', with a shudder I spurted my semen in mom's mouth and while she milked me dry I fuckfingered her to a gigantic orgasm. Mom was softly crying my name'.....oh, juniorrrrr...' and I pulled her cunt on my face so it was covered with her orgastic juices. We then collapsed beside eachother on the bed.

After a minute I changed position and kneeled between mom's thighs and started licking her pussy again. Mom protested weekly that it had been enough, but her hands pushed my head closer to her cunt. Meanwhile my prick was getting ready for action again. Mom was soon on her way to another orgasm and when my prick was hard and big like before, I came up, tonguekissed my mom and slid my cock slowly deep inside mom's open spastic wet cunt. 'Ah, mom.......feels so good... oh yes' I whispered. Mom welcomed me by putting her arms and legs around me and enjoyed the ride. In and out, my hard prick going deeply in and out, my knob reaching for the entrance of the womb I'd one time been in.

'Ohhh, junior...go on, deeper....faster...' mom moaned. Mom was wild and kissed me, her tongue like fire in my mouth, while cramping with her cunt 'round my hard prick. We raced to an orgasm and came together in a wild dance of familylove. As mom came I let go and ejaculated deep inside her, breathing to her ' you mom...'. Mom hold me close and whispered 'love you too'. Exhausted we lay beside eachother, lips touching lightly and softly kissing and caressing our bodies. After a while mom got out of bed, kissed me and told me to take a dive in the pool while she took a shower. An hour later dad came home, I was dozing at the pool after a swim and mom fixing dinner.

Everything seemed like a normal family pattern. But it wasn't, was it. That summer mom and I got even closer than we already were. Every chance we had mom and I had sex. I fucked mom mostly in my own bed, but other places in the house we used too. It was difficult not to let dad discover what was going on but we somehow managed anyway. We both felt quilty at times but couldn't stop our games. Even after that summer, when I was at college, mom and I continued our sexual relationship. Saturdays when dad was at the store, I'd bang my mom like an idiot and she'd love it. Sometimes she would visit me at collegeroom and we'd silently (not to alert my neighbours) enjoy the intense sex. And to think it all started the time that mom caught me reading one of her magazines.....D'you like the story? Got one of your own? Incest or intimate familyrelationships, if and when of free choice (!), can be exciting, can't it. Especially the taboo of a mom and her loving son. Isn't it the sweetest taboo?

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