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Caught In the Act
by Real Man

The sitting room was full of smoke. Everywhere Jim looked from his seat, there were small clouds of thin light-blue layers of smoke slowly swirling in the air, which even the shining spears of light that passed through the windows could not penetrate. All in all, Jim felt pretty hot and stuffy. This was normal when the relatives came over for their annual summer holiday to visit them. They would always ask him the same questions, followed by the same disappointing facial expression. Jim played the sequence of this in his mind before waiting for inevitable to happen. And then it did.

"Jim, tell us all what you're doing these days", asked his Auntie who sat cross legged with one hand on her dress and another holding a half-smoked cigarette.

As he steadied himself for a response, he quickly examined the look of his audience. His Uncle and Auntie, like usual gazed at him with a look of hope and curiosity, whereas his two smug older sisters pronounced a small, somewhat evil, smile. His mother and father, like always, looked deadly serious. The only person who didn't look like he was evaluating him was his cousin Tom.

"I'm still trying to get into a computing course at my local college, Mrs Stevens".

His Auntie looked away from him, and straight into the eyes of her sister, as if Jim wasn't there. "Wasn't that what he told me last year?"

Jim's mother looked back at her with a glum face. "He's been trying for a while now but the college says that he needs five GCSEs to get in. If only he'd taken his studies at school more seriously."

His auntie, glanced at Jim and then back at her sister, shaking her head. "If only he'd been a little more like our Tom here. He's in his second year of his computing degree, aren't you Tom?"

With that, Jim stood up and walked out of the room before his cousin Tom could say anything. He was fed up with criticism and so decided to spend his time upstairs in his room. Once there, he closed the door behind him, walked over to his PC, sat down and turned it on. He decided that it was time for a bit of private fun. Once in Windows, he quickly double clicked on his Internet Explorer and waited for his modem to get him on-line. As usual when he was bored, Jim logged onto his favourite porn sites to look at the latest pictures. As he surfed through the assorted of hardcore pictures, he felt his penis stiffen and rub against the inside of his tight blue jeans. He quickly unzipped his zipper to reveal a throbbing, seven inch white uncut cock. Boy, he thought, he desperately needed some sex. A nice, clean bit of female pussy to suck on. As he sat back in his chair and envisioned the fantasy, he grabbed his fat erected cock and ran his hand tightly but slowly up and down, pulling his foreskin back past the head of his penis, and then forwards over it.

"Jim, I..."

Jim's heart skipped a bit as he realised that he had forgotten to lock his bedroom door. Someone had walked in the room and caught him wanking! Who could it be? He turned to see who it was that has caught him. It was his cousin Tom! A bead of sweat, created partly through the pumping of his cock and the pure embarrassment of the situation, trickled down his forehead. "Tom! Oh! Hi...ermm...I didn't hear you there...ermm..." The words he needed so desperately and quickly to get out of the situation abandoned him. A moment of silence filled with pure tension passed before Tom replied.

"Don't worry about it - I just came to see what you were doing. Looks like you're having more fun up here than down there. Can I...join in?"

Jim, sitting next to his PC with his now semi-erected penis still exposed, now couldn't utter even a single word. He didn't know what to say. It was bad enough that he'd been caught in the act, but being put in this situation was simply all too much. Was Tom serious? He certainly seemed so. Jim had to say something. "Erm...ok...come in...".

Tom turned around and closed the door, locked it, and then turned back to face him. Jim examined him closely, and noticed that he looked the same as he had looked the last time he had seen him, the summer prior. Tom stood tall, making the most of his 6 feet. He was thin and composed, wearing quite baggy clothing. His face was well shaped; his jaw was quite square, his mouth small and lips thin. His nose was of medium size and round eyes a deep blue colour. His light brown, slick back hair, as well as his clean clear complexion made Tom, overall, a very handsome young man. Jim then watched as Tom sat down on his large, soft bed.

"Come here. Sit next to me", Tom told Jim.

Jim, felt as if was being ordered, but nevertheless carried his 5ft 7 well built frame over next to his cousin, and sat down.

Tom spoke again, still with remarkable ease and composure. "Now, I know you've probably never done anything like this before but its good fun. You're 18 years old right? Single?"

"Yes..." Jim felt his cock began to stiffen again. He couldn't believe he was getting aroused.

"Perfect. I wouldn't want to do it with a 17 year old. Too young." Tom slapped his hand onto Jim's thigh. "Now take off your trousers".

Jim's heart was beating very fast now. He knew he badly needed some sex but not by another man, let alone a cousin! But he could feel that he was becoming aroused by the way Tom was ordering him to do things and how he was running his hand up and down his tight thigh. He couldn't help himself, so he took off his trainers and slid of his blue jeans.

"Now your shirt."

Jim hesitated, just for an instance, as the ordering continued.


Another bead of sweat rolled down his forehead and with that, he quickly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his small but tight, muscular chest. All that remained now were his socks. His seven inch cock was throbbing even more by now.

"Good, now lie back cousin".

As Jim lay back on his white bed covers, he watched as Tom slid off all of his baggy clothes to reveal a 21 year old body in immaculate condition. His legs, chest and arms were packed with tight, well toned muscles. But the most incredible part of his body was without a doubt his penis. It was the biggest he'd ever seen. And unbelievably thick. It was incredible. Both cut and stiff, it must have been at least eleven inches long and two and a half thick. Jim remained silent as he wondered what was going to happen next. And it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that.

Tom moved forward towards him and jumped on him, grabbed him, and moved his mouth next to Jim's. Jim, without thinking, began to feel his cousin's body with his hands, and he had to admit, it was smooth and smelt fresh. Jim couldn't help himself, he pressed his lips on to Tom's and probed the inside of his mouth with his tongue. Their tongues met and, as they merged, both Jim and Tom ran their hands over each other's bodies. After 20 seconds of saliva swapping, Tom pushed away and began to kiss Jim's tight chest. Each kiss was planted lower and lower before he substituted the kissing for licking his belly button. It felt great, and Jim closed his eyes. The licking stopped and suddenly, he felt his stiff, throbbing cock enter Tom's hot, wet mouth.

Tom, seemingly an expert at giving blow jobs, ran his lips around the head of Jim's meat and sucked, swirling his tongue around the head at the same time. It felt unbelievable. After a minute, Tom stopped and sat up, positioning his monster cock for the attack. Jim looked up and knew he was about to be penetrated. Tom grabbed his Jim's legs and pulled them apart to expose his clean, open arsehole to the maximum. He then crawled a little forward and placed the head of his meat on the outside of Jim's impatient hole. Jim again closed his eyes and felt his arsehole slowly opening to accommodate the incredible thickness of his cousin's monster cock.

He could feel the head entering and it felt, although painful, unbelievably satisfying. A feeling of fullness ran through Jim's body, and this feeling grew stronger as Tom continued to stretch Jim's arsehole beyond which he ever felt possible. As the hole slowly widened, Tom simultaneously pushed his gigantic tool forwards. Jim called out in pain, but Tom ignored his anguish and continued to push and push and push until all eleven inches of his meat were squeezed into Jim's body. Tom, smiled, as he fully stabbed his meat into Jim's helpless backside. He pulled it back, and then stabbed forwards again, and pulled back again, and then pushed forwards again, this time a little faster.

As the intensity of his penetrations continued to increase as did the mix of pain and pure joy that ran through Jim's body. Never had he felt so close to bliss. "Do it more - harder!! Don't stop!", begged Jim.

Tom generously complied and fucked his cousin's tight hole as fast and as hard as he could. He began to sweat and after ten minutes of pure ass pumping he was engulfed in his own sweet sweat. Suddenly, without warning, Tom pulled his meat out of Jim's body with lightening speed as to increase Jim's pain. And it worked. Jim shouted out in pain and emptiness and felt like a part of his body was missing. But that mistaken part was now drawing ever closer to his face and Jim moved forwards and sat directly above Jim's face, positioning his meat accurately at Jim's mouth.

"Open wide", Tom ordered, and Jim, having followed every order so far, did no less. He opened his mouth as far as possible and awaited Tom's present. And then it happened. Squirts of hot, thick, luxurious white jism filled quickly into Jim's mouth. The squirts continued and after seven long shots of cum, Tom moved away and watched Jim struggling with the mouthful of jism he had so graciously given him. Jim swirled it around and around in his mouth as he fully realised the cum's thickness and saltiness.

"Don't swallow it!", Tom ordered Jim. "Give some to me as well...". With this, Tom moved his mouth next to Jim's and allowed his impatient tongue to again enter Jim's hot, now cum-filled mouth. While their tongues played, their bodies again rubbed against each other, and slowly, as the jism began to lose its heat, the swallowed it down together. Eventually, Tom released himself as he heard the calls from his mother and father from downstairs. They were ready to leave. With that, Tom got up, dressed and unlocked the door. "See you next year summer cousin".

Jim, still lying naked on his bed, winked. "How about next week?"

"How about...tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow it is." As Tom left, Jim pondered on how being caught in the act isn't such a bad thing after all.


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